Roommate Tag Questions

Roommate Tag Questions
By Soma Banik Updated

Isn’t it strange if people living in the same room do not play roommate tag questions? This game suddenly has become an internet sensation. People all over the world are making interesting YouTube videos and encouraging others to play this tag question-answer game with their roommates. If you want to know some interesting facts about your roommate, but you feel a bit shy to ask everything on the face, then this game is absolutely for you.

100+ Roommate Tag Questions: Explore the Mystery

A list of more than 100 questions is compiled here for you. This is a game full of fun; you just need some terrific and amazing questions to ask. Trust us, your roomie is going to love it. This game can be played with as many roommates as you want. So, now get set ready to explore an amazing list of questions.

  1. What is the nickname you have given to your roomie?
  2. So, how well do you know each other?
  3. What are the things you share with each other on daily basis?
  4. What do you cook in the room usually?
  5. On a lazy afternoon, what are the things you two do?
  6. Who is a shopaholic?
  7. So, who is the night stalker?
  8. Who loves to study for the whole night?
  9. Roommates usually get addicted to instant noodles. What about you two?
  10. Do you share the same attire on a daily basis?
  11. Have you shared inner wears or underwears?
  12. Who is more amiable and composed in nature?
  13. What do you do together on a daily basis?
  14. Can you remember any awkward memory?
  15. Who has got a strong rebuke from the warden?
  16. Who makes much noise every day?
  17. So, who is the best bathroom singer?
  18. Who is an incredible bathroom dancer?
  19. Do you go for window shopping?
  20. Who is the more mischievous one?

Cute Roommate Tag Questions

  1. Who appreciates new dish crazily?
  2. Between you two, who is the big time foodie one?
  3. Do you have a record in the book of naughty acts?
  4. Who is very romantic?
  5. Between you two, who loves to write articles and poems?
  6. Do you have a singer?
  7. Who is an amazing dancer?
  8. Have you ever showered together?
  9. Which brand is your favorite?
  10. Do you often cook together?
  11. Which song, do you love to sing together?
  12. Who is very prone to accidents?
  13. Who is having a hard time with the skin condition?
  14. So, who is very annoying to the other?
  15. Have you ever seen naked each other?
  16. Who is very particular about apparels?
  17. Who is the freaking makeup lover?
  18. What is the silliest thing have you ever done together?
  19. Have you witnessed any cringy act of your roommate ever?
  20. How awkward or lovely was the day, when you two meet each other?
  21. Do you have siblings?
  22. Who is the more fun-loving?
  23. Have you ever lied to each other and later on both got caught?
  24. Can you tell each other’s zodiac sign?
  25. How different are your thoughts from each other?
  26. Who is the timidest and shy one?
  27. Do you have any complaint against each other?
  28. What’s your favorite color?
  29. Where do you two want to get married?
  30. Who is a freaking party lover?
  31. Who wants to win a lump sum amount of money?
  32. The one who never wants to disclose age?
  33. Which luxury car do you want to buy together?
  34. Are you planning to stay forever like this?
  35. Who makes mistakes often and blames others for that?
  36. Who has a very weird eating habit?
  37. So, who is very fond of pets?
  38. Who is crazy for cleanliness and is always busy in cleaning the room?
  39. How does your roommate motivate you?

Deep Roommate Tag Questions

  1. Is there any morning mantra or an inspirational quote that you both keep reminding each other?
  2. Suppose, your roommate suddenly wins a huge amount of money, what would you ask from the partner?
  3. Who looks very attractive naturally?
  4. Who is a complete prankster?
  5. Will you ever backstab your roommate?
  6. Who loves to sleep?
  7. Who has a habit of playing games on mobile?
  8. The one who is very picky about everything?
  9. In which type of Facebook photos, your roomie tags you?
  10. Who doesn’t do anything without mobile?
  11. Who loves to celebrate own birthday with full noise and entertainment?
  12. So, who is very vocal naturally?
  13. Who loves to use own middle name?
  14. The one who loves to get hooked to adult movies mostly?
  15. What’s the name of your roommate’s best friend?
  16. How do you take care of each other when one becomes sick?
  17. What are your nationalities?
  18. Who pays the rent and electric bills?
  19. How are you two going to celebrate this new year eve?
  20. Are you going to speak with the one who hates your roommate?
  21. Is there any chance, that you two would fall for each other?
  22. Who is the funniest between you two?
  23. After how many days or months, did you become friends?
  24. So, who argues and fights most often?
  25. Who is self-obsessed?
  26. Are you two addicted to anything together?
  27. Which movie have you two watched together?
  28. So, how many scores would you give to your friendship?
  29. Will you ever leave your roommate in distress?
  30. Who had always been terrific in studies?
  31. Who always scores the highest marks?
  1. Have you ever read any book together?
  2. So, how would you rate each other’s appearance?
  3. What have you learned from each other?
  4. Do you ever influence each other’s thoughts?
  5. So, last time, on which context did you two fight?
  6. Can you share any instance when you felt jealous about your roommate?
  7. Have you ever done anything hiding from your roomie?
  8. What if, both of you fall in love with the same person?
  9. Who is more goal-oriented and careerist person?
  10. So, who does a flawless makeover?
  11. How have you two changed from the day you met?

Funny Roommate Tag Questions

This is a game which is full of entertainment and everyone is going to love it. It gives you the perfect ambiance to know your roommate in much detail. We have compiled every type of interesting questions in one place. So, which one is your favorite?


  • Do not ignite any dark issue.
  • It is better to talk about everything positive.
  • Try to maintain a happy and positive vibe throughout the game, if your roomie feels sad, that’s ultimately going to take a toll on your friendship.
  • Do not make unnecessary judgments in between.