Sister Tag Questions

Sister Tag Questions
By Tessa Updated

Asking sister tag questions is undoubtedly the most fun game. It is said that siblings are the most amazing people in anyone’s life. They are literally our partners in crime. We know them quite well, none can predict us more than them. You might have participated in every fun activity with her. But, have you ever tried playing this crazy netizen’s favorite game?

200+ Sister Tag Questions: Find The Cutest and The Most Adorable Ones

Here, a set of questions has been presented to woo your lovely siblings. These sister tag questions are fun, awesome, superb, insane, and unique at the same time. Your girls are going to love it very much for sure. So, without further ado, let’s trigger your mind with some cute and interesting questions.

  1. Who is the eldest?
  2. Who loves to eat pizza?
  3. Among you, who talks the most?
  4. Can you describe yourself in three words?
  5. Who speaks in the most adorable way?
  6. Who dances really well?
  7. How are you going to celebrate your birthday this year?
  8. Who was the first crush of you two?
  9. Which sweet dish does she love the most?
  10. Who is the gossip-monger among you?
  11. Who wants to marry a prince?
  12. Do you love adventures?
  13. Swimming or dancing, which one would you choose?
  14. Who loves to paint?
  15. Who is more artistic among you?
  16. Which cuisine is your absolute favorite?
  17. One question that you want to ask one another.
  18. Who is more passionate about studies?
  19. In which school are you studying currently?
  20. Which movie actor do you like?


  1. What types of film genres are your favorite?
  2. Which thing did you want to buy for a long time?
  3. What do you want to achieve in the future?
  4. Which type of attire do you like to wear?
  5. Lipstick or Kohl?
  6. What do you want to wear on the day of your wedding?
  7. Whom do you love the most between your mom and dad?
  8. What’s your favorite color?
  9. Which video game you love to play?
  10. Are you addicted to anything?
  11. Tea or coffee?
  12. Do you fight with each other?
  13. Do you have any future planning?
  14. Which dish you generally cook for each other?
  15. Which thing you always share with each other?
  16. Who is the best secret-keeper?
  17. What’s the best memory with each other?
  18. Which shopping portal is your favorite?
  19. Who loves to eat ice cream the most?
  20. Who is more apt in an argument?
  21. What do you do on weekends?
  22. Which movie keeps motivating you?
  23. Who is the real foodie?
  24. What do you usually talk about when sitting together?
  25. Who among you mostly forget things?
  26. Who among you loves to read story books?
  27. Is there anyone who cries almost every hour?
  28. What is your nickname?
  29. Who is mostly pampered by parents?
  30. So, who is a junk food lover?
  31. Who is the most intelligent one?
  32. Which game you usually play with each other?
  33. Who has the best handwriting?
  34. Who is a sucker of the internet?
  35. A maximum number of followers on social media, who has that?
  36. Who is more fond to dad?
  37. Which sibling is the naughtiest?
  38. What is the most badass habit you have?
  39. Who thinks herself the most beautiful person?
  40. What are your 3 wishes?
  41. Who motivates others?
  42. Who is an expert in giving surprises?
  43. So, who is best in mathematics?
  44. Who scores the highest marks in every exam?
  45. Who is an absolute beverage-lover?
  46. So, who can sing really well?
  47. How often you disagree with each other?
  48. Who is addicted to Netflix?
  49. The one who talks really fast?
  50. What makes you a superwoman?
  51. Who is the most influential person in your life?
  52. Do you have a rocking personality?
  53. Who wants a destination wedding?
  54. What makes your bonding very strong?
  55. Who is the most talented?
  56. Who is always into all kinds of DIY things?
  57. One person who can compel you to smile for no reason at all.
  58. Who wants to wake up with a perfect skin?
  59. So, who is always cool-headed?
  60. Who is very queer or weird?
  61. The one who wants to adopt a number of kids.

Cute Sister Tag Questions

  1. One thing that you would like to share with your siblings today?
  2. Can you name one thing that looks very weird and gross, but very satisfying at the same time?
  3. One right decision that took for her and it clicked as well.
  4. What’s her favorite YouTube channel?
  5. One thing that she doesn’t know about you?
  6. What’s your favorite song?
  7. Name two songs that she keeps on playing repeatedly these days?
  8. What keeps both of you engaged in weekends?
  9. Do you have a plan to do something together?

