80+ Hypothetical Questions to Ask Your Friends

Hypothetical Question
By Sarmistha Banerjee Updated

If you want to spend your time learning the beliefs and values of others, then hypothetical questions are the best choice in such a situation. It is a creative way to play question game and know about the thoughts of your friends and those people whom you know.

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Hypothetical questions are some queries that are based on assumed facts and these questions are formulated to arrive as a generalized answer. The hypothetical question is based on opinion, supposition, conjecture and personal belief. Usually, these questions are not based on reality. These questions draw the scenarios of imaginary situations and ask questions related to them.   

Hypothetical Questions for Your Pass Time   

This questioning style is a fruitful way to expand the conversation from boring topics to interesting topics. It is not necessary to talk about the related topics of life; you can also talk about out-to-track topics while asking hypothetical questions. Here we have shared a list of hypothetical questions which you can play as a time-pass hypothetical question game:

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  1. If you lose the ability to see colors, then what would be the only one color that you would love to see?
  2. If you are made the dictator of the state, then how will you react?
  3. If you were really asked to sell your soul to the devil, then what would be the reason for selling it?
  4. If you were proposed to learn one skill in the world without any training, then what would it be?
  5. If you had the ability to change one thing in a human body, then what it would be?
  6. Suppose you are lost in a forest and you have no one to help you except a blind and dumb person, then how will you save yourself?
  7. If a building is on fire, then would you save your sibling only or a five-year kid who is not your family member?
  8. Suppose you were given the power to cure all the diseases of the world but that is only possible if you kill an innocent child; will you do it or will you leave the power?
  9. What will you do if you are asked to choose between your friend and love?
  10. If you were given wings then where you would have visited first?
  11. If money wasn’t your concern, then which lifestyle you would have chosen?
  12. If you were given an option to forget or erase a particular thing from your life, then what it would be?
  13. If you have reincarnated as a bird and asked the option to choose a specific bird, then what would it be?
  14. If you were asked to be the minister of the country for a day, then what would you have done?
  15. If you were a superhero, then what are the things that you would have done for yourself and your loved ones?
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  16. What would have been your goals if you were given the power to become head of your community?
  17. Would you like to go to a haunted house alone to know more about it if your friends don’t go with you?
  18. Would you like to live in the mountains of Antarctica or in the desert of Sahara?

    Mountain of Antarctica
  19. What will you choose between internet service and television?
  20.  What are the laws that you would love to abolish if you had the power to do so?
  21. If you were given a chance to drink milk from the animals which we usually don’t drink, then which animal would you chose, Bat, Tiger, or Monkey?
  22. If you were given a glass of wine and a whiskey, and you are permitted to choose anyone among them then what would be the thing you need?
  23. If you were a queen of ancient times, then whom will you choose as the minister of the kingdom?
  24. What have you done if the world was totally chocolates?
  25. If you decide to change your sex and your loved ones never allow that then what would you do?
  26. Do you think that the world would be a better place to live in the computer and other technical things are not invented?
  27. Imagine you have reached a land of dwarfs like the story of Gulliver’s Travel, and the dwarfs want to kill you because of your size, then what will you do?
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  28. Do you know the weight of a person after going to the center of the earth?
  29. If the average life expectancy of a person becomes 400 years, then how would you plan your lifestyle?
  30. If the Government gives you a responsibility to come up with a plan to fight online piracy and hacking, then what will be the solution according to you?
  31. Do you think the world is a better place? How can you make it better for everyone after facing lots of difficulties?
  32. If you don’t know cooking and you are in a cyclonic area where markets are closed and no one is there to cook for you, then what will you do?
  33. Would you like to go to sea beaches, spiritual places national sanctuaries, or hills?
  34.  If you have the ability to change your future, then how would you do it?
  35. If you get less profit from business and more money from salary, then which source of income will you choose?
  36. If you win a lottery, then who is the first person you would like to give a sum of money to?
  37. What would you choose as gender in your next reincarnation?
  38. If you were allowed to add more holidays to the holiday list of your office, then which holidays you have been added?
  39. If you had a magic pen, then what would have been written or drawn on white paper?

