Conversation Starters for Couples

Conversation Starters for Couples
By Subhash Das Updated

Conversation starters for couples are not limited to certain ideas or guidelines. Every relationship is delicate in its first phase and passes through a number of stages. At the inception, couples find it difficult to initiate a conversation. So, the topics or the questions should sound amusing and interesting.

You might be in a relationship for a long time or you might have just entered into this beautiful phase, it is natural to feel bored asking the same old questions again and again. Here, we would like to present a list of conversation starters for couples which are not only unique but also very interesting.

50 Beautiful Conversation Starters for Couples: More Romance on Your Way

These questions would help you to understand your partner in a lot better way. These 50 conversation starters for couples are very intriguing and captivating. So, are you ready to explore some entertaining and amazing questions? Let us hop in.


What is the best thing about you?

Let us start the conversation with a positive vibe. It feels amazing when someone wants to know about our best qualities, right? We are sure that this question would bring a lot of happiness in your life. Ask this to your partner to unravel some mysterious things.

If you want to sound bolder and upfront, you can ask about worst quality as well. Let your relationship unfold to a different level.


Have you ever felt low about yourself?

A relationship always provides us with a lot of surprises. We might know many things about our partners, still, there would always be something which has never been talked about. So, ask your partner about it to ventilate some negative thoughts. It would help your soulmate to purify and re-evaluate some experiences.


Are you still in contact with any of your exes?

Not every relationship ends on a bitter note. Sometimes, they have a happy ending too. So, it is necessary to know about your partner’s past. It would help you to shape your equation and relationship.

So, do not feel shy or bad to ask this question. Many people do not want to spill the beans. But, always remember that relationships are built on the basis of trust and love. And one who is honest in a relationship would never hide something important like this.


Have you experienced anything dreadful ever?

We all experience deadly or dreadful things in our life. You can ask this question to someone at the initial stage. This question would also throw some light on your partner’s fear and phobia. So, you can always count it among the list of conversation starters for couples.


Is there anything particular you fantasize about a person?

Romantic Conversation Starters for Couples

We know that this question sounds really bold and upfront, especially at an early stage. But, this particular question is for those women who never feel shy to walk an extra mile to know their partners.

Yes! This is a fun question which has a lot of dimensions. This question would also give you an idea of how does your partner look at you.


Have you realized anything new lately?

These type of questions always help you to understand your partner thoroughly. Whether your soulmate is thoughtful or not, you would come to know everything.

These are also called brain-stormers because they help you to find out the truths from the depth of your mind.


Have you found anything more pleasing than having sex?

Sex or physical intimacy is sensuous for sure, but some believe that there are other amazing things on Earth which are more gratifying than having sex. So, this question is just marvelous in every way possible. It is fun and insightful. And it unfolds many things about a person’s character. By the way, what would be your answer to this one?


How would you describe your first sexual experience?

Undoubtedly, this is one of the boldest conversation starters for couples. But, there are couples who are quite open and free of these things. So, if you are comfortable then you can always ask this question to your partner.

First timers would always describe the experience as heavenly and fun-filled. We are sure that this would give you two enough space to laugh out loud.


What do you do after a long and tiring day?

This question is an attempt to enter the personal space of your partner’s life. We all do certain things to cope with the boredom of our life. Ask your partner to dig out some ideas. You too can incorporate some of those into your life.


How do you relax after a very rough day?

Rough patches are common to everyone’s life. But, the most important thing is how we cope with those things. Different people follow different ways to relax and calm themselves. It is an important way to know how your partner does so. The question has a very direct approach but you can always tone down the throw in your way.


What is your best memory?

Our whole life is full of memories, but some remain special forever. Try to know your partner’s most memorable event to understand the personality. It feels always special to know the best things about our soul-mates. Isn’t it one of the beautiful conversation starters for couples?


Do you have anything in your mind that you always wanted to share but could not ever?

We all have something in our mind, that we cannot share only because the suitable situation does not appear. Sometimes, we also don’t because we are afraid of the outcome. Request your partner to share these things. It would create a space for discussion between two people.


Which promise should people make to each other before committing to a relationship?

A relationship brings a lot of positivity with it. People fall in love and a new relationship blooms. There would always be few things that couples should promise to each other. Try to know what does your partner think of it. Share your point of view too. We are pretty sure that this is a beautiful question to ask your mate.


What is the best advice you have gotten?

Advice, rules, and guidelines give a shape to our life. This question throws a light upon your partner’s ideology and beliefs. So, do not avoid this question. You can also share yours. Try to create an open end discussion on this issue.


Have you ever been cheated in a relationship?

It feels really bad when someone takes undue advantage of our loyalty and deceives us. The experience is painful too, so ask your partner about it. Sometimes by sharing these experience, these pains alleviate. This kind of conversation starters for couples strengthen a relationship.


What is the one thing, you want to be remembered for?

