600+ Questions to Ask A Girl

Questions to Ask A Girl
By Subhash Das Updated

Have you ever thought of the questions to ask a girl? Well! If you’re trying to win over a girl for a long time and she finally agrees to go on a date with you, you’re the one lucky guy! But you need to make sure that this long-awaited date turns out to be an enjoyable one. Or else the girl of your dreams might lose interest in you.

The secret of wooing a girl is to never make her feel bored. So, for the very first date, you need to come up with a set of questions which would entertain her as well as impress her. But, keep in mind one thing, you can’t ask her any offensive questions; you need to ask some funny or sensitive questions which she enjoys answering.

Here we’re listing 600+ fascinating questions to ask a girl. But make sure you don’t ask her all of them at one go. Save some for the next dates as well.

Questions to Ask A Girl to Know about Her

These questions are amazing as conversations starters. Each question has been described in brief to provide you a better insight. None of these has a deep or shadowy undertone. So, feel free to ask these to any woman. And, now it’s time to explore the list.


What is your biggest achievement till now?

Whether it is a guy or a girl, everybody loves it when you want to know about their achievements. The achievement might not be a huge one, but if you ask a girl this question, she is bound to think that you care. And any girl would absolutely appreciate it if you show interest in her accomplishments. So, don’t hesitate to ask her about all those success stories which are not that big for the world but which make her feel proud of herself.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

This question would make a girl think. And women absolutely like those guys who make them think. Now craziest things can be of many types; it can be something scary, something adventurous or even something totally out of the box. If she answers honestly, then you can actually get an idea about her personality.


What is the best advice that you’ve got from your parents?

Trust me it is one of the best questions to ask. Any girl loves to talk about her parents and the values their parents have passed on to them. You might not be very overwhelmed to get an answer to this question, but it would mean a lot to her. This question, in fact, has the potential to win you another date with her.


What is the one fashion trend That you’re crushing on right now?

Not all girls are into fashion. In fact, by asking this question, you can get a clear idea about the fact that if your girl has an eye for fashion or not.


If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Most of us are not happy with the way things have shaped up in our lives. And if we ever get a time machine, then there are certain things which we all would like to change our past. Hence, this is another one of the questions which would make her think hard.


What is your dream destination?

One of the best questions to ask a girl is about her dream destination. It might be a place she has already visited or a place she is dying to visit. And once you find out how badly she wants to go to that place, you can always tell her that someday you two would go there together. This would surely make her happy.


Which is that one movie that you can watch again and again without getting bored?

Another one of the interesting questions to ask is about her favorite movie. In fact, girls can have multiple favorite movies depending on their moods. But there has to be one movie for every girl which she can watch anytime and every time without getting bored at all. It is that one movie which she watches when she is sad, happy, sleepy, angry or whatever! Once you know the name of that movie, you have already known her deepest secret. And if she gets mad at you, all you have to do is to show her that one movie and things would be good again.


Which book are you reading right now?

Not all-girls love reading but if the girl you like is a bibliophile, then a discussion about books would make her curious instantly. Hence this is another one of the decent questions indeed. And if you too are a bookworm then you guys would have tons of things to talk about.


What is that one thing which you’ve bought but never really used?

Every girl’s wardrobe is filled with tons of things which they have bought but never used. Hence, it is one of the funniest questions to ask your girl. She too probably has a set of unused things at her home. And once you ask her this question she is bound to blush; in fact, this question can make both of you laugh for a long time.


What scares the hell out of you?

This is one of the funniest questions to ask a girl. Sometimes girls get scared of things which are not actually that scary, like, cockroaches. So, once she starts telling about the things she is afraid of, you both might enjoy it. But if the things which she is afraid of are actually terrifying, then you better skip the question.


What is your dream job?

Most of us are actually not doing what we love. Like, the girl you like might be a banker, but what she actually wants to be is a writer. TThis question would totally make her describe her passion. When she starts describing her dream job with sparkles in her eyes, that is when you would realize what makes her happy.


What is the one thing that you wish to do before you die?

Everybody has a bucket list and we all want to make sure that every point on that list is checked before we die. The girl you like too has her own list of things which she wants to do before she takes her last breath. It is a good idea to ask her about those things. That would help you in understanding her dreams and madness.


Are you a cat person or a dog person?

There is hardly a person who has a soft corner for both cats and dogs. Dog lovers generally can’t stand cats and cat lovers generally like to stay away from dogs. It is really important to know whether she is a cat person or a dog person. If you both belong to the same category, then nothing can beat that. To know your girl better, you must include this one to the list.


What according to you is the one character trait that everybody should own?

The answer to this question would straight away detect her thought process. The answer to such questions varies from girl to girl. For one girl it might be honesty, for another, it might be loyalty. Make sure that you have that characteristic in you or else she might not stay with you for long.


What Is the best gift that you have ever received?

Most of the girls like receiving gifts. And hopefully, your girl too is one of them. As you get an answer to this question, it would help you in understanding her choices and preferences. And you might gift her something exactly like that to amaze her.


How do you chill after a hectic day of work?

Different persons have different ways of relaxing after a frantic work day. Some might hit the pub for refreshment while some might prefer enjoying a movie at home. What does your girl prefer? It is one of the good questions to ask so that next time you can cheer her up when she is tired.


What Is your favorite cuisine?

If you’re already planning the next date with her and this time you want to move beyond a coffee shop and go to a proper restaurant, then it is better to ask about her favorite cuisine. Or else how would you know where to go? You might take her to a Chinese restaurant and it turns out that she hates Chinese food and is all for Continental food. So, it is another one of the most important questions to ask a girl, so that you can plan the next date accordingly.


What do you do when you’re sad?

It is important to know what is her way of coping with pain. If you’re thinking of staying for long in her life then you better ask her what she likes doing when she is sad, because pretty soon it is going to be your responsibility to rejuvenate her mood.


How do you calm yourself when you’re angry?

The way you need to know what makes her happy when she is sad, in the same way, you need to know how to calm her down when she is angry. Don’t you think that to know your girl properly, you need these type of questions to ask a girl?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure means a certain thing that we know might not be good for our health, but we still end up doing it as we can’t help it. Possibly, the girl you like too has her own set of guilty pleasures, be it chocolate or eating too much pizza and so on. This might be something which you both laugh about.


Do you love surprises?

Another one of the good questions which you can ask a girl is if she enjoys surprises or not. The answer is probably going to be yes, and you can totally plan a pleasant surprise for her on her birthday.


Who are you closer to, mom or dad?

One of the best questions to ask is how close she is to her parents; or more specifically who is she closer to, her mother or her father. This would give you an idea of how much influence her parents have on her life.


What is that one childhood memory that you still cherish?

