How to Find Love – 18 Ways to Find Your Soulmate

How to Find Love - Find Your Soulmate
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Are you looking for the answer to how to find love? Well, that’s quite natural. Every individual dreams of a life where a person will hold hand and support no matter what happens. Such persons are hard to find and such love is rare to notice. But that’s not impossible. If you know the best ways to find your true soulmate, you can cross the roadblocks and reach your destination of living an eternity with the one your heart beats for.

The journey of life has never been easy but the mutual understanding and effort of two individuals can make it worth exploring. If you don’t know how to find your soulmate, we are here to make your life divine.

We all strive for the person who would hold our hands tight till the end of time; but the real question is how to find love! A companion who’ll smile in your happiness and share your blues is the one you treasure. Don’t worry, someone is there waiting for your arrival. You just need to find the correct individual. The journey is tough but not impossible to achieve. Be true to yourself, respect your emotions, and be patient – you will find the one who is made for you. Believe in the fact that true love does exist.

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How to Find Love – Avenues to Give True Meaning to Your Life

18 Ways How to Find Love

Often a relationship gets shattered for the slightest argument! What makes those relationships so fragile? Well, there may be more than one reason why the relationships don’t last long – not knowing the facts of love or not availing the right way to find love may be one such reason. When it’s about your life, nothing should be left uncertain. If you want to know how to find love, go through below.

Wait for the Right Time

Don’t jump into a relationship just to make yourself look cool. Often an endless number of individuals desperately tries to be in a relationship just for the fact that their friends are committed and seem happy! If you want to know how to find love, give time until you find the one you can count on. The desire (read desperation) should never force you to seek your partner. Love is effortless and it will find you when the right time comes. Instead of finding the love, let the love find its way towards you. That’s the secret!

Loneliness is No Reason to Seek Love

Despite knowing the fact that we came alone to this world and we’ll leave alone too, human psychology always fears to be alone! While it’s a natural phenomenon, it should not be the sole reason to love someone! Love can never be nurtured as a result of fear! A plethora of men and women get into a relationship and continues an unhealthy relationship just because they are afraid to be alone! Never let your loneliness be the reason to fall in love. Solitude is a part of human life. Accept the fact and wait for the next dawn when the scary dark night gets over.

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

Are you curious on how to find love? This line stays as the true fundament of every successful relationship. Looks does not matter when it comes to true love. When two individuals fall in love with each other, the outer beauty is the last thing that creates the spark between them. Personalities, tastes, likes, dislikes, and choices will always define true love. The inner beauty lasts for ages whereas the outer beauty will keep dying along with the age.

The beauty in the eyes and smile of your partner will still be young when you will be 63 and having a cup of coffee sitting at your balcony.

Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure

Yes, doubt is the cancer cell that spreads silently and kills the fondness and companionship between two individuals. When a person starts doubting the other, the only thing that keeps increasing is the bitterness between them.

If you want to find love, the foremost requirement is trust. Every relationship stands on faith. If you keep doubting the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, you are stepping into a quicksand that will certainly swallow your attachment without giving even the slightest hint! Have faith in the person you admire and the bond you two share. Respect the relationship and think positive about your future. If you have doubts, clear that beforehand by asking questions to your love interest.

Friend is the Medicine for All Diseases

Friend is the Medicine for All Diseases - How to Find Love

Friendship matters the most regardless of the relationship you desire to have with any person. If you want to pursue a healthy love relationship with someone special, you two need to be very good friends. Only when two individuals share a great friendly bond, they are able to reveal their true feelings, thoughts, ambitions, likes, dislikes, etc. Also, they can confide in each other when they are friends.

While hanging out with the person, you would be able to understand whether or not you are enjoying the company and the time you two spend together. If you can’t have fun while hanging out with the person, spending life with the person is daydreaming. Be friends, be open, and advance your relationship further.

