Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions
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Good food, exquisite beverage, and a number of beautiful newlywed game questions – these trio are enough to raise the entertainment index high of a wedding reception or any party. A wedding has its own charisma and charm, but sometimes things die down pretty soon and guests start feeling bored with the same old pattern. To add some spice to the old formula, you can think about these questions which would not only help you to understand each other better but would also tune the mood.

How to Play?

It is easy to play Newlywed Questions Game. Just set two chairs in the middle of the dance floor. The bride and groom would be provided a placard. The DJ or the organizer would ask random interesting questions. Whoever wants to answer the question, can raise his or her placard. In fact, few questions can be asked to guests so that they feel engaged and entertained. The game can be accompanied with food, dance, and music as well; that would change the whole ambiance overall.

205 Newlywed Game Questions for All the Cute Couples

Well! Every couple knows each other, but how well? It is definitely a matter of question. Here, a number of questions from different categories have been presented. These newlywed game questions are absolutely perfect to ask newlyweds. Aren’t you excited to know that how well you know your spouse? Well! Check it out.

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

A newlywed couple is always full of fun and amusement. How can a wedding party be completed without some fun and entertaining questions-answers? So, to fuel your mind, here go a list of some amazing funny newlywed game questions.

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  1. Who is very shy?
  2. On an average, how many times do you say “I Love You” to each other?
  3. Who is the most energetic?
  4. Who is the movie lover?
  5. Romantic movie or thriller movie – what do you watch together?
  6. Who is very crazy for junk foods?
  7. Is there any book that still reminds you two about your first date?
  8. Who proposed first?
  9. Do you have any awkward experience with her?
  10. How long does she take to prepare properly?
  11. Who is the most romantic of you two?
  12. What is the most common thing between you two?
  13. Who loves to cuddle all the time?
  14. What is the most sensuous PDA moment of you two?
  15. Who is more amiable and friendly to strangers?
  16. Between you and your wife – who is more mysterious?
  17. Which beverage you two love to drink?
  18. In which attire, your wife looks amazing?
  19. Use three adjectives to describe the beauty and charm of your wife?
  20. What does your wife do in spare time?
  21. Which lipstick has she applied at least 10 times?
  22. What is the favorite lip color of your wife?
  23. When your wife is sad, which trick always works?
  24. Who literally reigns everything?
  25. Which is the statement jewelry of your wife?
  26. What is the nickname of your wife?
  27. What is the name of your wife’s pet?
  28. Who is a kind of philosopher between you two?
  29. Which dish did you cook for your wife for the first time?
  30. What did her parents tell you when you first met them?
  31. Who is the jolliest person?
  32. What was the reaction of your husband’s parents when they first saw you?
  33. Which is the best compliment your husband has given you?
  34. What was the first gift that your wife bought for you?
  35. Does she love surprises?
  36. Which is the favorite magazine of your wife?
  37. Who is a tech-savvy person?
  38. Which game both of you love playing?
  39. How long does she take to do makeup?
  40. What is the easiest way to annoy her?
  41. What did your mind say when you first saw her?
  42. Share one embarrassing thing that happened on your first date?
  43. Who loves to poke without any reason whatsoever?
  44. How many kids do you want?
  45. Does your wife love kids?

Naughty Newlywed Game Questions

Naughty Newlywed Game Questions

Well! We are talking about two amazing adult people, then how can we exclude the adult gaming questions? Get ready to taste some naughty elements. We swear that these would not offend the newlyweds. In fact, they might end up sharing some bomb secrets.

