Love Quotes to Impress Your Loved One

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Expensive gifts and surprises are the old ways to show your fondness; try something novel and romantic like cute love quotes to woo your loved one. When you fall in love with someone, it becomes tough to express your feelings to him or her because people often get nervous in front of the person whom your heart beats for. So, you may be lurking around for an ideal way to reveal your affection to your beloved.

Why don’t you surprise your soulmate in a graceful and poetic style? Show the beauty of romance to your lover by sharing some phrases of love with him or her. Take the first approach to reveal your hidden emotion and affection for your beloved.

Love Quotes to Express Your Feelings

Be lyrical while proposing your partner and give the true gesture of love in an impressive and poetic way. We have compiled a list of beautiful and romantic love quotes which will help you describe your emotions in a few aesthetic words:


“My selfless love doesn’t expect anything except a smile on your beautiful face.”

The second name of true love is a selfless attitude. A true lover never expects much from his or her beloved and just want to see the happiness of the partner. So, if you really want to woo your loved one, try to reveal your secret feelings by a heart-touching love quote.

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“When I hear the word, ‘Love’; it just reminds me of your name.”

Your lover always has a special place in your heart and whenever any topic related to love comes to you, you just recall the name of your love interest. So, don’t you think that you should express that awesome feeling verbally to your adored? This is one of the best quotes about love which helps you to reveal your feelings vocally in a rhythmical way.


“Loving you is not an option but a necessity.”

For a person who is really in love, relationships of love cannot be optional; it is both the priority and necessity of his or her life. So, why don’t you express this honest feeling to your lover and make him or her feel a special part of your life?


“My feelings for you will be imminent like the sunrise and full moon in the sky.”

We all know that the sun and moon will never stop rising in the sky and if you express the eternity of your love with this cute love quote, it will show your lover’s importance in your life. It is also a sign of honest promise towards your lover while proposing.


“You’re the only remedy of all my inner wounds and aches.”

You may have passed many dark phases of life which have agonized your heart with inner wounds, but if the arrival of your lover has acted as a remedy for you then be thankful to him or her by sharing your emotion.


“My reality is better than dreams because you arrived actually like a fairytale prince in my life.”

Every girl has a dream in her life to lead a blissful love life with her prince charming and when the dream fulfills, her happiness has no limit. Thus, if you are feeling the same then it’s one of the best love quotes for him to express your utmost gladness.


“You’re like the streaming river, and a candle in a church.”

You’re like the streaming river, and a candle in a church.”

Compare the purity and calm nature of your beloved with the piousness of holy church and flowing stream. This can be the finest complimentary love quote to your loved one which shows your respect towards your lover’s affection.


“Let my heart the place of your love; don’t pay any rent.”

With this love quote, you can smartly ask your loved one to stay in your heart without compensating, as it’s a cute way of love proposal to your soul partner.


“New meaning of love is a gift and lesson from you.”

If your loved one has made you understand the true meaning of love by acting as a mentor and real support in your life, express your gratitude to him or her by sharing this phrase.


“My dark night has turned into a sunny morning with your entry in my life.”

This is one of the best love quotes which can express your happiness verbally for your lover’s arrival to your life. If you really feel that he or she is a lucky charm for you who transformed the dusky phase of your life into a bright moment then it is a perfect way to acknowledge.


“Your appeasing love is like a rose without thorns and a soothing shadow on sweltering heat.”

Your appeasing love is like a rose without thorns and a soothing shadow on sweltering heat.”

When you win the heart of your loving partner, difficulties easily get solved. The presence of the person becomes the most precious reward for your life. So, try to adore his or her existence by articulating such an aesthetic way.


“Love filled the void of my life with affection and benediction after your acceptance.”

Gaining true love is a blessing to an individual who has strived hard with the emptiness for a long period in life. However, if your dream partner has filled the void in your life then you can share your feeling of satisfaction to appreciate your beloved.


“My incompleteness and imperfection got a complete meaning with your arrival.”

Sometimes, the existence of a life partner or lover changes your livelihood by improving your wrong lifestyle and completing your individuality. So, why don’t you share a grand welcoming quotation of affection to your better half? Make your lover feel that you are nothing without the loving person in your life.


“Love bridged the gap of between you and me.”

Sometimes love and affection is the only reason that can create a strong bond between you and your soul partner by reducing the distance between both of you.


“My weariness fades when you embrace me with the warmth of love.”

Caring Love Quotes

You might be striving lots of troubles in your life, but your exhaustion and tension certainly disappear once you hold the hand of your lover. Show your positive behavior and attitude to your partner with this love quote.


“Be the answer of my every question, and eraser of my every mistake.”

