Interesting Conversation Topics

Interesting Conversation Topics
By Soma Banik Updated

It is not an easy task to find out some interesting conversation topics. Especially, with strangers or on first dates, things become really hard. A conversation topic should not only be captivating but also be fit to the ambiance. Often we think that the topics have to be unique and amusing. But, surprisingly a simple and genuine compliment can also bring people to come closer. Any situation can originate a discussion. Here, we have compiled a number of topics which are made keeping in mind several particular situations.

50+ Interesting Conversation Topics to Initiate a Captivating Talk

A conversation actually imprints a lot of things about a person. So, here we have talked about topics which are amusing as well as intrigued. To give you a wholesome idea, 50+ interesting conversation topics have been discussed individually. So, let’s enter inside.


Start with Appreciation

It feels good when someone praises you. Isn’t it right? Decades ago, there was a time when people used to give importance to the distinctive features only. Things have not only changed but have taken U-turns actually. Gradually, everyone has started to feel that how amazing it feels when someone praises the qualities, talents, characteristics and many other aspects instead of the outer beauty. A beautiful compliment helps to bind two people.

So, the moment you meet the intended person, start noticing the qualities and gestures to have an idea of the person. Talk about those qualities. It creates a positive ambiance. ‘I have not seen many people speak so politely, you are a true gem’, this type of appreciative sentences have no match at all.


Be Humorous

Humor works all the time. A light conversation with a breeze of laughter always creates a deep impression on the mind. So, take the advantage of that. We are not saying to tell stupid jokes, but show subtle humor combined with your intelligence. You can also talk about memes or interesting GIFs.

A great laughter also provides a level of comfort to the opposite person. Questions like ‘On a fine morning, if you suddenly discover 200 Million Dollar in your account, then what would you do?’ are awesome to show your humorous side. It is such interesting conversation topics that anyone would love to talk about.


Are You an Artist?

Here, we have tried to depict a scenario where two or several people are having a conversation. And, as the situation is progressing, things have also started to mold accordingly. At this junction, you can definitely talk about arts and artistic things to elevate the ambiance more. Questions like, ‘If you are ever asked to draw a picture on your life, what would be the caption?’ is a perfect example to show that how beautiful an artistic conversation can be.


Talk about Life

Sharing ideas about life can create a brilliant landscape for a long-lasting conversation. Different people have a different outlook on their own lives. This is such interesting conversation topics that can give you a clear idea of the opposite person. So, share and talk about life as much as you can. Questions like ‘What is the best thing in your life?’ can always be a groundbreaker.


Let’s Be Social

Interesting Conversation Topics about Social Relations

Whether we agree or not, if we have an account on social media platforms that means we are part of an online family. Social media is a broad topic that opens a gateway of questions. So, be more acquainted with your partner through several light-hearted questions. ‘Which social media platform is kind of your second-home?’, this type of questions can build a huge amount of interest on the other person’s mind. To have an interesting conversation, the importance of captivating thoughts, ideas and questions are untouchable.


It’s Family Time!

The list of conversation starters has no boundary at all. There would always be some topics that would try to explore the personal lives of others. We believe family talk is one such interesting conversation topics. Nope! We are not talking about any quiz show.

Ask about family members or family influences. Of course, do not indulge in direct questions. Rather mold the questions in such a way that it may sound blunt but would bear sharp observations. ‘So, how culture-enriched your hometown is?’, ask this kind of questions which are not so intense but has a deep-rooted inquisition.


Let’s be Friends

Many times, a friendly conversation can leave an impressive impact on the lives of two people. If you feel that the tone of the conversation is too mundane to handle, then switch on to something new and fresh. Discussion about each other’s friend circles is definitely one such fresh topic. Try to know each other’s lives in the most fun way possible. When you ask that, ‘If you and your best friend fall in love with the same person, then what would you do?’, this question can immediately make a smile line appear on an elongated and dull face. So, be funny and have fun.


Do We Have Anything Common?

When we come across a stranger, we often think that it would take a lot of time and patience to match the vibe with that person. But, it cannot be true all the time. Sometimes, two or several people have such striking similarities or common factor that they mix up in no time.