  1. If both of you were a CEO of a company, then who might have managed well more?
  2. Who is more intelligent?
  3. Who can fight with anyone to save you?
  4. The one who is invincible and never have failed?
  5. Who is more prone to mishaps?
  6. Who is very gentle with everything?
  7. If she was a movie star, then how high or low you could have felt?
  8. Who is very fond of expensive clothes and makeups?
  9. One cosmetic that she never leaves her house without?
  10. Who is daddy’s little princess?
  11. Who remains happy all the time?
  12. One who is always very helpful to others.
  13. Who wants to write a cookbook?
  14. Who desires to be a newspaper reporter?
  15. The one who always loves to talk about makeup?
  16. Who is fond of buying new clothing every week?
  17. If there is one who is very self-centered, then who is she?
  18. Do you love gossiping?
  19. Who is the most romantic person?
  20. Who speaks slowly?
  21. One who thinks at least twice before doing anything?
  22. Who often bunks from school or college?
  23. Who does not love to do office chores?
  24. Are you allergic to anything?
  25. One person, who can compel you to make decisions?
  26. Who is usually a hot-tempered person?
  27. Which societal issue can make you angry?
  28. Who is a YouTuber or desires to open her channel?
  29. Are you a morning person or a night person?
  30. Who literally annoys everyone to wake them up, early in the morning?
  31. So, who spends the longest time in the bathroom?
  32. Who is a perfect bathroom singer?
  33. One who is very fanatic to wash clothes.
  34. Are you fond of telling stories?
  35. Who has a sweet tooth?
  36. Who is obsessed with diamonds?
  37. One who loves to buy designer shoes only.
  38. Who is the most obedient person?
  39. If this world was made of chocolates only, then who could have eaten everything?
  40. Who has a habit of telling white lies?
  41. Who has an interest in full-time entrepreneurship?
  42. The one person who always dream big?
  43. Will you ever break promises in lieu of money?
  44. Money or love, which one would you go for?
  45. Are you fond of sugar candies or chocolate fudges?
  46. Who has won several accolades for academic excellence?
  47. At which age do you want to get married?
  48. Who has a very conflicting mind?
  49. Who loves play with electronic gadgets?
  50. In which song, you often dance together?

  1. Who is fond of classical music?
  2. Who has a tendency to run away from home?
  3. The one who loves to write articles in spare time?
  4. What’s your favorite type of coffee?
  5. Who understands you more?
  6. Who loves body art or tattoos?
  7. The one who is fond of study books?
  8. Who failed in sixth grade?
  9. So, who dated the most handsome boy in the school?
  10. Who can make anyone smile?
  11. If you are given three options like, propose your senior, propose your class teacher, or propose your Principal. Then which option would you choose?
  12. What is the color of your elder sister’s headset?
  13. Have you ever played any makeup game?
  14. Who wants to get married at an early age?
  15. If you are given $5, then what would you buy with that?
  16. Lemon water or Coke?
  17. Who is a connoisseur of food?
  18. If suddenly you hear some bad news about your sibling, then what would you do?
  19. So, who is in a lovey-dovey phase right now?
  20. Who can’t handle difficult situations?
  21. The one who is very smart in life.
  22. Who is going to settle abroad soon?
  23. Who is staying away from home right now?
  24. What are the qualities you look for in your partner?
  25. So, who is the laziest among all?
  26. KFC or Mc.Donald’s?
  27. Who loves to eat Chicken Burger?
  28. Who is a fan of adult movies and pictures?
  29. The one who is always messed up.
  30. So, who wants to be a lone traveler?
  31. The one who always dips cookies in hot chocolates.
  32. Who loves to travel to unknown places?
  33. Whom you want your sibling to get married?
  34. So, who watches television most of the time?
  35. Would you ever be a babysitter?
  36. Which genre of music do you love to hear the most?
  37. Who loves to eat street foods?
  38. Who behaves like an awkward person among people?
  39. So, who is very fortunate?
  40. Who feels that maths is very easy pease?
  41. The one who is very choosy about making friends?
  42. Who is very talented among peers yet does not get the proper opportunity?
  43. Whose shoe size is the highest?
  44. So, who is always very demanding?
  45. The one sibling who can manipulate others decisions?
  46. Who is a study freak person?
  47. So, who is afraid to talk to strangers?
  48. One person, who is always busy with apps and texting others?
  49. Who loves to use dating apps?
  50. Whose favorite app is Tinder?
  51. Who loves to read serious thriller books?
  52. How many children do you want to adopt?
  53. So, who has a beautiful pet?
  54. Who is very self-conscious?
  55. The one who loves to diet?
  56. So, who has hung on a beautiful picture on their door?
  57. Who is more organized?
  58. Who has made a world record in breaking promises?
  59. So, who is very close to mother?
  60. The one who always reads fashion magazines?
  61. Who is always in a tomboy mood?
  62. So, who is very upright and honest?

Funny Sister Tag Questions

All these cute sister tag questions are enough to blow her mind. Surely, both of you are going to have unlimited fun. By the way, our favorite one is number 187, trust us because this one is hilarious. Which one is your favorite? Start the game with that.


  • Do not end up asking her anything offensive.
  • This is a fun game, do try to keep the vibe.
  • Not to worry if she doesn’t know anything, you are definitely not taking a test.