You might be restless because of the unnecessary questions that were arising in your mind, and habituated in doing error, but if your beloved had entered your life as the solutions of your queries and mistakes then hold his or hand and say the best love quote like which is aforesaid.


“My boundaries become boundless like the sea when you call me from a distance apart.”

The crazy and passionate lovers never think about his or her limit to reach the loved one when he or she calls their name from far distance. They just reach the focal point just after knowing their necessity in the life of their beloved.


“Not just the part of my life, you are the heart of my body.”

Make your lover feel that the individual not only keep partial significance in your life but your existence is meaningless without him or her. Tell the person that the reason for your livelihood is valuable just for him or her. Your lover is the requirement of your life not just an optional part.


“Your inestimable love makes all the other precious things valueless.”

 You get overwhelmed in the magic of love, and wealth seems to be valueless while compared to your loved one at that time. If you are really engrossed with this mystical feeling then share that to your beloved, and show his or her priority in your life.

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“Just let me live with you and grow old with you.”

Just let me live with you and grow old with you.

This is a beautiful phrase to prove your soulmate that you only want to live and grow old with him or her. You just want to stay with the person forever in his or her life.


“A day with you just passes in seconds and a moment without you is like years.”

It is called happiness are monetary and sorrow is a long-time companion in the life of human being. When you spend quality times with your beloved, that becomes the most joyful moments which passes like seconds; but time stops like years when he or she is not with you. This cute love quote can reveal your hidden emotions to your partner.


“I love seeing the bright stars in the sky, but when compared with your glittery eyes, they are nothing.”

I love seeing the bright stars in the sky, but when compared with your glittery eyes, they are nothing.

This is not a flowery compliment or a groveling phrase of love; somewhat this quote about love is the way to praise the inner and outer beauty of your loved one which a lover generally expects from his or her partner.


“If love is blind then honestly, I want to be sightless to the entire world except you.”

It can be the best love dedication quotes to make your lover understand that you neither want to see the world nor want to live without him or her. The existence of your beloved really matters for you.


“Your first touch gave a sensation that I took birth just for you.”

Just make your partner feel that you only belong to him or her, and no one in this entire world have the right to be your soulmate. Tell that you are born to be a beloved of your partner.


“My heart starts beating fast when you call my name.”

It’s quite natural, we get nervous when we see our crush or loved one in front of us, and our heart starts beating faster when he or she calls out our name. Divulge your emotion of joy and excitement for your crush in this way.


“You are the only one whom I was waiting for eras.”

This phrase is quite rhetoric, but it shows your elongated waiting period for finding a true love. Nowadays, some people are casual with their love intrigue, but if you are really not among them then try to show the depth of your love by showing your partner that you were honestly finding him or her from a long time because no one else can take the same place.


“Mirror of your soul is just the reflection of your eyes.”

Mirror of your soul is just the reflection of your eyes.

When a person loves you the most, his or her eyes identify your inner feelings by your behavior and facial expression. A true lover can recognize your joy and sorrow by your facial expression, and language of your eyes. Appreciate the compatibility and understanding between you and your partner with this love quote.


“My love really means, I’ll stand for you in the worst and best times of life.”

People generally think, ‘I love you’, is just the word to propose or reveal the affectionate feeling for someone; but these three letters are the combination of a promise to be with a partner forever in both the good and bad times. So, disburse your emotion and regards to your loved one.


“I’ve not taken birth with you, but want to die with you.”

Maybe you are not with your beloved from the very first day of his or her life, but if you want to live till the last day with him or her then pray to God and convey this line to your soulmate.


“Composition of our love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

Generally, love birds are a combination of two bodies but only with one soul. Both the happiness and sorrow of one partner affects the other and above-mentioned line is the emotive expression of that feeling.


“Each day I see you; I fall in love with you again and again.”

Attraction and infatuation get monotonous, but real love never fades or turns old if your mind is totally engrossed with the effect of your soulmate. Each day makes your partner whole new and you fall in love with him or her repeatedly.

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“Beginning and end of my love story just lies with you.”

The above line is the way to specify your love by addressing your partner as the first and last choice. Make your beloved feel that no one can take his or her place from the beginning to the end of your life.


“My awful nightmares will get transformed into lovely dreams with your acceptance, my love.”

You may have faced dark phases of your life but after the acceptance of your lover, life changed in blessing. So why not define the emotion of your honest love proposal by sharing this quote to your dream partner?


“May the journey never end when you walk right beside me.”

May the journey never end when you walk right beside me.

Journeys are generally tiresome and restless, but when your partner walks with you, the exhaustion naturally diminishes and you never want end the journey soon. This phrase is the expression of that passion and craziness.


“I am not your first love, but want to be the last that lasts forever.”

Don’t regret if you are not the first lover of your partner, but you can say this pledging phrase to show your right for your loved one till the last breath of your life.


