400+ Questions to Ask a Guy

Questions to ask a guy
By Soma Banik Updated

The moment a guy finds a beautiful lady before him, he starts sweating and becomes extremely nervous. So ladies! Not only you spill your drink on your dress nervously, guys do the same. In this scenario, it is extremely important to make him relaxed with interesting and cool questions. Well, obviously the questions would not sound like an interview. They would actually showcase your interest in him.  I am sure that right now you are thinking what can be the questions to ask a guy to make him comfortable.

Well, we are here to save you. Now, before we jump to the main part, you need to know that there are two types of questions. One is closed-end and another one is open-end. Closed-end questions generally end with a yes or a no. Whereas, open-end questions always open a gateway to broader discussions. And we want this prolonged discussion to happen.

Questions to Ask a Guy: Blossom Your Curiosity 

Now, we are going to give you a set of top 400+ questions to ask a guy so that an equation builds up between you two. We will elaborate each question individually to give you a proper framework. Are you ready to take part in this adventurous round? Then, here you go.


Which is the one food you would like to try out today?

Dating is inseparable from food. It is for obvious that ultimately you two would head to a restaurant. This question would show that you are interested to know his taste and culture. So, this is another good question to make him comfortable and provide him with more space.


What is your best childhood memory?

Now, when he has started becoming comfortable, this question would give him great boosting. It would compel him to go down to his memory lane. And suddenly, he would feel joyous. Every guy wants to cherish his childhood memories. This question would leave a good impression on his mind about you in a better way.


Which is your favorite sport?

Aha! Gotcha. Every guy loves to play sports. If they do not play, at least they love to watch sports channel. So, this question would imply that you are not only interested to know him, but also his habits.


What do you love the most about yourself?

It is a very special question. Special because this question has an extremely positive vibe. Your guy would feel special and proud at the same time while answering your question. It is important to know whether he has a clear idea about himself or not. So, do not forget to ask him this one in any context.


What is your current favorite TV show?

Mostly, girls love to watch TV shows. So, it can be a fun question for any guy. Actually, it would be very wrong to say that only girls watch various TV shows. Guys love to watch too. Though the genres can be different or similar. And, somehow if his choice matches with you, then it would be like hitting a jackpot. You two would be able to chat for a long time about your favorite shows.


Which genre of movie do you love to watch all the time?

This is another marvelous question to know his choice and preference. Every guy and girl love to watch movies. And this is something that would bring you two closer. Just imagine in case it matches with yours, how amazing it would be! Another important aspect of this question is, if you find anything bizarre in his answer, then also you would get time to judge him.


Which is your favorite color and why?

This is one of the most basic questions but can be very amusing though. This might look like a closed-end question, but you can always improvise the question or can have an open-end discussion by sharing your choice. If both of your choices match, that would be amazing.


What is your signature perfume?

Some guys are extremely particular about fragrances. It is one such aspect of our life that is extremely important. It is important to smell good. By asking this question, you would come to know not only about his preferences but also about his hygiene habit. Generally, guys prefer woody or citrusy fragrance, but it may vary. So, sometimes you need these type of questions to ask a guy as well to understand his taste .


Which outfit do you love to wear on a daily basis?

This question is actually a very basic one and something that can only be asked on a first date. Many ignore this question, but it is definitely a brilliant question that can impress any guy. This question would showcase that you are actually keen to know his outfit choices which in turn would imply that in future you are going to modify that on his behalf.


Are you an extrovert or introvert?

It is a straightforward question but can unravel many mysteries. Once you know his type, it becomes easy to understand him. Introvert people have a different dialect and way of thinking. They are more composed. Whereas, extroverts are loud about everything.


What is your favorite cuisine?

It is always important to know about your partner’s food preferences. Because if your choice matches with him, it is a bang. But, in case of dissimilarity also, you two would get to experiment with a number of cuisines. Probably this is the beauty of a culture and cuisines, they can bring two people closer and closer. So, these sort of questions to ask a guy is always very fun.


How do you spend your holiday and what is your dream destination?

A holiday is a time when we all go into a relaxation mode. This is important because continuous stress can make you insane. Who does not love to go on a trip on holiday? So, if you get a positive and fun-filled answer to the previous question. Then this becomes a valid one in that context.


How would you define yourself in one line?

Sometimes, a one-liner can define many things. This is a fun question which has a great value and has a subtle philosophical touch. It is a truth that very few people has a clear knowledge of themselves. So in this context, it is important to know that what your partner thinks of himself. This one-liner can be an eye-opener for you.


Which one thing people find child-like in you, but you think that is cool?

Who says that it is necessary to do adult-like things always? In fact, there is no such definition. So, a person can do child-like things that few people may find childish. Your guy can do things that he enjoys to do, but perspectives may vary. So, the same thing can be disliked by other people. This open-end question would boost his confidence and would give him a great moral support. So, in every aspect, this question is important.


Which fictional villain character do you love?

Negative characters have a variety of shades. Especially the characteristics of fictional villains are actually combinations of grey and white colors. It won’t be surprising if he loves a certain villainous character. In fact, this is a mature question because it would prove how wise you are.


How would you describe your parents?

