100+ Questions to Ask A Girl

Questions to Ask a Girl
By Subhash Das Updated

Have you ever thought of the questions to ask a girl? Well! If you’re trying to win over a girl for a long time and she finally agrees to go on a date with you, you’re the one lucky guy! But you need to make sure that this long-awaited date turns out to be an enjoyable one. Or else the girl of your dreams might lose interest in you.

The secret of wooing a girl is to never make her feel bored. So, for the very first date, you need to come up with a set of questions which would entertain her as well as impress her. But, keep in mind one thing, you can’t ask her any offensive questions; you need to ask some funny or sensitive questions which she enjoys answering.

Here we’re listing a set of 100 questions to ask a girl. But make sure you don’t ask her all of them at one go. Save some for the next dates as well.

List of Stunning Questions to Ask A Girl

These questions are amazing as conversations starters. Each question has been described in brief to provide you a better insight. None of these has a deep or shadowy undertone. So, feel free to ask these to any woman. And, now it’s time to explore the list.


What is your biggest achievement till now?

Whether it is a guy or a girl, everybody loves it when you want to know about their achievements. The achievement might not be a huge one, but if you ask a girl this question, she is bound to think that you care. And any girl would absolutely appreciate it if you show interest in her accomplishments. So, don’t hesitate to ask her about all those success stories which are not that big for the world but which make her feel proud of herself.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

This question would make a girl think. And women absolutely like those guys who make them think. Now craziest things can be of many types; it can be something scary, something adventurous or even something totally out of the box. If she answers honestly, then you can actually get an idea about her personality.


What are you streaming on Netflix right now?

It is one of the coolest questions to ask a girl. There is hardly anybody today, who does not watch Netflix. Netflix has become a mandatory entertainment dose for most of us. And quite obviously, your girl is hooked to Netflix as well. And once you ask about her favorite TV shows on Netflix, you would get a fair idea of her taste.

If it so happens that both of your favorite shows are same, then you would have a lot to talk about. And if not, then also you can hear from her about her favorite show and its storyline. It may happen that you find that show so much intriguing that you end up binging on it yourself! So, what do you think, isn’t it one of the most important questions that you can ask a girl in order to steal a girl’s heart?


What is the best advice that you’ve got from your parents?

Trust me it is one of the best questions to ask. Any girl loves to talk about her parents and the values their parents have passed on to them. You might not be very overwhelmed to get an answer to this question, but it would mean a lot to her. This question, in fact, has the potential to win you another date with her.


What is the one fashion trend That you’re crushing on right now?

Questions to Ask a Girl about Fashion

Not all girls are into fashion. In fact, by asking this question, you can get a clear idea about the fact that if your girl has an eye for fashion or not.

If she is into fashion, she would love to answer this question; and if you admit that you’re quite an amateur in the field of fashion, she would happily explain things further. Most definitely, she is going to appreciate the fact that you’re putting efforts to know about the things which she has a fetish for.


Who is your favorite Superhero?

Another one of the smartest questions is this one. It would let you know three things in a row, they are, if she is into superheroes and fantasy movies, if yes then who actually is her favorite superhero and finally, which is her favorite movie of that superhero; if you know all these answers then you would get an idea about her favorite movies and you could catch the next movie from that franchise with her. Undoubtedly, this is one of the brilliant questions to ask a girl.


If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Most of us are not happy with the way things have shaped up in our lives. And if we ever get a time machine, then there are certain things which we all would like to change our past. Hence, this is another one of the questions which would make her think hard. It might happen that she shares a sad or embarrassing incident from her past with you. And it may also happen that she refuses to answer this question as it might remind her of something too dark. So, never force her to answer. Let it go.


What is your dream destination?

One of the best questions to ask a girl is about her dream destination. It might be a place she has already visited or a place she is dying to visit. And once you find out how badly she wants to go to that place, you can always tell her that someday you two would go there together. This would surely make her happy.


Which is that one movie that you can watch again and again without getting bored?

