Questions to Ask Your Crush

Questions to Ask Your Crush
By Tessa Updated

Dating your crush is like a dream comes true, but what are the questions to ask your crush when you will finally meet the person? It is really a mystery. Sometimes a face, a smile, beautiful eyes stuck to our mind forever and becomes the source of seamless happiness. Has it happened to you as well? Ahem Ahem! Congratulations, you have found your crush dear. But, wait! What are you gonna ask your heartthrob?

Well, my friend! It is extremely important to play the right chord by asking some meaningful and fun questions. Afterall, that would be your D-day. An interesting question can be your game changer for sure.

50 Questions to Ask Your Crush on a Romantic Date Night

So, are you confused right now? Nop, don’t be. Because we have come to rescue you. Here, we will discuss 50 questions to ask your crush. And trust us, these questions are finest in every aspect. So, without further ado, let us jump to the main part.


What does your name say?

Aha! This is a million dollar question in order to start a conversation. When you would ask this question, it would simply imply that how interested you are to know your crush. In fact, a name which may sound trivial but is extremely important to you. Isn’t it amazing?


When did you have the best phase of your life?

We all want to live in a happy space of our life. We all have the best phase of our life. And also, we love to share the moments with our besties.  Honestly, this question brings a lot of positivity to it. We are pretty sure that your crush would be delighted answering this one. Undoubtedly this is one of the best questions to ask your crush.


What is the last movie you watched?

Now, gradually it is time to incline towards something casual yet catchy. And what can be an alternative to a great movie? Movies are something that almost everybody enjoys. Well! If your crush does not love to watch movies, then ask something that your heartthrob loves to do.


What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

Cute Questions to Ask Your Crush

Well! It may sound immature. But on a first day with your crush, this subtle immaturity would actually sound very cute. Don’t you think that it is awesome? So, go ahead and ask your crush about ice-creams, chocolates or anything you like.


What does motivate you in your life?

Everyone gets motivated by certain things in life. It feels amazing to know the motivational factor of the person whom you like. These are quite amazing questions to ask your crush. In fact, this particular question can be called as semi-deep, because it is not so deep yet rich.


What is the one food you can eat at anytime?

Isn’t it fun to talk about food? And yeah! Food connects two hearts, it is proven. Foods never lie. So, talk about foods the more you want. We are absolutely sure that this topic would give a lot of happiness to your crush. And also! Don’t forget to order soma delicious foods to set your ambiance.


What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Well! Now when the mood is set, this is a perfect time to ask this question. Your crush can say something that you told a long time back. This question would create a beautiful mood and vibe around you two. Are you shivering in excitement right now? Easy dear, that’s normal.


What is the best thing you have ever created?

Creativity is something that almost everyone loves to see. Creative persons are usually very talented. So, this question would give your crush a lot of motivation and attention. It feels great when someone asks us about our talents. So, always line up these type of questions to ask your crush, it is extremely vital to make sure that you have a huge interest in that person.


What is the thing you love to do in your leisure time?

We all love to do the coolest things during our leisure times. In fact, the most amazing things emerge at this time. Ask your crush about it. It would give the person a lot of happiness. Also, make sure that you turn this closed-end question to an open-end and have a lot of fun discussion to make this one interesting.


What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Adventure sounds really crazy. And almost everyone loves to do adventurous things in their life. Ask your crush this question. And we are pretty sure that it would make your crush very happy.


What is your current favorite TV show?

TV is another form of entertainment that puts a big smile on anyone’s face. We all have certain holy grail TV shows that we do not watch merely, rather engross within every scene. This question always opens a lot of space for discussions. So, always include these type of questions to ask your crush on the list and enjoy your moments.


Which is the one thing you love to hoard up?

There will always be certain things that we like to hoard in a lot of numbers. No matter, how many of that particular thing we buy, it always feels like we have lesser in number. Surely there is one particular thing like that in everybody’s life.


What is the track you are listening to currently again and again?

Music is soul-purifier. And when you are dating a person for the very first time, no such question can be as amazing as this one. This seems to be a basic question. But of course, you are not going to ask deep philosophical questions to your crush on the very first day.


What is the first thing you told your mom and dad?

A question related to childhood always pulls a lot of positive strings. Mostly we all think that childhood was the best time ever in our life. So, these are really cute questions to ask your crush.


What is the funniest meme you have ever read?

For all netizens, a meme is the language of this generation. Younger minds believe in visual humor. So, this question is extremely relevant. We all read around 100s of memes every month. Very few of them leave impressions. Be assured that your crush would love to give you the answer.


What is the greatest skill you have?

Trust us, this is going to rock. This question would boost the confidence and pride of your beloved crush. We all have some amazing talents. And it feels superb when someone wants to know that. So, this is truly an amazing question to ask your crush.


What is the first thing you notice about a person?