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Know Your Worth

Often people sabotage themselves and their longing for love just because they think that they are not worthy enough to love someone and to be loved. Knowing your true value and worth is a vital aspect of how to find love. The fear and limiting belief of not being worthy can destroy your dignity which never lets you be an amicable person.

If you can’t think yourself as love-worthy, you should never expect someone else to believe that as well. Your confidence is something which would define the others’ opinions about you. So, have faith in yourself.

Humor Makes You Fascinating

In the quest of finding love, humor is something you should always carry with yourself. Everyone likes to be with a person who is humorous enough. The humor is the evidence of your intelligence and interesting personality. When you crack a good joke or say something humorous, the other person will certainly be attracted to your sense of humor.

Nobody likes to be with a dull person and that’s why you should develop and unveil your humorous side which helps you build an amazing bond with others. But you need to be positively humorous. Cracking jokes at the expense of others will surely lower your impression for a long-term relationship that you truly want.

Great Companionship Starts with the Comfort

After a bad day, everyone cherishes a person who can offer comfort. Comfort is something that steers any relationship and when it comes to such relationship that ties you to a person for the rest of your life, comfort has to be at the top of your priority list. A comfortable relation would eliminate all the anxieties, fears, and second thoughts from your mind and your partner’s mind.

If the comfort is missing from your relationship, it can never progress. Always try to understand that it’s your lifelong decision. An impulsive, forceful decision may ruin both of your lives. So, if you are looking for how to find love, comfort is a significant aspect.

Similar Interests Nurture a Strong Relationship

Similar Interest in Partner - How to Find Love

When two people share similar interests, the bond automatically gets stronger. Healthy conversations and quality time are the elements that keep a relationship healthy. What can possibly initiate a great conversation? Similar interest! Well, it doesn’t mean that two different individuals with different mindsets and thoughts have to like the same movie, song, or a place to travel. Instead, they may have an interest in movies, music or traveling. This would open new ways for those two to talk about and explore. None of them would get bored as they have so much in common to discuss! If you’re looking for your soulmate, preferring the person with a similar interest may work wonderfully.

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Be Focused on Your Own Growth

Nobody would like a person who stays static in life and never grows up. Growth is a continuous process and it makes you a better person. Self-growth is undoubtedly the aspect that you can never neglect, especially, when you are looking for how to find love. Your love interest will only prioritize you when you are serious about yourself and focus on your growth in terms of personality, ideologies, profession, and wisdom. How can you find the true love when you are not truthful to your own self! A positive self-image will create a better roadmap for your future.

Be Honest Rather than Impressive

Never try to woo your love interest by telling lies. Impressing a person with lies will eventually end up ruining the relationship even after a beautiful and flawless start. You have to admit one fact that a house can never be made on a weak fundament. Just like that, a true relationship can never be made on the base of lies. No matter how much you try to hide the truth, it will always come up some day or the other.

Furthermore, if you stay true to your emotions, past, and everything else, the other person will surely respect your honesty. Lots of people ask about how to find love. Well, if there’s one recipe to find true love, being honest is the trick.

Be Optimistic – The Glass is Half Full

Optimistic Thinking - How to Find Love

Optimism is something every single person looks for in another human being. Optimism shows your positivity towards the matters you face. And the positivity would certainly drag a person towards you. On the other hand, when you are negative about everything, that creates a negative impression about you in others’ mind.

If you are willing to find your partner in crime, optimism is something that will always help you find the right one. Be optimistic about your destiny, your works, and your future. The positive approach will get you everything that you desire.

Nobody’s Perfect, Don’t Look for One

Finding perfection is an eternity of nothingness. Nothing is perfect. And the fact is the imperfections make human beings beautiful. If you try to find a perfect person, you are never going to experience true love. You need to accept people with their flaws. If you want a perfect person, you are living in a utopian world.

Look at yourself and see whether you are perfect! If you are not (and you are surely not) then how can you expect a perfect person in your life? Accepting a person with the flaws is something what true love really signifies. People can never be perfect but two imperfect individuals can create their own perfect world.