Another one of the interesting questions to ask is about her favorite movie. In fact, girls can have multiple favorite movies depending on their moods. But there has to be one movie for every girl which she can watch anytime and every time without getting bored at all. It is that one movie which she watches when she is sad, happy, sleepy, angry or whatever! Once you know the name of that movie, you have already known her deepest secret. And if she gets mad at you, all you have to do is to show her that one movie and things would be good again.


Which book are you reading right now?


Questions to Ask a Girl about Books

Not all-girls love reading but if the girl you like is a bibliophile, then a discussion about books would make her curious instantly. Hence this is another one of the decent questions indeed. And if you too are a bookworm then you guys would have tons of things to talk about.


What is that one thing which you’ve bought but never really used?

Every girl’s wardrobe is filled with tons of things which they have bought but never used. Hence, it is one of the funniest questions to ask your girl. She too probably has a set of unused things at her home. And once you ask her this question she is bound to blush; in fact, this question can make both of you laugh for a long time.


What scares the hell out of you?

This is one of the funniest questions to ask a girl. Sometimes girls get scared of things which are not actually that scary, like, cockroaches. So, once she starts telling about the things she is afraid of, you both might enjoy it. But if the things which she is afraid of are actually terrifying, then you better skip the question.


What is your dream job?

Most of us are actually not doing what we love. Like, the girl you like might be a banker, but what she actually wants to be is a writer. TThis question would totally make her describe her passion. When she starts describing her dream job with sparkles in her eyes, that is when you would realize what makes her happy. And if someday you help her in persuading that career, you’re bound to win her over.


What is the one thing that you wish to do before you die?

Everybody has a bucket list and we all want to make sure that every point on that list is checked before we die. The girl you like too has her own list of things which she wants to do before she takes her last breath. It is a good idea to ask her about those things. That would help you in understanding her dreams and madness. If you really want to know her wish, never forget to count this among the other important questions to ask a girl.


Are you a cat person or a dog person?

There is hardly a person who has a soft corner for both cats and dogs. Dog lovers generally can’t stand cats and cat lovers generally like to stay away from dogs. It is really important to know whether she is a cat person or a dog person. If you both belong to the same category, then nothing can beat that. To know your girl better, you must include this one to the list.


What according to you is the one character trait that everybody should own?

The answer to this question would straight away detect her thought process. The answer to such questions varies from girl to girl. For one girl it might be honesty, for another, it might be loyalty. Make sure that you have that characteristic in you or else she might not stay with you for long. If you are keen to know your girl, never forget to include this among the other questions to ask a girl.


What Is the best gift that you have ever received?

Most of the girls like receiving gifts. And hopefully, your girl too is one of them. As you get an answer to this question, it would help you in understanding her choices and preferences. And you might gift her something exactly like that to amaze her.


How do you chill after a hectic day of work?

Different persons have different ways of relaxing after a frantic work day. Some might hit the pub for refreshment while some might prefer enjoying a movie at home. What does your girl prefer? It is one of the good questions to ask so that next time you can cheer her up when she is tired.


What Is your favorite cuisine?


Questions to Ask a Girl about Cuisines

If you’re already planning the next date with her and this time you want to move beyond a coffee shop and go to a proper restaurant, then it is better to ask about her favorite cuisine. Or else how would you know where to go? You might take her to a Chinese restaurant and it turns out that she hates Chinese food and is all for Continental food. So, it is another one of the most important questions to ask a girl, so that you can plan the next date accordingly.


What do you do when you’re sad?

It is important to know what is her way of coping with pain. If you’re thinking of staying for long in her life then you better ask her what she likes doing when she is sad, because pretty soon it is going to be your responsibility to rejuvenate her mood.


How do you calm yourself when you’re angry?

The way you need to know what makes her happy when she is sad, in the same way, you need to know how to calm her down when she is angry. Don’t you think that to know your girl properly, you need these type of questions to ask a girl?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure means a certain thing that we know might not be good for our health, but we still end up doing it as we can’t help it. Possibly, the girl you like too has her own set of guilty pleasures, be it chocolate or eating too much pizza and so on. This might be something which you both laugh about.


What Is the one app that you can’t do without?

Another one of the good questions to ask a girl is about her favorite app. This might not be a very important information but it would help you in knowing her better. Because once you’re thinking of being with someone, it is better to know about their every little detail.


