How to Know If a Girl Likes You

How to Know If a Girl Likes You - 21 Ways to Know
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How to know if a girl likes you? This might be the question running through the lanes of your brain if you are hoping someone special to fall for you. You are expecting some hints from the girl to be assured about her feelings. But you may not be solving the puzzle.

Female psychology is a mystery to most men and often their thoughts and feelings become impossible to unriddle. But not anymore!

Experts have given their opinion and theories on how to tell if a girl likes you. Until you know her thoughts, you can never be sure about your future with her. Explore the hidden hints that a girl likes you.

How to Know If a Girl Likes You – 21 Tricks to Get into Her Mind

The girl you wish to woo may also have the same feeling for you! Since you don’t know her psychology, her hints are not striking the right chord in your head. She may be shy and wants you to take the first step but your lack of understanding can make her lose interest in you! Knowing the ways to know whether or not a girl likes you may save you from losing a person who genuinely feels for you. Never take a risk and discover how to tell if a girl likes you.

She Laughs at Your Poorest Jokes

She Laughs at Your Poorest Jokes

This is an interesting point. If a girl likes you, her laughter will give you the indications! Yes, she will laugh at your poorest jokes (and at the right time). When she laughs at your jokes, that means she finds you extremely amusing and even she’s trying to laugh a little too hard, that’s absolutely fine as it shows her endeavor to value your efforts.

However, some girls giggle when they are nervous. But the laughter that you are desiring for is the full belly laugh you both share where both of you come nearly to cry laughing! That craziness will always be cherished in both of your lives.

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She’ll Have Multiple Coincidental Collisions with You

If a girl truly likes you and is gutsy enough, she will find opportunities to run into you in a passionate crash by making an excuse of a coincidence! She can crash at a party, café, or at any such place where a large number of people circulates and collaborates.

Now, if the girl isn’t much brave, she’ll find a place anywhere close to you. She may whisper with her bestie while both of them staring at your direction.

However, in any case, she will pass by you multiple times during the time you two are together or she’ll try striking up a conversation.

She Likes to Talk

A deep conversation is the best way to reach the right chord of heart. It’s important for you to know that girls don’t like to talk to anyone and everyone. So, if a girl is interested in talking to you, there’s definitely a spark. We have seen some couples talking for hours and not getting a little bored. The girl would find new excuses or reasons for being engaged in a conversation with you. This is exactly how to know if a girl likes you.

However, the girl may be shy or nervous. In that scenario, she may have trouble in speaking. It’s your duty to understand the situation and make her feel comfortable with you. Ask questions and wait for her replies. Never skip her answers as she may be trying to bring out an answer.

On the other hand, if she sounds or looked bored or answers your questions with a shrug, it’s a sign that the girl isn’t interested in you. She may also let herself grabbed away by her passing friend which is even worse!

She Has Cried in front of You

When it comes to knowing a girl’s feelings, her emotional outbursts are the best expression of her inclination towards you. If a girl has ever cried in front of you, she, definitely, has a soft spot for you in her heart. Basically, no human being (especially, the girls) would cry before someone whom they don’t consider close enough. The trust and reliability come into play when a girl cries in front of you.

The girl is revealing her emotional quotient to you since she has a great amount of trust in you. Trust is the first stage of an emotional attachment. You are more special than her regular friends. Try to console her, give her good advice, and give your shoulder to her whenever she needs.

Eye Contact is More Intimate than Words Can Ever Be

When a girl likes someone, they may shy away from looking at the person directly. When the eyes of you two meet, she may blink and look elsewhere! It means she’s quite a shy person and doesn’t want you to catch her gazing at you or ‘chasing’ you. She wants you to make the first move and approach her.

However, there are those women who speak through their eyes. And if you are lucky enough, your gaze can intersect a woman’s who has vibrant eyes and you may be invited to have a talk with her. When you come across a confident girl, she would hold your attention more than you would expect before she looks away! When you are making the extended eye contact with a girl, it’s certainly a good indication.

Touching is Liking

Touching is Liking - How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Simply put, touching denotes liking. If you notice her finding excuses or making ways to touch you, she’s very likely to have a liking for you. If you are struggling to understand whether the girl you like, likes you or not, this is how you may know it! When a girl wants to come closer to you, there’s no better way than holding your arms or touching your hair. And if a girl does so, you have got a positive answer to the question!

