Texting Games

Texting Games
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Well! Simple texting has lost the charm. Texting games have taken the place. No judgment at all, but we are not talking about sexting here. These games are amazing to add some spice to your mundane relationship. It would definitely rekindle the moments and would freshen up some old memories.

So, there are a variety of texting games that you can play with your friends and family. Some of the games are perfect to play with your love interest. These games would help you to know each other. Lots of giggling and amusing moments are waiting for you.

How to play? These games are absolutely amusing when played face to face. You and your partner just need simple mobile phones with internet access. And that is all. Of course, you would send text messages but in the form of a gaming pattern.

30 Interesting Texting Games to Provide You the Ultimate Fun

Communication mixed with fun, that is the best part of these games. So, next time when you are about to text your partner, consider some of these interesting texting games to elevate your equations.


20 Questions Game

This is one of the most popular texting games. The common notion is that this can be best when played with guys. But, we believe that this game can be enjoyed by any gender whatsoever. So, the basic idea is, ask your partner to imagine an object/place/person, and you have to ask 20 questions to guess that. Nope, you cannot ask more than 20 questions. And the answers would only be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Players cannot ask for more details. 20 questions game is a very interesting way to know each other. It is like a telepathy. So, you can definitely play this game next time whenever you feel bored.


A romantic story maker

You believe us or not, this is the best game to awaken the creator inside you. Anyone of you can write down the first line of the story. Ask your partner to make the second line. And the game would continue until the story is finished. It would be best if you write your own perceptions. No need to make it someone else’s story. Make the story more lively. Pass on beautiful remarks about each other’s line. Every story is a fairy tale – always remember this line.


Would you rather

Awesome Texting Games

A tricky game in the world of texting games. Critics say that this game was created to judge the community of boyfriends around the world. But in this era of equality, we believe in a different notion. ‘Would you rather’ can be difficult for anyone if it accompanies twisting phrases. You can ask a series of daring questions to your partner. Questions like, ‘would you rather sleep with me or with a millionaire’ can be really difficult to answer. Though this game throws some light upon the person’s perspectives of thoughts, yet the purpose of playing this game is not always to judge your partner. So, have fun.


Rhyme with me

If you two have an interest in poetry, then consider this one the best texting game for you. So, start with a line and ask your partner to make a line that matches the rhythm. In this way, both of you can create a brilliant piece of writing. We are sure that this game would pump up the enthusiasm level between you two to 100 times.


Reverse writing

A brilliant way to eliminate your boredom. We understand the feeling that you have when you forget to bring your earphones and get struck by public transports. This game would immediately freshen you up. Send a message in a reversed form to your partner and ask to decode that. Ask your partner to send you something similar. This game is not only a time-killer but also fun.


Word Scramble

An old game that never loses its charm, this is the definition of Word Scramble. Give your partner few letters, and ask to form a word. The more words one forms, the more points that person get. You can divide the game into several levels to increase the difficulty. Scramble also helps to improve our vocabulary. So, take the advantage of these type of texting games and have fun with your partner.


What if

Give your fantasy a wing with the help of this game. ‘What if I become penniless tomorrow, would you love me the same way?’ This is just a sample. You can make it more interesting. ‘What if’ questions are always very entertaining. If these are asked in a tricky way, can also portray a person’s characteristic. So, are you ready to know your partner?


Build a word

Cool Texting Games

This is quite a fun game. Give your partner few clues and ask to make an appropriate word that fits the situation. This game requires a strong command of vocabulary. To make things easier, you can go for easy and popular words. For many, this game is actually a nickname of word scramble. But, this is actually different.

Make it a time-bound game. You can fix 3 to 5 minutes of time. Ask your partner to guess the word within that limit. If done, then your partner would be the winner. Else, you know that better.


Fill the emotions

This is one of those texting games that would definitely remind you of your school days. Make a sentence with few words and two or more gaps. And ask your partner to guess what are those. To win this game, one needs to understand the vibe of the sentence. You can make this game easy and difficult at the same time. We all find it difficult to guess what others are thinking, isn’t it? Make this game more exciting by adding a simple rule that the winning person has to give a treat to the other person.


Truth or dare

For many people, this is the most interesting games of all time. Although we believe that the game becomes amusing when played with multiple players. This game has the ability to make someone extremely uncomfortable. But if we minus that, this game can be very amusing as a texting game.

The questions of truth or dare can be very fun and uncomfortable also at times. So, you can set the boundaries to avoid that. Choose who would ask first, and then the other person would be given the permission to choose any one between ‘Truth’ and ‘Dare’. The person has to perform whatever the type of truth and dare would be given. And the game would go on like this. We are sure that you are going to love this texting version of this popular game.