Do you still watch Cartoons?

If she still watches cartoons that means she still has an innocent person inside her. This question is also good to carry on the conversation. You both can talk about your favorite cartoon shows, your favorite cartoon characters, your childhood memories regarding cartoon and so on.


Do you love surprises?

Another one of the good questions which you can ask a girl is if she enjoys surprises or not. The answer is probably going to be yes, and you can totally plan a pleasant surprise for her on her birthday.


Who are you closer to, mom or dad?

One of the best questions to ask is how close she is to her parents; or more specifically who is she closer to, her mother or her father. This would give you an idea of how much influence her parents have on her life.


Can you identify yourself with a fictional character?

If the girl you like is too much into movies or novels, then there is bound to be a character she can identify with. The similarity between her and that character can be on the basis of the way they look or the way they dress or the way they take the life decisions. Once you ask her this question, she would be glad that you care. Hence it is one of the decent questions to ask a girl.


What is that one childhood memory that you still cherish?

Everybody has certain memories from their childhood which never really gets old. Probably, your girl too has one of those cherished memories. It is going to make her feel special if you ask her about them. It is, therefore also, one of the deepest questions to ask her.


Who is your favorite movie star?

Every girl generally has a favorite movie star and they’re crazy about them. The girl you like too probably has a major crush on one of the film stars and quite obviously she has not missed a single movie of him. Once you ask her this question she would give you a detailed description of why she likes that particular star and what is her favorite movie of him and so on.  This can take the conversation forward and help you in knowing her better.


Pizza or Burger?

This is one of the funniest questions to ask your girl but it surely tells a lot about her food habits. While most of the people love hanging out over a thin, crust pizza; there are definitely those people who are more comfortable with a cheeseburger. And it is better for you to know if the girl you like is fond of pizza, burger or both.


Which song goes best with the journey of your life?

This is one of the most interesting questions to ask a girl. If she is a musicophile and listens to a lot of songs, then there is definitely going to be that one song which she thinks can be the theme song for her life. And if you ask her this question you would be more familiar with her taste in music.


Which outdoor game do you enjoy playing the most?

This question is a good one to understand about her extracurricular activities. If she names a game like Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Tennis etc. then it surely means that she is too much into sports. A girl with a sports background is bound to be smart and cool. So, don’t hesitate to ask this question if you really want to understand her better.


Which is your favorite social networking site?

This is one of those questions which is a bit flirty. Once you know her favorite social networking site, the next thing you would do is send her a request or follow her. But then sometimes a little bit flirting is healthy. So, go on and ask her.


Which is that one thing that you regret doing the most?

We all have taken certain decisions in our lives which we’re not proud of. In fact, we regret each day for taking those decisions. It is, therefore, one of the deepest questions to ask. But as we’ve already told you, never force her to answer. If she does to answer spontaneously, it is better that you skip this question.


What is that one dish that nobody can cook better than you?

If she is passionate about cooking and loves trying new recipes, then this question would definitely overwhelm her.  You may even ask her to cook you a dish someday. But this is one of those questions where you can go wrong if you make a silly comment. Like if she says she is not good at cooking and you being a guy make a chauvinistic comment, then your first date is going to be your last date with her. So, choose your words wisely.


Do you like making new friends or are you happy with your small friend circle?


Questions to Ask a Girl about Friends

Meeting new people is a different thing and making them close friends is another thing. Any person might require meeting a lot of people for work purpose, but how many of them actually turn out to be friends? When it comes to friendship, we’re generally comfortable with our tiny group of friends. But, it might also happen that your girl likes meeting new people and making new friends. So, it is better you ask her what she prefers. Hence, this too is one of the best questions to ask.


How much your life changed in the last one year?

If you ever think about where you were at this time last year, you would realize how much things have changed in the last one year. You might have gained new experiences, met new people, traveled to new places and so on. Hence, it is one of the most interesting questions to ask a girl how things have changed for her in the past one year.


What are your 3 AM thoughts?

