What to do After Breakup

What to do After Breakup
By Subhash Das Updated

Life has to move on my friend. Along with life, you have to move on and stand tall to flow with it. Breakups suck. After a breakup, we have two options left: either take a lesson and stand taller and stronger than ever or wither away and give up hope of a better life.

You definitely want to opt for the first option. Don’t you? To help you in your difficult time, we are here for you. It is time taking to be completely out of the system but hold on tight, and we can suggest you what to do after a breakup so that you are on the road to recovery right then.

Salty Tears to Smile

Tears to Smile After Breakup

Crying is healthy. The pain needs to be relieved. Most of the women are made to vent out their feeling while on the other hand, men are supposed to ‘man up’ and not show their feelings. It has been proven that crying actually physically provides us with relief. So, irrespective of gender, you can turn on your water taps and relieve yourself of the burden of pain.

Everybody, whether it’s a guy or a girl feels the same amount of grief and anger, so, it is very important to empty ourselves of this pain first, after a breakup.

It is okay to cry. No, it doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you an emotional fool either. On the contrary, it will release the trapped sadness in you. Cry all your heart out. Cry until all your tears are dry. Push the negativity out of your system. Find a friendly shoulder to cry on.

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Seek Help,There’s Nothing to be Ashamed of.

Seek Help After Breakup

You may not realize but you can be aided in more ways you’ve ever imagined! Sometimes the shock of a break-up is so intense that grief quickly turns into depression. This can be the most crucial low point in your life until then.

If you feel so, you are not the only one. Try to find solace that there are more people like you who are going through a similar type of sadness.

If nothing makes you feel better, or you have persistent thoughts of death, right away seek medical help. It is no more a cliché to seek professional help for problems that are grave for you. Anti-depressants along with psychotherapy have proven benefits in such situations.

Say Yes to Healthy Nutrition

Eat Healthy After Breakup

A healthy day begins with a healthy breakfast. Dump your junk food and embark on to a loyal relationship with fruits, milk, whole grain cereals, and eggs. Imagine a day when you wake up early, freshen yourself up. Chop up fruits, add milk and make a frothy and delicious milkshake; and have it with toast or anything similarly healthy.

Energy charge will be directly into your system. As morning shows the day, similarly a perfect breakfast will show your way to perfect nutrition and as a result, you will have a healthy and energetic body.

Drink a lot of fluids during the day, and take care to keep your energy level high. People will be stunned to see such a graceful and energetic comeback of yours.

Connect with Green

Connect with Green After Breakup

Take yourself trekking or on a solo trip to a green belt. Let yourself be lost in the refreshing green of nature. You are bound to feel rejuvenated and re-energized.

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Mother Earth has enormous stores of energy for us. We only have to ask her respectfully to relieve us of our burdens. When you are grieving of the loss of your partner, let Mother Earth draw you into her folds of a loving embrace.

Reason Out Why Your Relationship Ended and Use That as Your Strength

Reason Out After Breakup

Try to straighten out the reasons behind the break-up. It will help you enormously. Trying to logic out reasons in such a difficult situation can be darn tough, but keep pushing yourself. The point being it will clear out clouds of confusion and help you see clearly enough what went wrong and why. This will give you peace of mind and not leave you hanging in the middle.

Of course, it is easier to accept a situation of which you know the exact tracks and turns.

Take, for example, if the relationship ended because of infidelity, that will you give you the much-needed closure and argument, that the relationship is over for the best. No one deserves a liar. Make this argument strong and run it over in your head as many times as it takes to sink in.

Channel Your Energy to Your Benefit

Exercise After Breakup

A lot of breakups occur due to infidelity. If you are one such victim, that would mean you have bottled up anger inside you, which can negatively impact you.

Let me suggest you a few venting out ideas.

Get a gym membership and start working out. Studies show that heavy workouts tend to cleanse minds and channel positive energy throughout the body. Exercises do release happy chemicals (dopamine) into our nervous system which give the feeling of pleasure and happiness. Rigorous exercise will also improve your build thus ushering in a wave of new-found self-confidence.

Exercising will also automatically increase your body’s stress handling capability. How? By subjecting your body to artificial stress conditions like a heavy workout. Since you will have a routine workout, your body will be accustomed to different stress levels and eventually will handle emotional stress better than you could have asked for.

Well, isn’t this a really good substitute for all that? Exercise instead of being an insomniac and anxious person.

This is what you should definitely do after a breakup.

Reverse the Damages

Happy with Friends After Breakup

Once you are past this stage, you have to turn your attention to mending the damages that you have done to yourself. Firstly, surround yourself with positive people. Even a slight trace of negativity can upset you. Moreover, you deserve to be happy and chirpy. So, negative people are an absolute no-no.

This is also the perfect time to stay close to your family and friends. You will be astounded to watch how your family and friends applaud your decision and welcome you back into their loving and caring fold again.

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Find Your Lost Love

Find Your Lost Love After Breakup

A lot of us invest most of our time and energy into a relationship, leaving almost no time for our hobbies or passions. Now that you are out of the relationship, you have time to devote to things that you once loved. It might be painting, taking pictures, reading, cooking or simply traveling.