This is a question that has a personal touch. Your crush would love to hear this question from you. This type of questions are always neglected, but these have great values. A son has his own perspectives for his parents. So, you would love to know about his equations with his parents.

But if he does not want to answer or starts feeling depressed, then never ever force him to remember such things. Just simply avoid the question.


Which is the best thing your mother taught you that you would never forget?

Moral values, principles can define a person very well. We learn our first lesson from our parents or to be specific from our mothers. These things always remain like gold in our hearts. It is expected that your guy would love to answer this question.


Which is your favorite movie?

That’s true! We all have our favorite movies. Sometimes, movies can match the chords of two hearts. Our favorite movie also portrays our frames of mind. This is kind of reflection of our thoughts. So, movie related questions to ask a guy is a brilliant idea in order to know him more.


Do you love playing chess?

Chess is a game that can nurture our thoughts. It is also known to be a very difficult one to learn. So, if your guy can play Chess, you should know that it is a brilliant sign. This is another fun question that indicates his intelligence-quotient. So, do not hesitate to curate these type of questions to ask a guy in your mind.


Do you believe in supernatural powers?

Supernatural powers, ghosts, apparitions are real and that has also been proven by Science. But, many times people become too scared to believe them. This question would definitely not imply anything. But you can know whether he is logical or not.


Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Do you want to fill your life with cute puppies or cute kittens? Then obviously you would expect your partner to be like that. Cat persons or dog persons are actually great companions to one another. Their vibes match pretty well. So, if you find a similar person that would be amazing.


If you are given power to fly, which country you would visit first?

This is absolutely a fictional question and something that extremely logical persons would never understand. If your guy loves Spiderman, Superman or those Superhuman characters then he would love to imagine this one. He would definitely enjoy answering this question. 


Whom do you admire the most in your life?

Every one of us has a special person in our life whom we admire the most. They motivate us and inspire us. So, this is a special question in every aspect. Your guy would love to talk about the person whom he admires the most. His answer would also give you an idea about his ideologies and his frame of mind.


Do you love shopping?

Aha! Now, that is a fun question. Usually, girls love shopping. They worship shopping like God. Whereas this might be a great question from a boy’s perspective. Feel fortunate if your guy loves to shop too. Otherwise, you might have to drag him with you in the malls. In either scenario, this question is fun. So, do not hesitate to ask him this question.


Do you have any tattoos?

Tattoos or body art is not only a mere art but portrays a specific belief or love for something special. Many people love to ink their names or names of their near and dear ones on their body. So, this question is important in order to know his thoughts and beliefs.


Which type of music do you love to listen all the time? What is Your favorite track?

Music always refreshes our mind and soul. It has such a healing power that everybody can feel. You need these types of basic questions to ask a guy not only to know your guy’s music taste but also to create a gateway to discussions.


Which funniest meme have you read recently?

This generation loves memes. In fact, they speak and understand the language of memes. Memes can turn your dull life to absolutely lol life. So, this question would give both of you some giggling and ROFL moments. In the same context, you also can share something that you read recently and had a good laugh. Laughter always binds two hearts.


Do you love rock bands?

This is a conflicting question. Whether you like it or not, many people love listening to rock bands. They find this genre of music quite soul-provoking. So, if your guy loves to listen to this genre, ask him why does he love this.


Who was your first celebrity crush?

Ahem Ahem! We all have this special moment when suddenly a celebrity becomes the crush of our life. Suddenly, we start watching all of their movies, works and in fact, suddenly we start reading all of their interviews too. Also, we start collecting their pictures. Overall, to have a crush on a celeb is absolutely real and filled with fantasies.


What is the first interesting thing you do every morning?

Everyone does some usual chores in morning. But many times, we do things which are unusual or off-bit. It is actually a fun question. Your guy might blush as well while sharing this. Morning moments are always personal, so remember to hear his words very carefully and vouch that you share his secret with anyone.


Do you blush when a beautiful girl looks at you?

Come on! You know the answer well. But, when you ask the question to a guy, you can definitely expect a different answer. An answer which is accompanied with blush and smile. So, the question itself becomes very special. Do ask this one to your guy and enjoy his expressions.


Are you afraid of anything?

This is kind of a basic question where you want to know his fears as well. He would also love to share his thoughts with you. Many times, people think that masculinity is the prime characteristic of a male, and they should not be afraid of anything.


Do you have any phobia?

Another brilliant basic question that can open a gateway to a thorough discussion. Phobia is something that can be instilled in anyone. But phobia can be eradicated too. It is extremely important to talk about it.


Have you ever met any infamous person or anyone having criminal records?

It is a question that can send a chilled spike through your spine. So, if your date has met someone similar, then be prepared to hear some horrific things. This is one of the most interesting questions to ask a guy.


How do you keep yourself happy?

Happiness is a state of mind when we feel absolute bliss. We all want to be happy. There are different ways how we make ourselves happy. Your date would be very happy to answer this question. This open-end question always brings a lot of positivity and happiness.


Who is the role model in your life?

Role model defines and shapes the path of our lives. Without a role model, a person is literally blind. Ask him to know about his role model. You would come to know a lot of things about him through this single question.


Do you believe in Sun sign?