Never have I ever

This is such an interesting game that even celebs love to play. The texting version is equally appealing. Like Truth and Dare, this game is also an expert to unravel the dirtiest secrets of your life in front of everyone. In fact, the players can cross the borderline many times, but it is always fun. Be very careful when you choose the words.

To play this game efficiently, you have to know the trivial things about your partner. The only problem with the texting version is that you cannot see the reaction of the other person. So, you never know whether the person is lying or not. But, who cares? We all play texting games to have some fun, right? Now when you know the rules, are you ready to play this exotic game?


Add a caption

You need internet to play this game. Send a picture to your partner, and tell to caption that. The funnier the caption is, the more points go to that person. You can send any picture whatsoever. In case, you are at work, avoid sending NSFW contents. In boring office meetings or lectures, this game is absolutely brilliant. It does not require much intelligence or attention. So, you can play while doing important chores as well. We are sure, you would enjoy this game.


Emoji translation

Cute Texting Games

Like add a caption, this game is also brilliant. If you are a hardcore netizen, then this is going to be very easy for me. You need to send emojis to each other and need to tell translate that into your thoughts. This game is absolutely amazing and even safe for the workplace.

In due course, this game is going to boost your knowledge of emojis. So, are you ready for the fun?


Can you guess the song lyrics?

Rekindle those old memories with these type of interesting texting games. Remember the childhood days when we used to play this sort of games. Give your partner the first line of a popular song and ask to complete that. If your partner can sing at least 3 to 4 lines, then amazing. Try to choose a combination of easy and difficult songs to make the game entertaining. Because this game involves audio. So, better if you play this game using MMS or other messaging apps.


Guess the movie

Another brilliant game that takes us straight to our early days. Give few clues and ask your partner to guess the movie name. Movies are the best sources of entertainment. We are sure that just like the previous one, this game also would give a bundle of entertainment and joy.


Guess the celeb

Like many, probably these type of texting games were your favorite childhood game too. Trust us, the texting version is hilarious too. Give your partner some major clues about a particular celeb. And, ask your partner to guess the name of the celeb. Limit the clues to 3. To make things more exciting, you can decide a prize too. Like, the winner has to give to treat to all the participants. Try out this game next time. You can thank us later.


Kiss, marry and kill

This is one of the most adventurous games that everyone loves to play online. The texting version is mindblowing too. Give your partner 3 names. You can choose either your common friends or celebs. And ask your partner to arrange the names in the order Kiss, Marry and Kill. Which simply means, whom your counterpart would like to kiss, marry and kill. Isn’t it funny? We believe this game is hilarious when your mobiles are not connected to the internet.


Where am I?

Do you want to play a mysterious game with your partner? Then, believe us that we have got a beautiful texting game for you. Give your partner several clues about the place where you are at that instant. To make things more adventurous you can limit the clues to 5. And now it’s your partner’s turn to guess the place. Fun, right?


Let’s play a character

Texting games are truly fun and interesting. This texting game can also be named as let’s make it real. Text a line to your partner and ask about which person you are talking about. You can talk about you’re a famous politician, a musician or any celeb. In fact, you can talk about your common friends and family members whom you both know. It would be fun or sure. What do you think?



Captivating Texting Games

Trivia knowledge is really interesting. These are something that very few people know, trivia is always very minute and interesting. And mostly, people do not think of these. This texting game is based on that. Ask your partner some really interesting questions to check trivia knowledge.

To make things more interesting, you can ask personal questions as well. Those questions would be very deep, insightful and minute. No matter, for how long you know each other, there would always be something that is unveiled. This game would surely help you two to make the bond powerful. So, next time when you want to test your partner, take the help of trivia.



Much like Trivia, these texting games also require some knowledge. Choose a category and start playing. Each player has to name a thing that fits the category. If a player cannot name any, then obviously the other one is the winner. This is a very simple yet interesting game for sure. You do not need any internet to play this game, your simple messaging tool would work fine. This game is going to give you an amazing time.


Guess what?

We believe that this texting game is soon going to take place on your list of favorites. Give your partner a scene. You can use as many sentences you want to describe the scene. In the end, your partner has to tell what is the name of the movie where that particular scene was enacted.

This is actually the text version of the famous charades game where the players have to enact a movie scene and the opponents have to guess the movie name. Aren’t you already excited to play the game? We can assume that the answer is a big ‘yes’.


