How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text
By Soma Banik Updated

Any guy would agree with us that they feel clueless whenever someone wants to know how to ask a girl out over text. It is easy to talk with girls, but not easy to ask them for a date. Many guys think that they need only 4 lines to ask a girl out. Here is the example which is perfect to show how a guy can ruin everything.

He: Hey babe!

She: Who is this?

He: Your admirer.

She: Umm…who?

He: I like you a lot. Would you go out with me this weekend, baby?

She: I would definitely come with my dad and with a cop. Calling 911 just now.

He: Hey babe! What are you talking about?

She: ***Blocked him***

It is a classic example that portrays how to destroy something with a blend of arrogance and ignorance. You definitely want to do something amazing.

6 Amazing Ideas on How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

We have got some amazing tips and tricks to make things simpler. These are all amazing in every sense. And, we can assure you that she would definitely hang out with you. So, let’s talk about 6 brilliant tips on how to ask a girl out over text.


Don’t Just Do Anything Casually

Well! Girls are sensitive and they can easily predict the thoughts underlying of the other person’s mind. So, if you text her “Hey” or “What’s up”, surely she is never going to reply. In the worst scenario, she may even block you. So, when you are about to send your first message to her, be extra attentive and thoughtful.

Try to feel her mind and predict her mood. If you are in the same school, then a message like “Hey! How was your day?” or “Hi! How are you?” would help you to predict her circumstances. If you have met her recently somewhere, then you can drop a message like “Hi! I am so and so, we met recently here”. And then, you have to wait for her response.

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Never ever try to bombard her with texts. Send a second text only when she has replied on the first message. Because, she might be busy with something important, and you should respect that. Messages like “Hey! Are you busy?” or “Hey! Do you remember me?” would simply get your number blocked. So, don’t let an opportunity be wasted just like that.


Try to Introspect Her Mind

Interesting Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

If a casual reply comes from her side, then it simply implies that she is not much interested. It might even be possible that she had a very bad day or she might have a heated argument with someone close. In every situation, it is important to drop the conversation just there.

Women are thoughtful and very impulsive. So, if the situation is worse today for your girl, she would definitely not think about the bright tomorrow. A moody girl would simply switch herself from the rest of the world. No matter how much effort you put, she is definitely not going to open up. So, better not carry on the conversation, in fact, forward it tomorrow.

Be careful about the next day’s conversation. Do not start with yesterday’s story. In fact, consider it as a fresh day, so better talk about something afresh. Timing plays an important factor in any relationship, and you should play accordingly. Feeling the mood of your girl is a beautiful tip on how to ask a girl out over text.


Now It’s Your Time

Exactly! Once she opens up, it’s your time to know her in-depth. Start asking her questions regarding her interests, hobbies, food habits etc. Try to maintain a positive tone throughout the messages.

Well! Don’t ask everything on the same day. Take a deep breath and unfold the mysteries gradually. These are interest and emotional talks. So, you better be cautious not to upset her.

Also, it is important to maintain integrity, determination, and confidence. Anything fake does not live long. So, honesty is quite important when you are asking a girl out over text.


What about This Friday?

Over the few weeks, you have probably prepared the perfect peach to roll on the ball. And, if you are wondering that how to ask her out, then you actually need to tell that her directly. Trust us on this point that there is no such magical formula to let her know your feelings.

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But, what you can do is to send her the proposal in an interesting text message. The message would not only convey your feelings but would also sound very genuine and convincing to her. Here are some examples.

  • Hey! It’s been long since we are chatting. I was wondering if we could meet in real and have a real talk like normal people. Let’s leave the virtual world for a day. Would you like to go out with me this week?
  • Hey! Have you heard of the newly launched junk food chain in our locality? Let’s hang out there this week.
  • I have organized a house party this week. Would you like to join me?
  • Hey dear! What’s your plan this weekend? Let’s go to that place (name a place that she wanted to go). What do you say?
  • Hey dear! Will you be my guide for a day?
  • What about getting lost for a few hours in the lap of nature? Let’s do it this week. (Well! This tip works the best when she is an extreme nature lover person)
  • Hey buddy! This week I have a tough basketball (you can name other games as well) match. Would you like to accompany me?
  • Yesterday you shared that it has been long since you had Dimsum (you can name anything else). What about this Sunday?
  • Will you like to go out this weekend for a hot coffee and lots of fun?
  • Hey! Would you mind if I ask you for a beautiful date night? (Well! This is a streamy and straight-out-of-the-heart message for sure, but if she likes genuine confessions, then this is going to work for sure)
  • Are you feeling bored? I know a fun place to hang out. Will you come with me?
  • Are you free this Sunday? Actually, I know an amazing place to hang out. Would you like to go out with me?
  • What about a crazy party this Friday? Let’s go. (This question works well when she is a party lover, otherwise, it might not sound cool)
  • Will you mind if I take some time out of your busy schedule?

Romantic Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

  • When two like-minded people come together, the ambiance shows a color gradation. Would you like to be a witness of that moment? Let’s make a beautiful weekend.
  • Cakes and chocolates are ready, would you elevate the sugar level with your elegant presence this week at “name her favorite place”? (This is a cheesy and poetic line for sure, so use it only when she has an inclination)
  • Everyone is celebrating this week. Would you come and join me in this celebration?
  • I know a place that is perfect to cheer you up, want to go? Let’s do it together.
  • Food and Wine, both are ready. But I can’t finish it alone. Hey dear! Would you join me? (This one is for those girls who like cute and adorable messages)
  • You have a beautiful smile. Would you light “that restaurant” with your bright smile and laughter this Friday?

These text messages are very romantic, cute, and straight-forward. We believe that girls do not like to talk about in a round-about manner, so it is always safer to tell them everything directly. Surely, your girl would respond positively to your message.


Make a Kickass Plan

So finally, she has agreed to go out with you. But wait! Have you made a proper plan for the special day? Honestly, that is the most important part. It is like giving a commitment to her.

It may happen that she is willing to go with alone, you can make it a group plan as well. If possible, keep an updated list of all the movies, festivals, and carnivals that are being organized in your city. Surely, she would love the idea.

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Try to know her choice of food in prior so that you can always be ready to make her happy. After all, it’s your d-day to woo her. Do not leave any stone unturned.


Think about Her Safety as well

Everything has an end. And, so is your date. After the fun is over, you should always keep in mind about her safety. So, as a responsible partner, you should drop her at her doorstep. This would not only strengthen your bonding as partners but also would build up a trust in her mind.

Often people make this mistake, it’s like their responsibility end once the date is over. Well! Girls hate it when a guy does not bother about it.

This might be the last step but a vital step when you are planning to ask a girl out over text.

There are several ways to ask her out over text. But not every way is effective and foolproof. We can assure that all of these 6 ideas would work. These ideas are so passionate that any girl would fall for sure.

Cute Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text


  • Always try to maintain positivity.
  • Shower your support and respect for the girl. Make her feel special.
  • Always place yourself in her scenario, then you would be able to feel her more.
  • Do not keep any loop-hole in your plan. Make the day (or night) special for her.