How to Be a Good Girlfriend

How to Be a Good Girlfriend
By Tessa Updated

So, you want to know how to be a good girlfriend because you want to be his girl. Well! That’s a dream that millions of girls want to turn into a reality. The journey to be the apple of his eye would not be easy. But we promise that we would help you to make this journey beautiful, fruitful, and memorable forever.

How to Be a Good Girlfriend: Top 21 Tips to Be His Dreamgirl

A relationship becomes amazing only when two minds start synchronizing with each other. This beautiful compatibility is what makes a relationship sweet and adorable. And honestly, a guy loves it when his girl becomes the one he dreamt of. Let us share some amazing ways on how to be a good girlfriend. Let’s take one step to turn the dream into reality.


No Space for Doubts

This is probably the most important thing in any relationship. Being dubious not only ruins a relationship but also crushes the millions of dreams. If you really want to be an amazing girlfriend, you need to leave the blanket of suspicion behind.

When you doubt your partner, it immediately creates a hole in your relationship. The matter definitely broadcasts a wrong signal to your partner. Being dubious without any reason is believed to be an immature feature, so stop doing so.


Create Some Space for Him

The answers to how to be a good girlfriend have never been easy. Because you need to work hard on every point. This is one such tip that can literally save your relationship. Every relationship requires a lot of freedom and personal space.

Give him the space he needs. A relationship is not always about two people. It is also about the world they build up together because the whole relationship revolves around the world. Freedom and space create an extremely positive vibe in a relationship.


Honesty is the Key

If there is anything that helps to grow up a relationship, then it is surely integrity. A relationship where partners are not honest with each other can never become the perfect one. Always speak the truth; even when it is a top secret that you are not going to share with anyone, share it with him.

This would definitely give him an out of the world experience. It shows that how much you trust him which would play a pivotal role in your relationship.


Change is Not Good Always

Well! The title not only sounds spicey but it really is. We all have a well-established belief that change is good, stagnant lifestyle is detrimental for both mind and body. Unfortunately, that cannot be said like this in every case. Mostly, we fall in love with perfection; if we find something imperfect, we naturally start making it perfect.

A true love only happens when you fall in love with all the imperfections. And, you never want to change the person. So, when you tell your partner to change, you actually put a big question mark behind your relationship status. Trust us, it is one of the most effective tips on how to be a good girlfriend.


He Needs a Friend

Romantic Ways on How to Be a Good Girlfriend

When our partners become amazing friends, what else can we ask for? A guy is always in a desperate need of a great friend. It would be amazing if you can take the place of a friend in his life.

In this way, your relationship would become complete. A girlfriend who is also a great friend is absolutely beautiful.


Take a Special Care of him

Believe us, this is an amazing step in the relationship. Often, girls tend to think that they need to be pampered all the time by their boyfriends, which is meaningless. A relationship is never complete without individual pampering. So, if you are interested in knowing that how to be a good girlfriend, then you must take care of him.

Try to care about everything that he loves. In this way, he would feel special and eventually would fall in love with you more.


Arrange Something that He Loves Crazily

Yes! This one is our favorite. If you want him to feel the romance and love, you need to think of his preferences separately. Arrange things that he really loves a lot. You can think of a special party ar some kind of cuisine that he totally adores.

This small detailing would compel him to think about your great qualities. Impress him with your caring magic wand.


His Friends are Your Friends Too

This is a moment which every guy loves. When his friends would start liking you, he would eventually start giving you an undivided attention. In this way, his friends would actually help you.

Try to know about his likings and disliking from his besties. Trust us, if they like you, he is bound to like you too.


Jealousy is Not Good At All

Well! Here we will burst the common myth which says that if a man is possessive about you, that means he loves you. There are a countless number of examples which show that possessive nature has ultimately lead to violence in relationships.

So, make sure that you are not giving him many reasons to feel jealous. It would ultimately take a toll on your relationship. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a violent partner. If his possessiveness is inborn, then you need to think of something else.


