Summer Tag Questions

Summer Tag Questions
By Vishakha Goyal Updated

These days, a lot of videos on seasons are becoming viral and summer tag questions are one such indeed. This is a pretty interesting game that can be played with your friend and family members without any hesitation in your mind. The inclusive nature of the questions would make everyone happy for sure.

60+ Summer Tag Questions: One Stop Destination for Unlimited Fun

Generally, the questions asked are related to the summer season and the choices that you make during this season. The choices can be related to your lifestyle, food habits, or even your fashion sense. Here, we have compiled a number of summer tag questions which are so fun and interesting that you can play with almost anyone. So, are you ready to sort your summer?

  1. What’s your favorite summer drink?
  2. What is the one thing that you love to do in the summer?
  3. Is summer your favorite season? If not, then what’s that?
  4. Where do you love to head towards during this season?
  5. What is your favorite vacation spot to enjoy in summer?
  6. What type of clothes do you wear during summer?
  7. How does summer feel in your region?
  8. Which sunscreen do you use during this sunny season?
  9. If someone asks you to wear black clothes during this season, what would you do?
  10. What is your favorite beach song?

Fun Summer Tag Questions

  1. Summer on the beach or in the countryside?
  2. What is your favorite dance move that you love to do during this season?
  3. Ice cream or cocktail – what’s your favorite?
  4. Which color do you like in this season the most?
  5. Which type of sports do you like to get involved into during summer?
  6. What’s your favorite hairstyle in summer?
  7. Which type of perfume or fragrance do you love to use in summer?
  8. Pastel shade or chrome color – what’s your favorite shade of nail paint during this season?
  9. Do you find this season romantic?
  10. If three adjectives namely Beautiful, Pleasant, and romantic are provided to describe the season summer, then which one would you choose for sure?
  11. What do you include generally in your summer wish list?
  12. Which type of food, do you like to eat during the summer?
  13. Is there any special cuisine that you want to try this summer?
  14. Which genre of movies do you love to watch during this season?
  15. What is your signature style in summer?
  16. Which is your favorite book to read during this season?
  17. Would you prefer long distance walking or cycling during this season?
  18. Have you ever used any artificial spray to make your skin look tanned?
  19. Daytime or night time – what’s your favorite time during summer?
  20. Long hair or short hair, what do you prefer during the summer?
  21. Mint or nuts – what’s your favorite flavor in the summer?
  22. What should be the theme song of summer according to you?
  23. All night party at home or fun at a beach house – what would you prefer?
  24. Can you share one memorable incident that took place during this season?
  25. Is there anything that you dislike or absolutely loathe about this season?

Cute Summer Tag Questions

  1. Name one place where you want to spend your whole summer this year?
  2. What are the fun activities do you want to do with your friends and family this summer?
  3. What is your favorite color that you love to wear during summer?
  4. Watching Netflix all day long or playing indoor games – what is your favorite thing to do during the summer?
  5. With whom would you like to spend this summer – your bestie or your family members?
  6. Is there any sad thing that you do not want to remember even during the summer?
  7. What type of gifts do you expect from people during the summer?
  8. What is your favorite shower gel that you use only during the summer?
  9. Sunglass or umbrella – What’s your savior during the summer?
  10. Do you apply heat protectant serums or shampoos during the summer?
  11. Swimming pool or private jacuzzi?
  12. What is your awkward story during the summer?
  13. What are your favorite restaurants that you never stop visiting during this season?
  14. Monokini or Bikini – What do you love during summer?
  15. Do you love to workout during this season?
  16. Is there any particular beverage that you love drinking during summer only?
  17. An air-conditioned room or a beautiful rooftop – Which one would you prefer during night time?
  18. Would you like to have a prolonged summer every year?
  19. Have you ever written an article about this season in your childhood?
  20. Which color of undergarments do you prefer during summer?
  21. What’s your favorite beachwear?

Interesting Summer Tag Questions

  1. Which type of dishes do you like cooking during this season?
  2. Is there any adventurous thing that you want to do during the summer?
  3. One food that you totally avoid in this season.
  4. Which dessert generally you love to prepare during this season?
  5. Which seasonal fruit do you eat the most?

This summer, do something exciting and adventurous. Ask your friend and family a bunch of awesome summer tag questions. Rest is assured that you are going to have unlimited fun.