Once you immerse yourself in things you love, your pain will automatically subside a lot. Not only that, you might even be able to help others with your caliber.

Your Day Out to Happiness

Dress Your Best After Breakup

Even if you feel too hurt to climb out of your sad bed, I will ask you to follow this routine at least for a day and then decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

Get up early, drag yourself out of that piteous blanket. Have a comforting scented shower and a hearty breakfast. Dress to impress and stride out of your house like a boss.  Go to work if you are in the mood, work like never before, earn recognition, beat deadlines and feel proud.

If you don’t want to go to work, even that is okay. Go out and explore the city or visit some place serene and calm your nerves. You are bound to feel a ton better.

Love You Like You Do

Love Yourself After Breakup

Give yourself a makeover, if you feel like it. Pamper yourself, indulge yourself. Most importantly, you should love yourself.

If we only loved ourselves like we love our partners, you wouldn’t have been here reading this post, nor would I have been here writing it.

After a break-up, this realization dawns like lightning. We all deserve self-love first.

So, as I was saying, take yourself out to a nice eating joint, or set out to travel to a new place and come back home with happy memories.

Happiness in Old Places

Happy Memories in Old Places After Breakup

Make new happy memories at old places. It can be tremendously painful to visit places where you had your best memories with your former partner, after your breakup. Most of us go back into the limbo of pain and loneliness at the slightest touch of memories which might not be happening again. The trick to overcome is to take the bull by the horns. 

For example, take out your new cute date to that awesome café that you and your former partner used to go. You will see it is easier to think of your new date’s dimples than to think of your ex.

Or take your friends to a park that you used to visit with your partner. Have fun and make exciting new memories there. Make new friends and make the day memorable.

Minimum Contact Rule

Minimum Contact Rule After Breakup

Also, start moving forward with your life. Do things that you love. Make new friends and keep your heart ready for the prospect that somebody is out there for you. Please do not sit around in hope of a future reconciliation.

I am not absolutely denying the prospect of future reconciliation. All I am saying is if you need to have a clean break to start a new chapter in life. To get over a person in a healthy way you need to avoid that person as much as you can. Limit your contact to a bare minimum and if possible, prohibit yourself from contacting him/her again.

Not only that an on-off relationship is toxic and unbelievably harmful. Even if your former partner tries to manipulate you into an on-off relationship, now you know what to do.

Rock n Roll Schedule

Keep Busy Schedule After Breakup

Another effective option to deal with pain after a breakup is to keep yourself busy. Plan your schedules so that you don’t have enough time to feel sad. Keep your activities engaging and fun.

If even after scheduling your tasks, you have time left where there is even a slight chance that after going back home your bad memories can resurface; then you can visit some love rooms, where you get to play and spend time with our little furry friends and have a cup of coffee.

Ice Creams are a Boon

Ice Creams are Mood Lifters After Beakup

Pamper yourself over a bowl of your favorite ice cream. Trust me, nothing gets better than this. Bedtimes are the worst phases after breakups. We all can singularly agree to that.

So, be prepared beforehand. Stock your refrigerator with your favorite flavors of ice cream or any other desserts and chocolates. Grab a bowl full of that and jump on to your cozy bed to savor it and watch your favorite TV series.

Time is All You Need

Time is all you need After Breakup

Give yourself time. I know no one likes to hear this. But seriously, time IS the best healer. There can be no two opinions about it. The despair that you are feeling now will vanish after a point of time. Remind yourself, this is a phase, it too shall pass. This is the best mantra to heal yourself. With time your wounds will heal, and you will carry only the lesson you learned from your breakup with you and not the pain.


Meditate to Feel Better After Breakup

Meditation is an age-old concept people have used to focus their thoughts. We can regrow our neurons and effectively activate our grey matter. Scientists say that meditation can shrink the part of the brain responsible for anxiety and fear, hence automatically creates space for a happier mind. And a happier mind means a happier you. So, folks meditate your sadness away!


Give Love After Breakup

One should never underestimate the power of giving. This is one of my most favorite methods of getting over a heartbreak. It is in giving that we get. So, if you have been robbed of love, that is your reason to give as much love as possible. Remember what Dumbledore said? “Pity the ones who live without love.”

Help others, who deserve it. Help can be in a number of ways, not only in cash or kind. It can easily be gestures or lending an ear and shoulder to someone in need, even more than you.

Forgive and Forget

Forgiving anyone places the forgiver higher. Clinging on to your past injustices will certainly not help you truly get over the relationship. Imagine how you would have been if you held on to every time you got scolded in your childhood. You would have become a pot of grudges.

It’s similar to this. You have to forgive the wrongdoer not for himself/herself but for yourself. For your own peace of mind. Think of it in this way. That person had already taken a lot of precious time of your life. Why give him/her more?

Forgiving is the sure shot way to leave the breakup behind. It is the only way you can forget that something bad happened to you.