Aha! This is another fun question. Whether you believe it or not, everyone wants to know his or her Sun sign. It creates kind of curiosity. So, we are pretty much sure that he would love to answer this question.

Though if you believe in Sun sign, you might want to match your compatibility with him.


Do you consider yourself fortunate enough?

Well! Another question with a philosophical touch. We all think differently about our lives. In fact, our expectation levels are also different. In this scenario, it is important to know whether your love is happy with whatever he has or not.


What is one negative aspect of your characteristic?

One needs a lot of courage to answer this question. It is not an easy task to showcase or talk about one’s negative sides. If your guy can answer this question, he deserves a special clap.


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

IIf you really want to spend your whole life with him, it is important to know his lifestyle. Those who are night owls, often find it difficult to cope with morning persons because their biological cycles take a complete 180-degree turn. So, this question may sound amusing but has deep aspects hidden beneath.


Are you a romantic person?

Ahem Ahem! I can bet that he is blushing after hearing this question. Well, every guy wants to be romantic. There are no quotients of romance. Your guy would try to give himself a 10 on 10 rating as a romantic person.


Have you ever experienced nightmare?

Nightmares that can make you sweat like hell in the middle of the night. Sometimes, you would like to know about his fears as well. This is one such question which would comfort him. These are something which we generally do not talk about.


Last time when did you laugh really loud?

In this modern era, everybody is running behind time and money. We hardly get time to laugh out loud. Ask your date to share his LOL moment. And encourage him to laugh with an open mind. Afterall, a good laughter makes us happy and sound. So, why not! Never feel shy to think of these type questions to ask a guy.


What are the things you expect from your partner?

Sometimes, relationship blooms but partners fail to meet each other’s expectations. It is always a good idea to ask him straight about his expectations. The question may sound very upright and bold but has a lot of integrity.


Do you believe in marriage?

Marriage is not only a belief, for many, it is a pious thing. So if you believe in the institution of marriage, it is important to know the thoughts of your partner too. If he believes, then feel fortunate. Probably you have found your soul-mate. Otherwise, there is always a scope for a friendly discussion to sort out anything.


How do you cope with something unexpected?

Problems may come, but one who never gives up and confronts them with courage is called the real man. Life is full of unexpected circumstances. So, it is extremely important to know how he overcomes those things. It is not necessary to tackle everything with ease.


Do you love to play online gambling or something like that?

Ahh! This is a tricky question. And honestly, not everyone is comfortable to confess this. Gambling is a game that people become extremely addictive to sometimes. So, it is important for you to know whether he plays just for fun or he is a seasoned player who takes gambling very seriously. When he answers this question, try to observe his expressions and gestures.


Have you ever done anything illegal?

This is another question to judge him. It is not easy to confess these things, no matter in which stage of the relationship you are. If he comes up with the answer upright, that is definitely amazing. Otherwise, it is better to not force him because sometimes circumstances make people crazy and insane. And, these things happen.


If you ever become President of a country, what are the things would you do first?

This is truly one of the funniest questions to ask a guy amongst what you have asked him till now. I think you can already imagine his reaction. This is truly funny, so let him enjoy the moment. Honestly, you do not need to pretend anything or observe his reactions. It is all about imagination.


Do you love sports car? Which one is your favorite?

Probably, every guy loves sports car. They are fast, furious, gorgeous, luxurious and most importantly have insane speeds. Give him a lot of joy by asking this question. He would love to explain the features, price and many more things to you.


Have you ever kissed anyone?

Blush blush blush! Yeah, he is already blushing. This question can make anyone turn red. And, if he is extremely introvert, you are going to give him a heart attack by asking this question.


Have you endangered yourself to save someone?

This is a beautiful question. Nowadays, when everyone is busy and leads only a self-centered life. It has become rare that people put their lives in danger and save others. He may have or may not have done this act. It may also happen that he had never faced this kind of situation.

This is a question where you cannot judge him because he might have a different outlook on life.


Which is the one thing your friends love about you?

There are many qualities we all have. But, we all have one special quality through which our friends can easily connect with us. I am pretty sure that he would answer you happily. Afterall, we all love to talk about our friends. So, turn this closed-end question to an open-end by asking him more about his friends.


What are the principles you follow in your life?

Principles make everyone perfect. It is extremely important to follow certain principles and regulations in life. Sometimes, these principles also define the characteristics of a person.


Do you regret anything in life?

We all take certain decisions in life. Sometimes they work, sometimes do not. It feels painful when they do not work. This question would help you to know his pains. Ask your partner to share his repentance with you. Many times, it feels good when we vent out negativities and pains from our body and mind.


What is the one thing you always wanted to do, but never have got a chance?

Aha! Secret wish. We all aspire to become something in life, many times life does not give us scope. And our desires become secret forever. Ask your partner about this. And if possible take a note of that.

In future, you can help him to achieve what he once aspired to be. That would be a true manifestation of a relationship.


What is your dream honeymoon spot?

Time to turn pink-red-maroon once again. ‘Honeymoon’ is a term, that always takes us to a dreamland. Aha! Isn’t it true that we always fantasize our honeymoon? We are sure that this question would give his imagination wings, and he would lovingly share his dreams with you. Curate this one of the beautiful questions to ask a guy on your list. And, be ready to take a fun ride with him in his dreamland.