The girl may remove an imaginary thing from your hair or face. Also, if you receive the light-hearted slaps from your girl friend (a friend who is a girl), you can rest assured that she wants to be closer to you.

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She Plays with Her Hair

Hair playing is a vital sign to know if a girl likes you. If the girl plays with her hair and fixes it while having a conversation with you, she wants to present herself as beautiful as she can be. Thus, it becomes clear that the girl is interested in you as her subconscious mind wants her to grab your attention with these gestures and win your heart.

It’s also important to notice how the girl is touching her hair. If she’s caressing her hair slowly, she’s confident and experienced in terms of love and likings. On the other hand, a shy or impatient girl would touch her hair firmly and quickly.

She’s Possessive about You

Her possessiveness is a great sign to know whether or not a girl likes you. When a girl is inclined towards you, she would never want you to give your attention elsewhere especially, on other girls. If you flirt with other girls, she may get upset or uncomfortable with the fact that there’s a competition. It may have two possible results: she may slip away so she doesn’t have to watch you prioritizing other girls over her or she may react openly!

But you need to be cautious before flirting with the other girls as it may have a fatal repercussion! You may project yourself as a fancy Casanova-like person but the girl who likes you may not like you being coquettish and lose interest in you. Possessiveness is a great sign but it’s delicate. So, deal with it carefully.

She Has a Trust in You

If you’re confused about her feelings for you, trust is a great way of discovering her attachment with you. No girl (or any human being) would tell their deep dark secrets to a random person who’s not close. When she reveals her personal stuff and discusses with you, it shows her immense faith in you and that is definitely the signal that she likes you.

If she tells you something that nobody knows (apart from her best friend), it’s a great sign. Be with her, listen to what she says carefully and give her valuable advice. Also, never tell her secrets to anyone. If she trusts you, try to live up to her faith.

She Cooks for You

This is a delicious sign to tell if a girl likes you. Some girls love cooking and some don’t. But one thing is constant – a girl would not spend hours in the kitchen and make food for you unless she has a feeling for you. So, if you see a girl cooking food for you more often, she wants to reach your heart through your taste buds.

Don’t ever criticize the food. If you don’t love it, tell it in a positive way. An open criticism would hurt her emotions. You should see the effort she has put in for bringing a smile to your face. If she does so, you are lucky. Cooking is an unconventional but surefire way to know if a girl likes you.

She Blushes and Gets Nervous

Every romantic novel talks about blushing. And if you can make a girl blush, you are on the right track and the girl is falling for you. If your compliments have made her blush more than one time, definitely, there’s something brewing in her mind. There are also some girls who get nervous in the company of the person they like. They turn red and clumsy in an intimate situation with you.

When you face such a situation, try to make her feel comfortable with you. Don’t make the situation weird and enjoy her blushing, shyness, and nervousness out of affection.

She Licks Her Lips

Licking Lips - How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Licking lips can be a complicated and confusing indication to decide if she likes you or not. You may easily judge that if a girl licks her lips, the action interprets the desire of her to kiss you. But not always! She may have the desire but doesn’t get too excited at the very moment.

Licking lips can simply signify a dry mouth. One thing that you should always consider is why her mouth is so dry that she needs to lick so many times! If it’s not a scorching hot and dry day or she hasn’t finished running, she may be a little nervous while with you! This is a great sign and she may very well possess an interest in you.

Showing Interest in Something You’re Interested in

If a girl is showing interest in something she has no fascination in just for the fact that you have interest in that subject, she certainly has a soft corner for you in her heart. There’s no better way to understand a girl’s emotion for a guy than this one.

Nobody wants to be out of their comfort zone and if a girl goes out just to have a conversation with you, nothing can be more signifying and intriguing than that. You also need to show your interest in the things she likes. That’s how you two would make a good pair.

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You are Being Noticed

When a girl likes you, she notices you and acknowledges that you exist. Even a shy girl would find a way to tell you that she is aware of your presence and really notices you. When a girl ignores you, it means there’s no spark for you in her eyes. But you need to understand whether or not she’s ignoring you or quietly indicating you something that she cannot express loudly being unknown how to react.

