Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text
By Soma Banik Updated

Girl: Silly! Don’t you know interesting questions to ask a girl over text?

Guy: Oops, sorry! I thought I was sending some really interesting stuff.

Girl: No, you were not. Stop making me bore.

Is that scenario you are in these days? Then you have to admit that it is not easy to win a girl’s heart. Interesting and cool questions are going to glue her eyes to you, whereas the reverse is going to get your number blocked for sure. So definitely, you need something awesome in your life.

100 Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

Well! Stop scratching your head because this article is for you only. We have covered here 100 questions to ask a girl over text. Some questions are absolutely unique, whereas some are extremely funny. Each question has been described in 1-2 sentences so that you can feel the context. So, be ready because this list is going to be long and you would be compelled to note down some of these.


So, how was your day?

A very basic question to start with, which would show how much you care for her.


What exciting thing happened today?

She would love to share this thing with you. This is definitely one of the interesting questions to ask a girl over text.


What is the funniest thing you have heard today?

Life is full of fun. There are so many fun things happen to us every day. So, why not asking her something like this?


Which is your favorite country?

We all have our shares of favorite places to roam around. Ask her about it to reveal a different side of her character.


Are you an optimist?

Optimistic people are marvelous from every aspect. But, it doesn’t mean that pessimistic people are bad. So, if you can leave aside the judgments, this is definitely one of the wise questions to ask a girl over text.


If the best compliment comes from your rival, how would you take that?

Almost everyone loves compliments, especially when that comes from our dear people. But, if our rivals or competitors compliment us, how does it feel? Well! Let her solve the mystery.


Have you ever fallen in love with an author after reading a book?

Admit it or not, we all have fallen in love at least once in our life with an author after reading a book. Try to know the person who has stolen her heart.


Who is the funniest person according to you?

More or less, humans love funny things. Often, we find certain person funny, not necessary for the person to be a comedian. Know your girl’s take on it.


What do you do in your leisure time?

It is not possible to live a mundane life. We all need something creative and pure fun in spare time. Let her share her story. If you want a fun conversation, you need these type of questions to ask a girl over text.


Have you ever tried anything else to replace your current hobby?

Experimentation is part of life. It is not offensive to try something else. Does she love to experiment as well? Well! You need this question to know that.


Who gave you the best birthday gift?

Cute Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

Birthdays are special; pure love and lots of gifts intensify the feeling. Is there anything that has curved in her heart forever? Surely, only she can answer this question.


How efficient are you as a secret keeper?

Aha! This is definitely the most fun questions to ask. Every girl loves to know secrets, but how good she is in keeping it? Only she can reveal that.


Truth or dare?

An interesting one-liner which is supposed to tell you a unique side of her character. These are the very different type of questions to ask a girl over text and she is supposed to love them.


How did you meet your bestie?

A beautiful question that she would love to answer. We all have best buddies in our lives whom we love the most. Especially girls love to talk about them. Know the special person in your girl’s life by asking this simple question.


Are you in a happy phase of your life?

Life is beautiful. But, is she in a happy phase too? Ask her this question which has a subtle philosophical touch.


Who can make you super happy anytime and anywhere?

A stunning question to ask her anytime. Happiness is priceless. Make her happier by asking this pretty question.


What is the topic you find very sensitive?

Often, few topics or discussions make us uncomfortable. And, it is always better to know about it in an early phase. So, you must know these type of questions to ask a girl over text.


What do you expect from your partner?

We all have certain expectations from our partners. These things form the base of a relationship. So, why not to ask her such pretty question?


What do you love for breakfast?

Some love to take a lot of things for breakfast, while some simply skip this. Which group does she belong to, eager to know? It’s simple, just ask her.


Do you love wearing makeup?

Definitely! One of the most gorgeous questions to ask a girl. Mostly, they do love wearing makeup. Except for the few who love their natural looks. So, go ahead and find out what she loves to do.


Are you a foodie?

Yeah! A fun question to ask for sure. Food is something which allures our minds. Is she a gourmet too? Ask her.


