Topics to Talk About

Topics to Talk About
By Subhash Das Updated

Among countless ‘hmm’, John was literally gasping for topics to talk about. It was his first date with his crush but unfortunately became the last one. John is not alone actually, it happens with almost everyone. We take pauses in between conversations just to think of what to say next. And naturally, things become weird and uncomfortable. It is not an easy task to talk incessantly. But, if it was easy, probably you didn’t have looked for it.

100+ Topics to Talk About: Glue Everyone’s Eyes on You

After all these, we can understand that how excited you are to know those blazing topics. Well! Here we have compiled an interesting list of 100+ topics to talk about. Each topic has 5 amazing questions. We have also tried to give you a brief idea about the topics in order to let you know the context and definition. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Weather and Present Scenario

Believe it or not, this topic always works as an amazing ice-breaker of all time indeed. Whether you are on your first date or with your friends, you can always talk about weather, climate or present scenario of the country. The scenario can be social issues or something very important. In this section, we have presented 5 questions that are related to this topic.

  • The weather is pleasant/warm today, isn’t it?
  • I just love/hate this season, what about you?
  • That was one of the biggest mishaps (Cite one such big thing that recently happened in the country) I have ever heard of in the recent times, what do you think?
  • Are you happy with the current situation of your country?
  • This recent policy (Cite a newly issued policy) is a deal-breaker indeed, what do you think?

Work Life

This is another one such marvelous topics to talk about. There are plenty of questions that can be asked about a person’s work life. We have compiled few such questions that are very basic yet groundbreaking.

  • How is your job going?
  • Do you love your job?
  • How is your workload?
  • How fun loving your colleagues are?
  • Who is the most quirky worker at your office?


A hobby is not a mere hobby only, it is always something that is very close to one’s heart. We do such things in our leisure time that we love to do. Five such beautiful questions related to hobby have been presented below.

  • What do you do in your off time?
  • Would you love to pursue your hobby as a full-time job ever?
  • Do you love dancing?
  • Is there anything else you want to take up as a hobby?
  • Apart from your avocation, is there anything you want to learn?

Travel and Trip

Adventurous Topics to Talk about

If you want to have a prolonged discussion, it is necessary to pick interesting topics to talk about. Those topics should not ask for any extra knowledge, but rather would be full of fun. Travel, tour, vacation trip these are something which always incites 5 questions which are stunning in every sense is mentioned below.

  • What is your favorite holiday destination?
  • Is there any place you want to go this Christmas?
  • Flight or train, which one do you prefer the most while traveling?
  • Do you love to taste street foods of the places, you visit?
  • Do you remember any funny incident from your last trip?

Social Media

A fun topic for sure that can be asked of When the whole world is revolving around the social media platform and social networking, how could we opt out this one from our list? So, here come the top 5 questions to blow your mind about.

  • Twitterati or Instagrammer, what would you call yourself?
  • What is the best social media platform of this generation?
  • Memes or GIFs, which one do you like the most?
  • Have you ever found anything objectionable on social networking sites?
  • Do you truly feel that virtual family has an importance too in our life?


Movies are an important part of the entertainment industry. For many, movies are not only meant for entertainment but also meant scholastic. If you are looking for a conversation with a stranger or with your date specifically on the first day, then this set of 5 questions is solely for you.

  • Which movie has moved you to the core?
  • Do you love any animated movie? If yes, then which is your favorite animation character?
  • Is there any movie that makes you cry whenever you watch that?
  • Which documentary film is close to your heart?
  • Is there any actor/actress whom you admire the most?


If there is anything in the world that can evoke our souls, then it is nothing other than music. The healing power of music is undeniable. We believe that it would be a shameless act to ignore such an awesome topic. It is definitely one of the amazing topics to talk about. Here comes the list of top 5 questions from this genre.

  • Which music album is your favorite?
  • Which musician do you admire the most?
  • To give melody, singing, compose or to write the lyrics – according to you which is the toughest part of these 4?
  • If you are ever asked to make a song based on your life, what would be the first line of the song?
  • Which is the most underrated song of all time?


Food, dishes or cuisines actually connect hearts. A foodie can never love a dish on the basis of a race, complexion or religion. This topic has no barrier and thus can be discussed with anyone. We are sending top 5 delicious questions on your way, check it out.

  • Is there any cuisine that you can eat anytime?
  • Is there any dish that none can prepare like you?
  • How do you judge a dish? By color, aroma or by taste?
  • Which cuisine do you want to make at home in this week?
  • Is there any cuisine that you hate the most?


Probably, childhood is the best phase of anyone’s life. The fondling and cuddling memories never fade away. Childhood is one of our favorite topics to talk about. So, we are pretty sure that these 5 questions would help you to a great extent to initiate a conversation.

  • What is your best childhood memory?
  • Which thing of your childhood have you still kept with you?
  • Which places make you feel nostalgic?
  • What is the funniest thing you did in your childhood?
  • Have you ever thought of growing up overnight in your childhood days?


One of the most beautiful topics indeed. Friends are an integral part of our life. We often forget their importance in our lives. So, we want to dedicate these questions to those crazy persons who can die for friendship.

  • Who is your best friend?
  • How often do you fall out with your friends?
  • Has any of your friends have ever cheated on you?
  • How much important trust is in a friendship?
  • Do you share everything with your friends?


Talk about fun and enjoyable topics. Then only the conversation would be alive for a long time. Festivals are such topics that make us happy and delighted. Whether it is a food festival or an art festival, it attracts us equally. So, we are going to talk about 5 such questions under this umbrella.

  • Which is your favorite festival of all?
  • Have you ever faced any bizarre situation in a festival?
  • What is the most creative festival you have ever seen?
  • Music festival or food festival?
  • Is there anything that you bought from a festival long ago but still have kept that intact?


Clothing, fashion these are unisex topics and thus can be freely asked for anyone. Fashion does not mean glamour all the time. Whatever we carry comfortably can be called fashion. Undoubtedly, fashion is one of the most charming topics to talk about.