This question might be a bit too personal to ask a girl on the first date, but once you get to know her you can surely ask this question. 3 A.M version of any person is generally honest and vulnerable. So, she might not be very comfortable with sharing those thoughts with you before trusting you completely. But once she starts opening up, this is one of the nicest questions.


Do you believe in the concept of destiny?

She might or she might not. But there is no harm in asking. The girl you like can be a believer in destiny or she might be too logical to think that way. She might be one of those people who has an explanation for every event and she does not believe in a childish thing called destiny. Whatever the case may be, this is one of the best questions that you can ask a girl.


Who was your first crush?

The first crush is special for everybody, be it a guy or a girl. Her first crush can be a movie star, a cricketer, a teacher or even a friend. You both can laugh at the silly things she did to impress her crush.


If you get an invisible cloak for a day, what would you do?

The concept of invisibility cloak comes from the Harry Potter novels. Once we get assured that nobody is watching us we can perform any crazy or mischievous activities without the fear of getting caught. This is a fun thing to ask and hence we’ve kept it in our list of questions to ask a girl. By asking this to her, you would get an idea of how wicked she can get if she gets a chance.


What is the best thing about being a woman?

If you ask this question to her you would be able to understand if she is happy about being a woman or not. Does she have a lot of complaints or is she proud of being a woman? This question would help you in knowing her from the core. The beauty of the question is that it can be asked to any woman of any age. That is why this is always our best choice of questions to ask your girl.


What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made to date?

Another one of the hilarious questions to ask is this one. Fashion might not be a very big thing for guys but for girls, fashion is a big deal. And if a girl has ever made a fashion mistake, it takes her a lot of time to forget that.


Who is that one person you’ve not met for a long time and you miss terribly?

The girl you like might have a friend with whom she is not in touch with anymore, but she misses that person too much. Asking this question would make her emotional and if you encourage her to meet that person, you’re bound to become special for her. Hence it is one of those questions to ask a girl which would help you in making a good impression on her.


What is your nickname?

There is hardly anyone who does not own a nickname. In fact, most of the nicknames are weird and come with some crazy stories. If she starts telling all those stories, you two are definitely going to have a lot of fun.


What is the best compliment you’ve got till now?

There is nothing sharper than a girl’s memory. And if a girl ever gets a compliment she is most likely to remember that. It is, therefore, one of the coolest questions to ask because, in future, you too can compliment her in the same way. That is why it is important to know these type of questions.


Do you believe in Horoscopes and Zodiac signs?

A lot of people believe in stuff like astrology, horoscopes, zodiac signs etc. and it is not a very exceptional thing if the girl you like believes in these things too. In fact, if she holds an interest in these matters you can gain some knowledge as well.


Are you still in touch with your school friends?

School friends were probably the only set of friends who were selfless. And if you’re still in touch with your school friends then nobody is luckier than you. Hence, it is one of the nicest questions to ask a girl if she is still in touch with her school friends or not.


Do you prefer coffee or tea?


Questions to Ask a Girl about Beverage

A lot can be found out about a girl’s tastes and preferences from the answer to this question. Hence, it is one of the most important questions to ask. In fact, this can be one of the first questions to ask right after you meet.


What is that one decision you’re proud of in life?

There are a lot of decisions which we’re proud of, like a decision to choose the right career or a decision to leave a toxic relationship or even a decision to wear a certain dress on a certain occasion. And it would be kind of you to ask this question to her.


What would be the name of your autobiography?

An autobiography basically discusses the whole journey of a person’s life. It includes all the ups and downs he or she has faced in their lives. Therefore, the name of a person’s autobiography should be in such a way that it does perfect justice to their life journey. Hence this is one of the earnest questions to ask a girl.


Have you ever had a dream so real that you felt bad after waking up?

Another one of the nicest questions is about her dreams. We all had certain dreams at some point which seemed so realistic that we felt like never waking up. If you ask your girl about such a dream, she would probably describe to you everything eagerly. Also, it would make you aware of the things she is interested in.


How often do you see yourself in the mirror?

This question might sound a bit irrelevant as most of the girls love to see themselves in the mirror. But then again, there are definitely some exceptions. So, it can be one of the funniest questions to ask a girl if not a very reasonable one.


