100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

Personal Questions To Ask A Girl
By Soma Banik Updated

I can see your astonished and confused face after reading the title – ‘personal questions to ask a girl’. You might be shouting that how can we ask a personal question to a girl without getting a slap? Actually, a well-organized heart-to-heart conversation not only blooms new relationship but also can shape an existing one. Many times, it becomes difficult to start a conversation on a personal ground. While having a conversation with any girl, it is always important to maintain a certain magnitude of dignity It is also necessary to define a borderline while having a personal talk.

So, the question is who will define the borderline. But, you do not need to worry at all. Because we have sorted out everything especially for you.

100 Constructive Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

The following set of questions has been made keeping these things in mind. In a word, these questions can be asked to any girl irrespective of the situation. So, are you ready to fly high? Join us on this journey to know some brilliant personal questions to ask a girl.


What is the best part of your character?

Character defines a person. We all have some good and bad sides of our characters. The facet of this question is very upfront. And it would definitely help you to a great extent to know what your girl thinks of herself.


Which incident shook you to the core and changed your life forever?

We all have such incidents or experiences in our life that have changed us forever. Not necessarily, the incident has to be something awful. It can be a beautiful experience as well that has changed her from inside. If you really want to know her personally, you should ask this question.


So, life without love, is that truly possible?

This is a concept where many differ. Life and love are like two facets of a coin. Some people believe that it is impossible to survive without love, whereas some have different beliefs. So, in order to know your girl personally, this question must be included in the list of personal questions to ask a girl.


What is the best piece of advice that you have been given to date?

Advice and inquisitions enlighten us and build our characters. In every phase of life, we learn new things. We come across few brilliant people or books, that become the source of motivation. This is a question which has a beautiful blend of positivity and thus it is a perfect question to know a person from inside.


How would you judge a person?

We all judge people, isn’t it? But, the techniques are different. We are sure that you would definitely love to know how she does so. It might give you a hint also that how she judges you as a person. This one such personal question questions to ask a girl that has a value added to it.


Do you think, that good look does matter in our daily life?

This is a highly-debated concept and thus it does not have a specific answer. Though to some extent, it reflects the mindset of the intended person. So, do not forget to include this in the list of questions.


How would you define your success?

The definition of success is very personal and thus this question never has a prototype answer. According to some people, success cannot be defined whereas some people measure success on the basis of money earned. We believe that she would love to answer it.


Last time, when did you become extremely emotional?

Emotions and vehemence provoke people to a great extent. This question is something that has a lot of emotional values. So, if you think that the ambiance is not fit for this, then simply skip this one.


Do you consider yourself happy?

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl about Happiness

It feels amazing to be around a happy person. To know your girl better, you should ask this question to her. It would also reflect that how she defines happiness. A happy question that you must include in the list of personal questions to ask a girl.


Whom do you love the most, between your mom and dad?

Parents are like the backbone or the supporting stem in everyone’s life. They not only protect us from evil eyes but also provide a shape to our life. Wouldn’t you want to know about such important parts of her life?


Do you let anyone else make decisions on your behalf?

A decision is an integration of a number of thoughts. The person who takes her own decision is believed to be a free bird. You should ask this in order to know if there is any external influence in her life or not.


What do you do when you are sad?

The question has a strange appeal that makes any person thoughtful. Different people tackle depression differently. The girl whom you consider an important of your life, we are sure that you would want to know her this side of life as well.


How would you define your life in one word?

Very few people understand the importance of this question. This question is not only fun to answer but also very encouraging. To define it in one word, one needs to have a clear idea about life. Who knows, from next time you might want to adopt the answer too?


Which movie inspires you all the time?

A movie is not a mere source of entertainment. Many times, a movie can be a lesson in our life. So, if you really want to understand her deeply, then never forget to include this in the list of best personal questions to ask a girl.


Do you judge a book by its cover?