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  1. Who loves foreplay the most?
  2. Which adult movie makes both of you crazy?
  3. Which lingerie did she wear on the first night?
  4. How long and deep was your first kiss?
  5. Who said “Let’s make out” first?
  6. With protection or without protection?
  7. Who shouts more?
  8. How many scores would you give your performance?
  9. How often do you accompany your wife to the lingerie store?
  10. On your first day, what did you gift her?
  11. Who does dominate?
  12. Do you like BDSM?
  13. Bedroom, floor, or kitchen – what’s your favorite spot?
  14. Morning or night – which time do you prefer more?
  15. Is there any song that almost gives you an adrenaline rush?
  16. Lavender or Sandalwood – which one elevates your mood?
  17. How excited do you feel with her?
  18. Have you ever fantasized your wife before marriage?
  19. Is there any part of the body, that you love in your wife?
  20. What is the most interesting thing about your wife?
  21. What makes your wife immensely beautiful?
  22. How many ratings would you give her in the art of seduction?
  23. Is there any comic moment that she felt totally embarrassed?
  24. How important is physical intimacy in a relationship?
  25. What is the relevance of marriage in your life?
  26. How many scores would you give your post-marital equation?
  27. Is there anything that you discovered recently?
  28. What is the most mysterious way to make your husband happy?
  29. Have you ever bathed together?
  30. Do you remember, when was the first intimate moment created between you two?
  31. One thing that you told your husband on the first night of marriage, and he burst out in laughter?
  32. Can you guess the password of your husband’s mobile?
  33. In which bikini suit, you look the best?
  34. Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?
  35. Which piece of makeup is his favorite?
  36. Do you ask him to choose the lipstick shade for you?
  37. How long do you take to get ready?
  38. Shopping for yourself or for him – what’s more exciting?
  39. What do you do to make his mind?
  40. How many scores would you give him for romanticism?
  41. Has he ever written any poem or article for you?
  42. Do you feel jealous of your husband’s female colleagues?
  43. How wild was your night of honeymoon?
  44. How exciting or crazy was your honeymoon?
  45. Is there anything extraordinary that you did on your honeymoon?
  46. In which attire, he keeps staring at you?
  47. One funny and interesting secret that he shared with you.
  48. Have you ever caught him red-handed while doing anything nasty?
  49. What is the nastiest thing you did together as a couple?
  50. When did he lose his virginity?

Romantic Newlywed Game Questions

Romantic Newlywed Game Questions

Romance is an integral part of a wedding. It is a beautiful thing to talk about love and romance with a newlywed couple. We have curated the top-notch romantic newlywed game questions. We can assure you that everyone would enjoy the moments.

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  1. In which song, both of danced together on the eve of the wedding?
  2. What is your best beach vacation spot?
  3. In how many countries, have you visited together?
  4. Where do you want to go in this Christmas?
  5. What’s your rock and roll moment?
  6. How do you surprise your husband?
  7. What’s the best thing about your husband?
  8. How many scores would you like to give your equation with your husband?
  9. What did you gift him on the wedding night?
  10. What is the first question you asked him on the proposal day?
  11. If your wife had refused you to marry, what could you have done?
  12. How many times your husband wanted to express his love for you?
  13. What’s your proposal story?
  14. Who is a big-time foodie?
  15. Which is your favorite online shopping store?
  16. One thing that you always buy together?
  17. What’s the cutest thing your husband does to gain your attention?
  18. How creative is your husband?
  19. Is he good at cooking? What’s the dish he usually cooks on Sundays?
  20. Does he love when you do makeup?
  21. How entertaining is your husband?
  22. Is your husband a dog person or a cat person?
  23. Who loves adventures between you two?
  24. What is the best decision you have taken together?
  25. Who goes early in bed?
  26. Pasta or Pizza – what’s his favorite food?
  27. In which attire, he looks the most handsome person?
  28. What would you like to gift him in this year on his birthday?
  29. Which flavor of cake does your wife love to eat?
  30. How do you celebrate each other’s success?
  31. Who is literally a sucker of romantic movies?
  32. What is the cutest compliment you have ever given to him?
  33. Which household chore do you manage?
  34. How do you manage your time for your husband in spite of such a busy schedule?
  35. What’s your husband’s reaction on your skin that is glowing these days?
  36. Who is the cool-headed person between you two?
  37. Which is your favorite restaurant?
  38. In which place, did you go to meet him first?
  39. On which music track, you two often dance together?
  40. One song that you want to sing forever with him.
  41. Beauty would not last long. Then, how would you keep the flame of love alive in your relationship?
  42. Do you have any plan regarding your life after retirement?
  43. How difficult or easy was it to find your dream girl?
  44. What do you think impressed her about you?
  45. What was your reaction when he proposed to you?
  46. How dramatic or romantic was the marriage proposal?
  47. How happy do you feel today?
  48. As women, we all are pampered a lot. How much pampered do you feel by your husband?
  49. What is the cutest thing does your husband do every morning?
  50. One cute matter over which your husband fights deliberately?