So, try to find out if there is anything common. If you find any resemblance, just share that. You can blindly trust us because these are such interesting conversation topics that can bind anyone. Birds with the same feather flock together, this is not just a mere adage but has a lot of association with real life. Surprise the other person with questions like, ‘Do we both love to dance in the rain? That’s amazing.’ Life is full of surprises and fun, just be ready for them. They can appear anytime soon.


A Healthy Conversation

Not all healthy conversation starts with pure and virgin words. Well! We are actually talking about fitness related things. Believe it or not, this generation loves to talk about fitness. They might not necessarily follow a healthy diet or even they might not go to the gym on a regular basis. But, fitness has become a raging topic on which almost everyone has an opinion.

Questions like ‘Would you leave junk food forever or would eat only veggies for one year?’ may give you quite a hype within the circle. For a great conversation, you always need to evolve questions as much as fun way possible.


Cuisines and Food

You might wonder that how naïve we are to include such a delicious topic at number 10. Well! We were actually busy to read your mind. A conversation is incomplete without food. You might feel bored with the person, but yummy foods and palatable cuisines would always take you to a different world.

This is such interesting conversation topics that anyone would be interested to speak incessantly. Share your favorite food ideas, talk about the cuisines that left you awestruck. Palatable questions like ‘Which cuisine can make your day no matter what the time is?’ would just glue the other person’s eye to you.


What About Some ‘Would You Rather Moments’

Yes! Why not? ‘Would you rather’ is not just a game. It is full of entertainment and fun. Many people think that conversation means only question-answer and discussions. We differ and would like to tell you that playing this kind of games is actually a great idea to build a bond. ‘Would you rather’ is one of those games which has been played by almost everyone. This game does not need any props and can be played anywhere or everywhere.

‘Would you rather go for an exam for which you have not prepared at all or go for an impromptu lecture?’ Isn’t it exciting? We are pretty sure that everyone around you is going to experience a fun-filled blast.


Have You Met Your Doppelganger?

Doppelganger is really interesting and probably one of the most interesting conversation topics to talk about. It is astonishing that how on the earth, the faces of two people can have striking similarities without any blood-relation at all. You can start the conversation in something like this way,’Wow! You so look like that person (Cite the name of a famous celeb or someone you know very well).’ We are pretty sure that this topic is going to be a dealbreaker. But, do not just fake it if you cannot find any similarity, Otherwise, things may turn into something really bad. Overall, this topic is quite fun to talk about.


Relationship Bytes

Whether you are on a date or not, it is always interesting to talk about the topic called ‘relationship’. Nope! We are not telling you to indulge in asking some serious questions. We also do not want you to interfere in someone’s personal life. In this topic, you may ask questions which are generally interesting and not hard-core personal. If you ask your peer, ‘Would you go on a date with a person who once hated you?’. We think your partner would love to answer it.


So, What’s Your Hobby?

Very few topics are as exciting as this one. We all do certain things during our spare times. It is a striking topic that anyone would love to talk about. The objective of this article is to make things more and more interesting. Thus, how could we exclude such interesting conversation topics from the list?

Questions like, ‘Would you ever take your hobby as a full-time job?’ sounds more fun than the usual ones like ‘what is your hobby?’.


Vacation Trip

Travel, tour, and trip these are the most interesting and adventurous things to talk about. Our mind starts roaming as soon as it hears the term ‘vacation’. Not everyone is a big fan of traveling. But, this is definitely one of the most beautiful topics to talk about.

We always believe that gone are the days when people used to ask direct questions. Now if we do so, the other persons would probably never have a conversation with us. So, twist the questions like, ‘What is the most adventurous thing you did on your last trip?’ These subtle changes would blow their minds.


Movie Talks

How busy we might be in our life, we all take time out to watch movies. The genres can be different depending on the choices of individuals. But, the world of cinema and glamour lure us crazily. So, placing these type of interesting conversation topics on the list came out of impulsion. If you ask questions like ‘Is there any movie of which you had understood the concept much before anyone else?’, these can be the game-changers in building the equation with other people.

Be it your first date or an informal gathering, movie talks are very interesting and gripping. Almost everyone loves to talk about them. The characters, plot, cinematography, editing and so on. This single topic can generate a number of branch topics to talk about. We are pretty sure that you are going to have a wonderful time with your lovely peers.