If money was not a restriction, which is the one thing you would definitely buy?

It is another one of those questions where you can understand about a girl’s major possessions. If money was not a restriction for us, we all would buy those things which we have desired to buy for years. So, very naturally, your girl too would talk about all those things which she has always wanted to buy but could not due to the restriction of money. And once you know about them, you can always try to gift her one of those things.


If you could change one thing about our society, what would it be?

A girl faces a lot of such incidents in her life which are hostile and often embarrassing. And, once you ask her this question, she is bound to give you tons of suggestions to improve our society in order to make it a safer place for girls. But in case she has a memory so dark that she does not want to answer this question, don’t push her.


Which is your favorite festival?

Festivals were created in the first place to give us some merriments in our otherwise dull lives. Be it Christmas or Thanks Giving or Halloween, each of these festivals has their own essence and rituals. So, it is a decent question to ask a girl.


Have you ever been misunderstood?

This might be a personal thing to ask and you better skip asking it on the very first date. But once you people start hanging out quite often and get a bit comfortable with each other, you can shoot this question. She might have a bitter memory of a friend misunderstanding her in the past, and if you express your interest in knowing those things she is definitely going to appreciate it. That’s why we are putting this question on this list.


Do you believe in God?

Is she a believer in God or is she a total atheist? There is no harm in knowing about her beliefs. So, ask her this question and express your interest in her life. Further, you can also enquire about her culture and traditions.


Which season do you like the most in a year?

Another one of the loveliest questions to ask a girl and to know about her is this one. This is totally a random question that way without any depth but if she enjoys attention then she would happily answer this question and would help you in knowing more about her.


If your house was on fire, what is the one thing that you would save at any cost?

If a house is set on a fire, a person would do anything to save their most desired belongings. But make sure you clear it to her that you’re asking about things and not human beings. If she understands your question and answers honestly, then it could actually turn out to be one of the funniest questions and some really hilarious answers would come up.


What is your idea of a romantic date?


Questions to Ask a Girl Dating

This question is going to be the most beneficial one for you. Memorize each and every point she mentions about her idea of a perfect date. In fact, if possible write them down after she leaves. If you can create a date exactly the way she wants, you are most likely to win her over.


Which is that one place where you feel the safest?

Another nice thing to ask her is this one. A girl might feel the safest at her home or with her family or in her room. This question, in fact, can be quite an icebreaker between the two of you as it would help you in taking the conversation further.


Do you enjoy memes?

If she is not into memes then probably she does not enjoy jokes. But, hopefully, that’s a rare case. Any person who is in the social media these days are fond of memes. If she says she likes memes, you can try to seek her attention by tagging her in some really fun memes. And if you have the talent to make memes yourself, then nothing is better than that. Hence, it is one of the funniest questions to ask a girl.


What is your favorite quote?

Most of us have a favorite quote which we look up to at the time of crisis. A quote can be deeply intense, philosophical, or even funny for that matter. So, why not ask her about her favorite quote!


Who do you hang out with most of the time?

Another one of the coolest things to ask a girl is about her friends. But you can ask her this question a bit differently. Without asking her directly about her friends you can ask her who does she generally hang out with. That way you would get an idea about her friend circle.


Do you work out?

This question is going to give you a clue of how health conscious she is or how much staying fit matters to her. Hence, this falls under the category of those questions which let you know her in a better way.


What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

There is hardly a person who does not love ice cream; we all literally scream for ice cream. If you know about your girl’s favorite flavor of ice cream, it is going to be easier for you to order a dessert for her, the next time you go on a date. So, this is one of the most important questions to ask a girl.


Are you diet conscious or foodie?

There are generally two types of girls. Some are the believers of dieting and fitness, while some are keener to satisfy their food cravings as they are total foodies. Which group does your girl belong to? To know that you’ve to ask.


What is your hidden talent?

Every person has some hidden talents or skills which they don’t want to showcase to the world. These hidden talents can be too funny or even too mesmerizing. In order to know about the hidden talents your girl hold, you need to ask her. Hence, this is another one of the coolest questions to ask a girl to know her better.


What is your comfort food?