The question is generated from an age-old adage actually. “Never judge a book by its cover”. External appearance cannot define the character of a person. So, this question has a model answer, but your girl might have different opinions as well. So, you should respect that.


How would be your dream wedding?

For any girl, wedding is very very special. It is like a dream comes true. Your girl might have some dreams too, so listen to her answers very minutely. You can note down the points as well secretly.


So, what is your dream vacation?

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl about vacation

Vacation rejuvenates our mind, body, and soul. A dream vacation can be to visit a place every time, it can also be to visit different countries or locations. Whatever the things are, never forget to ask this question to your dream lady.


What are the qualities you look for in your partner?

Aha! We find this one very interesting. It is like you are indirectly asking her about you. If your girl knows your feelings or thoughts, then this question would definitely give you two some good laughs. Do not forget to list it among the personal questions to ask a girl.


If you were given a chance, would you go back to your childhood days?

Childhood days are the best phase of our life. We all think that when we would grow up and start making decisions like adults. But, childhood is actually a blessing and everyone should enjoy those precious moments. And we think that your girl must have a beautiful answer to this question.


Which aspect of your character you think is negative?

It is not easy to confront the negativities. Moreover, this question has a difficult approach. But, if your girl knows herself, then it would be effortless for her to answer it. Whatever the answer might be, take them very seriously.


What are the things you want to do before you die?

We all have a long wishlist which has names of things that we want to do before we die. Ask her this question in a very light manner so that she does not feel offended. But, if possible take a note of all her wishes. This question is very important from every aspect and thus would always be included in the list of personal questions to ask a girl.


Do you consider yourself lucky indeed?

Not everyone thinks that he or she is fortunate in life. Some people believe that man makes own fortune. Whereas, some thinks that the secret of happiness is good fortune. You can ask this question to know her opinions and beliefs.


What is the dumbest thing you believed it was real?

Oh god! So, my parents did not find me from trash, I was literally born to them. Exactly, we might have heard this dumb thing from many. This is actually something that our parents tell us to refrain us from asking weird questions about birth. And this is just an example, there are so many weird things we believe credulously. And when the myth breaks, it becomes hard to believe. The aspect of this question is very funny and amusing. You two can laugh out loud with this one. Share your opinions as well to make things funnier. So, do not forget these type of personal questions to ask a girl.


Which advice would you give to your sisters and brothers?

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl about Advice


There are very few questions that make a person happy and surprisingly this is one of them. By asking this one to her, you would pivot the point that how important her opinions are to you. You would be giving her a great degree of honor by asking this simple question.


Do you have any bad habit?

No one is perfect in this whole world. We all have faults and flaws. Very few people can point out the flaws actually. Afterall, it is not easy to say about own bad habits in an upfront manner. So, you should not force her to answer. But, if she does then you must know that she is an extremely candid person.


Do you love yourself?

This is a beautiful question that can be asked of anybody. To lead a happy life you really need to love yourself. So, if you want to know her nature and thoughts, you must include this beautiful question on your list.


Have you faced any weird experience ever?

Weird or quirky experience is part of life. Anyone can feel it at any stage of life. The girl whom you really like, you might want to know this part of her life too.


What is your favorite line from a movie indeed?

Well! Time for a fun question. We all get inspired by movie lines. This question is gonna give you some aww moments for sure. Do not miss the fun. Consider this one as one of the funniest personal questions to ask a girl.


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Morning chores are not same for everyone. We are pretty sure that your girl would love to tell the details of her morning chores. If you find something really unique, you too can incorporate that into your life.


Are you a night person or a morning person?

People who are morning persons, they have a different lifestyle than those who are night owls. So, in order to accustom to her lifestyle, you need to know this.


What is your best moment spent with your parents?

Parents are like blessings in our life. We spend a lot of good times with our parents. You should ask your girl to share her best moments spent with her parents. This feeling is really special. And honestly, this question would definitely strengthen the bonding between you too.


So, what do you do after a long and tiring day?