  • Is there any particular fashion trend you are following?
  • Do you think that fashionable clothes should be affordable?
  • What is the most expensive piece of attire you have ever bought?
  • Do you love to share your fashion tips with everyone?
  • What according to you is going to be the fashion trend of the era?


Animals or our pets constantly remind us of one thing, that we are not alone. The debt of trust and love they shower upon us cannot be paid off ever. And this is also such a topic that everyone loves to talk about. So, here go 5 such agile questions just like our pets.

  • Do you love pets?
  • Which animal would you like to keep as a pet after your retirement?
  • Dogs or cats?
  • Would you ever sell your pets just for money?
  • Which baby animal do you want to adopt in the coming years?


Cute Topics to Talk about

Nope! We are not going to talk about fashion once again. In fact, fashion and clothing are just two opposite sides of a coin. One’s fashion statement obviously reveals one’s clothing sense. But, in this context, we want to showcase clothes, particularly the one which the other people have worn during the conversation. This is one of the fun topics to talk about with almost everyone.

  • Which type of outfit do you love to wear daily?
  • Your dressing sense is stunning, is there any secret?
  • Which kind of attire you usually wear on parties?
  • Do you love to shop for clothes or something else?
  • Which outfit makes you from OKish to superb?

News Reports

Yes! It definitely sounds formal, but if the other person loves this kind of stuff. Then, why not? Just initiate a fiery conversation with these 5 news related questions.

  • In recent times, do you think that news agencies are ethical any more?
  • Which type of issues does not get enough limelight?
  • Is there anything reporters hide always?
  • Which news of recent times has moved you?
  • Is there any message you want to broadcast to the whole world through news channels?

Sporty activities

Exactly like news reports, this genre is also for specific persons. We have tried to curate questions that would sound interesting to any people. And thus, it is one such beautiful topics to talk about.

  • Which are your favorite sports?
  • Have you ever played Football or any other sports?
  • Is there any player, whom you worship like a god?
  • Which sports do not get the importance that they deserve?
  • What is your favorite sports channel?

Abode & Countries

A great topic to know about the other person’s whereabouts and choices. Ask these top 5 beautiful questions about the home place and the countries where the intended person has lived throughout. These would definitely help you to establish a connection with the other person.

  • What is your home country?
  • In which country you want to live at least for once a life?
  • If you ever write a biography, in which country would you set your backdrop?
  • Is there any specific country, you want to get married?
  • Do you miss your childhood abode?

Future Plans

Yes! One of the brightest topics to talk about for sure. Questions like “What do you want to be within the next 3 years?” are just a mere example. Such discussions incite our Neurons and thus stimulate our minds. So, here we are presenting 5 such questions that would help you to imprint a great impression on the other person’s mind.

  • What are you doing at the end of this month?
  • Would you like to go shopping this weekend?
  • Is there anything you are looking forward to doing within the next month?
  • Is there anything you want to change about your characteristic?
  • Would you like to go to a party in the next week?

TV shows

Why not? TV is such an important part of our life. So, how could we exclude this topic from our list? Here come the 5 spectacular questions from this section.

  • What is your current favorite show on TV?
  • Which channel do you love to watch all day?
  • Who is your favorite TV actor/actress?
  • What is the most brilliant TV show you have ever watched?
  • Would you ever like to act on TV series if given the opportunity?


We consider this topic to be very entertaining. Celebs or celebrities influence our lives to a great extent. So, why not to include them in the list? This is such a topic that can originate a beautiful conversation anytime.

  • Who is your favorite celebrity?
  • Is there any celeb, whom you consider your idol?
  • Do you ever aspire to adopt a lifestyle like your favorite celeb?
  • Have you ever met any celeb in real life?
  • Do you think that celebs sometimes overdo certain things?

Show your humor

Exactly! Humor is something that everybody can relate to. And that is why humor will always be there in the list of topics to talk about. So, 5 humorous questions on your way to ignite a marvelous conversation.

  • Which activity can make you laugh almost instantly?
  • If I throw a pie at your face, which flavor would you like it to be?
  • If you are about to spend a whole day on an island, then what are the things would you like to keep with you?
  • Foretell or forecast, what would you choose if you are given the power?
  • What is the funniest thing you do just out of habit?


Of course! There is no harm in talking about life. This is always a very warm and cordial topic to initiate a conversation with anyone. Our list of topics has 5 questions related to life.

  • Who motivates you the most in your life?
  • What is the best thing about human’s life?
  • If you are ever asked to donate all your money to the orphans, would you do so?
  • What do you expect from your life?
  • Is there anything, you always wanted to do but never got success?


This is one of the interesting topics to talk about with anyone. No matter how aged or less aged the people are, everybody loves to talk about various types of cars. It is kind of an intriguing topic.

  • Is there any car you are eyeing to buy soon?
  • Do you love sports car?
  • Which luxury car’s design entice you?
  • Speed or milage, what plays an important role in a car?
  • If somebody wants to gift you a car, which model would you want?


Interesting Topics to Talk about

A topic that is all and all related to our life. What we wear, what we eat, what we use everything is associated with a person’s lifestyle. Five impressive questions that have the capability to become stunners in a conversation.

  • Denim, Silk or Cotton, which type of clothing you wear often?
  • Online or offline shopping?
  • Luxury or simple – which lifestyle do you prefer the most?
  • If an item is available at a cheap cost, would you buy that or instead go for the pricey version?
  • Quality or price – which is more important to you?

Mobile Utility Apps

Utility apps have somehow become attached to our life. We feel incomplete without them. There are so many topics to talk about, but our conversation feels patchy without it. So definitely, we had to include few questions from this genre too.

  • Is there any shopping apps you use often?
  • The weather forecast on TV or on apps, which one do you prefer the most?
  • Do you take the help of translators?
  • What are the places you have explored with the help of Google Maps?
  • Is there any medical supervision app you use?