    Magic Pen
  40. If you would be an NPC in any video game, then what games you would like to reside in?
  41. What are the most important things that you want to change?
  42. If you are alone in your home, then what are the things that will want to do?
  43. If you were legally allowed to kill a person while doing your self-defense, then what weapon would you use for the murder?
  44. Suppose you become the CEO of a company, then what are the extra facilities you would like to provide them along with wedges?
  45. If someone offers you $15,000 but with a punch on your nose every time, then how many times are you ready to accept the punch?
  46. What are the movies which are like the incidents of your life?
  47. If you were a pied piper, then which animal would you want to able to follow you?

    Pied Piper
  48. If you die and got one place or the people to haunt them, then which is the place and people that you will like to feel scary?
  49.  If you get the chance of being the opposite sex for a month, then how would you behave, talk, walk and praise people?
  50. If you are asked to describe your life in 30 seconds, then what will be your reaction and action?
  51. What would you prefer, a smart boyfriend forever or a dumb husband forever in your life?
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  52. Suppose a genie offers you three wishes but after fulfilling that she wants you to sacrifice the most precious thing of your life, then what would you do?
  53. If you are an owner of 2 million dollars but you had got only seven days to live in your life, then how would you invest your money?
  54. Do you like to spend your holiday by living in an adventurous tent or in a luxurious resort?

    Holiday Trip
  55. If you have given choice to fulfill all your fantasies or to marry and live your life seriously with a person without fulfilling any fantasies, then what would you choose?
  56. If you have a habit of forgetting things, then what are the things that you will like to forget fast?
  57. If there was a symbol to represent you, then would it be it?
  58. If you get a chance to go on a sea voyage, then how many days would you like to live on a ship?

    Sea Voyage
  59. If you had lots of phobias, then how would you get rid of them?
  60. What would it be like if hide and seek was a major sport in the Olympics?
  61. If you get a chance to rename any four animals, then which animals will you choose?
  62. How would the transformation in the world comes if mammals including human beings start laying eggs?
  63. If casual and funky dresses are allowed in schools, then what would have been the reactions of the children?
  64. If you had a reset button in your life, then what are the most important things that you would have been changed?
  65. If you get complete freedom to live your life without barriers and boundaries, what are the things you would have done in your life?
  66. What foods you can eat up in one day if you have a good digestive system?
  67. If the advertisement did not exist, then how would you know about different products and how would you have been bought products from the market?
  68. If you had to wear a mask forever in your life, then which color would you have been liked to wear?
  69. If animals could talk or communicate with human beings, then with which animal you had been talked to first?
  70. If you had the power to unite two countries into one, then which are the two countries that you have united?
  71. If you plan to go for a solo holiday, then what are the things that you will do there?
  72. If you meet your celebrity crush for the first time, then what are the things that you want to do with him or her?
  73. If you had a time machine, then at which age you would have visited in the past?
  74. If you had ten arms and legs, then what you have done?
  75. If you go on a blind date and see that the man you are meeting is half an age older than you, then what would you do?
  76. If you are caught by the cops while having your drink in a street in a public place, then what would you do?
  77. If you get a chance to transform into a robot, then would you accept the chance or not?

  78. If a situation comes in front of you that you will get a chance to live in heaven if you die tomorrow but you have to go to hell if you die after fifty years, then which option will you accept?
  79. If you are asked to describe your entire life just in 15 words, then what will you say?
  80. Do you want to be a hidden dragon or a crouching tiger?
  81. If your parents allow you to go for a long vacation alone, then what are the places you will like to go to?

You can ask questions that are related to any of the topics you like to discuss while asking hypothetical questions. However, make sure that you are asking these questions in the right place to right people based on the situation.