Things to Talk with Your Boyfriend

Things to Talk with Your Boyfriend
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“Someone somewhere is waiting for you.” Haven’t you heard this common phrase from your teenage? Of course, you have! And when you find your perfect prince charming, your voice dims, your heart-rate increases and butterflies start running in your stomach out of nervousness and joy. Isn’t it? But you may have fewer ideas about the things to talk with your boyfriend who has just taken entry in your life. Here we are to help you on that matter.

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Why do You Need to Talk with Your Boyfriend?

Well, this is common for every girl because, from the very beginning, we start making a castle of dreams where we want to live happily with our real-life hero but when we get that person in our life, we don’t understand what to tell and what not because of excitement and nervousness. But sometimes a few things to talk to your boyfriend is very necessary. Now ask why?

This is very simple! If you don’t talk clearly with your partner at the beginning of the relationship then how would you understand his nature, mentality, thought process and values? Ask this question to yourself then you will definitely get the clear answer. So, talk more and more to understand his deep feelings for you and his seriousness about you. It is not necessary to become introvert but relationship should begin in a crystal-clear note with clarity, understanding, and compatibility.
If he is just your eye-candy and your mental connection does not match with him then don’t try to get involved in such relationship because life is not a game of chess where losers can be given second chance. Just check your bonding with your boyfriend by the conversation before moving forward.

Ideas to Talk with Your Boyfriend

Before starting a conversation with your special person, it is natural to get confused and nervous because wrong conversation topics may not gel-up future bonding. Don’t worry! We are ready to help you with some ideas that will help you discuss both casual and important topics with your boyfriend playfully:


Break the Ice between Each Other with Comfortable Conversation

Whether you are experienced or just a newbie to walk in the path of love, you may feel awkward to discuss anything with your boyfriend. It may take lots of time to know the inner feeling of your crush or partner but be slow and steady to break the ice between each other.

If he is feeling nervous then you should take the first initiative to ask him or her. After a casual ‘hi’ or ‘hello’, ask him about his lifestyle, hobbies, family members, weekend plans, favorite shopping destination, and hangout plans. These are the ways to know your Mr. Right slowly and get closer to him. Have a look at a few examples:

  • You can call me by any name, just relax!
  • What type of attire do you like the most?
  • I am glad to hear that painting is your favorite pastime.
  • So, how many members are there in your family?

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Be His Friend First before Being his Lover

Friendly Things to Talk with Your Boyfriend

Friendship is the strongest basement of a love relationship and even marriage. So, talk to your boyfriend like your old buddy whom you know from many years. Yes, it is necessary to maintain courtesy, politeness, and manners but never mind to crack jokes and start a humorous conversation at the middle of your conversation.

If you make him your best friend then literally, he will get attached with you in a novel bonding where you can share anything with him and vice versa. So, make him that much comfortable with you by discussing light-minded topics like craziest fantasies, wild dreams, profound wishes, and unrealistic passions. Moreover, make plans like celebrating occasions, going for movies, hangouts and parties together. These types of conversation topics and actions will bring you closer and help you walk longer by holding each other’s hand. Want some examples? Take a short look:

  • Would you like to join me in the evening today for the movie, actually am going alone?
  • Have you ever fallen with someone at a very first look?
  • If you are given one day to complete all your craziest fantasies then which fantasy will you fulfil first?

Share Likes and Dislikes Honestly with Each Other

There are various things to talk to your boyfriend when you really don’t know anything about him because you want to acquire knowledge about his personality. So, in that situation why don’t you share your interest and disinterest to know about his choices? If your interest matches mutually then you will really live happily together in the future. If the likes and dislikes don’t match, still the opposite nature attraction is admired sometimes.

Pick any topic of your choice and discuss with him about that, see whether he appreciate your questions or not. If he doesn’t like it then immediately change the topic and smartly divert the point to another note. This will show your intellect to your boyfriend and you will also get an idea about his likes or dislikes. Ask about his choices like these ways:

  • Since childhood I like swimming and trekking, do you like the same?
  • Do you like the smell of soil on a rainy day or the aroma of flowers at church? You know both of these are my favorites.

Discuss Current Affairs if You are Updated

Make your conversation interesting by adding romantic essence while talking. Share your knowledge about politics, novels, news, and other current affairs and check whether your boyfriend is updated with the things or not. This will help you in knowing whether his ideas about the world are accurate or he is totally away from practical life. Some of the current affair topics can be as follows:

  • The counselor of our city has made some improvements, but you know a few things are still needed to be improved.
  • You love to go at high towers, but do you know the reason or history behind making towers?