Well! These are quite intellectual questions to ask your crush and can have a variety of answers. Though this one has a funny angle, yet at times it can sound really serious. So, the whole thing depends on the way to throw the question.


In which country would you like to relocate?

Basically, this question is an attempt to know the interest of your crush for different cultures. We all have inclinations towards different cultures and countries. So, this fun question is something really amusing.


What is the funniest thing you have done recently?

Another version of this question is what is the funniest thing you have done in your life. But the latter version can become tough to remember. Whereas the first question is easy to remember.

So, ask your crush about it and enjoy the narratives. This question would give you a lot of gigglings.


What is the funniest news you have heard recently?

Funny Questions to Ask Your Crush

At times, news reporting can be really comic. Sometimes, it becomes hard to decide whether a particular reporting is news-worthy or not. So, these are quite cool questions to ask your crush. Surely, it would be a fun time for both of you.


What is the nickname your best friend has given you?

Isn’t it an amazing question? You can call it a very tricky yet fun question. Well! We will name it tricky because, in the disguise of fun, this question would actually unravel various things about your crush’s best friend.

Whenever someone asks us about our best friends, we feel excited. And we end up speaking more than usual. So, it is obvious that your crush would be no exception as well. So, do not feel shy to ask this offbeat and fun question.


What is the mobile game you are currently obsessed with?

A fun question again just to know your crush’s choice. If the genre of the game the person loves to play matches with yours, then that would be amazing. In an alternate scenario, you two can chat about games and strategies. It would create a space for more funny conversation between you two.


If given a chance, what idea would you like to share with the world?

According to us, these are quite intellectual questions to ask your crush, that is wrapped with ecstasy. The angel of the question is brilliant. It would help you to know your crush’s inspirational and marvelous ideas. Well! This question has no prototype answer. So, you can not expect something usual. The idea would vary from person to person. But, whatever might be the answer, it would hold a beautiful side of your crush in front of you.


Have you ever met any real bad guy?

Well! This is just another question of a curious mind. We all love to hear experiences, stories of other people. And when it is about our crush, the curiosity becomes double. So, do not feel timid to ask your crush this question.

If the person has any such experience, then be ready to feel some goosebumps. And if he hasn’t any, then you can talk about some other mysterious things that you have read or experienced lately.


Do you love to go to carnivals and festivals?

If you ask us, this question actually has a brilliant sense of intelligence. This question would actually help you to know whether your crush is a social person or not. Those who are extremely introvert, generally avoid these festivals and carnivals. If your crush is social and extrovert, carnivals would bring a lot of happiness to that person’s life. Be adventurous and fearless, and never forget these type of brilliant questions to ask your crush. In other words, this question would also bring out the person’s nature and characteristics.


What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

Beautiful Questions to Ask Your Crush

Nop, not every question is asked for a purpose. Take this question very lightly. It is a fun question, so enjoy whatever your crush says about it. We all love to get gifts, especially on our birthdays. So, surely this question would give your crush a lot of joy.


What is the ridiculous thing you do every day?

This is truly a fun question. In everyone’s life, there are certain things that we know are funny, yet everyone just do that out of compulsion or sometimes out of habits. So, this would create a trail of discussions between you two. After asking your crush this one, you can share yours too. A number of giggling moments are waiting for you. Feel the environment with mirth.


What is your favorite way to spend money?

These are quite basic questions to ask your crush in order to know that person. Some of us love to shop, some are more into saving money. It may sound trivial but can become vital in the later stages of a relationship.


What is the best reply you have ever given to an annoying person?

This is a moment that makes us a hero in our own eyes. When someone bothers you repeatedly, and you do something that the person just stops doing that, it feels amazing, right? So, have a light and fun-filled chat regarding this with your crush. Your crush would be extremely happy and proud to share all these with you.


What is the thing you recently discovered about you?

Well! Yes, we are talking about a very special thing. We all have many abilities, sometimes we discover a few after later stages of our life. This is great to know your crush’s skills. So, do not forget to ask this one.


What is the thing you want to buy within next few months?

We all have certain things on our wish list. Sometimes, to buy something big, we save money for a long time. Your crush also must have something like that. Ask to know more about the person’s wishlist. To establish a strong bonding between you, never forget these questions to ask your crush.


Who gave you the best advice ever and what is that?

Isn’t it right that we all get motivated by certain things in our life? Sometimes, a single piece of advice can change our life forever. Thie is such a kind of question that would help you to know the motivations of your crush.

This is the best question to know a person’s inspiration, the goal of life and many more things.


Is there anything you hate in your life?

Well! Apparently, this question may sound that it has a negative aspect. But, in reality, it is important to know. If you really want to commit something to somebody, it is important to know both positive and negative things about the person.

This is equally important as the previous question is. So, do not hesitate to ask this one too.


How do you spend weekends?