What are you doing this weekend?

Yes! This question has a subtle flirt in it. But, sometimes being playful would not harm anyone. What do you say?


If you were a guy, what would you have asked me right now?

Why should boys have all the fun? Let girls play a role change. This is a friendly question mixed with fun and joy. If you want to know the other side of her, you need such questions to ask a girl over text.


What makes you unique?

Girls love the extra attention. These sort of questions give them an enormous pleasure as it is dealing with their talents and best qualities. So, never ever shy off to ask her this one.


Do you believe that men and women are equal?

Gone are the days when girls used to love girly talks only. Modern age women are progressive and they know how to raise voices. How is she in real? This question would definitely throw some light on the matter.


If someone else snatches your opportunity, then how would you react?

Is she a fighter? Reveal this side of her character with this question.


Who is the best between your mom and dad?

Parents are that beautiful part of our life, who is inseparable from us. Who is she close to? Only she knows the answer.


Which color is abundant in your closet?

Everyone prefers a special color. Your girl also might have some preferences. Know the answer with these type of interesting questions to ask a girl over text.


Which is your current favorite show on Netflix?

Netflix has become a global craze now. And, surely your girl also loves it. So, you must ask her this question to define her more. Who knows, both of you might end up having the same choice?


What do you do when you are sad?

Don’t worry! The purpose of asking this question is not to give her a sad face. Instead, this question would help you to understand her more. At least, now you know the answer to the most difficult question in this whole world.


You have a beautiful name, what does it mean?

Ask this interesting and fun question only when she has a difficult name or when you really don’t know the meaning. Otherwise, it won’t take much time for her to prove you an idiot.


Do you love cakes or pastries?

Both are delicious in every aspect. But, what’s her first preference? Hope that her answer matches with yours.


What is the funniest meme you have read recently?

The Internet is full of memes, but not everything is hilarious. Which meme is her favorite, aren’t you interested to know that? You truly need these type of questions to ask a girl over text.


You look beautiful in every attire. But, according to you, which attire makes you the most gorgeous?

You already might know the answer. But, that’s totally your perception. Try to know what she thinks about it. Definitely, she is going to love your touch of affectation in the beginning.


Which seafood is your favorite?

Well! Seafood adds an extra ornament to any dish for sure, but does she like it? She knows the best.


What exciting thing you did on your last vacation?

Vacations are the best part of life. Know every deets about her last vacation trip through this question. Smart, isn’t it?


Which carnival did you attend recently?

Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

Carnivals are exciting and full of colors. Everybody loves the vibe. Does she like it too? Hope she doesn’t differ.


Are you afraid of an insect?

Well! Don’t make this question gender-obsessed. Often people think that only girls are afraid of insects, but statistics show that the reverse is true too. So, ask her this question very casually. And, don’t forget to add, if you are afraid too.


Spa or music, which can soothe your mind?

Spa and music, both are equally satisfying. It all depends upon what she wants. This is one of our favorite questions to ask a girl over text.


How will you define yourself using only three words?

Sometimes, long phrases can’t define a person. Three adjectives can do that easily. Don’t believe us? Just ask her.


Do you watch cartoons or any kids channel?

Yeah! Anyone can watch cartoons. Ask her to know her favorite one. You might find your favorite too.


What is your holiday destination?

There is no harm in showing subtle romance. And, this question is definitely one such.


What is your favorite corner of your house?

We all have our favorite places in our own houses. What’s hers? You should ask her.


Which song are you playing currently on loop?

Music is the soul-purifier and everyone loves it. Know her favorite track. So that, next time you can impress her by using the same track as your ringtone.


When was the first time, you tasted Red Wine?

One of our favorite fun questions to ask a girl over text. If your girl loves Red Wine, then get ready to hear a crazy story behind it.


What would you do without Wi-Fi?

This generation is totally crazy for the internet world. So, this question might sound shocking to her. Be prepared to get a hilarious answer.


Will you ever give up?

