This or That Questions

This or That Questions
By Tessa Updated

To eradicate boredom, there is nothing like playing This or That questions. This game is for everyone. From kids to adults, from family to partners, you can play this game with anyone. It is purely based on choices, you will be given two words and you have to choose only one. You may not have an idea about those words, but you have to choose. You can definitely start a fun conversation with these questions.

Well! You might be scornful or doubtful about the options. But still, you have to choose one. Honestly, you don’t need any special prop to play, just a good mood, a list of great questions, and a good company are enough for this game.

How to Play?

The most common way to play this game is to play with partners. Each has to ask a question to the other one. And, irrespective of the options, each partner has to choose one. No matter how old a relationship is, this game always brings a smile and a life to the bond. This is an amazing game to know about the preferences and dislikings of your partner.

There is a second interesting way of playing this game. After the question has been thrown, one player has to choose one option and has to keep that in mind. Other players have to guess which option the player has chosen. Who will give the right answer, will win points. The one who will guess the highest numbers of answers would become the winner.

In case, players have already prepared a list of This or That questions. Then, instead of asking questions one by one, players can ask a series of 3 to 5 questions to the other players. Overall, this game can be played in various ways. The main objective remains the same though and that is to know others in a fun-filled fascinating way.

200+ This or That Questions to Stir Your Mind

These Questions are not only tricky but also very interesting. The lists or the questions are actually infinite. Here, we have categorized the questions into 14 sections. All of these this or that questions are quite different and have a variety of aspects. Surely, these would blow your mind.


Food Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Foods

Without this category ‘Food’, the list of questions is kind of incomplete. Here we will give a mouth-watering list of 20 this or that questions related to food and its subcategories that you would absolutely love to read.

  1. Bread or Donut?
  2. Lunch or Brunch?
  3. Burger or French Fries?
  4. Berry or Cherry?
  5. Boiled or Baked?
  6. Cake or Pancake?
  7. Rice or Bread?
  8. Salad or Sushi?
  9. Ice Cream or Popsicle?
  10. Pizza or Tacos?
  11. Sandwich or Patty?
  12. Cheesecake or Cheese Pie?
  13. Sausage or Ham?
  14. Omelette or Scrambled Egg?
  15. Noodles or Spaghetti?
  16. Prawn or Crab?
  17. Baby Octopus or Squid Soup?
  18. Cheddar Cheese or Mozzarella?
  19. Lasagne or Baked Pasta?
  20. Custard or Pudding?

Music Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Music

Life without music is definitely incomplete. To fill the void, in this category we have presented a list of 10 this or that questions related to the genre music. We are pretty sure that you are going to enjoy these.

  1. Rock music or Metallic music?
  2. Soft or Sad?
  3. Tune or Pitch?
  4. iPod or MP3 player?
  5. Singer or Composer?
  6. Music Video or MP3 Track?
  7. Guitar or Violin?
  8. Bathroom singer or Concert singer?
  9. Good looks or good vocal?
  10. Musician or Instrumentalist?

Romantic This or That Questions

Romantic This or That Questions

If you want to rekindle the romance in your life, you need some romantic this or that questions in your life. In this section, we have provided 10 awesome romantic questions.

  1. Friendship or romance?
  2. Love or Sex?
  3. Candle Light Dinner or a Dinner in a Sea Beach Arbor
  4. Date or One Night Stand?
  5. Love game or Blind Date?
  6. Cheat or Chat?
  7. Smile or Pout?
  8. Romance or Kiss?
  9. Hug or Smooch?
  10. Bed or Couch?

Family Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Family

Family plays an important role in anyone’s life. So, how could we imagine a game without involving the beloved family? Here, we have provided 10 this or that questions, all are related to a family.

  1. Mom or dad?
  2. Stepbrother or Sister?
  3. Family Trip or Golf Match?
  4. Home or Hotel?
  5. Friends or Family?
  6. Dinner with family or Party with friends?
  7. Home Theatre or Cinema Hall?
  8. House party or Pool Party?
  9. The Flintstones or The Simpsons?
  10. Family BBQ or KFC Chicken Wing?

Trip Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Trip

Whenever we feel low in life, this term called ‘Trip’ charges up us almost immediately. Just imagine, what our life would become without a yearly or monthly trip. In this section, we have compiled 10 interesting trip related this or that questions. Have fun.

  1. Sea Beach or Mountain?
  2. Solo Trip or Group Trip?
  3. Flight or Cruise?
  4. Hot Spring or Cold Splash
  5. Carnival or Food Festival?
  6. Vacation or Staycation?
  7. Pool Party or Las Vegas?
  8. Paris or Venice?
  9. Universal Studio or The Magic Kingdom?
  10. Aquatic Park or Amusement Park?