Do you love sea beaches?

This is a question that has no stereotype answer. Sea beaches remind us of amazing scenery, coconut or palm trees, seashells, starfish and many more beautiful things. But not necessarily everyone would love that.


What is the unusual thing you do, that generally, people don’t?

Isn’t it an interesting question to ask your date? It would mold his thoughts in a new way. Sometimes, we think an action usual but people call that unusual. So, he might become puzzled while answering this question. And you would have a fun time during this.


Do you save money for future or you believe more in spending?

We all want to lead an extravagant life, but saving money is important too. Some people think that it is a boring idea to keep aside for future. But, the reality is different.


How much would you rate yourself out of 10 as a partner?

Obviously, he would try to flaunt himself as a great partner. And you can expect a 9 to 10 rating from him. This is actually one of the funniest questions to ask a guy that would instill a hope in him that you might fall for him more after hearing his answer.


According to you, how important women empowerment is?

In this era, almost every woman is aware of her rights and gradually she is enlighting the world with her wisdom. It is extremely important to know what a guy thinks about this empowerment. You can ask your guy this question and see how he answers to that.


How do you calm yourself when you feel demotivated?

This is a scenario that happens many times with us. Sometimes, this busy world, scenario, and many more things make us extremely demotivated. Once motivation is lost, it becomes difficult to continue.

Different people react differently. Ask your partner to know how he motivates himself during these distressful scenarios.


Do you love reading books? Who is your favorite author?

There is a notion that books are our best friends. Reading any kind of books not only provides wisdom & knowledge but also purifies thoughts. This generation is so engrossed in technology that they hardly find interest in reading books. It would be great if he loves reading. Also, also about his favorite author to know about his choice.


Do you love your job?

It is a thoughtful question. Sometimes, we become so busy that we do not get time to analyze our life. But, it is important to know. Give your partner space and help him to answer this question. If he loves his job, that is marvelous. In case, he doesn’t, help him to define the reasons.


If not this profession, which thing you could also do for a living?

Generally, we are all talented and can do a lot of things. And we always find out our source of earning. So, basically if not this way then we will think the other way round for a living.


Have you ever faced any anger-management issue?

This might seem kind of trivial questions to ask a guy, but can be of great importance. Especially, when we are talking about that person with whom you are going to build a special connection. Anger is something that can occur suddenly, and when it arrives can cause a lot of damage.

Observe the gestures and expressions of your partner while he answers the question. It is truly an important issue.


What is the most adventurous thing have you ever done in your life?

Almost everyone does an adventurous thing at least once in their life. It does feel crazy, right? I am sure that your partner would feel excited to answer this question. And yeah! Don’t forget to share your experience too. It would be an amazing conversation between you two.


Have you ever fantasized any women?

This is undoubtedly a bold question. So, be prepared to hear some bold answers. If he is an extrovert guy, he would tell you everything in detail. Otherwise, you are going to have silent times. So, get ready for a coffee-storming session.


Which is your best song to dance?

Though this is an absurd question for dancers. But otherwise, we all have a holy grail song that compels us to move and groove. So, know his best song. And why not! Dance together with the beat of the music, show him some moves and enjoy.


What did you learn from your past relationship?

A true question in every aspect. Let him answer it with through judgments and details. This question is not only great for a new relationship but at any stage of a relationship, this questions can be asked. Be ready to unravel the darkest mystery of his life.

Deep Questions to Ask a Guy

Deep Questions to Ask a Guy

Deep or thoughtful questions mostly have philosophical touches. At times, these questions can be really dark and sensitive. You may unfold some of the deepest truths of his life. In fact, why not? After all, a healthy relationship should not have any secrets.

The below questions have been prepared, keeping every unforeseen situation in mind. Here are some deep questions to ask a guy has been curated. So, are you ready to unravel the mystery? Let us jump to the details.

