What to Do When You Miss Someone

What to Do When You Miss Someone
By Subhash Das Updated

A breakup or an abrupt end of a beautiful relationship gives birth to the million dollar question which says what to do when you miss someone. A relationship is all about a mind game that can never be defined in a mathematical way. Many people believe that there is no such third layer, there is either a yes or a no. But surprisingly, this definition does not come under the ambit of a relationship. The third layer is nothing but confusion when the person cannot define how to erase the old memories from life.

Why Do You Miss the Person?

Two people come closer, become friends, unwanted things happen, and eventually, they part their way. This is a vicious cycle. We do not want to define the relationship here by using any particular tag. Whatever might be the type of your relationship, if the depth is high, then naturally, you are going to miss the person.

15 Things to Do When You Miss Someone Very Badly

Who says that it is not difficult or impossible to not miss the person? If things are taken seriously or in a practical manner, then there can be hundreds of what to do when you miss someone that can help you to deal with the ordeal. Well! Here we have talked about 15 such things that you can do in order to come out of your shell and think beyond the boundary.


Creativity can be Your Savior

Creativity comes out in its best form especially when we miss someone. Painting, singing, in fact, creativity can be anything. Some people find it strange to believe that how can a person be creative while being extremely upset. The human mind is strange indeed and it always works in that way. If you introspect a little more, then you would find out that the human mind always does best when in solace. And surprisingly, sometimes the creativity can be above excellence as well. So, pedal your thoughts and propel them in doing something prolific. This is something you can always do when you miss someone.

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Find Some Freedom

Often it has been seen that people confine themselves inside their houses whenever they miss something or someone. But, this solidarity damages them more. A solace life might sound full of serenity but actually blocks the passage of thoughts. And eventually, we miss the person more than ever. The functionality of our brain is such that when we try to keep ourselves confined within the four walls, the path gets blocked. We think that solidarity would solve the problem but in reality, neither the person nor the image leaves us ever. Admit or not, it is a vicious cycle where the thoughts keep whirling. The only way to come out of this is to feel the fresh breeze and try to be more social.


Friends are What You Need

Things to Do When You Miss Someone

Whoever the person might be, it is not impossible to not even think of the individual. And especially, when you have wonderful friends beside you. It is such a phase of life while you need to hang out with your buddies. Well! Initially, you might not like the idea as your brain would signal you that you have a deeply buried sorrow in your mind and thus you are not allowed to have fun. It surely would obstacle your thoughts. So, friends are what you need in this situation. Only they can heal you from inside. Plan a day out with your besties and have fun throughout the day. Friends can understand you way more than you do. And, it is a pretty crucial time when you need your friends the most.


Positivity Should be There All Over

When someone leaves us, it not only affects our mind but our whole world also feels upside down. Every kind of negativity fills our life and life seems tougher than ever. In that scenario, it is pretty important to have a positive impact on life. Do only those things that make you happy. Positivity is something that generally does not arrive just like that especially in these scenarios. Create an environment where you find everything positive. Be it your personal life or professional life, take everything in a positive perspective. Trust us, this is something that always works when you miss someone badly.


It’s Time to Adopt a New Hobby

Life is the accumulation of small changes, every now and then we are trying to adapt ourselves to something new. This is the change that has the ability to erase everything bad and energizes us with a new life. The necessity of learning something new comes under the picture especially when you miss someone. Actually, there is a detailed science behind it. If we exclude the detailing of that, the summary says that whenever we want to learn something new, it requires a lot of energy. And, we invest such a huge amount of energy and attention in learning something new, naturally, the memory of the person fades for some time. Eventually, our mind stops playing with ourselves. Painting, biking, hiking, photography, and there are a number of things that you can adopt as a new hobby. Isn’t it an amazing idea to try out just today?


Past is History, Present is a Gift

There are many people who literally love to live in their past lives, they never feel the necessity to come out of the shells. And eventually, they become the victims of a vicious cycle. A cycle where the past haunts and grabs the affected person in a very crude manner. What we need to remember at this juncture is that past is history and it is totally gone now. But, the present is indeed a gift and is full of surprises. Have you ever wondered what is there waiting for you tomorrow? The uncontrollable past that is deeply related with the person you miss the most, thinking about that would affect you more badly. It is the perfect time to look forward and nurture your present which can be still controlled.