Especially, a shy girl’s hints are difficult to understand. When you are rummaging for knowing if a girl likes you, it can be a little more difficult to understand when it comes to the girl who restrains herself. Shy girls may behave differently when it comes to expressing their affection for you. She might be hanging with a group that engages you in conversation but she remains quiet, there will be a definite nod and smile for you from her side, and there can be a sudden interruption in her action in your sudden appearance.

She Becomes a Child When You’re Around

Children always seek attention and they don’t care about others when they are with the person they want to be around. If you find a girl behaving like a child when she’s with you, you are special to her and she wants your strong grip to hold her and protect her. Even the most mature girl would behave puerile with the person she truly feels for.

She wants you to guide her, pamper her, care for her, and hold her hands tightly. In a nutshell, she wants to convey that she is interested in you. So, behave gently and never show irritation. Remember, you are the only one who is being shown her crazy side.

Her Friends Give Clues That She Likes You

It’s one of the old-school techniques to know if a girl likes you or not. When you’re confused, whether she has feelings for you or not, notice her best friends for hints. Keep a sharp eye on her friends’ activities and her interaction with them when you are around.

Do her friends take a glance at you as you approach or do they smile? Is she teased by her friends or does she look nervous in the concern of the revelation of her feeling towards you? Most importantly, has any friend of hers asked you about your feelings towards her?

Her friends would always give you the hints that she likes you. So, are you uncertain about the true feelings of the girl you want to hang out with? Get help from her friends.

She Hugs You

She Hugs You - How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Do you get hugs from her at every possible opportunity? If a girl has feelings for you, she may create and use opportunities to hug you. This denotes her affection towards you and her desire to be as close to you as possible. Hugging can also be considered as the excuse to stay close to you and feel your body and warmth. Perhaps the girl likes you a lot but doesn’t know how to say it, thus, she conveys her words through the actions.

She can hug you in many ways. Some girls would hug tight and wrap themselves around a guy they like. Whereas some would give welcome hug while crossing the path. But the majority would lean on your shoulder or give a soothing arm around your shoulder.

She Smiles at You

Her smile is priceless and also an indication of her affection for you. Yes, there are exceptions as some girls smile at everyone to win some sort of popularity contest. But most of the girls are not comfortable in smiling at a person whom they don’t like. If you come across a shy girl, you cannot expect a wide smile. Rather her smile would be brief but would convey lots of emotions. Often, her eyes would smile more than her lips. So, keep a sharp eye and never ignore the sexiest curve of her body.

She Follows You Socially!

When she has an emotional attachment with you, it would reflect on her activities. Social media is the best place to discover that. If she follows you on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, likes and comments on your posts on a regular basis, she is surely feeling something for you. Look at her comments and try to discover her thoughts through the type of comments she puts on your posts.

She Texts You Frequently

The frequency of her texts and replies can be a great indication for her emotion. The frequent texting reflects a friendship and bond between two individuals and when the girl is replying you promptly after you send a message, it shows that your message is important to her and she’s waiting for your message. It also signifies that the girl prioritizes you more than any other person in her contact list. So, you can feel a bit special. Try to keep the relationship further.

She Abandons Her Phone When You’re Around

Abandons Her Phone - How to Know If a Girl Likes You

It’s a human behavior – we want to put everything away when we are with the person we like. The same applies to the girls and their expression of affection as well. If you see a girl not looking into her phone while talking to you, she wants to pay all her attention to you which is appreciable and a great sign. Even the most mobile-savvy girl would not get busy with her phone if she really likes you and you two are having a deep conversation.

You also need to understand this and keep the virtual world away from the beautiful moment you two are sharing.

Life is complicated and hard. We all need a person to walk with us throughout the journey. If you have a person who likes you, it’s the best thing that can happen to you. And it can be the girl whom you like as well! Life never stops surprising us – it gives us the hints of the happiness that needs to be resolved by ourselves. Remember, girls do have a heart and they feel too. The catch is you need to understand her emotions. If you have read the article thoroughly, you must have got the way to know if a girl likes you! If you’re still going through any hesitation or hassle, don’t forget to let us know.


  • Try to read the language of her eyes. Girls speak more through their eyes.
  • Never take any step before you are assured of her feelings for you.
  • Don’t take her for granted when you know she likes you.
  • If you don’t like her, let her know about it with respect.