Everybody has certain memories from their childhood which never really gets old. Probably, your girl too has one of those cherished memories. It is going to make her feel special if you ask her about them. It is, therefore also, one of the deepest questions to ask her.


Who is your favorite movie star?

Every girl generally has a favorite movie star and they’re crazy about them. The girl you like too probably has a major crush on one of the film stars and quite obviously she has not missed a single movie of him. Once you ask her this question she would give you a detailed description of why she likes that particular star and what is her favorite movie of him and so on. 


Which song goes best with the journey of your life?

This is one of the most interesting questions to ask a girl. If she is a musicophile and listens to a lot of songs, then there is definitely going to be that one song which she thinks can be the theme song for her life. And if you ask her this question you would be more familiar with her taste in music.


Which indoor and outdoor game do you enjoy playing the most?

This question is a good one to understand about her extracurricular activities. If she names a game like Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Tennis, Chess, Cards etc. then it surely means that she is too much into sports. A girl with a sports background is bound to be smart and cool. So, don’t hesitate to ask this question if you really want to understand her better.


Which is your favorite social networking site?

This is one of those questions which is a bit flirty. Once you know her favorite social networking site, the next thing you would do is send her a request or follow her. But then sometimes a little bit flirting is healthy. So, go on and ask her.


What is that one dish that nobody can cook better than you?

If she is passionate about cooking and loves trying new recipes, then this question would definitely overwhelm her.  You may even ask her to cook you a dish someday. But this is one of those questions where you can go wrong if you make a silly comment. Like if she says she is not good at cooking and you being a guy make a chauvinistic comment, then your first date is going to be your last date with her. So, choose your words wisely.


Do you like making new friends or are you happy with your small friend circle?

Meeting new people is a different thing and making them close friends is another thing. Any person might require meeting a lot of people for work purpose, but how many of them actually turn out to be friends? When it comes to friendship, we’re generally comfortable with our tiny group of friends. So, know about her friends by asking this question.


Do you believe in the concept of destiny?

She might or she might not. But there is no harm in asking. The girl you like can be a believer in destiny or she might be too logical to think that way. She might be one of those people who has an explanation for every event and she does not believe in a childish thing called destiny. Whatever the case may be, this is one of the best questions that you can ask a girl.


Who was your first crush?

The first crush is special for everybody, be it a guy or a girl. Her first crush can be a movie star, a cricketer, a teacher or even a friend. You both can laugh at the silly things she did to impress her crush.


What is the best thing about being a woman?

If you ask this question to her you would be able to understand if she is happy about being a woman or not. Does she have a lot of complaints or is she proud of being a woman? This question would help you in knowing her from the core. The beauty of the question is that it can be asked to any woman of any age.


What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made to date?

Another one of the hilarious questions to ask is this one. Fashion might not be a very big thing for guys but for girls, fashion is a big deal. And if a girl has ever made a fashion mistake, it takes her a lot of time to forget that.


Who is that one person you’ve not met for a long time and you miss terribly?

The girl you like might have a friend with whom she is not in touch with anymore, but she misses that person too much. Asking this question would make her emotional and if you encourage her to meet that person, you’re bound to become special for her. Hence it is one of those questions to ask a girl which would help you in making a good impression on her.


What is your nickname?

There is hardly anyone who does not own a nickname. In fact, most of the nicknames are weird and come with some crazy stories. If she starts telling all those stories, you two are definitely going to have a lot of fun.


What is the best compliment you’ve got till now?

There is nothing sharper than a girl’s memory. And if a girl ever gets a compliment, she is most likely to remember that. It is, therefore, one of the coolest questions to ask because, in the future, you too can give a compliment to her in the same way. That is why it is important to know these types of questions.


Do you believe in Horoscopes and Zodiac signs?

A lot of people believe in stuff like astrology, horoscopes, zodiac signs etc. and it is not a very exceptional thing if the girl you like believes in these things too. In fact, if she holds an interest in these matters you can gain some knowledge as well.


Are you still in touch with your school friends?

School friends were probably the only set of friends who were selfless. And if you’re still in touch with your school friends then nobody is luckier than you. Hence, it is one of the nicest questions to ask a girl if she is still in touch with her school friends or not.


What is that one decision you’re proud of in life?

There are a lot of decisions which we’re proud of, like a decision to choose the right career or a decision to leave a toxic relationship or even a decision to wear a certain dress on a certain occasion. And it would be kind of you to ask this question to her.


How often do you see yourself in the mirror?

This question might sound a bit irrelevant as most of the girls love to see themselves in the mirror. But then again, there are definitely some exceptions. So, it can be one of the funniest questions to ask a girl if not a very reasonable one.


If you could change one thing about our society, what would it be?

A girl faces a lot of such incidents in her life which are hostile and often embarrassing. And, once you ask her this question, she is bound to give you tons of suggestions to improve our society in order to make it a safer place for girls. But in case she has a memory so dark that she does not want to answer this question, don’t push her.


Which is your favorite festival?

Festivals were created in the first place to give us some merriments in our otherwise dull lives. Be it Christmas or Thanks Giving or Halloween, each of these festivals has their own essence and rituals. So, it is a decent question to ask a girl.


Do you believe in God?

Is she a believer in God or is she a total atheist? There is no harm in knowing about her beliefs. So, ask her this question and express your interest in her life. Further, you can also enquire about her culture and traditions.


Which season do you like the most in a year?

Another one of the loveliest questions to ask a girl and to know about her is this one. This is totally a random question that way without any depth but if she enjoys attention then she would happily answer this question and would help you in knowing more about her.


What is your idea of a romantic date?

This question is going to be the most beneficial one for you. Memorize each and every point she mentions about her idea of a perfect date. In fact, if possible write them down after she leaves. If you can create a date exactly the way she wants, you are most likely to win her over.


Which is that one place where you feel the safest?

Another nice thing to ask her is this one. A girl might feel the safest at her home or with her family or in her room. This question, in fact, can be quite an icebreaker between the two of you as it would help you in taking the conversation further.


What is your favorite quote?

Most of us have a favorite quote which we look up to at the time of crisis. A quote can be deeply intense, philosophical, or even funny for that matter. So, why not ask her about her favorite quote!


Who do you hang out with most of the time?

Another one of the coolest things to ask a girl is about her friends. But you can ask her this question a bit differently. Without asking her directly about her friends you can ask her who does she generally hang out with. That way you would get an idea about her friend circle.


Do you work out?

This question is going to give you a clue of how health conscious she is or how much staying fit matters to her. Hence, this falls under the category of those questions which let you know her in a better way.


What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

There is hardly a person who does not love ice cream; we all literally scream for ice cream. If you know about your girl’s favorite flavor of ice cream, it is going to be easier for you to order a dessert for her, the next time you go on a date. So, this is one of the most important questions to ask a girl.