A tiring day takes a toll on everyday lifestyle. We all have our own way to deal with it. Ask your girl what she does to make herself happy and refreshed after an exhausting day in a similar fashion.


A glass of Wine or a beautiful book, which one would you prefer after dinner?

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl about Beverage and Books

Both are ecstatic undoubtedly. In fact, both are very romantic. Try to know what your girl prefers. Next time, you can surprise her with any of these or both at dinner. Isn’t it a beautiful idea?


If you become an over-night sensation suddenly, how would you cherish the moment?

Wow! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This question has an imaginary touch and can be really fun for her to answer. Apparently, this question does not have a particular answer, so enjoy whatever she says.  Never miss this one to include among the brilliant personal questions to ask a girl.


How would you define your best friend’s nature?

Best friends are those persons who actually stay in our lives forever. They stick to us in every thick and thin. To know a person, it is a key to know the best buddy in that person’s life. We are sure that your girl would love to answer it.


How do you want to be remembered?

We want to be unforgotten forever. Ask your girl to know what are her thoughts on this. We are pretty sure that you will be stunned after hearing her.


After a bad day, do you chastise your surrounding people?

It is natural to lose tamper specifically on rough days. But, not everybody does so. There are many people who actually are very calm and composed even on bad days. Ask your girl to know how she copes with these rough patches of life. Don’t you think that it is one of those gem personal questions to ask a girl?


What is the thing you believe? Though most people don’t believe that.

Different people have different beliefs and ideologies. Some ideologies are so personal that it is pointless to judge a person. But definitely, to know a person out and out, this is important to ask. It would be fascinating for you to know her beliefs.


Whom do you consider your role model?

The principles of our role models influence our thoughts and provoke us to think differently. To know a person in-depth, you must know about her role model.


On the whole, do you love freedom or planning in your life?

Not everybody looks at life in the same way. Some love to live freely whereas for some planning is the key to success. What your girl thinks today, is going to reflect your lifestyle tomorrow. So, do not forget these type of personal questions to ask a girl.


Those who do not like you, how do you treat them?

Things become really difficult when you come to know about those people who despise you to the core. People use different tactics to treat their haters. You might be thrilled to hear what your girl thinks about this. In fact, the answer might influence you too to adopt such thing.


How do you celebrate when you achieve something special?


Personal Questions to ask a girl about Celebration

Well! You must ask her this one so that next time you two can celebrate her achievements together. Always feel happy for her achievements. Women love this sense of respect. So, the question is important in every aspect.


How differently do you want to celebrate your birthday?

Birthdays are special for various reasons. It takes us back to our childhood memories. It is like walking down the memory lane. Try to know her answer and celebrate her birthday together.


What is your perfect retirement plan?

Yeah! This is a weird question to ask, but at least it sounds funny. So, if not seriously then you can definitely ask to know the answer casually. She might give you an acknowledgment for asking such a unique question.


Which movie sequel do you love the most?

Movie sequels can be extremely bad, but in some cases, sequels become hit. Some sequels are better than the original version. It might be possible that both of you have the same answer.


What is the best phase of your life?

Who does not want to remember the best phase of life? These moments make us confident and boost our energies. This is a lovely question indeed and it would really make her happy. This is one of the most beautiful personal questions to ask a girl.


Do you enjoy every moment?

Every moment counts and to love your life it is important to enjoy the moments. But, not everybody can do so. Is she different? You need this question to know the answer.


What do you want to wear on a beautiful dinner date?


Personal Questions to Ask a Girl about Dinner Date

Every girl wants to look beautiful especially on her dinner date. Some prefer comfy look whereas some love to look gorgeous and royal. Next time, you can gift, her choice of attire.


What is the principal you follow in your life?

A dedicated person always follows certain principles to make life more beautiful and well-decorated. Your girl would have some as well. If you want to define her, you need this answer.


So, if you were given a chance, would you recheck your past mistakes?

