Mom Tag Questions

Mom Tag Questions
By Soma Banik Updated

If you want to feel your mother perfectly, there is no alternative to mom tag questions. Mother is the most exquisite creation of God indeed. She carries her babies at a stretch for 9 months in her womb. She never complains nor does she ever runs away from her responsibilities. A mother’s love is selfless and amazing from every angle. This is a beautiful game that has become pretty famous in recent times. Ask your mom a set of interesting questions to know more about her journey as a mother.

68 Mom Tag Questions: It’s Time to Explore Her Journey

There is an infinite number of questions that you can ask your mother. But, the following mom tag questions are indeed the best of all. We have tried to capture and portray the tenderness and the divine motherly love in each and every question. Surely, she is going to love all.

  1. What is the best thing about motherhood?
  2. How is a father’s love and a mother’s love different?
  3. One rule that you imposed on your younger child.
  4. Who is a mamas girl?
  5. At which age, did you conceive?
  6. What is the right age of becoming a mother?
  7. How to balance between work and personal life?
  8. Who used to cry the most?
  9. What is the one you realized after being a mother?
  10. Which child is the most obedient?
  11. Which child reminds you of your own childhood?
  12. How would you treat a naughty child?
  13. What is your usual prayer for your children?
  14. Describe your elder child in one word.
  15. Who is your best friend among your children?

Cute Mom Tag Questions

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  1. When was the first time, you scolded your children?
  2. How difficult or easy it is to be a mom?
  3. Is it possible for a dad to feel like a mom?
  4. What are the qualities do you want to see in your children?
  5. Would you like your children to opt for a career of their choice?
  6. To which extent, your responsibilities have increased after being a mother?
  7. Who among your children is the most responsible one?
  8. What do you usually tell your children while scolding them?
  9. Is there anything you want your children to learn but they don’t want to?
  10. Who has named your younger child?
  11. How amazing or horrible life has become after becoming a mother?
  12. Which child resembles your husband?
  13. Have you ever compromised anything for the sake of your children?
  14. Is there anything that you want to tell your mother now when you have become a beautiful mother?
  15. What are the challenges that you face on a regular basis?
  16. Which type of clothes do you love to wear now?
  17. Which child is advanced to his/her age?
  18. What was your favorite food during your pregnancy?
  19. Would you like your children to take their decisions on their own?
  20. One rule that you would not break ever, no matter how hard your life is.
  21. What is the one inspirational thing do you always share with your children?
  22. Can money solve every problem in your life?
  23. Which child is the most intelligent among all?
  24. How do you convince your children for doing something that they don’t want to do at all?
  25. What is the favorite food of your children?
  26. Who is kind of rebellious among your children?
  27. Who is the most talented of all?
  28. What was the reaction of your husband when your first child was born?
  29. Have you ever beaten any of your children?
  30. Is any of your children is a vegetarian?

Beautiful Mom Tag Questions

  1. How tough were the 9 prolonged months?
  2. Have you ever thought of not conceiving the baby?
  3. Has ever your marital life come on your life as a mother?
  4. How do you play several roles in your life?
  5. What is your favorite picture along with your children?
  6. Is there any painful moment that you endured along with your children?
  7. Do you have any dream for your children?
  8. Is there any bodily change that you have observed after becoming a mother?
  9. Who among your children sings or dances pretty well?
  10. What do you love to prepare for breakfast?
  11. Which lullaby song is your favorite?
  12. Do children need both mom and dad, or just a mother is enough to handle a child?
  13. What is the craziest thing have you done for your children?
  14. Who spends a lot of time in the bathroom?
  15. Who looks much like you?

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Amazing Mom Tag Questions

  1. How different technique was your technique than your mom to teach your children?
  2. If life gives you a second chance, would you like to be a mother once again?
  3. What is the most brilliant lesson have you ever taught to your children?
  4. What if someone teases your children in front of you, what would you do?
  5. So, what was the first word that your elder child learned or spoke?
  6. What is the place of a mother in a child’s life?
  7. Who is pretty dominating among your children?
  8. What is the mantra or advice you would like to pass to the new mothers?

Shower some more love to her by asking all these mom tag questions. Believe it or not, these are some of our favorite questions of all time. Discover a new aspect of her.


  • Ask her questions in a subtle manner.
  • Motherhood has never been easy, so show your respect to her.
  • Every question brings forth a lot of lessons, try to acquire them.
  • In the end, do not forget to thank her for sharing such amazing things.