Are you diet conscious or foodie?

There are generally two types of girls. Some are the believers of dieting and fitness, while some are keener to satisfy their food cravings as they are total foodies. Which group does your girl belong to? To know that you’ve to ask.


What is your hidden talent?

Every person has some hidden talents or skills which they don’t want to showcase to the world. These hidden talents can be too funny or even too mesmerizing. In order to know about the hidden talents your girl hold, you need to ask her. Hence, this is another one of the coolest questions to ask a girl to know her better.


Who understands you the best in this world?

A person can never really understand himself or herself appropriately; in fact, most of the times it is another person who is very close to her can understand her and figure out the reasons behind her mood swings. Quite obviously, the girl you like too has one such reliable person in her life; it could be her parents or her siblings or her friends and if you want to know who that person is, you can ask this question which is among the most important questions to ask a girl.


Can you speak any foreign language?

If she can speak a foreign language apart from her mother tongue then it is quite a cool thing to look up to. And if you too are efficient in that same language, you guys are bound to have a nice time by talking to each other in that same foreign language. Or even you can ask her to teach you that language.


Who inspires you the most?

Everybody has a role-model in their lives to whom they look up to. It can be a parent, a relative or even a philosopher. This is the person who inspires us in every single step of our lives. Hence, it is among the must-ask questions to ask your sweetheart; as this question would help you in understanding her ideologies and principles.


Do you like taking selfies?

This might sound one of the meaningless questions as most of the girls are fond of taking selfies. But let us assure you that there is a reason why we’re suggesting you ask this question. Because once she confirms that she loves taking selfies, you can ask her to take a selfie with you. But then again, don’t force her into anything.


Are you a shopaholic?

A lot of girls are addicted to shopping and they desperately need a partner to accompany them to the shopping malls. If your girl is a shopaholic then you can totally be her shopping partner, as nothing would cheer her up more than this. So, this can be one of the most beneficial questions.


Which is your favorite genre of movies?

Different people have different tastes when it comes to movies. So, it is a fair question to ask your girl about her favorite genre of movies. It could be anything like horror, sci-fi, rom-com, mystery, thriller and so on. Once you figure out her favorite genre of movies, you both can enjoy a movie sometimes over a bucket of popcorn.


What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told to somebody?

We all keep lying about things. But it is still hard to lie to a person we love, be it our parents or friends or partner. So, once you start knowing her closely, you can ask her this question. But don’t force her if she tries to skip.


Where do you want to see yourself after ten years?

Everybody has certain plans for their future. But things hardly work-out according to our plan. That does not mean we would stop planning. And that’s why this question is residing in our list of questions that you can ask a girl.


What is your biggest phobia?

There are different types of phobias. While some are actually dangerous, some are weird and hilarious. Is your girl hydrophobic? Or is she Acrophobic? How would you know if you don’t ask her! Hence this is among the most important questions.


What is the meaning of your name?

Everybody’s name has certain meanings and if somebody takes interest in knowing the meaning of your name, nothing can make you feel more special. The girl you like would feel good too if you ask the meaning of her name. This is a beautiful one that you can always include in the list of questions to ask a girl.


Are you an early riser or do you sleep late?

Another one of the important questions to ask is if she wakes up early or stays awake till late. This question is necessary because from this information you can understand when should you text her or call her. Also, it is going to help you in knowing her habits.


What is the one Retro Fashion Trend that you think is still evergreen?

This question might not interest you very much but it is interesting to her. So, once you ask this question to the girl you like, she would think that you’re deeply appreciating her sense of fashion. And any girl likes a guy who shows interest in the things she is passionate about.


How long can you live without touching your Mobile and/or Laptop?

Nobody can answer this question unless they have actually tried doing it. And if your girl is among those rare bunch of people who have actually tried staying without a mobile or laptop, then she can absolutely answer this question. Or else it would simply be one of those questions where you both can laugh a lot.


What is that one special moment in your life that you regret not taking a picture of?

Our life is filled with many beautiful moments and not all of them are framed. But there is certainly that one moment for everybody which was way too special and but could not be framed. This is one of the warmest questions that you can ask her and if she starts relying on you she is most likely to tell you the answer.


What is that one hope which is giving you the motivation to carry on in life?

When everything is messed up in our lives, often there is only one ray of hope which keeps us going. Hence, this is one of the deepest questions to ask a girl. If you get an honest answer to this, you can at least guess about the ups and downs she has faced in her life.


Do you miss your childhood?

The answer to this question is quite obvious. Most of us would answer that we miss our childhoods a lot as life was stress-free back then. Adult life is full of anxieties and confusions. If given a chance, we would like to run back to our childhood. Still, it is a lovely question to ask the girl you like as it would make her describe the things she misses the most about her childhood.


Do you have any superstitions?

Another one of the important questions is if she is superstitious or not. She might hold a bunch of irrational and illogical beliefs and if you’re planning to stay in her life you better get aware of them.


Which one do you like more, Beach or Mountain?

Another important question among the list is whether she is a beach person or a mountain person. A beach lover would always end up vacating in a beach while a mountain lover would do anything for a trip in the mountains. To figure out the category she belongs to, you need to ask her this question.


Do you have a sibling or are you an only child?

If you’re actually thinking of knowing her completely then you need to acquire every little detail about her family. And this is one of them. Hence, it is vital to know if she is a single child or does she have siblings.


Have you ever cried for the whole night?

We’re quite confident that if a girl honestly answers this question, she is bound to say yes. there is hardly any girl who has not cried for the whole night at least once in her life. But then again, if she has some painful memories which she does not want to reveal, then it is better that you move on to the next question.


What is your favorite dress style?

Some girls prefer ethnic wear, some like casual dresses and some dress themselves in a formal way. Which style is the favorite of your girl? Ask this question to know about her fashion choice, style, and other likings, so that you can gift her in the future.


What is that one word which describes your character the most?

It is difficult to sum-up someone’s personality by a single word. But then answering this question becomes easier if you find a word which describes your character in the most intense way possible. Hence you can ask this question to her in order to find out what she actually thinks of herself.


Is there anything which you would like to change about me?

Finally, when you feel that she is showing interest in you or is enjoying your company, you can try your luck and ask her this question. Her answer to this question would totally help you in understanding if she is interested in going on another date with you or not.


Why you have chosen me as a life partner?

Sometimes, a question may come in your mind that why your lady love has chosen you instead of anyone. So, if you want to clear that query, then definitely ask her why she has chosen you as her man.

Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

To know her thoughts and also to understand her principles, you need a marvelous set of deep questions to ask a girl. These questions are not age-specific, so you ask these to any woman. So, just hop in to know the list of deep questions to ask a girl without a second thought in your mind.