Music and Fun

Interesting Conversation Topics about Music

Aha! This is one of our favorite topics. Music not only can heal minds but also can bridge a gap. We believe there are very few topics as interesting and fun as music. Initiate your conversation with this kind of questions, ‘Lyrics or composition – what does move you to the core?’. In case, the opposite person loves to sing as well, then that can work like a cherry on top.

Ask the person to sing a famous song so that you can join too. Trust us, singing does not mean matching the correct note all the time. So, you might not sing well like the other person. But honestly, who does care? Forget about what the other people would think of you. Singing gives sheer enjoyment that everyone should experience.


Festivals and Cultures

A culture is not just a swanky way to represent your values and choices. It has a deep-rooted connection with the place from where you have come. Festivals and cultures can reveal a lot of things about a person. ‘What is the best thing about your culture?’, this type of questions are quite to the point but can explore a lot of the intended person.

This is such interesting conversation topics that anyone can hop in and take part. You can always break the ice with this one. We strongly believe that if you think closely, you would never run out of topics.


Fashion and Apparels

A conversation started with a beautiful compliment and that is also about the attire the other person is wearing can be a pivotal factor in any form of relationship. Fashion is something that makes a person confident and comfortable at the same time. Not everyone is fond of luxury clothing, but everyone loves to talk about their own fashion statement. It doesn’t matter how simple a person is, but then also the person should have own style and statement.

A question like ‘Have you ever gotten compliments for your style-sense from any leading personality or from someone who actually knows fashion?’ can take the person to another world. These questions would not only give you an outline of the person’s choice but also would convey to you the pattern of thoughts.


What about Pets!

Well! Legend says that if nothing works, then talk about pets and animals. We differ to an extent. We prefer to give this topic a top-level stature. This is such interesting conversation topics that cannot end easily. Surprisingly, we are not only talking about cats and dogs, there are so many beautiful animals. And honestly, not everyone is fond of cats and dogs.

If you ask questions like ‘Is there anything you have learned from your pet?’, this would immediately elevate the standards of your thoughts. Pet lovers love to talk about their pets all the time. It gives them a heaven like happiness. So, be ready to make a striking impression with this type of topics next time.


Do You Love TV Shows too?

We have discussed these topics to create a wide ambit for a prolonged conversation. Not everyone is fond of movies, surprisingly many love to watch TV serials, Web-series or soaps. So, this topic can be a boon for them. You can talk about any particular show, a season finale or some other popular TV shows.

Binge-watchers say that ‘it feels amazing when we meet people who have the same taste and love to watch the same soaps’. So, if the same thing happens to you, it can open a doorway to bloom a new relationship. ‘Do you think that the show ended with a proper message?’, we believe this type of questions that demand opinions or perspectives, can always mold a relationship.


Love is in the Air!

Love is such a feeling that almost everyone has experienced it. It doesn’t matter what the age of the person is, love can come at any stage of life. We believe that this is such amazing and interesting conversation topics that everyone can feel the resonance.

‘Have you ever fallen in love with someone who is older than you?’, this type of question is enough to make someone go nuts. It would give the other person a lot of happy memories for sure. In your next informal gathering, you can definitely think of it.


Would You Like Any Beverage?

This is one such awesome topics that never fail. We always have to find some topics that can ignite the wires of thought and can grow the interest of the other person to take part in the conversation. It would come out of compulsive thoughts. Definitely, we are not only talking about tea or coffee. You can include beverages like Cappuccino, Wine, Whisky, Mojito, Cocktail, Rum, Matcha Green Tea and many more drinks.

It would help you to understand the choice and tastes of the other persons. So, choose the questions wisely. Make them sound funny like this one, ‘On a sunny day, if you can’t find Coffee on your shelf, would you go for Green Tea instead?’ We are pretty sure that you are going to have unlimited fun. And yes! If you are at a restaurant, do not forget to order a beverage to make things spicier.


Books and Authors

Books are our oldest best friends. When there was no technology, mobiles or laptops, probably our life used to be surrounded by books. And thus, we consider this, one of the most interesting conversation topics to talk about. How busy the other person might be, this topic would never lose its charm. The same caption is applicable for authors as well, we all love have our favorite authors and books. So, if you really want to know the other person, there is nothing that can beat its importance.

Instead of asking plain jane questions like ‘Who is your favorite author?’, ask something like this ‘Is there any book, that has gifted you a new life and new motivations?’. It is quite interesting that how a captivating book can bind the minds of several people.