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Try to Understand Your True Emotions

Humans are a complicated living creature and it’s very hard to understand one’s feelings. While all of us try to understand the others’ emotions, we often forget to understand our own true feelings. Basically, people never prioritize what they really want and compromise with their life. But when it comes to finding your true love, compromise is one thing that may bring disaster in your future life.

Consider and give importance to what you feel and think about a person. If you aren’t happy, don’t force yourself to be with a person for the fact that having a partner is cool or your family wants you to be with the person! Value your emotions and take decisions accordingly – that’s how to find love!

Pamper Your Partner

Your love interest would always need pampering. No matter what sexual orientation the person possesses, pampering is something every human being adores. If you can pamper a person, he/she will surely be attracted to you. When a person is special to you, there’s nothing wrong in making the individual feel special. Pampering is the only way to do so. However, you should also notice whether you are being pampered as well or not. You cannot clap with one hand.

Patience Gives You the Best Result

Be Patient - How to Find Love

Patience should always be one side of your persona if you are looking for someone special in your life who will stay for long! An impulsive and impatient decision may get you into a relationship but a well thought out relationship can only last long.

Overnight success is a fairytale and doesn’t stay for long, especially, when it comes to a lifelong love relationship. You should never expect that the first one you meet would stay forever with you. Keep searching for the right one until the chord hits in your heart. You need to believe that someone is there made for you. You need to have patience until you find the person who would hold your hands for life.

Online Help

Since we have a technological wrapper almost in every step of our life, why love should stay away? An enormous number of individuals, nowadays, take regular help from the internet and technology to find their love! Yes, it’s true. Apps like Tinder have made it exceptionally easy to find your best match depending on your interests and preference.

Also, your Instagram profile can help you find your soulmate! Yes, an app called Glimpse makes use of nine of your Instagram pictures and basic info to find the most compatible matches with the same preference and taste. So, this one is quite alike Tinder.

Are you a crazy person and want to know how to find love? DNARomance is one of the destinations that provide the craziest yet scientific ways of finding your perfect match. They use gene matching method to find a partner for you! Basically, they send their users for a DNA test and the levels of serotonin and other genes found in the immune system are being tested and matched with the others. These genes are said to be a vital factor for the long-term potential of two people. Once the test results are shown to you, you can put those in your online dating profile and find your soulmate from the thousands of matches.

Pheromone Parties

Another crazy scientific way to find love is the pheromone parties. This idea of finding the soulmate has become popular in London. It’s basically a sniffing-based speed dating. Pheromones are the chemical factors that seep out along with sweating. The unique scent of every individual conveys some clues about their genes. Moreover, some researchers also think that the pheromones play a pivotal role in terms of the attraction.

That’s how the pheromone parties happened. The guests of the parties need to sleep in a t-shirt for three consecutive nights and the ‘odor prints’ of those people are sent to the parties in separate bags. Bags are arranged by numbers and the guests are asked to sniff. When a person likes a particular scent, those two people talk to each other! Quite stinky but scientific!

Relationships are like a glass – they are delicate and need to be carefully handled. A successful love relationship is cherished and desired by all. But often we see people breaking up and separating even after marriage! This crisis occurs because those two individuals did not find their true love and took a decision out of impulsiveness or forcefully. Rather than ruining your life in the future, it’s always efficient to know how to find love.

In a nutshell, you need to be comfortable with the person, share compatibility, respect each other, stay positive, care about each other and understand your true feelings towards the other person. Pursuing a lie or a false emotion may make you initially happy but can never be fruitful in long term. Have faith in you and go on with your life; definitely, someone is there waiting for you.


  • Be mindful but follow your heart.
  • If you hurt the person you want to be with, try to make things right.
  • Don’t be over possessive. A little jealousy may seem cute (depending on the person) but that should stay in the limit.
  • Give space to your mate. Don’t interfere in every little matter.