  1. Is there any ideology that you believed in the past which is changed now?
  2. If someone asks you to pick one of your biggest negative aspects, then which one would you talk about?
  3. Do people’s judgments hurt you?
  4. If you were a leader, then what are the things you could have done to eradicate poverty in our society?
  5. Do you take criticism seriously?
  6. So, do you analyze yourself at the end of the day?
  7. How important is it to forgive someone for you?
  8. If someone asks you to motivate your parents in their distressful times, then what are the real-life examples would you cite?
  9. How would you convince your parents if they do not let you marry your love?
  10. Who is the person in your life whose loss deeply affected you?
  11. If your partner ever wants you to change yourself, then would you do that?
  12. Intentionally or unintentionally have you ever broken anyone’s heart?
  13. Is there anything you hate about your country?
  14. What are the things you notice at first in a stranger?
  15. Are you a narcissist?
  16. Honesty is always the best policy– what do you think of this old adage?
  17. Have you ever taken any compulsive decision in your life that is beneficial to you?
  18. If your 3 wishes get a grant, then what would you long for?
  19. Whom do you love the most between your parents?
  20. Do you believe in Karma, that action and reaction follow each other?
  21. Have you witnessed anything that has changed your life forever?
  22. If any war-like situation occurs on a fine morning, then would you fight or flee?
  23. If someone takes advantage of your good morale, then how would you tackle the situation?
  24. There is a famous adage that everything is fair in love and war – What is your take on that?
  25. Do you believe in sharing everything with your partner?
  26. What is the best quality of yours, that very few people have?
  27. Would you be with your partner if you find that she is drug-addicted?
  28. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been provided?
  29. Is there anything that could have made you more self-confident than what you are today?
  30. Is there anything that exceptionally good about your parents?
  31. If you have an ample amount of money, then how differently and wisely would you lead the life?
  32. Do you save money or just love to be extravagant?
  33. If you find a cheap version of anything luxurious, then which one would you choose and why?
  34. Are you a liberal or a political person?
  35. Many say that soon something would destroy our planet Earth, do you think like that?
  36. Who is the most punctual person you have ever met?
  37. Which culture attracts you the most?
  38. A person without self-confidence is nothing but a bunch of straw – do you think in the same way?
  39. If someone passes critical comment when your mood is off, what will you do?
  40. Do you ever fake your personality just to showcase an artificial you?
  41. Has anyone ever rebuked you in spite of doing some good job?
  42. What is the biggest risk you have ever taken in your life?
  43. At times, we see reports of self-killing in newspapers. What is your take on Euthanasia or Self-killing?
  44. Have you ever heard of mercy-killing? What is your opinion on that?
  45. How long do you take usually to understand a certain person and personality?
  46. Is there anything you always wanted to tell your ex but you never got a chance?
  47. Do you follow any principle in life or just love to go with the flow?
  48. Have you ever met anyone through Tinder?
  49. What is the most bizarre thing you experienced on your first date?
  50. What is the thing you respect the most about your best friend?
  51. Do you ever judge your friends in a wrongful manner?
  52. If you have any grudge against a particular person, then would you tell him directly?
  53. Have you ever faced any controversy or criticality?
  54. So, many people say nowadays, that people have lost humanity. What is your take on that?
  55. Eyes don’t lie, right or wrong?
  56. If your best-buddy openly lies about you, then would you confront him/her openly or just take some time to understand the motive?
  57. So, has anyone ever cheated you?
  58. What is the one thing you want to carry with you in an unknown place?
  59. Technology has some negative aspects too; do you think similarly?
  60. What is the best thing you have learned from mother Earth?
  61. If you are lost in a country where the people can hardly speak your language, then what would you do in order to reach home safely?
  62. What are the things you usually do to defend yourself?
  63. Is there anything that you repeatedly do but always realize that you should not do that?
  64. Do you consider yourself philosophical?
  65. Have you ever saved anyone from suicide?
  66. If you could inject one idea in everyone’s mind, what could it be?
  67. Why do you think that the life of a human being is precious?
  68. Do your parents support you in every situation? Have you faced any opposition from them ever?
  69. Last time, when did you cry just like a baby? You just completely forgot your surroundings?
  70. So, have you ever experienced anything bizarre in your childhood?
  71. If you wrote the anthem of your country, what could have been the first line of the song?

Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy

Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy

Guys feel joyous when girls ask them interesting questions. It gives them a clear signal that the girl is extremely interested in the guy. Isn’t it amazing?

So, here we will give you a bunch of interesting questions. The questions are mostly open-ended so both girl and boy can have a long-term discussion. These are made in such a way that you will find them relevant to various situations. So, are you ready to fly high? Let us dig up the interesting questions to ask a guy.