  1. What are the things you want to do for your country?
  2. Who is your role model?
  3. If a situation arrives, then would you leave your self-pride aside, and help someone in distress?
  4. If you ever come across a situation where two people are trying to kill an innocent, and you are the only witness present there. Then what would you do?
  5. What keeps you so fresh and energetic every day?
  6. Many people believe that in today’s world the young generation has no morality. As an individual person, what is your opinion on it?
  7. What do you think our government should do in order to stop corruption?
  8. If you were a politician, then what are the changes you could have made in our society?
  9. Do you support the concept of self-killing or Euthanasia?
  10. How do you judge a stranger?
  11. Do you think that a person is born evil, or the circumstances make a person like that?
  12. What is the importance of truth in our life?
  13. Which subculture do you love the most, and why does it attract you so much?
  14. Why do people not become successful?
  15. Have you ever been in a wretched condition?
  16. So, what does keep you motivated all the time?
  17. Do you consider yourself a morning person or a night owl?
  18. If a person tries to demotivate you, then how would you refrain that person from doing so?
  19. Do you think that to confine a person within a prison can really stop the crime rates?
  20. How long do you take to understand a particular person and the motive?
  21. Do you think that it is important to set a few goals in life or is it perfectly alright to flow with the trend?
  22. What do you do when you are alone?
  23. Life is full of risks and uncertainties – do you look at life in that way?
  24. What do you do to keep you happy and positive?
  25. What is the best answer you have ever given to a stranger?
  26. So, do you think that our Earth would be destroyed one day?
  27. What are the things that you believe children should learn at a very early stage of life?
  28. Our outside behavior is a reflection of our inner thoughts – do you believe in this thing?
  29. What is the white lie you often tell to your close buddies?
  30. Do you give time to yourself and think about your all-day-long activities?
  31. On a very bad day, when your mood is already swinging up and down; if someone passes hateful remarks about you. Then what would you do?
  32. If your best friend lies to you and tries to defame you in front of other friends, how would you confront that person?
  33. If life gives you a second chance, then would you like to undo your past mistakes?
  34. On a beautiful morning, if you find that a war started last night in your country. Then would you go to serve your country in that fretful situation or would you just try to save yourself as soon as possible?
  35. A person without self-confidence is more like a straw – do you think the same way?
  36. If you suddenly find out that your partner is a drug-addicted, then how would you confront?
  37. What is the secret of a healthy relationship?
  38. What are the qualities of yours would you like to change?
  39. Love can heal anything and everything – what is your judgment on that?
  40. Do you add some fake layers of attitude on the top of your personality?
  41. So, how would you define your character?
  42. If someone tries to flatter you in a wrongful manner, then what would you do with that person?
  43. What is the best piece of advice would you like to give to your next generation?
  44. Honesty is the best policy of all time – do you believe this old saying?
  45. If someone ever says that you look really ugly, how smartly would you teach that person a lesson?
  46. How would you define your country in one word?
  47. Despite maintaining dignity among your friends and family members, have you ever faced any weird situation ever?
  48. Why do you love yourself?
  49. In a certain scenario, if your parents refrain from doing a thing that you think is right, then how would you convince them to give you permission?
  50. Why do you think that the life of a human being is precious?
  51. What is the best piece of advice have you ever been given in your life?
  52. Apart from your parents, who have been with you through every thick and thin?
  53. What would be the basic formula of every person’s life?
  54. Why do you think that it is necessary to follow a role model in your life?
  55. Have you ever taken a lesson from an animated movie?
  56. So, what is the characteristic that separates you from other people?
  57. Do you consider yourself philosophical?
  58. How easy or difficult is it to understand you?
  59. How would you define success, what is your perception?
  60. What will do first after accomplishing success?

Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Most of the girls love to hear interesting things from her friends or special person because she considers such things as intelligence quotients. So, it is extremely important to take these questions very seriously. But you do not need to worry at all because we are here to help you. Here, we will be talking about some interesting questions to ask a girl. So, without further ado, let us start the voyage.

Every person has different interests which you may not know. So, we have provided some interesting questions to ask a girl and fascinate her.

  1. When was the best time in your life?
  2. Would you love to have an adventurous life?
  3. According to you, which thing people learn after ages?
  4. If given a chance, in which country you would love to live in?
  5. What is your type of pizza toppings?
  6. What are the exciting things do you want to do in your life?
  7. A stable life or life full of adventures, which one would you prefer?
  8. Which food according to you is best in taste, but people find it weird?
  9. A partner like Richie Rich or Johnny Bravo, whom would you prefer?
  10. Did you ever fail to meet your expectations?
  11. Which celebrity couple specifically do you think could have been great parents too?
  12. If the President of your country suddenly appears at your doorstep, what would you do for him?
  13. What can turn you on and off instantly?
  14. What is the best dare you had been given indeed to date in a Truth or Dare game?
  15. Which celeb has a similar characteristic as you have?
  16. Which type of pet do you love the most?
  17. What can spoil a perfect dating?
  18. What is your favorite hobby of all time?
  19. Do you love freedom or disciplined life?
  20. Do you love to party hard or just love a small house party consisting of your besties?
  21. Which taboo topic you have in your country, that you think it should not be taboo?
  22. So, when did you find out that Santa is not real?
  23. If you are asked to make a viral video, which category would you choose?
  24. If you had 36 hours instead of 24 hours in a day, what are the extra things you could have done?
  25. What are the bad habits you have that you want to change as soon as possible?
  26. What are the things you feel you fantasized about?
  27. On a very fine morning, if you suddenly find out that you have powers like Spiderman, how would you react?
  28. So, what are the qualities you have that you believe very few people might have?
  29. How would you define your life in one sentence?
  30. What is your best facial feature?
  31. After waking up, what is the first unconventional thing you do in the morning?
  32. For which cause, you would like to donate forever?
  33. So, if you find your favorite makeup store near your home, which thing would you buy first from there?
  34. If you are able to travel through time, where would you like to halt?
  35. What is the thing you wish you had never tried?
  36. Which fact of life always make you feel amazed?
  37. Which animated movie or series you can watch every day?
  38. So, on a beautiful morning, if you find a basket full of makeup at your doorstep, would you use them or try to find out the addressee?
  39. What was the best thing you used to do in your childhood, that you wish you could do today as well?
  40. If life gives you a second chance, which part of your life would you like to undo?
  41. Which culture attracts you the most?
  42. What keeps you energetic all the time?
  43. So, what is your favorite leisure-time activity?
  44. If I ask for a dinner date with you, what would be your answer?
  45. What is the best dream you have ever seen?
  46. What are the things that make you unique?
  47. Do you believe that telling white lies do not affect anyone?
  48. If you are ever asked to choose between love and friendship, how diplomatically would you handle that?
  49. If a biopic is ever made about your life, whom would you like to play your role?
  50. Which beverage can make you feel charming and fresh instantly?
  51. So, who do you think can be your perfect life partner, a prince charming or a common man with an average look?
  52. Do you think you can ever fall in love with someone like Po from the movie Kung Fu Panda?
  53. So, Which things make you feel special?
  54. If you ever come in front of a villain like Megamind, what would you do?
  55. Which TV series do you love the most?
  56. Indoor games or outdoor games, which type of games you love to play?
  57. Which card game is equally interesting as UNO?
  58. What is the most important thing one should do to maintain a healthy relationship?
  59. How many points would you give out of 10 to your general knowledge?
  60. Do you believe that whatever happens with us has a connection with our Karma?
  61. Imagine two channels, one is showing a horror movie, another one is showing a romantic movie, which genre would you choose?
  62. On the whole, what is your definition of a perfect partner?
  63. After having a two-year-long relationship, if you suddenly discover that your partner is nothing but a narcissist, what would you do?
  64. So, do you ever dream about your wedding?
  65. If you do not have to worry about money, how would you like to spend a day?
  66. Which makeup item can make you look dramatic?
  67. What are the things do you do on a holiday?
  68. How do you want to celebrate your 50th birthday?
  69. What is the one thing you always want to keep with you?
  70. What is the one thing you keep in your purse that usually people do not carry around?