Interesting Newlywed Game Questions

Interesting Newlywed Game Questions

Are you curious to know some interesting facts from the newlywed couple? Then, a bunch of interesting questions is the best to ask them. These are beautiful to ask any newlywed couple who has lived together for a long time.

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  1. Who always fights over the access of TV remote?
  2. One thing that none can do like your husband.
  3. Which is your husband’s favorite perfume?
  4. Which brand of clothing does your wife wear the most?
  5. What is the size of your husband’s shoes?
  6. How different is marriage life from the simple live-in relationship?
  7. Which beverage does your husband love?
  8. Who snores at night?
  9. Which moisturizer does your wife use?
  10. How many digits are there in the Gmail password of your husband?
  11. Who is the guardian of the house?
  12. Have you ever been called siblings by mistake?
  13. What does the most embarrassing thing happen at your wedding?
  14. Has she ever forgotten your birthday?
  15. Who is good at memorizing all the important dates?
  16. Who is very familiar to everyone in the family?
  17. Which desert dish does your wife like to eat?
  18. Which food your wife can eat 24×7?
  19. Do you share your closets?
  20. Who is quite frank even with strangers?
  21. One thing that you love the most about your husband?
  22. What are the last four digits of your wife’s mobile number?
  23. Are you possessive about him?
  24. One interesting fact about him?
  25. What has literally glued your eyes over him?
  26. Who is an outdoor person?
  27. What is the most adorable thing your wife does every morning?
  28. One bad habit that you want to change in your husband?
  29. Does your wife has any awful habit?
  30. What did she gift you on your second date?

Newlywed Game Questions about Friendship

The essence of a budding relationship lies in the heart of the surrounding people. A bride and a groom relate to each other more when they share about each other’s besties. Refresh their loving and cute memories of childhood by asking them about their best buddies.

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  1. When did she meet her bestie for the first time?
  2. How many close friends does your wife have in life?
  3. What is the name of your wife’s bestie?
  4. How many friends were there in your husband’s bachelor party?
  5. How is your bonding with your wife’s friends?
  6. Last time, when did your wife go for a trip with her friends?
  7. Which place, has he visited at least more than 5 times with his bestie?
  8. One embarrassing question that your wife’s friends asked you on your wedding night.
  9. What is the most adventurous thing your husband has done with his friends?
  10. Has your wife ever surprised you with her friends?

Emotional Newlywed Game Questions

Emotional Newlywed Game Questions

Emotion is an integral part of any relationship. Without emotions, nothing can exist. We have curated some emotional newlywed game questions that are emotional and interesting at the same time. Trust us, they are going to love these.

  1. How emotional is your husband?
  2. Has he ever cried after watching a sad movie?
  3. How emotionally attached is he with his old belongings?
  4. Does your wife write letters or emails?
  5. Do you miss her while at the office?
  6. How long can you stay apart from your husband?
  7. If your wife had not accepted your marriage proposal, what was your plan B?
  8. Have you ever fallen out rudely?
  9. When did you realize that your husband is perfect for you?
  10. Was it love at first sight for you two?
  11. How unique was your marriage proposal?
  12. How many times did you try to confess your love for your wife?
  13. Who is quite an extrovert and loud about everything?
  14. How influenced did you feel when you first looked at her?
  15. One thing that you never want to change in your wife?
  16. If someone berates her in front of you, what would you do?
  17. How well do you understand your wife?
  18. Have you ever seen your wife cry?
  19. What were the emotions playing in your head on your wedding day?
  20. How important is physique to you for a healthy relationship?

A newlywed couple is always full of fun, adventures, and interesting things. And, so would be the questions as well. Much fun combined with the right amount of mischief – this is the ideal definition of the newlywed game questions. We believe these questions would just increase the fun index in everyone’s life. So, are you excited?


  • Don’t bother the couple with unnecessary questions about their past life.
  • It is a game, not a medium to generate information. So, the questions should be asked in a fun tone.
  • Do not end up asking any sad questions.