  1. What is the change you want to bring in your life as soon as possible?
  2. Who is the most bad-ass person you have ever seen in your life?
  3. So, have you ever met your doppelganger?
  4. How long your first kiss was?
  5. If you are asked to, then which negative point would you point to you?
  6. What is your dream wedding place?
  7. Which food do you eat when you feel depressed?
  8. So, how would you define your best buddy?
  9. Are you doing your dream job now or you want to change your recent job?
  10. Which is the one thing you want to do before you leave this earth?
  11. What is your definition of an ideal partner?
  12. What is the next big thing in your life?
  13. So, who can make you really happy?
  14. If you are asked to make a viral video, which issue would you showcase?
  15. So, who is a real man? – According to you.
  16. How much would you rate your humor?
  17. Do you think that your life partner can be your role model too?
  18. Do you love kids?
  19. So, which food gives you tremendous happiness?
  20. What is the funniest thing you have done today?
  21. Which meme gave you a real LOL moment?
  22. Who bothers you the most?
  23. Does life change when you find someone special in your life?
  24. So, what is the most intelligent thing you have ever done?
  25. Which is the one product that remained on your wish list for a long time?
  26. Which is the one thing you wished you have never done?
  27. Do you judge a book by its cover?
  28. Do you buy products totally being influenced by brand advertisements?
  29. What is the one thing you find attractive about a woman?
  30. How do you treat your enemies?
  31. How do you look at the world?
  32. What is the one thing necessary to lead a happy life?
  33. So, how do you want to be remembered?
  34. What is the most impressive thing you have ever done in your life?
  35. Are you afraid of ghosts?
  36. Are you phobic about any bug or insects?
  37. If someone deliberately blames you for something that you have not done, how would you tackle that person?
  38. Have you ever done anything brave?
  39. Do you think black and white are mysterious colors?
  40. Which movie character does resemble you?
  41. Which cartoon always makes you nostalgic about your childhood?
  42. Which is the one thing you used to do as a child, but you still love to do?
  43. Do you believe in women’s empowerment?
  44. So, what is the one thing men should learn from women?
  45. What is your type of fragrance?
  46. So, have you ever fallen in love with a movie character?
  47. What is the one thing you wished you could do?
  48. So, which is the best ice-cream you have ever tasted?
  49. How do you convince people?
  50. What is your favorite summer drink?
  51. So, what is the funniest report you have ever read in the newspaper?
  52. Which is the safest place according to you apart from home?
  53. So, if you ever fall in love with your best friend, how would you propose the person?
  54. What is your definition of a romantic date night?
  55. What is the perfume you want to wear on your D-day?
  56. So, how long do you take to cope with an unpleasant situation?
  57. If you are asked to do an illegal thing in your job, would you do that just to save your job?
  58. Our life is full of unforeseen circumstances – do you think in this way?
  59. Do you blush in front of your crush?
  60. So, what is the strangest thing you have done in front of your crush?
  61. What is the one thing people find very difficult but you do that easily?
  62. Do you think that life could have been better without examinations?
  63. An average girl with a golden heart or just a beautiful girl – whom would you choose?
  64. What is the song that can make you sing or dance anywhere?
  65. If you suddenly reach the Space, how would you react?
  66. Who is the most beautiful person according to you?
  67. Do you love or hate studying?
  68. In which subject, you score 100?
  69. So, do you believe that you are absolutely an amazing person?
  70. Do you believe anyone easily?

Funny Questions to Ask a Guy

Funny Questions to Ask a Guy

Laughter is such a thing that almost everyone is hungry for that. But how difficult or easy is it to think of funny questions to ask a guy? 

It is definitely not an easy task to impress a person with humor. But we strongly believe that we can help you. Here, we have shared some funny questions to ask a guy. Be ready to gift him some hilarious memorable moments.

  1. If a movie is made on your life, then what would be the name of your character?
  2. If suddenly a pie is thrown at you, then which flavor would you love to taste?
  3. In a beautiful morning, if suddenly your crush comes at your doorstep and wants to marry you, how will you react?
  4. How many scores would you give to my humor quotient?
  5. If you ever find yourself on a lonely island on your birthday, then with whom would you celebrate?
  6. Do you remember any situation, where you laughed so hard that you almost peed in your pants?
  7. Would you kiss your bride if she breathes badly on the day of your marriage?
  8. What is the best punch-line you have ever heard of?
  9. If a beautiful lady requests a date night with you, then how would you respond?
  10. If you find a frog with a crown, then which story would come to your mind first?
  11. What is the funniest compliment you have ever received?
  12. Do you find your lady boss attractive?
  13. What is the best adult joke you have ever read?
  14. If you ever participate in a show like Big Brother, then what would be your strategy?
  15. Are you naughty?
  16. Which is the one thing that makes you crazy about a woman?
  17. If suddenly your yawn becomes viral, then what would be your reaction?
  18. Which is the funniest thing you have ever said to a lady?
  19. What is the silliest thing you have done in the hangover stage?
  20. If your wife and mom fight over a trivial issue, then whose side would you take?
  21. What do you do in a boring office meeting?
  22. What is the funniest thing you have done in front of your crush?
  23. Have you ever had a crush on your school teacher?
  24. Coffee with a celeb or coffee with your date – what would you prefer?
  25. Have you got caught while watching an adult movie?
  26. What is the one nickname you have, that everybody laughs at?
  27. A cozy evening with your lady love – what is the first thing would you do to impress her?
  28. Have you ever tried to make a girl crazy by applying sexy perfume, as the advertisements suggest?
  29. If I call you extremely handsome, then would you take that as a hint of a proposal?
  30. Which funniest movie have you watched to date?
  31. How would you introduce your girl to your mother?
  32. Do you turn on easily?
  33. Have you ever sneezed at anyone’s face?
  34. Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation?
  35. What is the silliest thing you believed as a child?
  36. Which food makes you happy, but others mostly find that boring?
  37. If you suddenly find that everyone in the office actually has heard your monologue, then how would you react?
  38. Have you ever had experienced ‘Friends with Benefits’ moments?
  39. Which is the funniest villainous character according to you?
  40. Except for ‘Stone, Paper, Scissor’ game, which is the best game to solve disagreements?
  41. Who can make you laugh really hard among your friends?
  42. Which country would you like to visit as the President of a country?
  43. Which movie scene would you like to recreate on your honeymoon?
  44. How do you enjoy the holidays?
  45. Do you get bored with preaching?
  46. If you ever get a chance, then would you go back to your previous relationship?
  47. What is the funny thing about me?
  48. Do you have any theme song in your life?
  49. What is the one thing you are best at?
  50. Who comes often in your wildest dreams?
  51. What is the funniest prank you have ever made on someone?
  52. Clean shaved or bearded look – which one is your favorite?
  53. If suddenly a bunch of girls becomes crazy for you, then how would you handle them?
  54. If your mom finds you kissing a girl, then what would be your reaction?
  55. Would you ever marry the daughter of a mafia don?
  56. If you find that your girlfriend can fly like Superman, then how surprised would you be?
  57. Have your parents ever caught you doing something really bad-ass?
  58. What is the one food you ask everyone to taste, but they never do?
  59. If the ugliest girl in your office who actually has a golden heart, ever proposes you, then would you accept that?
  60. How long did it take you to understand that Santa never gave you any gifts?
  61. If given a chance, then how differently would you like to live your life?
  62. What was the first slang you learned?
  63. Do you still blush when you see your favorite actress on TV?
  64. Which movie that you went to watch in a theatre with family, turned out to be the worst movie of all-time?
  65. Have you ever met anyone who looks exactly like a Barbie Doll?
  66. In which standard, you finally understood the real meaning of love?
  67. What is your favorite accessory?
  68. One thing that you never leave your house without?
  69. Have you ever fought with a real bad guy?
  70. What is the one thing you dislike about ‘Cinderella’?
  71. Which animation movie did motivate you?
  72. Do you believe in casual dating?
  73. If you suddenly find your office boss in the same restaurant where you are currently dating someone, then would you hide or would you just walk in front of him hand-in-hand with her?
  74. What is the craziest thing you have done on a date night?
  75. Has anyone proposed to you in recent times?
  76. Has anyone ever called you a party pooper?
  77. If in a game, you are asked to kiss a random girl in a shopping mall, then how would you tackle that?
  78. Is there any video that always makes you go ‘rofl’?
  79. What is the silliest thing you have ever been gifted?
  80. If you find two of your best buddies dating each other, then what would be your reaction?