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Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

Many times, it becomes difficult to start a conversation on a personal ground. While having a conversation with any girl, it is always important to maintain a certain magnitude of dignity It is also necessary to define a borderline while having a personal talk.

The following set of questions has been made keeping these things in mind. In a word, these questions can be asked to any girl irrespective of the situation. So, are you ready to fly high? Join us on this journey to know some brilliant personal questions to ask a girl.

  1. Which incident shook you to the core and changed your life forever?
  2. So, life without love, is that truly possible?
  3. What is the best piece of advice that you have been given to date?
  4. What is the best piece of advice that you have been given to date?
  5. Do you think that a good look does matter in our daily life?
  6. Last time, when did you become extremely emotional?
  7. Do you consider yourself happy? Why or why not?
  8. Do you let anyone else make decisions on your behalf?
  9. How would you define your life in one word?
  10. Do you judge a book by its cover?
  11. What are the qualities you look for in an ideal partner?
  12. Which aspect of your character you think is negative?
  13. What are the things you want to do before you die?
  14. Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?
  15. Which advice would you give to your sisters and brothers?
  16. Do you have any bad habits?
  17. Do you love yourself or hate yourself?
  18. Have you faced any weird experience ever?
  19. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
  20. A glass of wine or a beautiful book, which one would you prefer after dinner?
  21. If you become an overnight sensation suddenly, how would you cherish the moment?
  22. How do you want to be remembered?
  23. After a bad day, do you chastise your surrounding people?
  24. What is the thing you believe? Though most people don’t believe that.
  25. On the whole, do you love freedom or planning in your life?
  26. Those who do not like you, how do you treat them?
  27. How do you celebrate when you achieve something special?
  28. How differently do you want to celebrate your birthday?
  29. What is your perfect retirement plan?
  30. What is the best phase of your life?
  31. Do you enjoy every moment?
  32. What do you want to wear a beautiful dinner date?
  33. What is the principle you follow in your life?
  34. So, if you were given a chance, would you recheck your past mistakes?
  35. What are the best things about your parents?
  36. If you were given a magical power, what is the first thing you would do?
  37. If someone tries to defame you, would you forgive the person without teaching a lesson?
  38. Which song would you love to listen to again and again?
  39. What is the thing you love to do all the time?
  40. If someone asks you about your weakness, which one would you point out first?
  41. If I ask you to choose a random number between 1 to 100, which one would you pick up?
  42. In a word, can you define the current goals of your life?
  43. On the whole, how do you cope with difficulties indeed?
  44. Do you consider yourself emotional?
  45. Do you believe in the proverb that couples are made in heaven?
  46. Who do you fear the most?
  47. Do you believe in paranormal activities?
  48. So, makeup or accessories, which one would you prefer?
  49. Which is your favorite ‘never have I ever’ line?
  50. Trust is the building block of anything – what is your take on it?
  51. Have you ever faced negative judgments about yourself?
  52. Would you ever go to a dinner date with a boy as chubby as Kung Fu Panda Po?
  53. How do you energize your mind?
  54. Which impression do you want to make for those who meet you for the first time?
  55. So, spending time in the library or in a mall, which one would you prefer?
  56. Which moment can always make you emotional?
  57. How do you pamper yourself on your birthday?
  58. Would you ever take revenge on somebody if the situation arrives?
  59. Have you ever felt embarrassed in any situation ever?
  60. So, how do you manage your time so well?
  61. Do you love fairy tales?
  62. On the whole, how would you define your life in one sentence?
  63. If you ever get a magical power, which Disney character would you like to marry?
  64. Has anyone ever tried to exploit you, how did you handle that?
  65. Women and men are equal – What do you think of that?

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Humor and fun always keep a relationship alive. A healthy relationship would always have life and laughter. Usually, girls enjoy the company of those persons who can make them feel special and also can give them a good laugh.

Is it very difficult to make your girl laugh out loud? Or, is there anything secret? Well! We want to assure you by saying that we have decoded the secret. So, are you ready to take the fun ride now? Let us fly high to know the funny questions to ask a girl.