Scientific Gadgets

If you meet several like-minded people who are fond of scientific gadgets and science, then definitely these questions would help you to bridge the gap between conversations.

  • Is there any gadget, you can’t live without?
  • Have you ever re-modeled any existing gadget?
  • Have you seen the new tablet and its marvelous features (name a brand that is your favorite)?
  • How excited you feel when you find a new gadget on the market?
  • Do you know any person who loves to create gadgets?


Yaap! We know that you are kind of surprised to find this on the list. But, you can have full trust in us. If you meet a gang of people where everyone is skincare freak or hardcore makeup lover, then nothing can beat this topic.

  • Which new makeup item is in your vanity right now?
  • How many ratings would you give to that brand (Cite a particular brand) out of 10 for its innovation?
  • How important is it to read the ingredients of cosmetics?
  • Which is your holy grail one-stop destination to buy cosmetics?
  • If you ever get lost, in which store I would look for you?

Mobiles and tablets

There is no doubt, that these mobile devices have become integral parts of our life. So, it is literally impossible to think of topics to talk about without these mini magic.

  • What is your favorite mobile brand?
  • Tablet or mobile, which one seems to be the handiest one?
  • Do you frequently change the cover of mobiles and tablets?
  • Do you think that an iPhone is truly awesome or just an over-hyped device?
  • Have you ever lost any mobile?


We always believe that when few like-minded people come together, the discussion can reach a different world. Technology is such a field which itself has a lot of subtopics.

  • Which tech magazine you follow religiously?
  • Have you read about any marvelous technology that recently made the headlines?
  • Do you feel that there are any disadvantages of technology?
  • Are we too much dependent on technology?
  • Which technology would you like to eradicate from the face of the earth to save the mankind?


Games are not only a powerhouse of entertainment, they are quite potent topics to talk about. So, next time you can definitely initiate your conversation with these 5 questions.

  • Which game are you addicted to right now?
  • Do you love to hoard gaming videos?
  • Which gameplay do you find the most thrilling one?
  • Adventure or thriller – which type of games do you love to play?
  • If you ever advent a game, what would you name it?


Definitely! You can talk about this topic. Anybody can connect with this topic easily. Afterall, a hairstyle is a reflection of our style sense. So, here you go.

  • Long or short – which type of hairstyle you love to portray?
  • Is there any hairstyle you can’t carry ever?
  • Would you like to color violet your hair?
  • Does hairstyle reflect our mindset? What is your take on that?
  • Which hairstyle makes you the cutest?

Shopping Portals

Whether you believe it or not, there are many people who vouch for shopping sites. They love and dream shopping. So, the below 5 questions are for those shopping freaks who want to initiate a fiery conversation.

  • If you are given a check for amount $5000, on which website would you splurge all the money?
  • Have you ever faced any problem while purchasing online?
  • Which shopping portal you always check on for discounts and offers?
  • Do you love to shop newly launched products?
  • Newsletter of which shopping website you follow religiously on regular basis?

Interior Decoration

Beautiful Topics to Talk about

Of course! Don’t be astonished to find this one in the list of topics to talk about. We all aspire to adorn our home to make it look like a dream house. So, do not shy away to talk about this topic. Especially, at that time when your surrounding people have artistic minds.

  • Which item do you think can take a house from 0 to 100?
  • Have you ever bought any luxury product just for decoration?
  • How many ratings would you give yourself as an interior decorator?
  • Do your friends ask for your tips to understand design and decoration?
  • Have you ever bought any decorative piece that you thought would look great but turned out to be a bad choice?

Supernatural Things

We can see your baffled expression which is literally asking us to check our mental health. Well! We know that the topic is off-beat, in fact, quite unusual. But, you can totally trust us on this. Whether your scientific mind believes it or not, there are many people who have experienced unnatural things. So, if you are courageous enough, you can definitely start talking about it. And as always, do not forget to check out the ambiance whether it is a right time or not to discuss these things.

  • Have you ever seen any apparitions or ghostly body?
  • Have you ever experienced anything eerie?
  • Do you find pin drop silence frightening?
  • Which supernatural experience has shaken you to the core?
  • Do you believe in the concept of good and evil energies?


A beautiful topic that is perfect for an old gathering. Yes! We would not recommend it to discuss with strangers. But, if the people are old at least of few days, you can definitely talk about this. There are so many questions to ask from this category. One of the most beautiful topics to talk about with familiar individuals.

  • What is the most important part to keep a relationship ignited forever?
  • Which pictures your mind can see as soon as it hears the word ‘relationship’?
  • Have you ever behaved rudely with your closed ones?
  • How is your equation with your parents?
  • Have you ever met any person who liked you but could not ever express it?


We are talking about foods and cuisines, how could beverages be left out? It is a sub-category which has a mass appeal indeed. You can talk about beverages with almost anyone. If not alcoholic, then non-alcoholic drinks like tea or coffee are everyone’s favorite. So, just go ahead. You can take these 5 questions in your footsteps.

  • Have you ever tasted any unusual drink?
  • Which beverage can elevate your mood almost instantly?
  • Is there any drink that can give you the feel of fresh sea breeze?
  • Addicted to Coffee, Tea or none?
  • Do you like to have ice cream with your beverages?


Well! This is another topic that sounds best when discussed with close gathering. It may sound awkward if you ask about family to a stranger. It is definitely one of the best topics to talk about. Well! We have provided here a list of 5 questions, among which first two questions can be easily asked for anyone, these two are ice-breakers. And, the rest is the best for your close circle of people.

  • How many members are there in your family?
  • Are you a single child, or do you have any cute brother and sister?
  • Last time, for maximum how many days, you stayed away from your family?
  • Who is the best person in your family?
  • Is there any relative who is jealous of you?


If you find nothing to talk about, then consider books as your best friend. It is such a topic that would never let you fail. Here goes a list of 5 questions that would save you from boredom.

  • Which book still gives you goosebumps?
  • Novel or short stories?
  • Have you ever written an article inspired by a particular book?
  • Do you believe that books are our best friends?
  • Do you have any rare book that you collected from an Antique store?