Decode the Acronyms

Some call it a game similar to Trivia or Categories where the players need some knowledge. Well! We cannot differ from them. Still, this is more on the fun side. Give your partner an abbreviation formed using the first letters of a word and ask to decode that.

This becomes totally amusing when the opponent cannot recall the answer and comes with a weird answer. Play these texting games at least for once, and you would easily understand what we are talking about.


Breakdown of words

We will call it rather an easy texting game on this list. Give a proper word to your partner, and ask to form as many words as possible from that word. Set a time frame like 30seconds to make it more interesting and difficult at the same time.

This game does not require much knowledge and can be played in a light mood. So, give your relationship a new dimension by playing this amusing fun texting game.


Rhyme the name

So, are you free right now? Don’t you have much work to do? Gotcha! We have got a perfect texting game for you, This game is indefinite and can be played as long as the players want. Decide or choose a topic like sports, music, movie. Now, pick a name and make a rhyme with that. The other player would have to start the rhyme with the last letter of the rhyme that the last player made. And the game would go on like this forever. Set a time limit like 20 seconds and within that time frame, the players have to finish the rhyme.

If anyone deviates from the flow, then definitely you know who the winner is. So, are you ready to play this game?


Who am I?

One of the most interesting texting games is this one, This game would be totally based on some famous quotes. You can definitely compare it with ‘Guess the celeb’ game. If both of you are into research, books and anything interesting, then this game would definitely please you. Give a famous quote to your partner and ask to guess the person who said that.

You can also tell a one-liner about that person and the other person has to guess that. Play this engrossing game the way you want.


Relationship puzzle

Lovely Texting Games

Are you among those who understand the complex family charts before anyone does? Then we are happy to announce that we have found a match for you. This game is totally dependent on the relationship and its equations. Give a one-liner equation about a person, and ask your partner to guess what would be the relationship between your partner and the aforesaid person.

You can make it more twisted as well. This game is actually the most famous part of general intelligence. So, in this way you can check your partner’s IQ as well. Don’t worry, we are just kidding. Next time, add this game to your list. And, have fun with your partner.


Can you tell me a Movie line

There are very few texting games which are dedicated to movie lovers. Fortunately, this is one of them. Give a movie name to your partner, and ask to tell a famous line from that movie. Make sure that the line your partner writes is exact and accurate. Do not use the internet while playing this game. Ask your partner to do so. Otherwise, it would not be fun. Because players can easily copy-paste the line webs. Try to choose a romantic movie.

We are absolutely sure that this game would help you to come closer.


Show me your funny memes

This game totally requires an internet connection. This generation speaks the language of memes. So, just think that how cool it would be to play a texting game totally based on memes. Ask your partner to share some funny memes with you. You have to answer in which context, those memes are made. Similarly, share yours, and ask to answer. The right answer would earn points. Like all the games, you can definitely make it a time-bounded one.


Hangman game

Some texting games refresh our childhood memories. This game is one of them. Hangman is a popular game among school goers. We can assure you that this pen-paper game is similarly interesting in its text version and has not lost its old charm a bit. So, choose a word and send your partner a series of underscores. Only first and the last letters would be written. Each underscore would represent a letter of that word. Now, your partner would try to guess each letter. If the guess is right, then you have to fill that space with that letter. And, if your partner wins, then next time word would be provided by him.

The origin of Hangman is very strange and sad at the same time. In the 17th-18th century, criminals who were sentenced to death could use a power to set them free which was known as “Rite of Words and Life”. According to that, the criminal used to strung up over a 5 legged table. And there would be a board with short ropes, each rope would represent one word. The executioner would choose a word and the criminal would have to guess that. So, the executioner would write the correct word in those dashes, and incorrect guesses would be kept aside. For each wrong guess, the executioner would break one leg of that stand or table. If five of the guesses are wrong, then the criminal would be hanged. If the sentenced can guess that correctly, then he would be free.

Unfortunately, most of the criminals were illiterate. So, you can imagine what used to happen back then.

How to Play Texting Games

Texting is fun for sure. When that fun is punched with some cool games, then the fun becomes double. These texting games are absolutely stunning. Some of these require knowledge, while most of the games are easy and can be enjoyed by anyone.

We are very sure, that you and your partner is definitely going to enjoy these. So, which one has already become your favorite?


  • Each time you play these games, always make sure that you have unlimited SMS package so that you don’t end up paying a huge SMS charge.
  • If you are playing with your partner, try to make it more fun with some humor.
  • Do not indulge in asking any awkward question.
  • Set rules and play fair.