Interesting Conversation Starters for Couples

This question has a brilliant touch of emotions and ideologies. Ask your partner to know the ideologies, life-perceptions etc. It is important to know a person’s characteristic before making any commitment. This question would give a brief insight into this.


Is there any issue you find sensitive and generally avoid answering?

Sometimes, we make certain issues taboo in our mind and generally do not answer questions related to that. If you want to know a person as a whole, it is important to know the answer to this question. So, whether you are new or old in a relationship, never feel shy to ask these type of questions.


What is the one thing I do often, that makes you happy?

Aha! A brilliant fun question to know your partner’s feeling for you. There must be something about you or about your activities, that makes your partner super happy. This is really fun and interesting to know, so never miss this type of superb conversation starters for couples. It definitely can re-ignite the flame.


Whom do you admire the most in your life?

Without a role model, a person is never complete. This is a very important aspect of anyone’s life. Try to know the person whom your partner admires the most. Our idols and ideologies complete our belief. So, in order to discover your partner, you need to unravel this.


What can make you happy anytime?

There are certain things, that make us happy anytime. Surprisingly, it can be food, shopping, or any other object. If you want your partner to be happy, it is important to know this thing. I am pretty sure that your partner would feel happy to answer it.


Is there any white lie you often tell people?

Well! White lies are harmless in nature. But, if a person has a habit of telling lies, that can be fatal to a relationship. So, it is really an important question to ask. Try to ask this question in a light way, and do not let your partner understand the real motive behind asking this one.


What is the special thing you want to do on your wedding day?

The wedding day is a special day when we all want to feel special. It is like a dream comes true. It feels amazing to know what your partner thinks of that special day. Do not forget to ask this question.


What is the special factor in our relationship?

Each relationship has its own quotient, it is a parameter that makes the bonding stronger. Ask your partner to know about that. You might have different opinions about it, but the feeling is always the same. So, always count this question in the list of conversation starters for couples.


What do you think of adoption?

Earlier people used to believe that adoption is the only option left if pregnancy becomes problematic. But, things have changed, adoption is not compulsion it is like a blessing to a child and also to the society. Though the era has progressed, still some people feel it a social stigma. Try to know the opinion of your partner. It is important for any couple.


Do you have any expectation from your partner?

Expectations might from person to person. We always count this question in the list of conversation starters because it is such a thing that needs to know in the beginning stage of a relationship.


Is there anything you want to share with me?

Creative Conversation Starters for Couples

You might have an old or a new relationship, there are always few things that you would like to share with your partner. Ask your partner about it.

It is not necessary to take this type of conversation starters for couples very seriously, but sometimes questions which are asked lightly comes with unexpected answers. So, be prepared in your mind.


How good are you at keeping a secret?

Well! This is quite a different question. But honestly, the answer is going to be amusing. There are very few people who can keep a secret. We are sure that your partner would love to answer it. As always, you can modify the question like ask about duration up to which your partner can keep or hide the secret.


What was your first thought when you saw me?

According to us, this conversation starter is really romantic. The beauty of the question is that you can ask one at any stage of a relationship. It feels amazing when you cherish beautiful memories. Especially, the happiness becomes double if the memory is related to our loved ones. So, ask this question and see the magic.


What keeps you motivated throughout a day?

Motivation fills our life with positive vibes. Every person has own motivation. This is a beautiful question to ask for sure. Your partner would feel amazed to see that how inspirational you are. After all, we want someone in our life who is extremely engrossed in us.


If you suddenly become rich, which thing would you like to do just to fulfill your dream?

We all have a dream job, isn’t it? Fortunate are those people, who get a chance to do their dream jobs. This is really an interesting question in every aspect. This question not only portrays your inquisitiveness but also shows how passionate you are about your partner.

Try to know your partner’s dream, and feel it. We are pretty sure that it would be lovely for both of you.


What is the one thing that makes you sentimental?

Not everyone, but many of us are sentimental about several issues. These are such issues that generally make us mad. So, if you really want to know your partner, this question is really important.

This question is one of the best conversation starters for couples, especially for new couples.


What is the definition of a perfect love story?

We would call it romantic. This question can be asked at any stage of a relationship and it never loses its charm & freshness. So, never hesitate to ask this one to your partner.

A perfect love story is rare nowadays. But, we all have our notions. So, try to know that. It might be possible that you have already met your soulmate.


What is the one thing you would like to improve on me?

Again, it is a beautiful question and a very relevant one. Many say that a perfect partner never tries to change the opposite one. But, we say that there can be improvements. No one is perfect, but we still try to be better human beings on every single day.

So, include this question on your list of conversation starters for couples and find out the truth.


What is the thought comes to your mind on your birthdays?

Birthday is special for anyone. It is a day that almost all of us want to celebrate with much joy and happiness. You must ask this question to the person who is an important part of your life. It is really beautiful to be a part of someone’s happiness.