The concept of comfort food is different from the concept of favorite food. You might like eating spicy foods a lot, but would you be able to eat them every day? A comfort food is, therefore, those foods which are good for your health and as well as delicious in their tastes. It is the kind of food which we can eat any time without being worried about getting fat or putting on weight. So, don’t forget to ask her this question.


Who understands you the best in this world?

A person can never really understand himself or herself appropriately; in fact, most of the times it is another person who is very close to her can understand her and figure out the reasons behind her mood swings. Quite obviously, the girl you like too has one such reliable person in her life; it could be her parents or her siblings or her friends and if you want to know who that person is, you can ask this question which is among the most important questions to ask a girl.


Can you speak any foreign language?

If she can speak a foreign language apart from her mother tongue then it is quite a cool thing to look up to. And if you too are efficient in that same language, you guys are bound to have a nice time by talking to each other in that same foreign language. Or even you can ask her to teach you that language.


Who inspires you the most?

Everybody has a role-model in their lives to whom they look up to. It can be a parent, a relative or even a philosopher. This is the person who inspires us in every single step of our lives. Hence, it is among the must-ask questions to ask your sweetheart; as this question would help you in understanding her ideologies and principles.


Do you like taking selfies?

This might sound one of the meaningless questions as most of the girls are fond of taking selfies. But let us assure you that there is a reason why we’re suggesting you ask this question. Because once she confirms that she loves taking selfies, you can ask her to take a selfie with you. But then again, don’t force her into anything.


Are you a shopaholic?

Questions to Ask Girl about Shopping

A lot of girls are addicted to shopping and they desperately need a partner to accompany them to the shopping malls. If your girl is a shopaholic then you can totally be her shopping partner, as nothing would cheer her up more than this. So, this can be one of the most beneficial questions.


Which is your favorite genre of movies?

Different people have different tastes when it comes to movies. So, it is a fair question to ask your girl about her favorite genre of movies. It could be anything like horror, sci-fi, rom-com, mystery, thriller and so on. Once you figure out her favorite genre of movies, you both can enjoy a movie sometimes over a bucket of popcorn.


Have you ever faced a critical accident?

Accidents are part of our lives as we keep falling down and standing up. But it is important to know if the girl you like has faced a major accident or not. So, it is one of the most important questions to ask.


How would you describe yourself, as an Introvert, an Extrovert or an Ambivert?

Another one of the must-ask questions to ask a girl is if she is an introvert, an extrovert or an ambivert. An introvert is someone who is comfortable with her small group of friends; an extrovert is someone who likes making new friends every day, and an ambivert is a mixture of both. Once you figure out the category to which your girl belongs, you can plan your future dates accordingly.


What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told to somebody?

We all keep lying about things. But it is still hard to lie to a person we love, be it our parents or friends or partner. So, once you start knowing her closely, you can ask her this question. But don’t force her if she tries to skip.


Where do you want to see yourself after ten years?

Everybody has certain plans for their future. But things hardly work-out according to our plan. That does not mean we would stop planning. And that’s why this question is residing in our list of questions that you can ask a girl.


What is your biggest phobia?

There are different types of phobias. While some are actually dangerous, some are weird and hilarious. Is your girl hydrophobic? Or is she Acrophobic? How would you know if you don’t ask her! Hence this is among the most important questions.


What is the meaning of your name?

Everybody’s name has certain meanings and if somebody takes interest in knowing the meaning of your name, nothing can make you feel more special. The girl you like would feel good too if you ask the meaning of her name. This is a beautiful one that you can always include in the list of questions to ask a girl.


Are you an early riser or do you sleep late?

Another one of the important questions to ask is if she wakes up early or stays awake till late. This question is necessary because from this information you can understand when should you text her or call her. Also, it is going to help you in knowing her habits.


What is the one Retro Fashion Trend that you think is still evergreen?

This question might not interest you very much but it is interesting to her. So, once you ask this question to the girl you like, she would think that you’re deeply appreciating her sense of fashion. And any girl likes a guy who shows interest in the things she is passionate about.


How long can you live without touching your Mobile and/or Laptop?