  1. If you are home alone, would you love to have a big fat ice-cream or a basket full of popcorn?
  2. Have you ever fallen on a dry road while walking?
  3. Suppose, you have given the power to be the teacher of your ex for a day, what would you teach him?
  4. If on a sunny morning, you discover that there is a 100% discount on every cosmetic, then what would you buy in maximum quantity?
  5. What is the funniest thing about me?
  6. If I ever go bald, then how would you react?
  7. Last time when you laughed out so loud and hard, that you almost smudged your eyeliner?
  8. If you are given 50 shades of lipsticks, would you prefer the bold or the nude ones?
  9. Say cheese or say mayonnaise?
  10. If you suddenly discover that I am a ghost, then how would you react?
  11. How do you reciprocate, when someone praises you?
  12. Can you detect whether someone is lying to you or not?
  13. What is the hilarious dare you have ever faced in a game?
  14. In which movie scene, you cried like a baby?
  15. So, which one would you choose, wine or vine?
  16. If you ever find a frog with a crown, then what would be your first reaction?
  17. How long you usually take to draw a cat felt eyeliner?
  18. Money or a lot of cosmetics and jewelry, what would you choose?
  19. Which song do you feel has the funniest lyrics ever possible?
  20. On a humid day when you face both the problems like freezy hair and patchy skin, which one do you feel is the most problematic one?
  21. How would I look in a bunny’s outfit?
  22. Have you ever tasted ice cream with onions?
  23. On a stormy night, if you suddenly discover that you have claws like Wolverine, what would be your first reaction?
  24. So, whom do you love the most between Superman and Superwoman?
  25. Which is your favorite cartoon character?
  26. Whom would you prefer, a boyfriend like Popeye the Sailor Man or someone like Johnny Bravo?
  27. In which standard, you for the first time had a crush on someone?
  28. If someone wants to know your age, then how would you avoid the question?
  29. Have you ever blushed in front of your crush?
  30. A weird moment in front of your crush, how would you manage without looking silly?
  31. Would you consider yourself naughty or sophisticated?
  32. If someone throws a pie at your face, then which flavor would you prefer?
  33. Life without makeup, what do you think of that?
  34. A long walk, would you prefer your boyfriend or your crush as a partner?
  35. A sudden cozy ride with a handsome guy, what would be your wildest imagination?
  36. It is often shown in perfume and deodorant advertisements that girls become crazy for those guys with heavily perfumed, have you ever had any similar experience?
  37. A broad smile or a subtle one, which one attracts you the most?
  38. If I say that you have an infectious and beautiful smile, then would you take that as just a compliment or as a hint of flirtation?
  39. Do you still think that Santa is real?
  40. If you ever discover that your boyfriend has supernatural powers, how would you confront him?
  41. Prince charming, does he really exist?
  42. What do you prefer the most, comfy wear or tight fit clothes?
  43. Noodles or pasta, which one has your heart forever?
  44. Suppose, on a Sunday afternoon, you have applied a white face mask and suddenly someone bangs on the door to make you terrified. But when you open the door, the person almost faints to find you in that condition. What would be your first reaction?
  45. Your reaction when you find out that an owl can dance better than you.
  46. Have you ever felt that a song has hypnotized you and you have been singing that song continuously?
  47. What is your wildest dream ever?
  48. So, if you find that I have a habit of sleeping with soft toys, how would you react?
  49. A romantic night with someone clever and handsome or night with someone silly yet cute, whom would you prefer?
  50. Stiletto or comfy shoe, which one would you prefer on a date night?
  51. So, if Harry Potter becomes real and comes in your life, which magical formula would you learn from him?
  52. Have you ever had any funny experience at parents and teacher meetings?
  53. Do you love to watch Tom and Jerry show?
  54. French Fries or Potato Chips?
  55. If you are asked to do makeup without a mirror, do you think you can do that?
  56. Which comedian you think is the most handsome?
  57. Would you love to dine with your crush wearing a pajama?
  58. If you suddenly find that everyone in the office actually has heard your monologue, how would you react?
  59. So, what is your opinion about the movie ‘Friends with benefits’?
  60. So, what is the funniest prank you have ever played?
  61. Would you ever fall in love with a villain like Megamind?
  62. If a lady buys you a drink, what would be your reaction?
  63. So, if a battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort takes place once again, whom would you support?
  64. If you find that I love to play with soft toys and Barbie dolls, what would be your first reaction?
  65. Which game you believe is the best to solve disagreements apart from rock, paper, and scissors?
  66. Can you defeat me in a wrestling game?
  67. Which color described your nature?
  68. If you are given a whole month to roam in a country, where would you like to go for a trip?
  69. Which movie scene would you like to recreate with me?
  70. If someone wants to gift you a luxury product, then what would you ask for?

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Gone are the days, when girls used to feel intimidating and introvert. They have become a lot more progressive both physically and mentally. So, first, you need to throw away the coat of introverts. Come out of your shell and start feeling confident in front of her.

Well! Definitely, she is not going to kill you. Be ready with a bunch of interesting and sensuous flirty questions to ask a girl. Some of the following questions are quite titillating while some are quite comical. So, give her a tickle of libido that she would not forget ever.

  1. I cannot believe my ears; are you truly single?
  2. What is your favorite game to play with a guy?
  3. What are the qualities you generally look for in a guy?
  4. How would you react if a guy calls you ‘bomb’?
  5. Do you enjoy subtle flirts?
  6. What do you wish to do on your first date?
  7. How was your first makeout night?
  8. Have you ever fantasized about any guy?
  9. Have you ever kissed anyone?
  10. Have you ever been a Sugar baby?
  11. A deep and arousing orgasm lasting for 5 minutes or a boring make out of duration 10 minutes – What would you prefer?
  12. What are you doing this weekend?
  13. What is so fascinating about a man’s body?
  14. If you and your partner get locked in a room, what would you do?
  15. Is there any book that you find very romantic?
  16. Cuddling or Kissing – What do you love more?
  17. Do you want your guy to be super fit or you totally adore any kind of body?
  18. Would you rate intelligence moreover a hot and handsome body?
  19. On your birthday, if a guy writes poetry describing every part of your body, what would be your reaction?
  20. A one-night stand or a steady relationship – What’s on your mind?
  21. What is your wildest imagination to date?
  22. How many scores would you give your kinky side?
  23. How do you rejuvenate and make your mind feel relaxed?
  24. Wow! You look totally impeccable. What is the secret?
  25. How dominating or submissive are you on the bed?
  26. Can you name three of your attractive features?
  27. If a guy kisses you right now, how would you react?
  28. How would you show your love for a guy?
  29. Have you ever proposed anyone?
  30. If I give you a proposal, where would you like to go with me?
  31. If I propose to you right now, what would you say?
  32. All night party or a romantic date night with a handsome guy – what would you prefer more?
  33. Which song makes you crazy and romantic?
  34. The day when you first saw me, what was your thought?
  35. What should be the equation of you with an ideal guy?
  36. Which type of dance do you find very sultry?
  37. One experience that literally made you an adult girl instantly.
  38. Can you recall a movie that you felt quite sultry during your childhood, but now you find that quite normal?
  39. What makes you go crazy whenever you think of it?
  40. If your partner becomes the apple of other girls’ eyes too, what would you do?
  41. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  42. Have you ever been in an awkward situation?
  43. People mostly say that I am cute; what do you think?

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Random Questions to Ask a Girl

Random Questions to Ask a Girl

Random questions are mostly casual, sometimes interesting and sometimes may sound funny. None of the questions would have a serious tone. By saying all of these things, we are pretty sure that these questions would definitely glue her eyes to you. So, buckle up because we are gonna fly high with some random questions to ask a girl.