Online Shows or Web Series

With the arrival of Netflix or YouTube, people are no more TV-mongers only. Most of the people believe that online web-series are much more exciting and interesting. The story plots are far superior to those old daily soaps stories.

  • Which web series has become your favorite?
  • Netflix or YouTube?
  • Which is the most unusual and interesting web-series have you ever watched?
  • If suddenly, Netflix increases its subscription price, would you still go for it?
  • Have you ever watched any weird and controversial video on YouTube?


We would always include this one on the list of interesting topics to talk about. It is one such topic that can easily be asked of anyone. Hometowns are the most nostalgic places on the earth. So, they always deserve a special place in our hearts forever.

  • Do you miss your hometown?
  • What is the best thing about your hometown?
  • Which shop in your hometown, you used to visit often?
  • Have you ever heard of any controversy about your hometown?
  • If you are asked to state one festival of the place, what would it be?

Animation and Cartoon Characters

Many people may find this topic immature and would try to limit it to kids only. But, the question is ‘why’. With the upgrading of technology, the level of animations has elevated to such an extent that even mature and adult people love to watch them. So, without any hesitation or shyness, just include it in your list of topics.

  • Which animated character inspire you to think big?
  • Dreams come true too – which character is the biggest example of that?
  • Have you ever went to Disneyland?
  • Is there any cartoon character who has a similar nature just like you?
  • Which animation movie has the best message for everyone?


Life is full of adventures. If we utilize it properly, there would not be a single day that can make us bored. And thus it is one of our favorite choices of topics to talk about. This is such a topic that can be discussed with anyone.

  • Are you an adventurous person?
  • How would you define adventure?
  • Suppose, you are given two scenarios. In the first case, you have a mountain in front of your office. And, in another scenario, you have a big wall in front of your office. Which one would you climb to reach the place?
  • Would you love to have an adventurous partner in your life?
  • Have you ever taken a risk to accomplish a task?


Whether an old friend or a new acquaintance, you can discuss this topic with anyone. Our achievements are the beacon of happiness and self-satisfaction for us. We find tremendous pleasure in achieving something. So, it is a great topic to give a smile line on someone’s face.

  • How do you celebrate your achievements?
  • Is there anything that gave you the utmost contentment?
  • How do your parents celebrate your achievements?
  • How important is patience to accomplish something big?
  • Does predicament make us strong in our life?


Art and Artists

Artistic Topics to Talk about

It is undeniably one of the magnificent topics to talk about. This topic can originate a beautiful conversation indeed if the people are keen on giving artistic values.

  • Is there any art form that needs a special attention, otherwise it would disappear soon?
  • Do artists get the respect they deserve?
  • Which art form you always wanted to learn?
  • Do you love paintings?
  • Which handmade item is close to your heart and you want to keep it unspoiled forever?



We have secluded this topic from the trip and travel deliberately. Vacation is something that always brings a bundle of joy. So, we had to include it in the list of these topics.

  • Do you love to go out or stay at home on vacations?
  • Which is the best trip of your life on a Christmas vacation?
  • Which is your dream place forever to spend some cozy times on vacation?
  • Would you ever do something adventurous on your birthday?
  • If you do not get the vacation during a festival that you were supposed to get. Would you leave the job or would just stay?


Talk about Talents

Yes! Why not? Whether you are meeting a person for the first time or you know the person for a long time, it is always a great ice-breaker. This topic has such a depth and inquisitiveness, that everyone loves to talk about it. So, give wings to your discussion on these topics to talk about.

  • Which talent of yours is everyone envious of?
  • Which is the best compliment you have received to date for showing your talent?
  • Would you like to showcase your talent on an international platform?
  • What is your take on the talent hunts that are being organized in recent times?
  • Which biggest break have you gotten so far?


Philanthropic Work

A noble topic that has no boundary at all. We consider it to be a unique discussion topic that very few wants to develop. But, you can trust us on this.

  • Which quote motivates you to do philanthropic work?
  • Would you love to join an NGO in future?
  • After a great voluntary work, how much happiness do you feel?
  • Have you ever participated in a blood-donation camp?
  • Is there anything, you want to do for the unprivileged people of the society?



There are certain factors, books or movies that become the motivational factors of our life. Sometimes, a single quote can become our life forever. So, it is always a great topic to discuss with anyone.

  • Who does motivate you to perform well in your life?
  • Which motivational quote has become your life?
  • Is there any person in your life, who motivates you whenever you fall in life?
  • What is the best advice would you give to your next generation folks?
  • Have you ever motivated a person who was about to kill self?


Dialect and Language

A person is driven by own dialect. This is such a topic that does not require much knowledge and can be engrossing. Have this topic in your discussion and enjoy.

  • What is the most difficult word in your dialect?
  • Which languages do you know very well?
  • Is there anything you find interesting in English?
  • Is it important to know the language in order to understand one’s expression?
  • If suddenly, you get lost in a country, where you don’t know the language of the commoners. Then, what would you do?


Role Model

A person is literally blind without a role model. To be specific, a role model should also have some strong beliefs and ideologies. Anyone can relate to this topic. So, do not forget to include this one in the list of the brilliant topics to talk about.

  • What is the nickname of your role model?
  • If you ever find that your role model had a wrong ideology, would you still worship blindly or take a logical decision?
  • What is the best advice given by your role model?
  • Have you ever followed anyone else before this person?
  • Do your beliefs change from time to time or it has always been firm?


Let’s Talk about Joviality

Busy schedules and a thick layer of dust on our mind often refrain us from feeling happy and gleeful. So, why not talk about the reasons that can make us joyous?

  • Which things can make you super happy?
  • When was the last time, you laughed out really loud?
  • Do you think that is important to be happy to be successful?
  • Is there any person in your life, who gives a lot of effort every day to make you happy?
  • If you ever forget to smile, what can I do to bring back that on your face?