Let’s Be Adventurous!

Whether you agree or not, life is full of adventures and enthusiasm. So, we thought what can be as exciting as this topic. Talk about those adventurous things that you have experienced in your life. This topic should not ever be started with questions. Instead, it demands that you should initiate it with your own experiences. This topic is amazing in every aspect.

‘Have you ever fed a tiger with bare hands?’ are enough to create shivering ambiance. Twist every closed-end question with something exciting. And, see the magic.


Show Your Creativity

There might be very few beautiful, captivating and interesting conversation topics like this one. This topic has the right amount of fun, innovation, talent and craziness that can make people happy. Talk about your creative side and if possible of you can also show some of the creations.

Well! A conversation is not going to work if one only blows own trumpet. So, come forward and ask interesting questions like ‘Is there anything that none can make like you? or ‘What is the one thing you are best at?’. We can already foresee that you are having a fiery and amazing conversation with your peers on this topic.


Talk About Motivation

Motivational talks are one of the rarest and finest topics that merely someone wants to talk about. This is not only rare but also very inspiring. The person with whom you are going to talk about this thing would definitely feel less-burdened and stress-free for some time. So, that is why we have curated this topic on the list.

Share your motivation, how you keep yourself happy and motivated etc. The beauty of this topic is that you do not need dedicated questions all the time. The moment you would start sharing your key to a motivated life, the other persons would also feel the urge to talk about. We are pretty much sure that your peers are going to fall in love with this topic.


What’s Your Dream?

Interesting Conversation Topics about Dreams

Not every dream comes true, but that doesn’t mean that we would stop dreaming. Talking about dreams and objectives of life give a lot of strength to people. Nowadays, very few people share their dreams and want to talk about the goals in life. But, we believe that just like the previous topic, this is also among such interesting conversation topics that can work as stress-busters.

As we always say that instead of asking few direct questions, it is always better to make a strong pitch with some twisted and molded questions. Implant a level of confidence so that the other person starts believing in own. And who can say? The person may create a historical moment in near future.


Blogging and Websites

In this tech era, netizens would go crazy if we don’t talk about blogs and websites. Nowadays, almost every other person has an interest in blogging. They either write or read blogs. So, this topic fits absolutely perfectly in this context. Talk about the blogs you follow. Ans also ask the other person about the same.

The niches you follow might not match with that of the other person. But, that would merely affect the conversation. Have a stunning conversation with twisted questions like this, ‘Do you follow any blog which has controversial contents?’. We are pretty sure that the other person is going to love the session with you.


Never Have I Ever Moments!

Many people say that ‘Never have I ever’ statements are only part of a game, but we differ. Because the questions have the capability to create the right vibe as part of interesting conversation topics. The questions can be extremely funny (can be embarrassing too in some cases).

If you ask funny questions like this one, ‘Never have I ever been to a party with a criminal’, then for sure, the other person would fall in love with you. Every moment counts, so make it fun and full of life.



Well! The above term is coined by us. We all have a preference for a particular brand. The number may vary, but sometimes we feel very connected to the logo, tagline and with everything associated with it. If you want to feel it, don’t forget to include this topic on the list of interesting topics. We are definitely not going to categorize the brands, because it can be anything. We believe that questions like, ‘Would you ever be loyal to a brand if it gets involved in a crime?’, can take the conversation to a beautiful climax.


Money Matters, True or False?

Interesting conversation topics need to be something that is related to our life and value. And, we feel this is one such topic. Money and fame have different outlooks for different people. For some, a lot of money is not required to lead a happy life. Whereas for some, money is the only parameter that can make them happy. Not only for the sake of conversation, in order to know the other person also, you need this topic.

And that is why we think if you ask questions like this ‘If someone ever says you that your salary would be cut to half but you would be made extremely famous, would you agree on that?’ These type of intellectual yet philosophical questions can excite anyone.


Inspiring Achievement

We get inspired by others, it is a general notion. But sometimes, we get inspiration from our own achievements. Thus, we could not stop ourselves from including this topic on the list. Initiate or ignite a beautiful conversation to know the thoughts of the peers.

There is no degree or level of Achievements. No matter how small or big these are, always inspire a lot of people. You can always ask questions like ‘What is the one achievement you are proud of yourself?’ in order to know the motto and determination of others.


