Questions to Ask Your Partner to Bond Better

Questions to Ask Your Partner
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The great American philosopher, Mortimer Adler, articulated a beautiful line – “Love without conversation is impossible.” Do you believe in this concept? If yes, then think deeper, what should be the questions that you should ask your partner when you are deeply involved in a relationship for a long time and you are just waiting to tie a conjugal knot. The more you talk or have a query about your partner, the more you will know each other from every angle of life.

Both love and marriage are not just commitment for some days, weeks or months; you have to live with your partner till the last breath of your life. Make yourself that much lucky, so that you can enjoy each and every precious moment of life with tranquility and affection with your special person for the entire life.

61 Questions to Ask Your Partner in Different Ways

If you go back to the ancient period, you will know that parents used to ask some important questions while choosing a partner for their children earlier. The concept of asking the question is same till today but now people themselves decide the necessary queries to ask before getting settled down with someone.

Nowadays, it is really not that easy to find the best life partner and gel-up the relation for a long time but someone somewhere is still waiting for you, and you just need to find out the right person. So, make your relationship crystal clear when you have decided to live with your chosen partner forever. Don’t get confused friends! It is not a daunting task, just make a list of smart and simple questions to ask your partner when you are sure to live with him or her forever. But never ask something bitter which can hurt his or her sentiment, and make the person go away from you.

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Questions to Ask Your Partner Simply about Yourself and Life

Life related questions to ask your partner

We are here to help you with a list of questions that will bring more clarity to your relationship when you are absolutely ready to dig deeper. Know why your partner has chosen you among the other people. Brush out your knowledge with the below-listed questions to ask your partner that are specifically about you:

  1. Why have you chosen me as an important part of life?
  2. What are the special things you find in me that makes me different?
  3. What is the most striking thing that makes our relationship special?
  4. Do you remember our favorite memory which you would like to cherish forever?
  5. Do you want me to change my looks, style or thought process before getting together?
  6. Is there any secret you are hiding from me until now?
  7. If you want to change a single thing in our relationship then what is that?
  8. If I give you one word to describe our love relation then how will you describe it?
  9. If the whole world goes against our relationship then how will you fight to stay with me?
  10. Do you have any fear or insecurity regarding our relationship?
  11. Can you define the biggest strength in our relationship?
  12. What are the things we need to work on to make our relation more affectionate?
  13. When I will turn old and ugly, will you still love me crazily like the way you do now?
  14.  Do you feel afraid to lose me from your life?
  15.  What is the worst behavior you often find in me that I shouldn’t repeat?
  16. Why do you trust me the most in this world?
  17. What are the things you don’t want to change after coming in a love relation?
  18. Have you got everything in me which you wanted in an ideal partner?
  19. What are the limits you want to draw in our love relationship?
  20. Do you remember the name of the best movie we have watched together at the starting of our relationship?

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Romantic Questions to Ask Your Partner

Lovely questions to ask your partner

Passion, romanticism, craziness, and affection are the most adorable parts of love relationships that are gelling up for a long time. So, if you don’t bring spice to your relationship then it may get stagnant or end up with a boring note.

Don’t you think, you should bring a spark to your relationship by playing a query game with a list of romantic questions to ask your partner? Here we have compiled a few questions that you can ask in a romantic note to your special one:

21. What do you find while gazing at my eyes?

22. If you get an opportunity then will you sing for me or recite poetry to express your love?

23. What is your favorite romantic song that you want to dedicate to me in our second love anniversary?

24. Will you always hold my hand in every season and occasion like this?

25. While proposing me, what was the thing that was stopping you to reveal your affectionate feelings for me?

26. Do you think that you are the luckiest one who dwells in the inner core of my heart?

27. What do you feel when you kiss my forehead?

28. Can you read my mind when I embrace you with a warm hug?

29. What is the best romantic approach in me that have impressed you?

30. Can you understand my inner feelings for you through my blush on the face and my rising heartbeats?

31. Do you find any similarity between the love-making style of you and me?

32. When do you want to have the longest kiss with me?

33. Will you propose to me once again in front of everyone on the day of our marriage?

34. Can you remember the day when you eloped with me and was unable to see anyone in front of you?

35. What are the other magical words you want to say every time in my ears apart from “I love you”?

36. I can easily understand your pain and happiness with the reflection of your eyes, can you see the same in my eyes?

37. What you miss about me the most when I am not around you for a long time?

38. What are the craziest and romantic fantasies you want to fulfil with me in your life?

39. If any vulnerable moment comes in our life then how would you help me solve it?

40. While planning for holidays, which places do you like the most, hills or sea beaches?

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Future Related Questions to Ask Your Partner

Questions to ask your partner about future

For sure you don’t want to keep your relation stagnant and also want to move your love to the next level by binding yourself in the vows of marriage. So, before planning to take your relationship to the final destination, why don’t you bring clarity and satisfaction by asking some future related questions to your partner? If you don’t know what to ask, then brush up your ideas by looking at these questions:

41. What are the major things you never want to change in the future after our marriage?

42. Are you scared of the social norms which may affect our love life in the future?

43. Do you love kids? How fast do you want to do family planning after our marriage?

44. When and why have you finally decided that you only want to get settled with me?

45. If we get involved in any fight then will you take the matter for a long time or will forgive me soon?

46. Where do you want to go on our honeymoon?

47. What are the new things and cultures you want me to learn in the future?

48. Will your family accept me with the things I have or would I need to change some of my old habits?

49. If lots of stress related to professional life disrupts your mental equilibrium then would you need space from me or would you like me to hold your hand in those rough times?

50. Can you tell me, whether your family has liberal or traditional values?

51. What were the dreams you still have in your mind and you want to fulfil them after marriage?

52. Will you stop me to go on a trip with my friends after we get attached in a nuptial relationship?

53. If I do any blunder in my life, will you give me a second chance to improve it or not?

54. If I do some mistakes in my life will you ragefully teach lessons to me or will stand by my side to improve my follies in a soft way?

55. After some years of marriage if you find me boring then would you look for another choice or will you help me change myself into the old me?

56. Do you like enjoying social love with parties or prefer making personal romantic outings with me after marriage?

57. What is the most childish and weirdest things you have never done and you want to do with me before or after marriage?

58. Do you really get jealous when you find me talking with someone too much in front of you?

59. If you get a better job in another country, what would you choose – me or your career as the priority?

60. What special thing do you want to do on our first wedding anniversary?

61. What would you do if you find some complex bad habits in me in the future?

Questions related to love and life never ends. As much as you ask queries, your mind gets curious more and more. Now, you really cannot afford to lose your relationship by asking any stupid and vulgar question to the special person of life. So, be specific and affectionate while asking questions to your partner after you are involved in a serious relationship.

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  • Be polite and generous while asking the questions to your loved one.
  • Don’t just put questions from your side, let him or her also ask you something if needed.
  • Never get angry if you are not getting a positive reply or the expected answers from your partner.
  • This is not a rapid-fire game, so don’t rush for your answer; give him or her time to reply.
  • Don’t ask unrealistic questions which are not possible to answer.
  • Grow forbearance power to hear any negative or positive feedback about you.

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