If you ever get lost on an island, whom would you like as a partner?

Unique Conversation Starters for Couples

Obviously, you are indirectly asking your partner to name you. But as a whole, this question is really fun to ask. This is one of the coolest conversation starters for couples. I am pretty sure that your partner would love to get lost with you.


Which is the craziest thing, you would like to do with me?

Yeah! Sounds crazy and insane. This question is amazing in every sense. You partner would immediately get a sense of adventure.

Who does know? Your partner has already planned something crazy for both of you. So, enjoy the moments.


By which nickname would you like me to call you?

This question has a subtle touch of romanticism and coziness. You should not miss this opportunity. There is no harm in showing extra interest in your partner.

This question is not limited to any gender as well, so anyone can ask. You can always count it in the list of best conversation starters for couples.


What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Aha! This is another common yet all time favorite question for couples. Who doesn’t love compliments? Sometimes, one or two compliments stuck to our mind forever. It feels like playing the exact note on a musical instrument. Ask your partner to share this beautiful experience of any, if you want you can share yours too. Believe us, it would create an amazing vibe around you two.


What is the first thing you notice on a person’s face?

This question can give you a hint about the person’s acumen. This question has no prototype answer of. The reason is different people have different perspectives.

Do not hesitate to ask this question, some may find this question to be suitable for other scenarios as well. But, according to us, this is a perfect conversation starter for a couple.


How would you describe your first kiss?

Wow! Sounds amazing, don’t you think so? The word ‘kiss’ is very enigmatic and charming on its own. Moreover, the first kiss is special. We can already see that your partner is blushing.

Ask this kind of conversation starters for couples with a passion. In fact, be ready to share a passionate kiss immediately after this question. We wish you all the good luck and charms.


How would you describe the feeling of first love?

This question has a romantic touch which cannot be ignored. The passion and charisma of first love is something that we do not forget easily. Ask your partner to share those precious moments.

If the first love of your partner did not have a happy ending, then the memories might give pain. But, do not worry because you are there to give comfort to your partner. This question would definitely bring you two closer.


Which song always make you feel like dancing?

Beautiful Conversation Starters for Couples

A song and a dance change the ambiance and take the relationship to a different level. This question may have a subtle touch of easy-going, but quite romantic in nature.

Ask your partner to feel the song and the moment. You can count this as one of the trusted conversation starters for couples.


How do you celebrate success?

When we thrive against all odds and finally get success, the feeling is heavenly. Different people celebrate success differently. So, ask your partner to know about it. We are pretty sure that this question would give your partner immense joy.


Is there anything that bothers you the most?

If we want to know a person, we should know both positive and negative things about that person. Similarly, this conversation starter is really important in a relationship. You must ask this question to your partner.

Otherwise, your activities might bother your partner unknowingly.


What is the one thing you believe, that most people feel unscientific?

This question has a different dimension, it revolves around the beliefs of your partner. It might sound trivial. But this is really important to know.

We do not want to sound negative, but due to these things, people had faced problems in past. So, be very careful if your partner sounds outrageous.


How would you describe yourself, optimist or pessimist?

It has been seen that people who are optimists in nature do not surrender easily towards patchy circumstances. Though that doesn’t mean that pessimists are bad. It is actually human psychology and can be influenced anytime.

But, do not forget to count this as one of the important conversation starters for couples. So, ask this question to your partner and try to evaluate the opinions.


How would you describe the equation between you and your best friend?

We would call it a very interesting question. Best friends occupy a part of our life. So if you want to know people, it is equally important to know about their best friends. Many times, our best friends give us solutions to a specific problem, so try to know about this important person from your partner.


Which food can make you happy anytime?

There is always a specific food that makes us happy. We are absolutely sure that your partner would love to tell you that. So, ask this question. And if possible, prepare that food together to enjoy an absolutely amazing time together.


Who are you close to, between your mom and dad?

Parents play a crucial part in our life, we cannot imagine a person without their parents. So, it is important to know that to whom your partner is really close.

This question would reveal some personal aspect of your partner in front of you.


What does the first thought come to your mind whenever you look at me?

Flirty Conversation Starters for Couples

Ahem Ahem! This question is the epitome of romanticism. We are pretty sure that this one would create a positive aura around you. And it would take you two to a different world.

Never ever forget to ask this one, this is one of the most romantic conversation starters for couples.

A relationship always makes us special. It doesn’t matter how old or new the bond is, it feels fresh whenever we think of it. The above-listed conversation starters for couples would help you to re-energize your relationship. Except one or two, all the questions are unisex. So, anyone can ask these.

So, are you ready to ignite your relationship? We wish you all the best charms and happiness.


  • Do not make the questions unnecessarily tough o complicated.
  • If your love does not feel comfortable with any of the questions, then just simply avoid that.
  • Have fun while conversating.
  • Show your spontaneous reactions wherever and whenever necessary.