  1. Which word you often forget how to pronounce?
  2. So, is there any dish that you hate the most?
  3. Apart from your mother tongue, which language you can read, speak, and write well?
  4. Which is your favorite brand of a watch?
  5. If you are gifted with a Limo the luxury car, for one whole day, then how would you spend the day?
  6. If you win a $500 makeup voucher, then what are the things you would buy?
  7. Which type of fragrance do you love the most, woody or floral?
  8. What is your favorite men’s perfume?
  9. If you are asked to tell about your bad habit, then what would you say?
  10. Suddenly if you discover that you have the ability to read the mind of other people, then would you love that?
  11. So, can you tell me some of the best things about your hometown?
  12. Which movie has a great impact on you?
  13. Which Twilight movie series do you love?
  14. Are you a bathroom singer?
  15. Why do your friends love you?
  16. So, do you love to read fairytales?
  17. Do you love the story of Cinderella?
  18. Which is your favorite VIBGYOR color?
  19. What is your favorite subject?
  20. According to you, which place is the most romantic place in the whole world that every couple should go once?
  21. What do you do in your leisure time?
  22. Do you believe in lucky numbers?
  23. Do you have any special outfit that you wear only on special occasions?
  24. Do you believe that it is impossible to forget ‘first love’?
  25. Which song do you sing often?
  26. Which fast food store do you visit often?
  27. Do you love to watch the sports channel?
  28. Which is your favorite animated movie?
  29. If you ever open a shop, then which thing would you sell?
  30. Do you love grocery shopping?
  31. How do you spend holidays?
  32. Do you love to party?
  33. Have you ever broken a rule?
  34. What is one white lie that you often tell?
  35. So, what is your signature outfit?
  36. What is your favorite beach?
  37. Do you love color-treated hair?
  38. What is the first thing you notice in a stranger?
  39. What is your best facial feature?
  40. So, which is the one musical instrument that you would love to know how to play?
  41. Do you love to write articles?
  42. Bohemian or disciplined, which type of lifestyle you prefer?
  43. What is your Sun sign?
  44. If Harry Potter appears in front of you, then what would you ask him?
  45. Do you think that life is unpredictable?
  46. What is the one thing you would not forget ever?
  47. What is one thing you are obsessed with?
  48. Do you ever become such an aggressive that can harm people?
  49. What is the one thing you admire about your best friend?
  50. Do you consider yourself fortunate enough?
  51. What is the most important thing in a relationship?
  52. What is the first unique thing you do in the morning?
  53. Do you ever fake your personality?
  54. Which is the one food, you can eat any time a day?
  55. What are the things that can make you happy?
  56. Have you ever lied to yourself?
  57. How long do you take to finish your makeup?
  58. What is the one makeup item that can pull up your look from 0 to 100?
  59. So, what do you think, how powerful the word ‘sorry’ is?
  60. Do you love to wear a crop top?
  61. Do you love to go with the trend or you create your own statement?
  62. What is the one thing you consider very romantic?
  63. If given a chance, then would you live your life differently?
  64. If you find that your best friend is actually your perfect life-partner, then would you be happy?
  65. What is the one thing that can impress you?
  66. Have you ever left your home wearing two different types of shoes?
  67. Who is your biggest admirer?
  68. What is the best commercial video you have ever watched?
  69. So, how do you want to decorate your dream house?
  70. What is the funniest meme you have ever seen?
  71. Did you have any LOL moment this week?
  72. So, are you afraid of heights?
  73. Are you scared of bugs or animals?
  74. Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?
  75. Do you believe in ghosts?
  76. So, what is the hoax you believed in as a child?
  77. Do you love to add items to your wish list?
  78. If a biopic is made based on your life ever, then which celebrity would you like to play your character?
  79. Have you ever been inspired by watching an interview?
  80. Common people can do magical things sometimes – do you believe this?
  81. Have you ever been in love only by hearing someone’s voice over the telephone?
  82. Girls usually do not want to disclose their age – are you different?
  83. If you do not need to worry about money, then how would you enjoy your life?
  84. How do you feel on Monday when you spend a long holiday?
  85. On a particular day, do you ever want someone just to hold you in his arms?
  86. If you suddenly come across your favorite actor at your favorite store, then what would be your reaction?
  87. What are your favorite hobbies?
  88. Who can be your perfect dance partner?
  89. What do you think first when you find a very lovely couple walking on the street by holding each other’s hands?
  90. What is the most badass movie you have ever watched?
  91. Are you a vegan or a non-vegan person?
  92. Which food can make you happy on a bad day?
  93. Do you yell at people often?
  94. How do you motivate yourself when you are extremely depressed?
  95. Have you ever played ‘Truth or Dare’ game?
  96. Who is the one person in your life you admire the most?
  97. How do you want to be remembered?
  98. So, would you call yourself a creative person?
  99. Have you ever visited a casino?
  100. One slang that you always wanted to shout out but could not ever.

Weird Questions to Ask a Girl

Weird Questions to Ask a Girl

Well! We agree on the point that it is quite risky to ask weird questions to a girl. She might feel embarrassed or offended for asking these. In fact, she might give you a piece of her mind too. So, to keep you on the safe shore, we have curated this interesting list of weird questions to ask a girl. Don’t worry! We have got your back. Take a look at yourself.