Cultural Topics to Talk about

Foods and culture can always bind people. Culture is something that a person embraces with utmost care and love. It is nearly impossible to detach a person from the cultural values. Anyone can feel a strong connection with this kind of topics. So, you should definitely talk about this.

  • Do you love your culture?
  • Which cultural value is unique to your country only?
  • Are you proud of your cultural values?
  • Is there you find bizarre in your culture?
  • How would you motivate the other people to embrace your country and culture?



Human minds work in a different pattern. It can originate a topic from the simplest thing. And probably that is why we have included this thing in our list of topics to talk about. And if you are still confused about it, then here go the top 5 questions to give you some hints.

  • What is the best compliment you have received so far?
  • Have you ever got astonished with a compliment?
  • What is the worst compliment you have received so far in your life?
  • Has anyone ever tried to propose with a beautiful compliment?
  • Have you ever received a compliment from your crush?


Holiday Plans

There is no such topic that can give you the utmost happiness than a beautiful holiday plan. This topic would definitely show that you interested in knowing about the opposite person’s preferences in detail. So, take advantage of that.

  • What do you usually do on holidays?
  • What are you doing for this upcoming weekend?
  • Have you ever canceled a brilliant holiday plan for your office work or any other work?
  • A romantic candlelight dinner or a beach house party, what would you prefer on a prolonged holiday?
  • When a holiday is in your mind, would you ever drop a plan if your boss says you to work on holidays as well?



We are talking about foods, cuisines, then it sounds impossible to not include restaurants on the list. Almost everyone loves to talk about favorite restaurants. It is indeed one of the yummiest topics to talk about for sure.

  • Which is your favorite restaurant?
  • Can you name a cuisine that none can prepare like your favorite chef does?
  • Which cuisine do you order whenever you visit that particular restaurant?
  • If suddenly your favorite restaurant increases the prices of all the dishes, would it still be your favorite?
  • Have you ever visited a restaurant which also keeps cute dogs and cats to entertain customers?



The ambit of this particular topic is bigger than one can imagine. Superhuman series make us believe that a person can do anything. Superman, superwoman, spiderman they are actually the ultimate manifestations of the power of humans. So, for obvious reasons, there are very few people who do not love to talk about these characters. And, that is why we have included this one on the list.

  • Which superhuman character is your favorite?
  • If you find that your favorite character is indulged in a wrongdoing, would you still love the character?
  • If you are given the power of a superhuman, like whom would you like to be?
  • Have you ever come across a superhuman in real life?
  • If Spiderman and Wolverine ever get involved in a war, who do you think would win?


Dreams and Objectives

Not many times, we feel confident to talk about our personal dreams and life goals. But, if someone shows interest, it feels great. From that perspective, we can say that this is one of the million dollar topics to talk about.

  • What do you aspire to become in life?
  • In the next 5 years, where do you want to find yourself?
  • If someone stops you to think big, what would you do?
  • What is your biggest nightmare in life?
  • Dreams come true too – can you cite anything from your life to justify it?


Career Growth

Nope! Don’t worry. We would not allow anyone to dissect your career. In fact, the idea behind this topic is something else. We want you to conversate with the other person about something serious but in the most fun way ever possible. So, talk freely.

  • Have you ever thought of taking your hobby as a career?
  • What is your dream job?
  • Is there any job that requires less work yet gives a great hike of salary?
  • Are you happy with your career?
  • Is your parent happy with your every career-related decision?



A person does not need to be a fitness freak in order to get involved in this discussion. Fitness regime is something which is important for everyone. To do this, one does not need to visit gyms on a regular basis. One can take care of own health by doing some free hands at home as well. To give you a clear idea, here goes the list of some basic questions on this topic.

  • What is your daily fitness regime?
  • Do you follow any special diet or you just believe in eating anything and everything?
  • Do you do any special exercise to remain fit?
  • Have you ever felt any pressure to maintain a good physique in order to look good?
  • Has ever your diet plan ever fallen flat?


Sexy Chat

Well! We doubt whether this topic can ever be an ice-breaker. We are going to restrict this topic between friends and partners. Sexual talk can be a great way to know someone well. This kind of discussions always reveals many secrets about the opposite person. So, take advantage of that whenever you get a chance.

  • What can turn you on easily?
  • Have you ever engaged in a late-night dirty talk?
  • Can sexy chats incite you?
  • What is the most important thing to maintain a fiery sexual life?
  • Which activity can immediately turn your mood off?


Internet World

If there is something beyond our world, then that would be the virtual world of internet and websites. This is such a topic that anyone would love to talk about. So, why not? Just go ahead with your crazy yet interesting questions.

  • What is the craziest thing you have ever come across on this internet world?
  • At what age, did you first come to know about the internet?
  • Would you call yourself a perfect netizen?
  • Which thing can you do for all day long on the internet?
  • What is the most interesting thing on the internet? Viral Videos or Funny GIFs?



Romantic Topics to Talk about

We can assure that this is one of the safest and cutest topics to talk about. Give your equation a new wing with this topic. The fun is that you do not need any special knowledge or mood to talk about this. So, do not shy away to discuss this topic.

  • Do you prefer online to offline dating, or just the opposite?
  • Have you ever met any charming person through online dating?
  • Do you love temporary dating or a long-term relationship?
  • What would you like to gift your partner on the very first day of date?
  • Have you ever asked your crush on a date?



We would call it to be one of those topics that look like a subtle one but can imprint a deep impression on someone’s mind. Talk about both good and bad habits, you can also include some general questions about habitual life in the discussion. Here go some questions for your references.

  • If you are asked to get away with one of your bad habits, what would it be?
  • Do you have a good habit that very few people have?
  • Is there anything you do every day just out of habits, but that habit is not that good?
  • What is the one habit give you utmost happiness?
  • Would you ever defend yourself for a bad habit?


Places to Visit

If you think closely, you will find that there are so many topics to talk about. Every single thing whether it is trivial or significant can be a subject matter to discuss. One such topic is to ask about the places where the other persons want to go in the near future, or they have already visited. It is definitely an amazing topic to take someone to a dreamy land for sure.