Get Idea about His Family Values and Culture

Now, you will ask why about family! Yes, it is one of the most important conversations to discuss with your boyfriend if you seriously like that person and want to get settled with him in the future.

Ask him about his traditional values and cultural beliefs of the family. Also, ask him whether his parents will allow him to marry you or not in the future. Assumptions are good but not illusions, so be clear from the beginning. Later, when a relationship breaks up because of a family that is really hard to bear. Neither get ready for that pain nor make your partner ready to receive that pain. So, you also need to clarify the norms and values of your family from the beginning of commitment. Take a look at some examples:

  • Do you belong from Catholic culture?
  • My dad does not wish much but you know, he just wants to see me holding a strong hand forever.
  • Will your family have any problem if you marry a girl out of caste or culture? Are they strict or liberal about this matter?

Talk about the Future Aims and Plans

After knowing about his education or occupation, ask him what he wants to do in the future. This is necessary to know for you because a focused, ambitious and successful man only can hold the hand of his girl tightly and introduce her as his lady love in front of the entire world.

Know whether he is leading his life casually or he has any goal towards his life. If you want then you can take advice from him about your career and future plans because a partner is both your moral support and guide. At a point of time, a correct partner can even take the place of parents. So, check his sense, ideas and supporting nature. If your man is supportive enough then surely, he will be the great inspiration for you in your upcoming days. Discuss your future goals and ask about his targets in the below-mentioned ways:

  • I always wanted to be a novelist and I am giving my effort for that.
  • Do you really enjoy this occupation or want to change it after some years?
  • Where you want to see yourself in the next five years?

Ask Him What Type of Life Partner He Has Ever Dreamt

If you are lacking some qualities and features that your boyfriend has ever dreamt of then you can try to change yourself to some extent for your special person. So, ask him what kind of girl does he want as a life partner, and what are the qualities he has ever dreamt in his life.

This may help you stand on his wish to some extent and transform yourself for him if you really want to see the pleasure in his eyes. Tell these things such as:

  • What kind of girl do you want in your life?
  • Do you want to change anything in me as per your wish or you like the way I am?
  • I don’t like curly hairs, so are you happy with my straight hair or do I need to change it?

Bring Naughty and Romantic Topics

Naughty things to talk to your boyfriend

This is the most interesting subject which boys like to discuss most of the times. So, you don’t need to discuss much intimate things or closeness at the beginning of the conversation, but bring spice to your relationship by discussing some naughty and romantic things with your boyfriend.

Say how you feel when you are in his arms and also say what you can see in his eyes. Tell him how you start breathing faster when he kisses your lips and hold your waist. These topics will add sweet and salty flavors to your life and he will also feel better while talking with you. Have a look at some examples:

  • Will you go on holiday with me this summer?
  • How much you can hold your breath while kissing?
  • You know whenever you stare at me, I start getting nervous with happiness in my heart.
  • Have you ever made love in public?

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Give Compliments and Impressive Notes

Tell him how lucky you are to get him in your life and also admire the looks, style, way of talking, voice, and expression of your boyfriend to make him feel special.

This will make him feel more affectionate towards you, and positive compliments are always admired and gratified. Everyone likes hearing good compliments and lines, so why don’t you bring a smile to the face of your special one by doing the same? His smile will automatically bring contentment to your heart. Bring delight on his face by using these lines:

  • Your smile makes me forget all my stress and pain of life.
  • I don’t know why I cannot live a single day without looking at your bright face.
  • You are the sunrise of my dark life, so I will call you Sunny from now. Are you fine with the name?

Ask about His Food Choice

You may have heard that you can reach the heart of a man through his stomach. Apart from that phrase, there are many people who really love having different dishes. So, ask your boyfriend about his favorite foods and drinks.

This will give you an idea to understand his taste and in the future, you can also try making a few favorite dishes to bring delight in his face. Moreover, you can choose his favorite restaurant and plan a surprise date for him in that place. Satiate his hunger by making something delicious food of his choice but before that know about his favorite foods in these ways:

  • Do you like homemade foods or restaurant delights?
  • I know how to make crispy cookies, should I make some just for you?
  • What kind of foods do you like, Chinese or continental?
  • I have a favorite restaurant near my house, so what’s yours?