  1. Have you ever bought a banana on Valentine’s day?
  2. What is your favorite bathroom song?
  3. What is the one thing that you used to enjoy when you were single?
  4. What’s your favorite adult book?
  5. Have you ever got caught while watching an adult film?
  6. Have you witnessed anything weird in your workplace?
  7. Have you ever questioned your sexuality?
  8. What is your ‘badass girl’ moment?
  9. What random thing you do every day that mostly doesn’t make any sense?
  10. Are you comfortable in your shape and size?
  11. What do you before you go to bed?
  12. Are you having any skin problems these days?
  13. Do you have any no-shower day?
  14. How long do you take to draw a wing eyeliner?
  15. Have you ever done anything illegal?
  16. What is the first cuss you learned?
  17. One person who always melts your heart with sweetness.
  18. Which cuss word do you use often?
  19. Will you ever change your name?
  20. Have you ever gifted milk to anyone?
  21. Do you have any nickname that you hate the most?
  22. Do you wish to be stalked by the most handsome guy of your college or your workplace?
  23. Have you ever behaved strangely with any stranger?
  24. What is the most amazing thing in your closet that you don’t want to share with anyone?
  25. Push up or padded?
  26. Have you ever witnessed anyone in their most intimate moment?
  27. What is the hashtag you use on almost every Instagram post?
  28. How many friends or followers do you have on Facebook?
  29. Which type of couple do you hate the most?
  30. What do you usually wear at night?
  31. How many scores would you give to your erotic appeal?
  32. Have you visited any weird country?
  33. So, have you ever heard any weird sounds?
  34. Have you ever compromised against your will?
  35. What is the most badass remark you have ever received?
  36. Have you met any psychopath ever?
  37. Have you ever shouted at anyone in public?
  38. Do you have an enemy?
  39. Who feels the utmost jealous of anything about you?
  40. What is the most disgusting thing you have done in a public pool?
  41. What feels disgusting to see but tastes amazing?
  42. Which animal literally reminds you of your ex-boyfriend?
  43. Have you ever been to a bi-sexual relationship?
  44. How does it feel to get caught while kissing someone?
  45. Have you ever paid any price for being excessive polite?
  46. What is the one thing that you often preach to your siblings?
  47. Do you know about any aphrodisiac food?
  48. Is there any secret formula to increase libido?
  49. Who would you call a pervert?
  50. Have you ever been to a rave party?
  51. Have you tried any illegal substances?
  52. One thing for which you would not say sorry ever.
  53. Do you like to wear revealing clothes?
  54. How many products do you apply to get a ‘no-makeup makeup look’?
  55. At which age do you want to start applying anti-aging creams?
  56. What is the most beautiful feature on your whole face?
  57. Which is your favorite flavor?
  58. One weird pickup line that you hate the most.
  59. What is the weirdest place to hide gifts?
  60. One question that your man should never ask you.
  61. Are you a possessive girl?
  62. Do you judge guys with their physique?
  63. What is your secret place to hide?
  64. Which smell do you find very weird?
  65. Do you consider yourself beautiful?
  66. What is the usual reaction you get from people who met you for the first time?
  67. What’s your usual excuse for coming late?
  68. If someone gives you a bad compliment, how would you react?
  69. Do you like your facial features?
  70. What is the one thing that makes you more beautiful?
  71. At which age, you started taking care of your skin?
  72. Are you confident enough?
  73. Can you share a memory of your childhood where you messed up everything?
  74. What is the worst meme you have seen recently?
  75. What is the most disastrous picture you have ever found?
  76. Do you have an attitude problem?
  77. How many scores would you give to your partner?
  78. Will you change yourself for anyone?
  79. Do you believe in life after death?
  80. Which makeup item makes you look very bad?

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Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

Awkward questions to ask a girl

An awkward question has an excessive polished surface but can be very uneven at its core. There would always be some issues like intimacy, weight, age, etc. that bother a girl. So, these are automatically considered as awkward. However, you should always try to maintain a level of decency while asking questions; unless, it can hurt the girl very hard!

Here, we have made it suitable for keeping in mind a variety of occasions. You can comfortably ask these to a lady. But, always remember one thing, that questions that are awkward to a girl would always be awkward to a guy as well.

  1. Do you like me?
  2. Do you trust me?
  3. Are you single?
  4. Have you ever shoplifted?
  5. Do you weigh yourself frequently?
  6. Which is the most embarrassing moment you have ever had?
  7. Have you ever taken drugs?
  8. What is your current salary?
  9. How crazy are you? Have you ever done something which you could have never thought of?
  10. Why did not you get the promotion after working so hard?
  11. Would you like to spend a night alone in a room with me?
  12. How long do you think one should be in a relationship before thinking of getting married?
  13. What is the one thing which nobody knows about you?
  14. How many guys have you dated so far?
  15. Is there anything you avoid to talk always?
  16. What is more important to you, financial stability or love?
  17. Do you drink?
  18. Have you ever discovered the Dark Web?
  19. Do you smoke?
  20. Why did you leave that job?
  21. Have you faced a charge of drink and drive?
  22. Have you ever rejected anyone?
  23. Do you have any weird breakup experience?
  24. Why is your face looking so dull?
  25. Can we hang out together just for fun?
  26. Did you kiss anyone before?
  27. What is the thought coming to your mind while you kiss?
  28. Do you believe in bisexuality?
  29. Has anybody had ever hit on you?
  30. Did you have a crush on your teacher? When did that happen?
  31. What’s the longest period you’ve stayed without a shower?
  32. Would you ever do something only for money?
  33. Did you ever experience anything weird in a night bar?
  34. Have you ever been approached by any girl?
  35. How do you smell like when you’re sweaty?
  36. Did you have any misconceptions related to your puberty?
  37. Has anyone cheated on you in a relationship?
  38. Have you ever cheated someone in your relationship?
  39. What is the first weird thing you do in the morning?
  40. Have you ever shown a fake attitude to anyone?
  41. What do you think of an open relationship?
  42. Have you ever been rejected by a guy?
  43. What is your worst flirtatious experience?
  44. How far can you go with your online date?
  45. What is the hilarious naughty joke you have ever heard?
  46. Have you ever stolen something from anyone?
  47. Would you ever picture me being intimate with your best friend?
  48. What is the most expensive piece of lingerie you have ever bought?
  49. Do you like hairy chest?
  50. What is the unusual thing you do to relax?
  51. Before giving consent for marriage, what would you like to experience with your partner?
  52. What is the one thing you want to flush out from your life?
  53. What can make you wild anytime?
  54. Would you call yourself a hardcore feminist?
  55. Would you ever share the last piece of chicken burger with me?
  56. If I ever tell you to come without makeup, would you do that?
  57. What is the worst pickup line you have ever heard of?
  58. Have you ever abandoned someone in need?
  59. Have you ever tried to commit suicide after being heartbroken?
  60. Have you ever expensed your last bit of savings to buy luxury cosmetics?
  61. What is your guilty pleasure?
  62. Have you ever been punished for something you haven’t done?
  63. What is the weirdest thing you have done in the alone night?
  64. Hug or kiss, which one do you find romantic?
  65. How would you react if your parents find you in an uncomfortable position with your boyfriend?
  66. Have you ever done anything crazy with your best friend?
  67. Can we take a shower together?
  68. Which is the thing you condemn the most?
  69. Have you regretted any relationship in your life?
  70. Do you like the concept of online dating?
  71. Do you have a crush on your male best friend?
  72. Are you up for an open relationship?
  73. Have you ever been caught for traveling without ticket?
  74. Have you ever been harassed in public?
  75. Which part of a man’s body attracts you the most?
  76. Have you ever been jealous of your friend over anything?
  77. What makes you insecure the most?
  78. Has there been any fear of yours that has come into reality?
  79. Would you ever be in a romantic relationship with someone younger to you?
  80. Would you rather prefer reducing your fear or your stress, if given a choice?
  81. What is the thing you have done that you feel should have got you arrested?
  82. Who among your parents do you feel the love you less? And why?
  83. Would you feel comfortable spending a night in a room full of males?
  84. If you are offered a thousand bucks for kissing a random guy, would you do that?
  85. Would you ever seduce someone to get a job done?

These are some coolest questions to ask a girl. And the whole thing would be far more exciting and entertaining if you too answer all these questions with her. That way she won’t feel uneasy and the whole thing would become a question-answer game. So, the next time you go on a first date, don’t forget to ask her these questions.

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