Courage is priceless, and a brave person never gives up. Is she one of them? Only she can answer you elaborately.


Do you believe in fortune?

Well! Not everyone does so. Know your girl in-depth with this offbeat question.


Are you obsessed with anything right now?

This obsession is definitely not going to be detrimental. Ask her this question very lightly, she would definitely answer you.


Which thing you always keep with you?

One particular thing that she always keeps with her. You really need to know these type of interesting questions in order to know her more.


Have you ever done anything stupid?

Well! Who hasn’t? Is she different? She knows the best.


Which is the one thing that is best about you?

We all know the best things about us. These are awesome examples of questions to ask a girl over text.


If you are given superpowers, what would you do with that?

Not necessarily you need to ask practical questions all the time. Give your presence of mind a wing of imagination, and let it fly. Surely, she would love it,


What is an ideal first date according to you?

Romantic Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

A hint from your side for sure. This type of romantic question always creates a stimulation in every girl’s mind.


Have you ever drunken heavily?

This is an embarrassing question for anyone. But, if both of you are in touch with each other for a long time, then don’t feel shy to ask this question.


Would you rather eat an egg once a week or only vegetables forever?

Interesting question, isn’t it? Would you rather questions are always fun to ask and this is just the basic one. You can definitely increase the amplitude with some naughty questions.


What is something you feel hilarious about you, but people mostly don’t like it?

It’s tough to answer for sure. But, this question would portray your wisdom in front of her, so don’t just let the opportunity go.


Which emoticon do you use the most?

Only netizens understand the importance of emojis. This is definitely a different question which she would love to answer.


What is your signature joke?

We all have certain phrases or jokes that we generally use in front of strangers. These are our signature jokes. What’s hers? Curious to know? Then this question is your cue.


In which subject none can defeat you?

Now, that’s a really interesting question. You respect your girl, and this is the proof. This question deserves a women empowerment hashtag. This is again one of our favorite questions to ask a girl over text.


How adventurous are you?

It would be wrong to gender discriminate the term ‘adventurous’. Ask your girl. She might have some hilarious answers in her kitty.


Which food can give you an ultimate joy?

Foods connect hearts and minds. So, why would you spare this moment? This simple question can definitely add a spark to your relationship.


If you were supposed to name the months, what would you have named?

Pretty interesting question, isn’t it? You can alter the question by asking about the name of days in a week.


Have you spoken unknowingly anything spiritual today?

At the certain phase of life, we suddenly become spiritual. This spiritualism might not be deep and intense, but can be pretty shocking for our surrounding people who know us for a long time. We will call it an intellectual question.


Whom do you trust the most?

Trust is something which is very rare today. Unlike earlier days, we have left with very few trustable people. Whom does she trust? Try to know the answer.


What is your dream job?

A very basic question which never loses its charm. These type of fantastic questions to ask a girl over text are eternal charmers.


Which movie inspires you all the time?

Movie and movie characters play important roles in our lives. You might not be the exception for sure. Share both of your ideas.


Which type of conversation can keep you engaged for a long time?

Ahem! This is a cute question indeed. Hopefully, she shares something which is within your ambit. Wish you all the charms.


Do you believe in any superstition knowing that it is irrational?

Things happen, often without any explanation. The question might sound immature, but we all know that how exactly it can match with many. So, just hit it without a second thought.


One thing that you are proud of yourself.

We love ourselves, aren’t we? Surely, your girl would love to tell the answer.


Last time, when did you dream?

A friendly cute question that would tell her how caring you are for her. Lovely feeling, isn’t it?


When did you kiss for the very first time?

Beautiful Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

Kiss is a beautiful experience. This question might make your girl shy. But, don’t worry as long as your feelings are not evil for her.


What do you usually do on weekends?

Don’t you think that it would give your girl a subtle hint about your feelings? Well! Then hurry up in asking it, because she is precious.


Which is your favorite fruit?

A very basic and simple question, but definitely one of the cutest questions to ask a girl over text.


How many languages do you know?