Space-Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Space

For many, Space means a place where mystery and adventure merge altogether. Space-related QnA is always very interesting. So, we had to include them in the list of 10 stunning This or That questions. These trivia questions are perfect for any people of any age.

  1. Rocket or Satellite?
  2. Mars or Earth?
  3. Light Year or Parsec?
  4. Jupiter or Saturn?
  5. Hydrogen or Helium?
  6. Solar System or Galaxy?
  7. Planet or Star?
  8. Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse?
  9. Lunar Cheesecake or Space Cake?
  10. Ganymede or Titan?

Skincare Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Skincare

In this segment, we are going to talk about some offbeat This or That questions that are not so popular. Skincare related questions can be very unusual and interesting at the same time. We are sure that you are going to enjoy these 20 too.

  1. Dry or Oily?
  2. Ointment or Moisturizer?
  3. Body Lotion or Body Butter?
  4. Face Wash or Face Splash?
  5. Ground Apricot Kernels or Brown Sugar?
  6. Rosehip Oil or Argan Oil?
  7. Micellar Water or Makeup Remover?
  8. Clay Mask or Activated Charcoal Mask?
  9. Wrinkles or Dark Spots?
  10. Natural or Artificial?
  11. Lavender or Rose Essential Oil?
  12. Carrier Oil or Essential Oil?
  13. Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter?
  14. Sunblock or Sunscreen?
  15. French Clay or Green Clay?
  16. Mud or Clay?
  17. Melanin or Keratin?
  18. Internal or External Skincare?
  19. Skincare or Makeup?
  20. Lemon-Honey or Rose Water-Orange?

Health-Related This or That Questions

Interesting This or That Questions

A good health is a key parameter to a sharp mind and body. This or That Questions can never be good enough without this category. Here, we have spoken about top 10 health-related one-liners.

  1. Protein or Carb?
  2. Diet or Low Carb?
  3. Low Calorie or Low Carb?
  4. Healthy or Skinny?
  5. Vitamin D or Calcium?
  6. Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil for brain activity?
  7. Plank or Skipping?
  8. Weight or BMI (Body Mass Index)?
  9. Fat-free or Sugar-free?
  10. Supplements or direct foods?

Relationship-Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Relationship

Being in a relationship feels awesome, isn’t it true? And this is such a bonding without which sometimes life feels incomplete. So, to complete everything, in this section we will talk about 10 interesting This or That questions.

  1. Love or Marriage?
  2. Sex or Orgasm?
  3. Party or Date?
  4. Dance or Poetry?
  5. Library or Cafe?
  6. Short Timer or Long Lasting?
  7. Flirt or Real love?
  8. Partner or spouse?
  9. Starbucks or River Side?
  10. Blind date or relationship?

Lifestyle Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Lifestyle

How we think, what we eat, what we wear, what we use these are some of the major aspects of our lifestyle. So, in this section, we are going to talk about 20 this or that questions about our lifestyle.

  1. Instagram or Flickr?
  2. Chat or Gossips?
  3. Dumplings or Dimsum?
  4. Credit Card or Paypal?
  5. Shopping or Reading?
  6. Library or Cafe?
  7. Amazon or Etsy?
  8. New curtains or New Cushion Covers?
  9. Aromatic Candles or Diffusers?
  10. Cotton or Silk?
  11. Fancy or Flimsy?
  12. Food or Clothes?
  13. Car or Cycle?
  14. Train or Bus?
  15. Bright or Light?
  16. Cats or Dogs?
  17. Discount or MRP?
  18. Blonde or Brown?
  19. Red or Blue?
  20. Luxury or Necessity?

Beverage Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Beverage

This is such a category that has never-ending questions. There are so many types of beverages around the world, that one cannot even tell the exact figure. Here, we have presented a lip-smacking list of 30 this or that questions. Enjoy all!