Not everyone has the courage to admit their mistakes and rectify them. Consider yourself fortunate if your girl has the valor. Undoubtedly, you can think of this type of personal questions to ask a girl.


Is there anything you have learned from your favorite celeb?

Celebs inspire us and many people take them as role models. Is your girl one of them? Ask her this beautiful question to realize her more.


What are the best things about your parents?

Parents are special to all of us. We learn probably everything from them. It would be amazing to know about your sweetheart and her parents.


If you were given a magical power, what is the first thing you would do?

Another fantastic question based on an imaginary situation. Ask it with deep inquisitiveness in your eyes and let her express the thoughts. We are pretty sure that the sight would be beautiful. This is quite an intelligent question to include in the list of personal questions to ask a girl.


If someone tries to defame you, would you forgive the person without teaching a lesson?

Life is unpredictable indeed. It happens many times that people try to defame us and malign our characters. Not everyone can forgive those wrong-doers. If you want to recognize the nature of your girl, it is important to know the answer.


Which song would you love to listen again and again?


Personal Questions to Ask a Girl about Music

Whether a person is a music lover or not, music influences our minds. Update your music library on this answer. We are sure that your sweetheart would love to hear the same song on your mobile.


Can you define your morning motivation?

Morning is the laziest time of a whole day. Morning motivation can be a serene music that pacifies our mind, it can be a great book, a beautiful quote, or something else. Know her morning motivation, you can try that too in your life. We consider it one of the most beautiful personal questions to ask a girl.


What is the thing you love to do all the time?

Whether we agree or not, there will always be something that we love to do all the time. Are you sure you want to know this? Just ask her this fun question.


Do you believe in karma?

Popular believe is that Karma is a bitch and it does not spare anyone. Not everyone agrees on this. It is important to know your girl’s thoughts. So, just ask her fearlessly. The sense of this question is so intense that it can reveal every single aspect of a person’s character.


If someone asks you about your weakness, which one would you point out first?

No, you do not need to ask this question with a serious and elongated face. You can ask it in a light manner as well. Honestly, not everyone can point out own weakness. Sometimes, it takes ages to know own flaws. Ask this question to your girl to know her thoughts on this.


Do you think that life is unpredictable?

Life is unpredictable, though not everyone thinks like that. Some say that our today’s activity is dependent on our yesterday’s thoughts. Thus, it is not unpredictable. Does your girl think in some other way? Check that out with this question. According to us, you can always include this one among other beautiful personal questions to ask a girl.


If I ask you to choose a random number between 1 to 100, which one would you pick up?

Yeah! We are indirectly talking about lucky numbers. Does your girl believe in that stuff? The concept of lucky numbers is not believed by many, whereas some follow this religiously. Perspectives vary, aren’t you excited enough to know her point of views?


In a word, can you define the current goals of your life?

Goals of life actually change as we age on. It is very difficult to answer. So, tweak the question with the term ‘current’. She can easily define this. Make your questions very intelligible and impress her.


On the whole, how do you cope with difficulties indeed?

Difficulties and predicaments are part of our lives. Life teaches us how to cope with them. Though different people take those lessons in different ways. Let her express her thoughts on this.


Do you consider yourself emotional?

Emotions can drive a person crazy. So, to know the real person it is important to know this one. This is indeed one of the most romantic personal questions to ask a girl.


Do you believe in the proverb that couples are made in heaven?


Personal Questions to Ask a Girl about Relationship

A relationship is a beautiful bonding between two people. An Old adage says that couples are made in heaven. Does your girl think like that? Know the answer.


Whom do you fear the most?

Be fearless, our parents teach this from the very early days. But, somehow fear arrives and makes us crazy. Is your girl fearless? The answer is hidden within this question. Definitely, you can count these personal questions to ask a girl always in the list.


Do you believe in paranormal activities?

Paranormal activities or supernatural things are yet to be proven by science. Many have experienced these. If your girl believes in those or has something to share, you are definitely going to have a thrilling experience.