Personal Questions to Ask a Guy

Personal Questions to Ask a Guy

Personal questions to ask a guy! – We can see your frowning look after reading the title.  Oh, yes! Don’t be surprised because you can always ask personal questions to a guy. Guys become extremely interested when girls ask them questions. It gives them a clear indication that the girl is eager to know him better.

These personal questions to ask a guy are a combination of closed-end and open-end questions. You can always encourage him to explain everything. The questions are made for a variety of situations. So, are you ready to dig up? Let us enter the details.

  1. What do you feel when you look at a very beautiful lady?
  2. Do you donate when you find homeless persons?
  3. Which is one thing you hate the most in your character?
  4. What do you do when you are home alone?
  5. Are you in your happy space right now?
  6. What do you do when you are extremely upset or annoyed?
  7. Have you ever taken any worst decision?
  8. Do you think you can motivate others?
  9. Which is one thing you want to rectify?
  10. Which is the most important thing in life – love or money?
  11. Are you adventurous?
  12. How do you tackle embarrassing situations?
  13. When did you lose your virginity?
  14. Do you love honesty?
  15. If you are asked to choose any one between your girlfriend and best friend, then whom would you choose?
  16. Have you ever lied to your parents?
  17. Do you love ice creams? If yes, then which flavor is your favorite?
  18. Who does take care of you most apart from your mom and dad?
  19. Life is full of risks; do you believe this fact. If not, then why?
  20. Which moment do you enjoy the most on a particular day?
  21. Have you ever cheated on an exam?
  22. Do you love yourself or not?
  23. Do you like freedom or disciplined life?
  24. If you are asked to kiss a girl on a Truth n Dare game, then would you do that?
  25. In which standard, you had a crush?
  26. Do you want people to take you seriously or casually?
  27. Which is the one song you sing often?
  28. If you are asked to motivate a person, then how would you do so?
  29. Whom do you love the most in your life?
  30. Whom would you prefer, a slim tall lady or a chubby lady?
  31. So, do you love tea or coffee?
  32. Are you clever or foolish, what do you think?
  33. If a situation arrives, then would you ever save your colleagues by blaming yourself for their mistakes?
  34. So, which is the one white lie you often tell people?
  35. Do you love to party or quiet place?
  36. How did you meet your first date?
  37. If you ever fall in love with your childhood friend, then would you be happy?
  38. Do you believe in steady relationships or casual dating?
  39. So, do you believe that positive thoughts are tremendously powerful?
  40. How do you manage your time?
  41. So, what is the definition of success in your life?
  42. According to you, which is the basis of a healthy relationship?
  43. Do you analyze yourself at the end of the day? How do you do that?
  44. So, do you love street foods or a healthy diet?
  45. Which is your favorite junk food chain?
  46. Do you buy luxurious clothing or a simple lifestyle?
  47. Which fragrance is your all-time favorite?
  48. Have you fought with anyone in your life?
  49. So, which is your favorite question in Truth n Dare game?
  50. What is the weirdest thing in your family?
  51. Which tradition are you still following?
  52. Which is the one thing that completes you?
  53. So, have you ever become super aggressive?
  54. Do you have anything that you always carry with you?
  55. Do you think that women are more powerful than men?
  56. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?
  57. Which is the one thing that always excites you in life?
  58. Have you played ‘never have I ever’ game?
  59. How do you celebrate your success and repent at your failure?
  60. So, in which game you are quite an expert?
  61. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  62. Do you have any weakness in your life?
  63. So, are you a political person?
  64. Is there anyone in your life who bothers you always?
  65. So, who is your support pillar in life?
  66. Dreams come true – what is your opinion on that?
  67. So, what is the one advice you want to give to the younger generation?
  68. Are you a supporter of revengeful actions?
  69. Do you have any favorite place that you only visit whenever you feel alone?
  70. What is the most horrible nightmare you have ever seen?
  71. Have you accomplished the goal of your life?
  72. Which is the one food you would like to taste only with your life partner?