  • What is your dream place?
  • Is there any place where you want to stay after your retirement?
  • Have you ever visited any haunted place?
  • Have you ever felt that visiting a historical place can give you immense pleasure?
  • Is there any place where you want to visit only with your partner and won’t allow anyone?


Personal Well-being

There is an old saying which says that in order to make others happy, it is extremely important to make ownself happy. Sometimes, we completely overlook this matter. So, let’s talk about it. Have some talk about mental health, personal well-being with others.

  • How do you keep yourself happy after a long and tiring day?
  • What do you usually say to those who hate you?
  • Is there any personal tip you often give to other people about well-being?
  • What is the secret of being well?
  • How important is it to have a sound mental health?



This generation loves to talk about memes and GIFs. To express your humor, there is nothing that can beat the value of a meme. This topic might seem unusual but this is something that you can discuss with anyone and also you can make them laugh. Thus, we always consider meme as one the awesome and safe topics to talk about.

  • Can you remember, the last time when you found a hilarious meme, what it was about?
  • Have you ever made a meme on you?
  • Which types of meme attract you the most?
  • Which one do you find more amusing? Meme or GIF?
  • Has any meme given you a ROFL moment?


Caffeine Talk

Well! Caffeine talk is not for everyone. Those who love coffee only would find this topic interesting. So, if coffee is your love and same with your surrounding people. Then, this topic is a treat to all of you.

  • How many rating would you give to cold coffee out of 10?
  • In the middle of the night, if you suddenly feel thirsty, then would you drink water or coffee?
  • What is the most unusual thing have you ever mixed with coffee?
  • Have you ever preferred tea over coffee?
  • Cappuccino or Mochaccino?


Shall We Dance

The right song and a perfect move can easily strike an interesting conversation. So if you come across the right person, you should definitely groove on to immerse yourself in the ambiance. Have fun with this kind of entertaining topics to talk about. Here go a list of 5 questions that you can ask your partner while grooving your bodies.

  • Do you have any holy grail music that compels you to move your body?
  • Is there any move that you feel is impossible to do?
  • What’s your plan when this party would be over?
  • You owe me a drink, for teaching me this move. Which one do you want me to buy?
  • Can I expect another dance night with you?



Catchy Topics to Talk about

Gardening, plantation these are something that almost everyone likes to nurture. So, this topic is not dependent on the right ambiance or the right people. You can always discuss this topic. To give you a clear idea, here we have included 5 amazing questions that you can ask anyone.

  • What is the best part of gardening?
  • In the last month, have you planted any tree?
  • Have you ever had to cut down a tree to save few other plants?
  • Would you consider gardening a full-time job?
  • Do you have an Instagram profile containing the pictures of your gardening?



In the recent times, the blogging world has seen a surge. Nowadays, every other person wants to write a blog. Surprisingly for many, blogging is like a full-time job. So, in this scenario, it is one the most intelligent topics to talk about for sure.

  • What’s your blog all about?
  • If you are about to open another blog, what would be the subject matter?
  • Would you ever leave your job to pursue a full-time blogging career?
  • Which is the most memorable blogger’s event you have attended?
  • When you started writing this blog, was earning money on your mind?



Well! It does not need any introduction. A great way to remember those good souls, martyrs, and There is no doubt that it is a widely celebrated festival. Especially, when you meet with the other persons on the occasion of Halloween, then what’s better than this? So, feel happy to talk about this topic with your peers.

  • What is your favorite Halloween costume?
  • Have you experienced anything bizarre on the eve of Halloween?
  • Which food item you eat the most on Halloween?
  • At which age, you first celebrated Halloween?
  • Have you ever witnessed any supernatural thing on Halloween?


Would You Rather

Oh yeah! How could we forget this brilliant topic? ‘Would you rather’ is not just a mere game, but the gateway of ultimate fun. So, take full advantage of that. Below, we have compiled 5 hilarious would you rather questions only for you. When you have these type of topics to talk about, then who can stop you from having fun.

  • Would you rather buy antique furniture or gold if you win a huge amount of money ever?
  • A long drive with a fighter or with a psychopath?
  • Would you rather sell your organ or sell your pet?
  • Will you Pay your college fees or your electric bill when you have limited money?
  • Would you rather like to have a monkey face or a duck face?


Mother Earth

Have you ever wondered how beautiful our Earth is? Mother Earth deserves a special mention for sure. So, how could we drop this special topic from the list?

  • If mother earth grants you two wishes, what would you ask for?
  • What is the most astonishing thing about our earth?
  • If not on earth, on which planet would you like to live?
  • Would you like to tell anything to our mama earth?
  • What is the one thing have you learned from mother earth?


Talk about Facts

This topic may sound a beat off, the prime reason is that we could not find a proper title for this topic. Talking about facts can be very interesting and revealing at the same time. We feel that it one of the best topics to talk about especially when you are bored with the usual discussions.

  • Which fact shook you from the core?
  • Is there any fact you came to know after a long time?
  • Have you ever thought that fact and myth both are the same?
  • Which fact inspires you every day?
  • Death is a fact – but does that make you frightened or courageous?


Walk the Alleys of Brands

What can be a better topic than talking about brands? We all have a holy grail brand that we blindly love and follow. So, this is definitely a brilliant topic that you can talk about with almost anyone?

  • Which brand would you love till your last breath?
  • If suddenly, your favorite brand increases the prices of all its products. Would it still be your favorite?
  • Is there any brand, you equally love as your holy grail brand?
  • While shopping, do you check quality or price?
  • Does brand value really matter?


Exchange Experience

Sometimes, talking about life and experiences build a strong bonding. Sharing experience can be a great way to know others. You may have killer topics to talk about, but this is something which always helps two people to come closer. To give you a subtle hint, a list of 5 questions has been curated.