So, makeup or accessories, which one would you prefer?

Makeup, accessories these two are holy grail things for any girl. A girl loves both. It is a fun question indeed and would give you plenty opportunities to gift her both. So, are you ready?


Which is your favorite ‘never have I ever’ line?

Never have I ever is a popular game and is very famous for being the epitome of embarrassment. We all fear those dares. It is one of the funniest personal questions to ask a girl.


Trust is the building block of anything – what is your take on it?

Without trust, any relationship is just layers of bricks, it cannot be a house. Though opinion differs. Your girl might have something different and unique to say. Try to know her thoughts.


Have you ever faced negative judgments about yourself?

Negative judgments or negativities affect our minds. Whether we want it or not, we face these horrible situations often in our lives. If your girl has a similar experience, you have to be a very keen listener. Make sure the question does not hurt her.


Would you ever go to a dinner date with a boy as chubby as Kung Fu Panda Po?

Remember Po, the Kung Fu Panda? He had some hilarious skills. He was cute but was overweight. Does your girl like those type of boys? Only the question has the answer.


Which thing gives you the utmost energy indeed?

To continue life happily, it is important to find out the source of inspiration. Everyone has own source of motivation or happiness. You would definitely want to know this from your girl. Never forget to count it among the most brilliant personal questions to ask a girl.


Which beverage can charge you up anytime?


Personal Questions to ask a girl about Refreshment

Nope, not only tea or coffee, there are many energetic beverages. What does she like? Aren’t you already excited to know that?


How do you energize your mind?

A healthy mind needs fuels or energies to carry on. Some prefer food, some prefer music, some prefer a book, even some prefer to party. Your girl would love to tell you her preference. Don’t you think that this is one of the hilarious personal questions to ask a girl?


Which impression do you want to make for those who meet you for the first time?

The first impression is the last impression. No! We are not saying this, it is an ancient proverb. Your sweetheart would also have such charms, ask her to share her magic words or actions.


So, spending time in the library or in a mall, which one would you prefer?

The question has a vast dimension. Both the things are exactly opposite to each other. Which one does she prefer? Know the answer and take her there. It would definitely help you to establish a good bonding.


Which moment can always make you emotional?

Emotions are fragments of thoughts, memories or even activities. Certain things make us emotional. In order to predict her, you truly need the answer. You can always prefer this one in the list of beautiful personal questions to ask a girl.


How do you pamper yourself on your birthday?

Birthday creates ripples of memories in our minds. Not everyone wants to celebrate the birthdays but all love to pamper themselves on this special day. Treat your girl the same way she wants.


Would you ever take revenge on somebody if situation arrives?

Revenge is not a solution to any problem. Some prefer that still. Is your girl is a revenge lover? This is a serious question to know about her. Never ever drop this question from the list.


What is your best childhood memory?


Personal Questions to ask a Girl about Childhood

Childhood memories are full of fondness and cuddles. This question is really sweet to ask any girl. Take a ride to her childhood with this question. Enjoy this beautiful moment together.


Who supports you the most in your life?

Supportive persons always make us happy and give us a lot of strength. They are like pillars in our lives. To know the intended, you need to know the stem. What do you think? Isn’t it one of the most beautiful personal questions to ask a girl?


Have you ever felt embarrassed in any situation ever?

Yeah! A deep down question for obvious reasons. She might not want to recall the incident unless she really trusts you. So, never ever force her to answer it.


Which things make you sad?

We feel sad, in fact sometimes without any reason. Sometimes the reasons are so subtle that the commoners can’t detect that. So, if you want to know what plays in her mind, you must ask her this question. One of the marvelous personal questions to ask a girl for real.


So, how do you manage your time so well?

Time management is a skill. And honestly, not everyone can do that. If your girl is efficient in this branch, do not forget to ask her the secret.


Which fictional character inspires you all the time?

Fictions are dreamy, but at times the fictional characters can provoke or motivate us to a great extent. Believe it or not, we all get inspired by a certain fictional character. What is hers? We are sure that you would not miss this personal question.