Heal Yourself as Much as You Can

Beautiful Things to Do When You Miss Someone

The power of healing is undeniable; it can take away all your pains with just a blink of an eye. Well! Parting ways with a near and dear person always take a serious toll on the mental and physical health of an individual. And, this is the time when the importance of healing comes into the picture. There are many ways to heal yourself. Do something that fills your mind with the optimum tranquility. It can be listening to a soothing music or a deep meditation to heal your mind. A full body spa or massage can also trigger your mind. This is a time where all the predefined notions fail because it is the time when you should prioritize yourself.


Memories Might Not be Sweet Always

There are a lot of dimensions of memories; sometimes they bring a fresh breeze of happiness, sometimes they give us inflicting pains. Parting ways with an individual and then suffering because of the old memories might inflict you badly. So, it is always better to not to indulge in doing something that can trigger the memories. The trigger can be even a small pen or any belongings of the person. Trust us, all these things are going to give you only a tough time ahead.


There is Absolutely No Harm in Being Social

Often we think that social media and other social activities would make us weaker, but that’s baseless. When we become socialized people and start talking to others, we start realizing that there are so many other people who are hungry for love and happiness. Well! You can make them happy; you can do a number of things to make them feel super amazing. It is the interactions with a number of people that would definitely make you feel good. It is not possible to replace a person, in fact, we are not talking about that as well. But, there is absolutely no harm to let the other people come in your life.

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Never Ever Think of Any Kind of Addictions

The pain of losing someone is unexplainable and none can express the grief in a proper manner. This grievous pain often compels people to take drastic steps. They often start taking drugs or become alcoholic. But, in reality, these people never realize that doing these things are never going to let you forget the pain but would make sure that you become more like a dead person in the upcoming days. And, this is something that cannot be spoon-fed someone unless the person realizes it. Surely, addictions can never be an answer to sidetrack the memory of the person.


Do Not Cut Yourself from the Regular Schedule

Probably, this is one such major mistake that almost every person does in this scenario. They detach themselves from the regular schedule and start living a life like a recluse. Well! This is something that one should never ever do. No matter how painful the memories are, never ever detach or cut yourself from the regular lifestyle. Because this is only going to make the scenario worse. The things that we do on a regular basis maintain the balance in our lives, in absence of that part, bad memories or experiences haunt us. So, it is always better to continue doing what you are supposed to be doing.


Eat Healthily, Live Healthily

What to Do When You Miss Someone Deeply

A healthy and sound mind is always devoid of confusions. And, it is impossible to derive a healthy mind unless you have a fit body and a healthy eating habit. Probably, it is the right time to invest some of your time for the betterment of your lifestyle. Once you start doing so, you would notice a positive change in your thought process. All the negativities would go away and only the positive things would remain.


Stop Bragging and Dragging

When we love a person, often we keep talking about the person unknowingly. It happens many times that we drag some offbeat topic just to talk about the person. Well! This is something that needs to be stopped right at this moment. Because this is ultimately going to increase the depth and amplitude of your pain. Eventually, you would end up missing the person more than you ever imagined. So, the best way is to stop talking about the person unnecessarily.


What about a Short Trip?

This is something that we think always works. A short trip in the lap of nature is sometimes what you need. Just make a layout and plan a short weekend trip along with your friends and try to make it successful wholeheartedly. Well! You do not need to think of something big budget or expensive. Just a simple trip along with your besties can become amazing and beautiful too. Not money that counts always, it is actually the people surrounding us who make the living the best experience ever.


Put Down Your Thoughts

Well! Life is amazing and unpredictable for sure. Things happen that have no particular reason or sequence. Sometimes, things take such a drastic U-Turn that we cannot even control that. We want to share it with others but cannot do that out of both fear and insecurity. Writing might come to your rescue in those situations. Whenever you feel that there is none with whom you can share anything, it is always the best idea to put down your thoughts either on your email or in a diary.

What to Do When You Miss Someone Badly

Write down everything that you could never ever share with anyone. It would give you a lot of strength indeed. The voice of the whole article should be your own so that you can feel the vibe. Trust us, this is such a trick that has always worked.

Missing a person is not something that can be considered a huge problem. But, it might pose a serious threat if you keep thinking about the person incessantly. It might take a serious toll both on your health and mind. So, before you become addicted to the thoughts or the memories of the person, you need to solve it at the root section. And, this is only possible when you push yourself harder. The things that are mentioned here have been tried by many. Well! These are all different and are not any ready-made formulae, but would surely provide you a beautiful guideline on what to do or what not to do especially when you miss someone.