Philosophical Questions

Philosophical Questions
By Soma Banik Updated

The impact of thoughtful philosophical questions is infinite. These questions are not only thought-provoking but also nurture the tender minds. Often people believe that the depth and the intriguing nature of these questions are not within the ambit of an average person, but this theory has been proven wrong again and again.

Philosophical questions may sound deep and intense, but often these are the only thing that several people like to talk about. They feel aroused whenever they hear something intellectual and brainstorming. These questions are so stimulating that often a person who has no interest in it feels the discussion as engrossing.

150+ Thoughtful Philosophical Questions

So, if you are connected with an individual or a fraternity who loves these type of stimulating and cognitive discussions, then you need some brilliant philosophical questions. A list which has more than 150 questions is enough to quench the intellectual minds. The questions have depth, a detailed insight, and are intellectual at the same time.

  1. Are we truly imperfect?
  2. What is the thing that compels us to believe in humanity?
  3. If money was not there, then do you think all of our woes could have been eliminated?
  4. Why people fight?
  5. What is the prime reason that this generation is sad?
  6. What is the biggest myth of all time?
  7. Can we really live happily in spite of all the sorrows and problems?
  8. What is the one thing that holds us back from being an excellent human being?
  9. What is the mantra of being an honest person?
  10. We all know that lying is like a curse but still, we all lie on various occasions and circumstances. What actually holds us back from telling the truth?
  11. Can we survive if love is not there in this world?
  12. What is the exact definition of humanity?
  13. How can philosophically driven ideas change our life?
  14. Which motivational quote inspires you?
  15. Does a dream come true or is it just kind of a hallucination?
  16. Is resurrection possible?
  17. How can a person remember fragments of his/her past life?
  18. Why do some people want to rule the world with the reign of terror?
  19. How important is it to inspire other people?
  20. Is it possible to overcome every trait of pain?
  1. How to realize the real meaning of life?
  2. Why people kill others?
  3. Is this generation following the right path in life?
  4. What is more important in life, acuity or acumen?
  5. Can we really survive with the help of acute intelligence?
  6. Which trait makes a person from just a commoner to a pioneer?
  7. Have we really got the freedom of doing anything?

Philosophical Questions about Freedom

  1. What does complete us as a human being?
  2. Do we really work as per our full potential?
  3. How important is it to know one’s own strength?
  4. Are we aware of our weakness?
  5. How can corruption change a pure mind?
  6. Should a person be driven by philosophical thoughts or driven by ideas?
  7. What is the purpose of our life?
  8. How important is it to maintain the balance between work life and personal life?
  9. Is there any deep sorrow that bothers you in your subconscious mind?
  10. How to identify our own strengths?
  11. What is the real potential of a human mind?
  12. If a certain person feels jealous of others, then can he/she achieve something prolific in life?
  13. Which habit can destroy a person?
  14. Why is it so important to preserve positivity?
  15. How can a positive outlook strengthen a mind?
  16. Is it good to be an outrageously religious person?
  17. Some people behave impudently when others become more successful than them, what is the reason?
  18. Is it good to be a religious person?
  19. What is the basic difference between a commoner and a genius?
  20. What is the trait that makes us alive apart from physical characteristics?
  21. How do we waste our energy?
  22. What is the way out to overcome failure?
  23. What can motivate a person?
  24. How to take care of our society?
  25. Do you believe that we should give back the same to the society that it gave to us?
  26. How important is it to think for the betterment of our society?
  27. If life gives you a second chance, then how would you utilize that opportunity?
  28. How important is self-analysis?
  29. Do you judge your every action or you just analyze your activities?
  30. If no opportunity comes on our way, then how to create an opportunity?
  31. There is darkness beneath the light but still, we always look for light, what’s the prime reason?
  32. What makes us better and a better human being every day?
  33. Negative emotions can destroy a person, how true is that?
  34. If you have to name one person who never gave up on you, then whom would you name?
  35. Is there any subtle battle between love and friendship?