Share Your Past and Present Emotional Moments with Him

A partner is not only your friend but he might be your better half in the future, so try sharing your hidden aches and emotions with your boyfriend after you get friendly with him. If you trust him and want to move with him in the long run then you may also share your past pains with him, which will help you in relieving yourself from the hidden scars of your heart.

Moreover, ask him about his pains and problems, so that he can also relieve his mind from the things he is hiding in his heart for a long time. Laugh together and cry together, let each moment get cherished with your closeness. Crack the emotional bonding by sharing these types of conversations:

  • I still remember the day when my Grandpa passed away and that was the most turbulent period of my life.
  • My past relationship was good but his family was the reason for our break up, so I won’t be able to bear it second-time dear.

Discuss the Daily Activities of Life

Ask him about his daily routine as to how he deals his life from dawn to dusk. This will really give you clear ideas about his lifestyle and you can also figure out whether you can adjust to his living style or not.

Getting clear ideas about lifestyle is very important because that will help you understand the way to involve yourself partially in that way in the future. For example:

  • How was your day in the office?
  • I have seen the clothes; your designing idea is really great.
  • What have you done the entire day?

Talk about His Friends and Siblings

Family Conversation to Discuss with your Boyfriend

Boys are often close with their friends and siblings, and they love brotherhood very much. So, sometimes discuss his friends, siblings, and family. Learn how much he loves his family and friends and what is his expectation from you towards his relations.

These are the most important things to talk with your boyfriend because a person is identified with his root, upbringing, and environment. So, don’t hesitate to discuss these subjects:

  • I know you love bike-racing, so who is your favorite competitor?
  • In this week I am planning for a short trip with my friends and siblings, so why don’t you join us with your buddies and siblings?
  • I would be glad if you introduce me to your best friends at your birthday party.

Know about His Desires that are Hidden in His Mind

Not only your boyfriend, but you might have some desires long-hidden in your mind but you have never got any scope to fulfil such wishes.

Now, take an initiative to ask your special person about his long-treasured wishes and desires and try to fulfil them if you really can. Helping him fulfil such wishes is not only your duty but it will also give you satisfaction when you will find that relaxation in his face. Here are some things you can say:

  • Do you want to share some secrets with me which are still residing in your heart like hidden scars? Trust me I want to be the ointment of your pain.
  • I don’t know why you become sad when we pass from this street, but I promise you that one day I will heal your pain that is related to your past.
  • What are the craziest passions and desires that you want to fulfil with me?

Hold His Hand and Use Comfortable Words When He is Sad

Consoling things to talk with your boyfriend

Happiness and sadness are the two truths of life and we have to face both of them and a true partner will always be with you whenever you need. So, if your boyfriend is facing tough times then without expecting anything from him, just be with your man.

Use warm and soothing words to relief him from pains and problems. Also, check whether he does the same in your difficult period or not. This will help you know his love towards you and he will also understand the depth of affection in your heart for him. Use these lines whenever necessary:

  • Drop your tears on my palm, so that I can drink all your pain.
  • Hug me once, I will take all your ache away from your heart.
  • No matter how hard the problem is, I promise I will always be with you like this. Trust me!

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Things Not to Talk with Your Boyfriend

You have acquired a lot of knowledge about the things to talk with your boyfriend. Now, hold your tongue sometimes while starting a conversation with your boyfriend because wrong topics and words can hurt them and end your relationship before it starts. Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind while having a conversation with your boyfriend:

  1. Do not repeat the same things in front of him because guys often feel annoyed by the same topics and conversation.
  2. Try to avoid discussing those topics which your boyfriend doesn’t like.
  3. Never repeat the name of your ex-boyfriend continuously in front of your partner.
  4. If you are noticing that your boyfriend is feeling upset then divert his mind from the conversation.
  5. Don’t try to invade his space by asking unwanted questions all the time by calling him 10-12 times in a day.
  6. Never use suspicious language for querying him; instead, be smart enough to ask the thing in a clever or witty way.
  7. Don’t do body shaming your boyfriend because humor is good but bad jokes are never tolerated.
  8. Try not to be too personal and intimate from the beginning of the relationship because too bold nature is often not liked by men.
  9. Never hurt his religious sentiment, cultural belief or family faiths because that can be rude for him and he will stop respecting you.
  10. If he is saying you to stop a topic then try to obey him for that moment, just to show regards to your partner.

Long we have discussed a few things to talk with your boyfriend and now we hope it is easy for you to start or end any conversation with your man. Don’t be afraid to take initiative if your love interest is introvert. Just make him comfortable with your affectionate and romantic words with inner passion and love.

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