Do you love fairy tales?

Almost everyone loves fairy tales. They remind us of our beautiful childhoods when our dreams were mostly occupied by them. How is your lady love? If she loves them, then on your next date you can definitely gift her a beautiful fairy tale book. We would love to include it in the list of best personal questions to ask a girl.


On the whole, how would you define your life in one sentence?

A fun question that has a deep meaning. It is not easy to define life in a sentence. So, your lady love would be super amazed to do so. Do not snatch the opportunity from her.


If you ever get a magical power, which Disney character would you like to marry?

Well! Disney princes were charming, handsome or amazing. A fantasy level of question which has no model answer. Make it fun with your opinions. So, what do you say?


Which Disney character would you like to play forever?

Again, a dreamy question that she would love to answer. In fact, we believe that it is a unisex question. Because Disney is favorite to all, irrespective of any gender. You can surely add this to the list of fantastic personal questions to ask a girl.


Has anyone ever tried to exploit you, how did you handle that?

Exploitations affect mind and body to a great extent. It has no age bar, anyone can experience that at any stage of life. Sometimes, the pain of these things crosses the threshold of tolerance. Only a brave can handle exploitations. If your girl is one of them, do not forget to applaud her. And if she feels uncomfortable, do not force her.


Women and men are equal – What do you think of that?

Aha! In this era of modernization, this question is truly valuable indeed. And you can trust us on this point that every other person has a different opinion. These type of personal questions to ask a girl can definitely give you a sharp idea about her.


Do you feel that music can uplift our mind?

Though it is a common belief that music gives us ecstatic feel. But, then again not everyone thinks like that. Does music uplift her mind? Well! Only her answer would tell you that.


Do you feel that it is important to become better and better every day?

A conversation is incomplete without thought-provoking and philosophical questions. This is one such question. Betterment is the basic success mantra indeed. Ask her to analyze your girl in-depth.


How do think your perfect life partner would be?

A partner and a life partner, these two persons are absolutely different. Anyone can be her partner, but not everybody would be her life partner. Know her thoughts on this, this can definitely work like a building block of your relationship. It is indeed one of the most romantic personal questions to ask a girl, the best of its genre.


Do you miss your close buddies?

A great personal question to know her close buddies and besties. Close buddies are like those who stay with you in every predicament. Do you think you can miss this question? Well! We don’t think so.


What is the basis of a healthy relationship?

Relationships can be long-term, but might not be healthy always. A healthy relationship has a lot of dimensions. Work on the points that she says about a healthy relationship.


Do you love to play games related to your personal life?

These games are generally very close to one’s personal life. And everyone does not feel comfortable to play such games like Never have I ever, Truth n Dare etc. Ask her to know the truth.


If someone takes undue advantage of your uprightness, how would you react?

It is important to be upright, but if someone takes undue advantage of that, then it should not be tolerated. How your girl reacts to these? These are all time important personal questions to ask a girl.


Specifically, which one do you prefer the most – Homemade food or street food?


Personal Questions to ask a Girl about Foods

A fun and light question that can definitely be asked at the last. Homemade food has a personal touch and is full of enigma. Whereas, street food is the holy grail to many. In order to know her preference, you have to know the answer. Surprise her next time with her choice of foods. So, we call it one of the easiest and lightest personal questions to ask a girl.

So, it is not easy to approach a girl and ask her personal questions. In the same way, it is not extremely difficult as well. On the whole, the above questions are kind of guidelines, that you can ask your girl. There are many other things that you can ask, but these are indeed the safest and the sweetest.


  • Overall, always maintain a positive vibe.
  • If she hesitates to answer, then simply drop the question.
  • Some questions may make her uncomfortable, so keep in mind that.
  • Finally, these questions are also an attempt to know her personally. In order to do so, you may come to know some dark secrets about her. Never ever disclose that to others unless she asks you to do so.