Deep Philosophical Questions

  1. Which thing stays forever?
  2. What is the most beautiful thing in a human’s life?
  3. If life was very easy to deal with, then what difference could have happened?
  4. How do you differentiate between good and bad things?
  5. Is the concept of ‘wrong’ really exists? Or, it is just a perception?
  6. Perception matters the most, but is that true in every sense?
  7. Does God exist?
  8. Do you believe in supernatural phenomena?
  9. What makes humans superior to other animals?
  10. Is it possible to free minds from every material desire?
  11. What is the importance of materials in our life?
  12. Is there any world beyond our earth?
  13. Can we free ourselves from all material thoughts?
  14. The natural tendency of minds is to pull our thoughts downwards or on the negative side, but how to reverse the thoughts?
  15. If money starts taking all major decisions in our life, then how destructive or constructive that would be for mankind?
  16. What is the secret of thinking healthily?
  17. Should we only live a healthy lifestyle, is there anything that is important too at the same time?
  18. If someone criticizes your work at your back, then how would you accept that?
  1. Is there anything inevitable like death?
  2. Some people can foretell their death time and year, but how is that possible?
  3. Why do we show respect to the person who has just deceased?
  4. There is a ritual that the wishes of a near-to-death person should always be fulfilled, but what is the reason?
  5. Why the qualities of two people never match?
  6. Certain people behave like anti-social people since their childhoods, is upbringing the only reason behind that?
  7. If we really want to change a certain person, then how to do that?
  8. What is the mystery of life that is yet to be resolved?
  9. ‘Responsibility comes with power’, how relevant this phrase is in our life?
  10. If freedom is all we want, then why humans make laws, rules, and regulations?
  11. What is the ultimate goal of a human’s life?
  12. To how extent, ostentatious nature can destroy the cognitive growth of a person?
  13. Affection or affectation, which one is more desirable to you?
  14. Which real-life examples are enough to inspire a person?
  15. Can suicide ever be the ultimate solution to save a person from all the problems?
  16. Can we change an offender’s mind just with the help of some inspirational quotes?
  17. War cannot pacify our minds, then why does the government always use innovative technologies to invent modern warfare techniques?
  18. Can blood shedding solve the real shading of thoughts from our life?
  19. Is there any limit up to which money can make a person happy?
  20. What is the definition of success?
  21. What is the relationship between success and hard work?
  22. Do you enter a different world after death?
  23. What is there beyond death?
  24. What if we suddenly become emotionless?
  25. Suddenly, if we start living in a different world where we have superpowers, then how amazing or disastrous it would be?
  26. Is it possible to measure the success of a person by how much money the person earns?
  27. Can language be the barrier between two people?
  28. How can spirituality change us?
  29. If there is any feeling as romantic as love, then what is that?
  30. What is the actual motive of a hypocrite person?
  31. Most of the people in a society are double standards, there is a huge difference between the thoughts and the actions of a person. Why does it happen?
  32. If there is one thing that can change us completely, then what is that?
  33. When a person changes, is the society responsible in any way for that?
  34. Is philosophy solely depends on the individual?
  35. What is the most interesting part of a human relationship?
  36. If you cannot motivate a certain person, then what do you usually do?
  37. Is happiness the reflection of pure thoughts?
  38. How happy are we in our life?
  39. Are we born with a particular philosophy, or does it change with time?
  40. Which part of humanity makes you extremely sad?
  41. If there is one thing that can turn this whole world into a peaceful place, then what it is?
  42. A brilliant creativity always comes from the divine thoughts, is it true?
  43. Is obsession a good or bad trait?
  44. Do the numbers you earn every month gives you the ultimate joy?
  45. Is our mother earth about to get destroyed within few years?
  46. Can disciplined lPhiife evolve a person?
  47. Some people work hard throughout their life still, they can’t achieve anything. Whereas some people do nothing significant at all, but they achieve a lot of things. How to define this thing?
  48. Do you believe in fortune?
  49. Is there anything called fate in reality?
  50. Are we all the children of God?
  51. Do you think that talent is god-gifted or is it self-made?
  52. How two people become soulmates?
  53. Sometimes, two people, when they are in love, can feel as if they know each other for a long time. But, how is it possible?
  54. Does philosophy build the basement of ideology?
  55. So, is there any superstition that is prevalent in your life?
  56. How to prevent our minds from negativities?
  57. Do you believe that life is a roller coaster?
  58. So, how can we change our thoughts in a good way?
  59. Is there any way out to change the outlook of every human being?
  60. As a societal person, sometimes do we behave like hypocrites just out of compulsion?
  1. One story that has changed you from the roots.
  2. So, why does it hurt when someone says that our upbringing was bad and our thoughts are rotten, in spite of the fact that they all lie?
  3. It is said that if we do something good for others, it comes back with the same force in our life. To which extent do you believe this?
  4. Can a person be changed with a stick and hard rules?
  5. Have you ever taken a decision that ultimately affected you badly, but you had the faith?
  6. If we believe only in fortune and do not work hard, then can we achieve anything in life?
  7. Is there any shortcut to success?
  8. One rule that dominates your life?
  9. With proper training, even a lion can run and sit. But is it the right way to teach someone?
  10. How important is it to become completely fearless?
  11. One thing that you are still afraid of?
  12. A family should stick together, what is the strength of togetherness or why is it so important?
  13. What is the best form of artwork?

Thoughtful Philosophical Questions

Not every question has the depth and brightness. Here, all the philosophical questions have an amazing subtle yet strong effect that these would definitely stimulate the acute minds. None of these questions is gender-specific, so these are perfectly apt for any situation.


  • The questions are very polished, so it is best to maintain the depth while discussing these.
  • Do not indulge in unnecessary conversation that can lighten the ambiance.
  • Have a great amount of respect for the answerers or towards the participants.
  • These ideas or questions do not have any prototype or model answers, so let everyone answer them the way they want to.
  • And lastly, the opinions of individuals may not be similar, so do not attack anyone with sharp judgments for expressing his/her personal views.