Questions to Ask a Girl about Mobile

Nobody can answer this question unless they have actually tried doing it. And if your girl is among those rare bunch of people who have actually tried staying without a mobile or laptop, then she can absolutely answer this question. Or else it would simply be one of those questions where you both can laugh a lot.


Have you ever spent a whole day without sleeping?

Another one of the funniest questions to ask a girl is if she has ever spent a whole day without sleeping. This is again one of those questions which she can’t answer if she has not tried it.


What is that one special moment in your life that you regret not taking a picture of?

Our life is filled with many beautiful moments and not all of them are framed. But there is certainly that one moment for everybody which was way too special and but could not be framed. This is one of the warmest questions that you can ask her and if she starts relying on you she is most likely to tell you the answer. You can always count this in the list of beautiful questions to ask your girl.


Are you a rebel?

Is the girl you like a rebel? Or does she resist every catastrophe coming her way? In order to understand her nature, it is important to ask this question.


What is that one hope which is giving you the motivation to carry on in life?

When everything is messed up in our lives, often there is only one ray of hope which keeps us going. Hence, this is one of the deepest questions to ask a girl. If you get an honest answer to this, you can at least guess about the ups and downs she has faced in her life.


Do you miss your childhood?

The answer to this question is quite obvious. Most of us would answer that we miss our childhoods a lot as life was stress-free back then. Adult life is full of anxieties and confusions. If given a chance, we would like to run back to our childhood. Still, it is a lovely question to ask the girl you like as it would make her describe the things she misses the most about her childhood.


Have you ever seen a ghost?

One of the scariest questions to ask a girl is this one. There are a lot of people who say that they have actually met a ghost or felt the presence of one. Is your girl one of them? In fact, this whole question can turn out to be a hilarious one if she tries to scare you with a made-up story.


Do you have any superstitions?

Another one of the important questions is if she is superstitious or not. She might hold a bunch of irrational and illogical beliefs and if you’re planning to stay in her life you better get aware of them.


Have you ever fallen for someone who is older or younger than you?

You don’t always fall for people of your age. You can fall for someone who is half your age or who is twice as old as you are. While this can be a fun question to ask, don’t dig too much into it if she hesitates to answer. Don’t you think it is really one of the important questions to ask a girl?


When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Trying out something for the first time is very important for all of us. It could be any hobby or adventure or anything for that matter. Hence it is one of the coolest questions to ask that when was the last time she started doing something new, something fresh. That way you both can discuss her hobbies and passions.


Which one do you like more, Beach or Mountain?

Questions to Ask a Girl about Destination

Another important question among the list is whether she is a beach person or a mountain person. A beach lover would always end up vacating in a beach while a mountain lover would do anything for a trip in the mountains. To figure out the category she belongs to, you need to ask her this question.


Do you have a sibling or are you an only child?

If you’re actually thinking of knowing her completely then you need to acquire every little detail about her family. And this is one of them. Hence, it is vital to know if she is a single child or does she have siblings.


Have you ever cried for the whole night?

We’re quite confident that if a girl honestly answers this question, she is bound to say yes. there is hardly any girl who has not cried for the whole night at least once in her life. But then again, if she has some painful memories which she does not want to reveal, then it is better that you move on to the next question.


Do you believe in the concept of Heaven and Hell?

Another one of the deepest questions to ask a girl is about her beliefs regarding life and death, the afterlife and obviously heaven and hell. Her answers to these questions would guide you in understanding her thought process.


What is that one word which describes your character the most?

It is difficult to sum-up someone’s personality by a single word. But then answering this question becomes easier if you find a word which describes your character in the most intense way possible. Hence you can ask this question to her in order to find out what she actually thinks of herself.


Is there anything which you would like to change about me?

Finally, when you feel that she is showing interest in you or is enjoying your company, you can try your luck and ask her this question. Her answer to this question would totally help you in understanding if she is interested in going on another date with you or not.

These were the 100 coolest questions to ask a girl. And the whole thing would be far more exciting and entertaining if you too answer all these questions with her. That way she won’t feel uneasy and the whole thing would become a question-answer game. So, the next time you go on a first date, don’t forget to ask her these questions.