Random Questions to Ask a Guy

Random Questions to Ask a Guy

It is extremely important in any relationship to keep the flame burning. But the question is how to do so. And, right now you might be wondering when we are going to tell you the main thing. Well! We will not let you wait for long. Here, we are going to give you a list of random questions to ask a guy. Now, without any more exaggeration, let’s hop inside.

  1. What is the most amazing thing you did recently?
  2. What is the first unusual thing you do in the morning?
  3. Have you ever get caught while watching adult films?
  4. If you ever get lost in the woods, then how would you survive?
  5. What is the funniest thing you have ever read?
  6. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever created?
  7. Do you follow any ritual before going to bed?
  8. Which gadget does provide you the utmost happiness?
  9. What is the first thing you notice in a stranger?
  10. What is the one thing you feel that makes a person bad?
  11. How would you rate yourself as a student?
  12. Which is the one thing you always love to do?
  13. Good morning or good night – Which sounds best to you?
  14. Which planet attracts you?
  15. Have you ever watched a horribly bad film alone in the theatre?
  16. Which is the one thing you hate the most?
  17. If a movie is made on, I feel your life, then what should be the name of the movie?
  18. On a romantic date night, which food would you like to offer your lady?
  19. What is the most luxurious gift you have ever received?
  20. If in a certain situation, you come face to face with a real bad man. Then would you ever fight with him?
  21. Which celebrity have you met in real life?
  22. Which is the most horrible song you have ever heard?
  23. One food that makes you super happy whenever you eat that?
  24. If you are trapped in your own house for a month, then how would you survive?
  25. Who love you as much as your parents do?
  26. If you can remember, what is the most amazing dream you have ever seen?
  27. Have you ever tried any illegal food or beverage?
  28. Would you rate your life 10/10?
  29. Suddenly, if Police raid your house and during frisking, they find some illegal objects in your pocket. What would be your reaction?
  30. Which is the one book that you found so interesting that you finished at one go?
  31. If your partner ever lies to you, then would you forgive her?
  32. What is the coolest gadget you have?
  33. Have you ever experimented with something cringy with your mobile phone?
  34. Is there anything you hate but have to use it every day?
  35. So, what is the one thing that separates you from many people?
  36. Have you ever predicted that a movie would flop after merely watching the trailer only, and it happened in reality?
  37. What is the specialty of your personality?
  38. Do you wear any signature clothing?
  39. Is there anything unusual about you?
  40. How quickly can you befriend anyone?
  41. Do you love your name?
  42. If you go for a long drive, then whom would you want as your partner?
  43. What is the most brilliant idea you have heard of?
  44. If someone ever asks you, then would you change everything about you?
  45. If you are asked to capture your life in a photo frame, then what would be the caption of the photo?
  46. Which movie according to you is the most underrated?
  47. If you rewind your life to 5 years back, and if you try to remember. Have you achieved everything that you dreamt of?
  48. Who bothers you so much that you almost try to avoid the person?
  49. If a beautiful girl proposes to you, then what would be your answer to her?
  50. Has anyone ever deceived you?
  51. So, what is the worst thing you have ever said to anyone?
  52. Have you ever insulted anyone in such a way that sounded funny?
  53. If you ever write a book, then what would be its title?
  54. What were your favorite dishes in childhood?
  55. Which phase of your life you still miss?
  56. Chicken or Egg – which one came first?
  57. If you ever want to replace any part of your body, then which part would it be?
  58. Name your favorite movie that is totally based on a famous book?
  59. Are you doing the job that you always dreamt of or you are unhappy with it?
  60. Do you think that your life partner can become your role model?
  61. Which is the one thing you find very difficult but others can do very easily?
  62. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?
  63. What is the one thing you hate about the education system?
  64. If you do something wrong, then do you say sorry easily?
  65. Who gave you the best compliment of your life?
  66. What is the food you love to eat during any celebration?
  67. Have you ever taken a meal in a famous restaurant without paying a single penny?
  68. So, what is the most unusual thing has happened to you today?

These are the top 400+ questions to ask a guy. Some of the questions are perfect for the first date, some are perfect for a new relationship. Always remember few things that not only focus on the questions but equally focus on his answers. Otherwise, he might feel that you are not interested. It is always desirable to ask open-ended questions to keep the discussion alive. So, these questions are amazing to ask a guy and keep the relationship smooth and interesting forever. So, are you ready now? We wish you all the good charms and spells.


  • Ask every question with the same amount of joy and curiosity.
  • Make the ambiance positive and lively.
  • Do not take a pause in between two questions.
  • Never ever force him to answer something he dislikes.
  • Also, never ask anything that you could not answer as well.