“Listening to your harmonious voice is like hearing melodic music.”

Sometimes, the voice your lover turns melodious like music when you are fully engrossed with love and want to hear it frequently. Make your partner feel that the voice of the particular person is really the reason of contentment to your heart.


“People say love hurts, but I’m sure your love won’t be the reason for my agony.”

Trust is the most crucial part in a love relationship which escapes you from suspiciousness and jealousy. Saying this line to your lover will not only show your faith but may also stop that individual to find anyone else at the presence of your beloved’s life.


“Ultimate reason of my existence is your presence.”

When you were living a meaningless life but after the acceptance of your love proposal; life totally changes with significant existence. You can expose your love to your partner in this way.


“God couldn’t come to the earth, but sent an angel for me; that’s you.”

God couldn’t come to the earth, but sent an angel for me; that’s you.

Love is a form of prayer and pious feelings in your heart; your lover is the messenger of God who has brought contentment with happiness for you. Show your admiration and dedication to your beloved.


“Every day becomes a celebration whenever you praise me.”

When you are passionate with your love, the compliments of your lover give you the feeling of inner satisfaction and that becomes the reason of celebration to you.


“Trust me, you’re my delightful ‘hello’ and saddest ‘goodbye’ in life.”

The greeting of starting a conversation with your lover is always exciting but when it ends and you have to bid goodbye, it really makes you sad. So, express your emotive feelings by the love quote mentioned above.


“Both my strength and weakness stand with you.”

We know strength and weakness are contradictory words, but these can only describe that person whom you love the most in the world. A lover can be your power because his or her presence supports you and help you fight every adversity. He or she can be your weakness because you love the person and his or her problems trouble you also. Send the deep connotation of regards and priority to your loved one with the line.


“I cannot give you the whole world, but can make you my world.”

You may not fulfil all the demand of your partner, but you can try your best to do some as per your capability. So, you can assure that you will embrace your lover in your world of joy, whether you can give him or her the entire happiness of earth.


“Love is a promise; once given cannot be broken.”

If you are really sure about your feelings for someone then only propose the person with a promise to never leave the hand. A gentleman or honorable lady never breaks his or her promises given to the partner.


“Aroma of your love is more pleasant than the fragrance of a flower.”

Aroma of your love is more pleasant than the fragrance of a flower

While engaged in a love relation, a person only feels the essence of love and forget to see other beauties of nature. The fragrance of flower remains no more appealing in front of the fervent aroma of love and passion. Show your craziness and depth of love for your beloved with this phrase.


“Whether I close or open my eyes, I only see you.”

When the love effect of your beloved sweetly captivate your heart and brain, it only reminds you about his or her memories from dawn to dusk and from dream to reality. This can be the clear and honest confession of love to your partner.


“Not only a soulmate, you are my companion of joy and sorrow.”

Your life partner or soulmate is not only your lover but also a friend who will always be with you in happy and sad moments of life. So, appreciate your compatibility with your soul partner.


“Happiness doesn’t start with the letter, ‘H’, it only starts with the first letter of your name for me.”

Your happiness with the affection of your beloved is the prove of wide smile on your face. So, express that with the mode of an affectionate gesture.


“You are the inimitable moon among the numerous bright stars.”

You are the inimitable moon among the numerous bright stars.

Describe the unique qualities of your loved one by complimenting him or her with this love quote. Make it clear that your lover is the best person in your life compared to the others.


“Life without you is a car without fuel.”

Your lover is your energy booster and an important part of your life without whom you can never reach a destination and this quote is the portrayal.


“When I’m around you, I don’t need to pretend to be happy; it’s natural.”

Neither you can stop yourself from smiling nor you can pretend happy when your dream partner becomes your eye candy. Show the natural rejoice with your feeling of contentment to your lover with this love quote.


“You’re the blessing of my prayers to Almighty.”

Every individual prays to God for a good life partner or candid lover and when the person woos him or her, it seems like the best reward of honest prayers and pledges.


“When you stare at me, it makes me feel gorgeous. You’re the secret reason, I adorn myself.”

When you stare at me, it makes me feel gorgeous. You’re the secret reason, I adorn myself.

You may not take interest in adorning or wearing the best attire, but a special one’s likes and dislikes really matter for you. Whenever he or she stares at you affectionately, you start admiring yourself with self-confidence, and your inner satisfaction makes you more attractive to your partner.


“There’s a good habit in my life, that’s loving you.”

Give a high importance to your love interest by telling him or her that loving the individual is one of the best habits in your life.

Choose any phrases among this collection of the best love quotes, and just share them with the one you feel for. The compilation of the 50+ phrases of love can help a thousand lovers to woo and steal the hearts of their respective partner in a romantic way.