God and Others

Yes! We agree that these are such interesting conversation topics that can incite anyone. Whether on your first meet or on informal gatherings, you can ask questions related to this field. Sometimes, the questions can become really difficult or tweaked. But, no matter how or when these questions are asked, people love to answer these.

In order to know the real motive of people, ask questions like ‘If one day, God appears and starts showing you a proof of being God, would you believe that?’ This question is clearly deflected from the ordinary path. These types of questions have no prototypes. Because these are mostly dependent on the answerer’s perspectives. So, try to know the answer in the most fun way possible.


Technology and Gadgets

As the mankind is progressing, it is the technology that is developing at the fastest pace. In this context, if we do not talk about technologies, mobiles, and other electronic gadgets, then it would be a crime. So, this is one such interesting topics that do not require any special knowledge. Any people of any stature, of any expertise, can discuss these things.

These type of questions ‘Would you be able to live without mobiles? Or ‘What is the best application of technology so far in your life?’ are enough to create a dramatic conversation.


All About Hometowns

Interesting Conversation Topics about Hometown

A hometown is a place which is totally attached to the childhood of a person. So, when we talk about hometowns, we actually indulge in one of the most interesting conversation topics. This is such an interesting topic that gives the intended person the utmost happiness and nostalgia.

To make the conversation and the moments more special, you can think these type of questions ‘What is the one thing you miss the most about your hometown?’ We are sure that you are going to have a beautiful session ahead.


Do You Love Animation too?

Animation movies, cartoon characters not only appeal to kids, adults can be addictive to them as well. Talk about these things. No matter, how mature or aged the other person is. These topics can always allure them. Questions from this category need to be interesting and funny. Do not go for something usual that almost everyone asks.

You can definitely go for these sort of questions like ‘Have you ever gotten inspiration from an animation movie?. To keep the discussion alive for quite a sometime, you need to ask captivating questions.


Are You a Philanthropist?

An era, when every single person is busy with own life, it is difficult to find a person who lives for others. It is not necessary to dedicate your whole life to philanthropic or volunteer services, but one can definitely do so occasionally. This is such interesting conversation topics that have deep-roots and have a lot of importance.

We consider this topic quite meaningful and necessary in order to know the other person thoroughly. So, if you ask questions like, ‘Would you ever leave your ideologies behind to save a person?’, these bear very significant messages.


Who is Your Role Model?

A person without a role model is like a bunch of straws which are lifeless. To live a dedicated life, everyone should have a role model in life. Our role models make us feel strong and motivated. They help us to overcome frustrations and failures,

So, you can always talk about this topic with almost anyone. Talk about your role model, and ask questions like this, ‘How do you think your life could have been without a role model?’. This topic creates a very positive vibe and thus it is one of our favorites.


What’s Your Plan?

Holiday planning is not only made to spend some time together with your family and friends but also a reminder that you need some refreshments. Everyone plans holiday differently. We believe that this topic has a wide ambit and thus is a perfect fit on the list of interesting conversation topics.

Share your plans and thoughts. You can also motivate the other person with this type of questions, ‘Would you ever drop your holiday plans just because your boss wants you to do so?’. Believe us, this topic is one of the best to discuss with your peers and friends.


Let’s Talk about Restaurants

Interesting Conversation Topics about Restaurants

A conversation is incomplete without the discussions of foods, cuisines, and restaurants. And for obvious reasons, how could we drop this out of the list? Start the discussion by mentioning your favorite food spot and what are the dishes you love there. These type of interesting conversation topics do not need any questions. Anyone would feel tempted to take part in the conversation. So, have fun with this type of lively and jolly topics.


Supernatural and Superpowers

We often wonder, that how mundane our life could have been without the unexplainable things like supernatural powers. Our imagination gets wings with the superhuman characters on comics and TV series. Some people believe that they exist in reality while some feel these are utterly rubbish.

And, at this juncture how could we exclude this topic from the list. This is such interesting topics that would sound mysterious to anyone. So, have a healthy conversation about this type of questions, ‘Have you ever experienced anything supernatural ever?’. Surprisingly, this topic also covers the ambit of ghosts and apparitions.


Habit! Good or Bad?