  • What is the toughest thing you have ever experienced in your life?
  • What have you learned from your life?
  • Has anyone ever broken your trust?
  • Have you ever taught anyone a badass lesson?
  • Did you ever experience anything bizarre with your parents?


Money and Fame

Sometimes, the simplest thing can reveal a lot of things about a person. And this is one such topic. Talk about money, fame and other things to know the other person well. Why not? After all, we want a great discussion.

  • Do you think that money and fame has a proportional relationship?
  • If you are given two options namely Money and Fame. Then what would you choose?
  • Do you feel that it is important to be famous?
  • Have you ever aspired to earn a lot of money?
  • Have you ever seen a person to lose fame and money both following a trivial incident?


Can You Play It

Well! This topic is absolutely apt in this scenario when the other person is interested in music. Playing musical instruments definitely showcase the talent of the respective person. It is one of those topics that give the other person immense joy. Take these 5 questions as samples.

  • Which musical instrument you can play with ease?
  • Is there any instrument you always wanted to learn how to play, but could not learn ever because you felt it was too difficult to learn?
  • Vocal or instrumental – which one is more difficult?
  • Have you ever performed on an international platform?
  • What would you name your first cover album?


Let’s Talk about Creativity

Creation does not necessarily mean DIY projects. Composing a music, choreograph a song, painting a picture are also just a few examples of creativity. So, why to exclude this topic from the list of interesting topics to talk about?

  • How happy do you feel after creating something?
  • Creation or improvisation – which gives you the ultimate happiness?
  • How many scores would you give to your creative side?
  • Have you ever got praise from your crush for your creativity?
  • What is the best reward have you ever got for your creativity?



Brilliant Topics to Talk about

There are many people who take cooking as a serious thing. They love to do it, think of it, share it and also talk about it. So, if you ever come across a person who has cooking in veins, then never ever feel shy to talk about it. These 5 questions are solely for you.

  • Which dish none can cook like you?
  • Which dish have you cooked maximum in your life?
  • Have you ever cooked any dish inspired by your favorite chef?
  • Is there any dish that you never feel tired to prepare?
  • What is the first dish you tried to prepare?



Societies of two people can never be the same. When two dissimilar things come together, it always creates space for a long-term conversation. That is why we were desperate to include this on the list of captivating topics to talk about. And here you go.

  • Is there anything you want to reform in your society?
  • Which is the best thing in your society?
  • Can you describe the mindset of the people of your society in one word?
  • If ever given a chance, would you like to change the mindset of your surrounding people?
  • Are your societal people helpful?



This is a topic that would not excite everyone. But, for obvious reasons, this topic is solely created for the crazy photographers or for those who love to take pictures. It doesn’t matter whether the person is an amateur or a professional photographer. Get some clues from these 5 questions.

  • What is the best picture you have ever clicked?
  • Which software you usually use to edit photos?
  • Would you ever invest in expensive photography equipment?
  • If given a chance, would you ever organize an art show with your pictures?
  • Which important thing have you learned about photography?


Trivia is not Trivial

When two like-minded people sit together, they can never go out of topics. One such brilliant topics to talk about is trivia. Ask the opposite person some hilariously interesting trivia questions, to have some fun. Provided, the other person is curious to play this and you know the answers.

  • Who prepared bread for the first time?
  • Which organ of Electric Eel produces electricity?
  • Weight of Moon how many times of the weight of Earth?
  • What is the unit of Frequency?
  • Who discovered camera?



We all follow certain philosophies in life. To know the other person, it is extremely important to know the philosophy of the other person very well. You can ask some basic questions and can unravel a different side of the person that has never been explored.

  • What is the one thing that makes you totally different from the other people?
  • Who was the first person to sow the philosophical thoughts in your mind?
  • Do you believe in the idea of resurrection?
  • Do you think that there is a life after death?
  • Are you afraid of death?



When you start feeling bored with the usual topics, you can definitely think of these topics to talk about. Talking about ideologies might sound similar to philosophy. But, there is a subtle borderline between the two. You can consider these 5 questions for hints.

  • Is there any ideology you follow, that the other people feel weird?
  • If the ideologies of you and your partner do not match, would you still carry on or would like to work on it?
  • Have you ever fought with anyone to compel the person to agree with your ideas?
  • Which is the one thing you hate the most about others?
  • Are you a strong believer in religions?



It is said that if you talk about your phobia openly, the fear dissipates gradually. So, you should definitely go for this topic. Start with your own fear and phobia to dilute the intense situation. Take a look at these questions.

  • What is your greatest phobia?
  • Have you ever tried to overcome your phobia?
  • Have you developed this phobia suddenly, or you always had this one?
  • Is it easy to talk about the phobia?
  • Has anyone ever mocked you for your phobia?


School Life

Yes! This is a topic that is enough to take you to a nostalgic world. School life is the best phase of life for many. Very rarely we get time to revisit the old time. So, why not to have such topics to talk about that can give us momentary happiness?

  • How would you describe your school days in one word?
  • What was the best thing about school life?
  • Have you ever been scolded by your teachers for wearing naughty clothes in school?
  • Exams or classes, which were the worst part of school?
  • Did you meet your best friend at the school?


Truth and Honesty

Some topics never lose their old charms. Truth and honesty are among such topics. This is something that you can discuss with anyone. Take some inspiration from these 5 questions.

  • Would you ever leave your honesty?
  • Have you ever faced any trouble for speaking the truth?
  • Is it necessary to speak the truth all the time?
  • Do you tell any white lies to your close buddies?
  • Truth and honesty are like ornaments of a person’s character – what do you think of this?


Fictional Talk

Are you bored with realistic talks and dreams? Then take it easy with some fictional talks. Fictional talks are not gibberish always and are great topics to talk about. If you ask the questions carefully, this topic can become blazing too. These 5 questions would give you a clear hint for sure.

  • If you are asked to act in Superhero movie, would you do that?
  • Would you love to go at least 500 years back?
  • If a prehistoric ugly looking creature appears before you, would you be afraid?
  • If your favorite cartoon character becomes real, what would be your first question?
  • In which planet would you love to stay forever?