  1. Tea or Coffee?
  2. Starbucks or Tim Hortons?
  3. Fruit Juice or Carbonated Water?
  4. Wine or Whisky?
  5. Mint Juice or Parsley Juice?
  6. Low-fat milk or Skimmed Milk
  7. Green Tea or Black Tea?
  8. Hot Chocolate or Cold Coffee?
  9. Beet Juice or Cranberry Juice?
  10. Red Bull or Gatorade?
  11. Frozen Coconut Margarita or Pina Colada?
  12. Coconut Water or Milk?
  13. Martini or Gibson?
  14. Champagne or Red Wine?
  15. Tequila or Vodka
  16. Caipirinha (Brazil) or Mojito?
  17. Chocolate Milkshake or Frappe?
  18. Raki (Turkey) or Ouzo?
  19. Eggnog or Swedish Glogg?
  20. Lemonade or Soda?
  21. Brugal or Bacardi?
  22. Brandy or Rum?
  23. Cappuccino or Latte?
  24. Pisco or Mezcal?
  25. Mochaccino or Expresso?
  26. Tuica or Palinka?
  27. Bajtra or Granita (Starbucks)?
  28. Bedouin Tea or Chamomile Tea?
  29. Caramel Macchiato or Frappuccino?
  30. Americano or Vanilla Coffee

Movies Related This or That Questions

Cool This or That Questions

A game is just utterly incomplete without some movie-related questions. 10 this or that questions related to the movie and its terminologies have been presented here. And honestly, the list is never-ending.

  1. Movie Theatre or Opera?
  2. Animation or Sci-Fi?
  3. Romantic or Action?
  4. Thriller or Horror?
  5. Documentary or Biography?
  6. Zombie Comedy or Horror Comedy?
  7. Dead Silence or Silence of the Lambs?
  8. Conjuring or The Exorcist?
  9. Tangled or The Frog Prince?
  10. Cinematography or Editing?

Clothing and Fashion Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Fashion

Another category which can have a variety of questions. These 20 this or that questions are all stunning and fashionable. We are pretty sure that you would love the list.

  1. Mini or Maxi?
  2. Sleeved or Sleeveless?
  3. Denim or Leather?
  4. Jacket or Shrug?
  5. Leggings or Jeggings?
  6. Crop Top or T-Shirt?
  7. Off-shoulder or Cold Shoulder?
  8. Floral Blouse or Crop-Tee?
  9. Pencil dress or Halter dress?
  10. Bodycon or Cami Dress?
  11. Silk or Satin?
  12. Boho Dress or Maxi Dress?
  13. Fabric or Acrylic Paint?
  14. Kimonos or Blazers?
  15. Furry or Velvety?
  16. Trench Coats or Quilted Jackets?
  17. Sweater or Sweatshirt?
  18. Harem Pant or Jogger?
  19. Shirt over Tee or Denim Jacket over Tee?
  20. Chinos or Trousers?

Social Media Related This or That Questions

This or That Questions about Social Media

When the world is rolling around Social Media networks, then how could we opt this section out from our list? Top 15 this or that questions related to Social Media have been presented here. All are modern and different.

  1. Twitter or Facebook?
  2. Netizen or Citizen?
  3. Selfie or Groupie?
  4. Food Insta or Fashion Insta?
  5. Scenic beauty or Flatley?
  6. Buzzfeed or Daily Motion?
  7. Snapchat or Whatsapp?
  8. Netflix or YouTube?
  9. Messenger or Wechat?
  10. Hulu or Sling TV?
  11. Linkedin or Xing?
  12. Twitterati or Instagrammer?
  13. Celeb or Influencer?
  14. Memes or Sketches?
  15. Video or GIF?

This or That Questions for Couples

This or That Questions for Couples

Feeling bored with your partner? But you don’t want to play the old boring games. Then, why don’t you check out these hot and streamy this or that questions? Take the game of flirt to another level with these top 20 stunners.

  1. Daytime or night time?
  2. Safe or unprotected sex?
  3. Mature or Amateur love?
  4. Kiss or Smooch?
  5. Strawberry or Chocolate?
  6. BDSM or Consensual sex?
  7. Possessive or Obsessive?
  8. Wedding or Live-in?
  9. Tinder or OkCupid?
  10. Expensive Gifts or Just Roses?
  11. Slim or Curvy?
  12. Booty or Bosom?
  13. Homo or Bi-sexual orientation?
  14. Oval or Defined Jaw Line?
  15. Beer or Wine?
  16. Foreplay or love game?
  17. Beautiful or Handsome?
  18. Young or Aged?
  19. Long or Short Hair?
  20. Sexy Heels or Push-up Lingeries?

So, now when you know how to play and you have the list of some stunning this or that questions. Then, none can stop you to have fun. Check the compatibility between you and your partner with these questions. This game usually turns into a terrific conversation, indulge in that too. Trust us, this game is not only an ice-breaker but pathbreaking too.


  • Never say, ‘none’ or ‘both’. This shows that you are disinterested in playing.
  • Even if you are given sickening options like ‘Filthy’ or ‘Stinky’, you have to choose one.
  • Do not mix the concept of This or That questions with Would You Rather questions.