A topic that has no model answer. Even, it does not have any model question as well. Different people have different habits. Some are good whereas some are extremely bad or filthy. No one is free of these things. So, if you want a really amazing time, then do not drop these type of interesting conversation topics out from the list.

A simple question like ‘Do you have any badass habit which you feel proud of?’ can create a fantastic and fun-filled ambiance. So, have fun.


Do You Love Gardening?

On this list, we have spoken about a lot of interesting things. And gardening is such a topic that deserves to be on the list. Though we believe that this is a topic which might not have a mass appeal. But, that cannot rule out the interests of a majority number of people who love gardening.

So, talk as much as you can. If the opposite person is a hard-core garden lover, then nothing can beat this topic. You can opt questions like ‘Have you ever forgotten to water your plants?’ because these are quite interesting for any plant-lover.


Earth and Its Beauty

Mother Earth is one of the perfect examples of patience and perseverance. Our earth is continuously facing predicaments. But still, she never stops from giving us all the necessary things. And, how could we not talk about such an important thing? Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting conversation topics indeed.

This topic does not demand any model answer. The ambit of the topic is totally dependent on the perception of the other person. Things can be made interesting with this type of questions, ‘Is there anything you would like to do to abolish the pollution from the face of the earth?’


Let’s Talk about Cars

Interesting Conversation Topics about Cars

A car has become a necessity for this generation. They are no more happy with the same old models, this generation aspires to buy luxury, high-end sports cars. And, for obvious reasons they love to talk about the same as well. This is again such interesting topic that can be discussed incessantly. So, if you feel that the opposite person has an interest in cars, ask this type of questions ‘Which is your dream car?’. We believe that you are going to be a very exciting discussion soon.


Societal Values

We are all part of a society, the societal values might differ though. Society is the basement on which the outlook of a person is dependent. The effect is so strong that it becomes quite deep. And, it is almost impossible to detach a person from its societal values.

So, to know the roots of the person, you need this type of questions in your life. ‘Would you ever leave a nearly-dead person just because you have an important meeting to attend?’ These type of questions can be quite difficult to answer sometimes. But, if you really want a great conversation, you need these types of interesting conversation topics.



Our phobia is all in our minds. If we really want to overcome these, we need to talk about them. A thorough discussion can help to overcome any type of phobia. So, have a talk with your peers about it.

Ask questions like, ‘Have you ever had a nightmare, that your phobia is responsible for your death?’. These type of discussions can always turn into something violent and horrific. So, instead of emphasizing every point. Take things light-heartedly, so that you can help the other person through a beautiful conversation.


Relationship Bytes

Fortune and talks about fortune have always been topics that people feel really interested to know. Many people believe that none but we are responsible for our present. Well! If things were that simple, probably this topic had never been on the list.

Fortune talks have no boundary. So, you can form endless questions. Do not expect logical answers all the time, because the authenticity of the answers is largely dependent on some theories. ‘Is there anything, you cannot achieve ever because you feel you are unlucky?’, this is just a simple question to show that how interesting and tweaked things can be.


Talk about Your Passion

Interesting Conversation Topics about Passion

If you do something just out of passion, you must get success. We love to talk about our passions. For every one of us, a passion is big and significant. To know the real person in front of you, you need such interesting conversation topics. ‘Would you ever take your passion as your full-time job?’ is one such interesting question that itself has a deep meaning.


Let’s Talk about Fictions

Fictional talks are as bare as truths. Though they come in disguise but can explore many things about a person. And thus, it is one such important topic that we could not exclude from our list. ‘Would you like to be a fortune teller or would like to envisage the future, if given the power?’, this type of questions is perfect to visualize the person’s perception. We just can’t imagine a realistic talk without this offbeat topic.

So, these were all the 50+ interesting conversation topics that are fit for various situations. Be it an informal gathering, a party night, a date night or just a chitchat with your friends; you can initiate a conversation with any of this. We are pretty sure that next time you are going to blow everyone’s mind.


  • All of these topics are compiled keeping a variety of situations in mind, so think before you choose a particular topic.
  • At any point in time, if you feel that the other person is feeling uncomfortable with certain topics, then simply don’t force.
  • Maintain a firm eye-contact to show your eagerness and curiosity.
  • Always respect the opinions and judgments of other people.
  • Do not force your decision on them.