So, you want to know everything about her? Then you should definitely ask her about this type of intellectual question.


What’s in your mind right now?

Right question at the right moment can create magic. She would love to answer you.


One game that you are obsessed with right now?

If your girl is crazy about playing games. Then this is the perfect opportunity to ask her such question. You might fall in love with her choice too.


Have you ever felt weak in your life?

This question has a personal touch. So, she might or might not answer you. Either of the cases, you can predict something.


You look stunning in every photo, what’s the secret?

Whether you call it flattering or genuine appraisals, almost every girl loves it. Is she different? Only the answer to this question can reveal that.


What would you do if you win a lump sum amount of money tomorrow?

This is quite an old wine in a new bottle. Well! Don’t judge her because you yourself asked her something personal. So, just simply enjoy the conversation.


What is the one thing you want to change in you?

Change is an important part of life. Not everyone loves it though. Know your girl more with this question.


What is the most beautiful place in your hometown?

Hometowns create the sweetest memories in our life. You would love to know her favorite place in her hometown.


What is the best part of your culture?

Our culture is what we bear in our body and in mind. This is the best question to know her and her culture.


What’s your opinion on the institution of marriage?

Not everyone is comfortable with the concept of the wedding. What’s her take on this matter? You must know that.


Which countries do you want to visit after your wedding?

Obviously! This is one of the most romantic and cute questions to ask a girl over text. Afterall, wedding creates ripples of beautiful thoughts in our minds. And, you would ask this question only after asking the previous one.


Have you ever received any weird mail?

Often, weird emails come to our inbox. Know her share of the story with this question. A surprise might be waiting for you.


What’s the toughest thing to do in life?

This is a question where everyone differs. So, don’t judge her while she gives you the answers.


What’s the best pic of you with your cute pet? Can you send me that?

Any person who has a pet loves to talk about their pets all the time. Their favorite task in the morning is to click cute pictures with their pets. If your girl has pets, then this is the right time to steal her heart by asking such a beautiful question.


If there was an option, which alternate name you could have used?

Names are our pride and identity. Not necessarily, everyone loves his or her names. What’s her take on it?


What kind of people does understand you better?

In a sentence, this is one of the difficult questions to ask a girl over text. If she answers it properly, you can woe her with your magic and charm.


Are you a cosmetics junkie?

Lovely Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

This is not a gender biased question. So, make a subtle tone and ask her. Be honest with your approach.


What changes the most when we grow up, apart from physical appearance?

Text messages can be funny yet interesting at the same time. This is one such question. Are you ready to know her more?


Have you ever met any famous person?

Who says that you need to always ask questions about the girl only? Twist the mood with this interesting question. Lovely, isn’t it?


One thing that has changed your life forever?

Life takes twists and turns sometimes. Your girl might have felt that too. This question would bring everything to the surface.


What do you do if you suddenly wake up at 3 am?

Crazy right? Her answers might be different. But, this is your opportunity to give her company if she wants.


What is the best piece of advice in your life?

Advice and suggestions have occupied our life. How much influence these have created in her mind, this question would reveal that.


What do you do when someone tells you something offensive?

Another brilliant question to show girl power. What do you say?


How would you define your fashion statement?

Fashion icons are all over the world. Whom does she follow, isn’t it interesting to know?


Have you ever said anything rude to anyone?

This might be a warning for you to avoid those questions that can make her angry, right?


How would you define our friendship?

This is the cutest questions to ask a girl over text for sure. Let her explain this beautiful friendship. It would form the basement for a beautiful future.

All these stunning questions are enough to woe your girl. These are a great combination of subtle romance, flirt, cuteness, friendly, and many more beautiful things. Text messages should be interesting, otherwise, they lose the charm. We are sure that she will love these. So, what’s your favorite question?


  • Make sure to send the messages with some great emoticons. Because emojis are the best way to express the real thoughts.
  • Do not end up asking any offensive or intimate question unless you know her very well.
  • Pretend her mood and try to ask contextual questions only.