Good Food, Good Mood

Lovely Ideas on How to Be a Good Girlfriend

If you feed him well, his mood is definitely going to be tuned for the rest of the day. So, do kitchen work alternately. And, prepare dishes that is his favorite.

Good food always brings two people closer, and our history is the alive example of that.


Take Care of Yourself

Honestly, there is no such specific tip on how to be a good girlfriend, but there are several proven ways that can help you to become like that. If you are keen on making a position in his good book, then invest in yourself.

Guys love it when girls do makeup or take care of themselves. If you are not a makeup lover and want to keep yourself simple yet stunning. Then, invest in some really great skin care and grooming products. These products would help you in achieving a great glamorous looking natural skin.


Personality is a Major Issue

Often, girls forget it that a great personality can entice millions of minds. Well! You just need to entice a single person. So, start working from today onwards on every concerning issue ever.

Build up such an amazing personality that none can refuse you. You take it seriously, believe us that it’s going to work.


Stop Nagging

Often, guys complain that their girlfriends are all nagging. They are very choosy, picky, and demanding. Well! Break the stereotype and think outside of the box. These days, guys like it when they find a girl who is not nagging or demanding. This is a complex psychology that works very differently and is quite an individual perspective.

So, start taking things with a little bit of smartness and intelligence. Surely, this is an amazing tip on how to be a good girlfriend.


Don’t Ever Lie

If you think closely, you will understand that lying can ruin everything. When you lie to a person, you actually break the chain of trust, eventually, the person might stop believing in you.

So, don’t hide or lie to him. The journey of being a good girlfriend is definitely not easy. But, you have to be steady and upright in your approach.


Have Comfort Yet Look Stunning

Cute Ways on How to Be a Good Girlfriend

Well! Undoubtedly, this is quite difficult. Because comfy clothes are mostly not that fashionable. But, you can always make your fashion sense incredible with the help of some stunning accessories.

The moral of the tips is that you have to look attractive and comfortable at the same time.


Taken For Granted is a Big Mistake

Irrespective of any gender, people around the globe make this mistake. They take the relationship for grant and start misbehaving with their respective partners.

If you are keen on knowing how to be a good girlfriend, then you need to break the monotony. Stop taking him as taken for granted. Because honestly, there is no such thing. Every relationship is cute and fragile. So, tender and respect that with utmost sincerity.


Be Respectful

In every relationship, respect plays a major role. Have respect for your partner. Because it is almost like Newton’s 3rd Law. Unless you respect him, you cannot expect the same from him.

Respect cannot be earned, but it can definitely be passed through. Respect, mercy, these type of qualities make a person bigger than anything.


Increase Your Attention

An undivided attention always makes the other person very interested in you. So, pay special heed to whatever he says, this quality entices any guy. They love it when you listen to them. Leave a footprint in his life by doing some amazing work.


Your Equation on Bed Matters a Lot

Yes! For many, this must be a very interesting turning point. Physical intimacy plays an important role in any relationship. So, make your bedroom game spicey and hot. Spend luxuriously on lingerie or sexy clothing. Make things interesting and sultry for him.

The bodily equation can be a pivotal factor in your relationship.


Be Confident

Confidence is the key not only to success but also to a newly formed relationship. If you want to make him feel your presence, then you have to super confident in your approach.

Honestly, guys love it when they find their partner very confident. Confidence makes women more powerful and attractive.


Argue But Reasonably

Unnecessary arguments can take a toll on your path. You have the right to argue with him. But, don’t do it without any reason or at least avoid it on silly causes.

Women often think that argument forms the base of relationship, and it makes them more dominating. But, that’s not true. So, hold on before you fall out noisily.

These are the top 21 ways on how to be a good girlfriend. Many guys think that a good girlfriend is just another myth because nothing like that happens in reality. Well! Prove them wrong. Surely these ways would help you to be his dream girl.

Interesting Ideas on How to Be a Good Girlfriend


  • Feel confident while you speak.
  • Maintain a proper eye contact with him, because guys love this bold attitude.
  • Make sure to communicate with him in a subtle and soft voice. Feminine nature is what almost every guy loves to see.