We often find people talking about lucky numbers, Sun signs, Moon signs. So, let’s talk about fortune.

  • Do you consider yourself fortunate?
  • If you are given two options, money and fortune – Which one would you choose?
  • Do you believe in lucky numbers?
  • Is there any outfit you consider lucky?
  • We are the maker of our fortune, do you think it is true?


Skin Care

Beauty related Topics to Talk about

Earlier we spoke about cosmetics. Similarly, skin care is an essential part of our life. This is another hilarious topic that can be discussed with anyone. These are utterly easy topics to talk about.

  • Have you ever used any luxury moisturizer?
  • How is sunscreen important to maintain a healthy skin-profile?
  • Why is it important to have a healthy skin-care regime?
  • The number of cases of skin cancer is growing, what do you think of it?
  • How many rating would you give your skin care routine out of 10?


Yoga and Exercise

If the intended person is a fitness lover, then there is no match for this topic. The importance of exercise can never be denied. So, have a healthy conversation about fitness and different form of exercises. You can start with these 5.

  • How Has Yoga helped you to maintain such a fit body?
  • Which exercises are the best for the beginners?
  • Is there any exercise that you would recommend to me?
  • Are you a regular gym goer or just love to do freestyle at home?
  • Is it good to overdo exercise?



Life is an accumulation of work and plannings. This topic is different from the previous topic ‘ work-life’. As you can understand that we are not talking about projects related to the workplace. These projects are mostly related to our life. To give you a brief insight, here go our curation of 5 questions.

  • Is there anything you want to achieve within the next few years?
  • Do you love to handle a project alone or with a great team?
  • Have you ever been part of a historic project?
  • Whenever a work heads towards you, do you take that as a mission or a project?
  • How amazing are you in handling failure while executing a project?



Whether we agree or not, we all have felt a deep affection in our heart at least one in our life. We feel happy to talk about this subject Thus we could not hold our excitement to list it here.

  • The moment you hear the term ‘love’, which visuals emerge in your mind?
  • When did you first realize that you are in love?
  • Love can come to your life at any point in time – do you think the same?
  • Can you imagine a world without love and the loved ones?
  • Have you ever experienced love at first sight?



Passion drives us. Every human being is passionate about some particular things. Passion can have various dimensions. So, this is one of the magnificent topics to talk about.

  • If you are given a chance, would you go to pursue your passion or go for the usual things?
  • Is it important to be passionate about life?
  • Do you take every decision with passion or with intelligence?
  • Is it right to be carried away by passion?
  • Is there anything you are crazy about?



Yes! We know that how shivering it is to think of your crush. And also, to feel crazy for your crush is something that almost everyone has experienced at least once in there life.

  • So, when did you meet with your crush?
  • Was you and your crush was from the same neighborhood?
  • What was the first thing you told your crush?
  • Have you ever dated your crush?
  • How did your crush feel about your love?



This is something which you can discuss even with a stranger. You can start with the events you are going to take part in future. And then you can ask these type of questions. Here you go.

  • Is there any music event, you are going to attend?
  • Have you ever been part of an event organization?
  • Which type of events do you love to take part of usually?
  • Would you like to attend a book fair with me?
  • What is the most famous event in your hometown?



Aha! One of the easiest topics to talk about. Do not restrict yourself to ask only about the particular season. Talk about seasonal festivals, fruits, foods and many more things. Let’s take a ride.

  • What do you feel about your favorite season?
  • Which food you usually take on your favorite season?
  • Many feel romantic in their favorite seasons, do you feel the same way?
  • Seasonal fruits have their own charisma, isn’t it?
  • Have you ever fought to prove that your season is the best?


Perception of Beauty

Nope! We are not going to preach on racism. Perception of beauty is something that very few talk about. We believe that this underrated subject is one of the best to talk about with anyone.

  • What is the definition of beauty to you?
  • Have you ever met a beautiful person inside and outside?
  • Is there anything or anyone ugly for real?
  • What is the first thing you notice about a stranger?
  • Has anyone ever criticized for your look?



Not many people feel that these type of philosophical things are great topics to talk about. But honestly, sometimes you don’t need to run amok with the crowd. Yes! This topic is different but quite beautiful and enigmatic to discuss with anyone.

  • Do people often praise you for your magnificent personality?
  • What is the best thing in your personality?
  • Is there any secret key to develop a personality?
  • Did anything motivate you to build such a strong and charismatic personality?
  • Has anyone ever misinterpreted you for your strong personality?


Planet and Space Talk

A unique topic in every sense. You may call it a part of the game trivia which is extremely interesting. Though we differ as we think that this topic can stand solo. And also, space talk deserves a special mention as we all are part of that. So, why not if you find a group of interested people? Here go the top the 5 questions for anyone.

  • What is the most beautiful aspect to be a part of this infinite universe?
  • Which is the most astonishing thing in the space?
  • Which planet is the most mysterious one?
  • Is there any place in space where you would like to travel at least once in your life?
  • Have you ever aspired to become an aeronautical engineer?

Lovely Topics to Talk about

So, these were the 100+ topics to talk about that would keep your conversation ignited for a long time. We have covered various situations and variety of topics to give you a mountain of ideas. You can pick topics as per the ambiance and on the basis of the interest of the intended person. And, now you are absolutely ready to impress any crowd with your enigma and presence of mind.


  • Try to be ready with a list of related questions to continue the discussion.
  • Always convert the closed end questions to full-fledged open-end questions.
  • Not every topic is for everyone. Try to maintain the vibe of a particular ambiance.
  • Do not just bombard others with questions. Listen carefully and if possible, share your thoughts as well.
  • Do not pass unnecessary judgments.
  • We have excluded politics or political questions from the list deliberately. Because these things may come up with arguments and brawls. Not everyone is comfortable with these.
  • Do not take an unnecessary pause in the middle of a conversation.
  • Maintain direct eye-contact with the person to pivot your integrity and interest.