This is a marvelous question. It is like asking your crush’s weekend plans. A fun question in the disguise of romanticism. If your crush is free that particular weekend, then you can ask for a hangout. You two can also figure out something exciting and crazy. Just go with the flow and have these type of questions to ask your crush in your kitty.


How many languages can you speak apart from your mother-tongue?

This is a question to know your crush’s interest in other cultures and languages. Nop, you do not need to take this question seriously. But, this obviously indicates how inquisitive your crush is about other sub-cultures.


Which is your all-time favorite beverage?

Interesting Questions to Ask Your Crush

It is no wonder that we all love a certain type of beverage. So, this is another question that does not depict anything but has an exciting angle. Anyone loves to discuss this one. So, this can be an amazing question on your first day with your crush.

After all, the more you know your crush’s choices, the easier it would become for you.


What is the most peculiar pick-up line you have ever heard?

We know that you are already smiling. But, you can trust us that the question is not weird at all. It has an amusing touch. Your crush would burst into laughter while remembering the whole thing.

Oh by the way! These are brilliant questions to ask your crush in order to know about your crush’s past relationships as well.


What is the best thing about you?

Probably, a brilliant question to know the best qualities of your crush. This straightforward question is an excellent way to let your crush speak about own qualities. This question creates kind of an open forum between you two, where your crush can share everything with you.

We think very few people ask this question. But, you can trust us that this is truly an amazing question to know him.


How important money is in our life?

We are sure that your crush is confused now. Because this question is absolutely diplomatic. Actually, the oldest version of this question is, what your crush would choose between money and love. And, we believe instead of asking the old version shamelessly which actually has a very little logic, it is better to ask this one.


What is your hobby right now?

Apparently, you are asking two questions. What is your crush’s hobby? And whether the person changes hobby occasionally or not?

So, are you eager to know these? Then go ahead with the flow. And never hesitate to have such twisted questions to ask your crush in the list.


Do you have a crush on any celebrity?

Ahem Ahem! Strange right? You are asking your crush about another crush. This question has a comic touch. Your crush would enjoy the question to the core. Whether we agree or not, we all have a crush on certain celebs. So, this is an amazing question in every aspect.


Do you love pets?

Random Questions to Ask Your Crush

We guess we all love pets. But, some people are allergic to or simply just hate pets. So, this is a basic question to know the person better.

This is such a kind of question that can be asked easily on your first date. It may sound trivial but do not hesitate to ask this question to your crush.


What is your favorite book of all time?

Whether we love to read or not, we all have our favorite books. A book that we love to read all the time. This is a great question to know about your crush’s choice in detail. Share your favorite book too with the person. This question can impart idea-sharing session between you two. Thus, we believe this is one of the best questions to ask your crush.


If you suddenly win a lot of money, what would you do?

We all dream, right? This question would lead you to the dreamy world of your crush. We often say if I had money I would have bought this thing or I would have done this thing. So, this is a fun question mixed with some hints of fantasy.


If a film is made on your life, what would you name it?

Trust us, this question has a different level of humor and respect. By asking this question, you will make your crush feel someone special. Well! Obviously, films are not made based on everyone’s life. So, this particular one would give your crush the utmost happiness. You would also come to know the creative side of the person.


Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

People fall in love without any reason. It is something that just happens. And love, at first sight, is a very special thing that happens with very few people. So, why not to ask your crush about it. Who knows? Your crush may name you and declare that you are that special person. Isn’t it one of the craziest questions to ask your crush?


How would you define success in your life?

This question has a mature angle. It would showcase whether your crush is clear about goals and life or not. We would not that this question is for everybody. So, it is better to ask if your crush is quite a grown-up person.

Not everybody has a deep thought, so in that sense, this question is difficult to answer.


Between your mom and dad, to whom you are close?

It is a relevant question in every angle. If you want to know your crush better, you should ask this question. Personal life always reflects our personality. So, never ever hesitate to ask this particular one.


What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Starbucks is a name that almost everybody knows. The variety of beverages and flavors are specialties of Starbucks. One of the funniest questions to ask your crush from every angle. On the first date with your crush, you can definitely ask your crush about it. And by any chance, if the choice matches with yours. Voila! Then set your next dating in Starbucks and enjoy along with your crush.


What is the thing you are an expert at?

Everyone has special abilities and talents. This is a question that would make your crush very happy. Whether you agree or not, it feels amazing whenever someone wants to know your positive sides. It feels special and your crush would also feel the same way.

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Crush

The list of questions to ask your crush is actually never-ending. Here, we have only elaborated the finest, the funniest and the most interesting questions. So, lit your special moment with a romantic conversation. Are you ready to rekindle your love?


  • You should not bother your crush by asking any dark or extremely personal question all of a sudden.
  • Make your tone fun-filled and enthusiastic.
  • Make firm eye contact to show your interest in the person.
  • In between questions, try to conversate more so that you never miss the details.