Halloween Trivia Questions

Halloween Trivia Questions
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There are a number of Halloween Trivia Questions that very people have heard of. Every year, on October 31st, Halloween is celebrated worldwide. There are a number of beliefs that are associated with this festival. But, most people enjoy the color, the costumes, the foods, and the show. Well! Get ready because we have prepared a number of interesting props for you, just to make sure that this year, you celebrate the Halloween in the most beautiful way ever.

Etymology and Facts of Halloween

A number of stories are there that talk about the etymology of the name Halloween, but the story that mostly corroborates every data is as follows. There was a tribe in Ireland and Northern France, named the Celts. Farming and nature-worshiping were their major responsibilities. They were very superstitious and meticulous at the same time. They had a belief that Winter brings death on the Earth. The end of the last day of October denotes the end of Summer and eventually, the starting of November assures the inception of Winter. They used to celebrate this last day very sincerely on the last day of October. They also had a belief that the dead people would visit them; so they used to leave food and drinks outside for those souls. Around 4000 B.C, Halloween started and till today, it is being celebrated in a similar fashion just like the Thanksgiving Day. The following are some of the pretty interesting terms associated with the festival of Halloween.

#1 The Witches

‘Witch’ means Wise Woman in Old English. Witches are believed to hold two meetings on the nights of Halloween.

#2 History of Jack-O-Lanterns

Well! We all know that how symbolic the lanterns are for Halloween. These are basically pumpkins that have lit candles inside. These are named after a man known as Jack. He tricked Devil several times. He used to trick people on Earth from their path using a lantern. So, he was condemned to roam around.

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#3 Trick-Or-Treating

This is something that has been popular since medieval times. People used to “guessing” themselves by wearing costumes and beg for food or money. They used to perform something like chanting a prayer or singing song in exchange for all these things.

#4 How Bonfires came into the Picture?

The thing started during the ancient celebration of Samhain. The bonfires started as symbolics to ensure that the Sun would return after a long and hard winter. The Druid priests used to throw bones into the fire, so earlier it was Bone Fires. Eventually, it became Bonfires.

31 Halloween Trivia Questions: The Witches are on Your Way

To make things interesting and fun for you, we curated a bunch of questions. The questions have been further classified into several categories so that you get an overall idea about the related facts. So, get ready to discover a bunch of Halloween Trivia questions that would make your celebration more entertaining this year.

Factual Halloween Trivia Questions

Fun Halloween Trivia Questions

Surprisingly, there are a number of facts and myths which are related to Halloween. Some of these are just the rumors whereas some have deep down truths and stories latched to them. Are you curious enough to decode some of them? Here is your list of Halloween Trivia questions about some interesting facts.


What are the other names of Halloween?

Well! You would be surprised to know that Halloween is pretty famous with other names too. All Hallows Eve, The Feast of the Dead, The Day of the Dead, All Hallowtide, and Samhain are some of the interesting names that Halloween is known for.


Who brought Halloween to North America?

The Irish Immigrants are thought to be the pioneer in bringing Halloween to North America. The people were feeling from Ireland because of the worst famine during the first half of the 19th century. Soon, during the mid-20th century, Halloween became a popular festival among kids, children, and adults. Even institutes and organizations started celebrating too.


What are the prime two colors associated with Halloween?

Orange and Black are the primary colors that everyone symbolizes. Orange portrays the fall harvest, autumn, and celebration. Whereas black is deeper, it denotes darkness and death. Actually, Halloween is a celebration that draws a line between life and death.


What are the Halloween symbols?

Bats, Jack-O-Lantern, Black Cats, Skull, and Witches are widely portrayed symbols of Halloween. Bats are nocturnal creatures and have a long connection with vampires, a mammal that feeds on blood. Jack-O-Lantern or pumpkin carvings are absolutely symbolic to Halloween. Witches are believed to have supernatural powers. They are powerful and know various spells. Skull symbolizes death and also the life after death. Black cats are associated with misfortunes and bad luck.

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What is the most common superstition related to Halloween?

There are a lot of superstitions related to Halloweens. One such says that if a person wears the clothes inside out and then roams around the city in the backward direction, then the person might see witches.


What is the fear of Halloween is called?

The fear of Halloween is a diagnosable disease which is called Samhainophobia. It is the unwanted fear of Halloween that many people experience.


In which country Halloween was a day of Romance?

Well! You would be surprised to know that in Ireland, people used to tell fortune telling stories to find their true love. So, it was a day to express or shower their love for the people they care about.


Which festival has influenced Halloween?

The festival is called Pamona, that has influenced Halloween heavily. It is a festival where people worship the Italian Goddess of harvest. The symbol of Pomona is an Apple. And surprisingly, today the tradition of bobbing for apples during Halloweens has been inspired by this Romanian festival indeed.


What does Halloween Daymark?

It basically marks the end of summer and signals the arrival of dark cold winter. It is such a time of year that was thought to be connected with human death. Celts used to believe that on every Halloween night, the worlds of the living and the dead merge together and the boundary line becomes blurred.  the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred.

Halloween Trivia Questions about Movies

Movie Related Halloween Trivia Questions

There is basically a genre of movies which are dedicated to Halloween. Mostly, these movies belong to their parent genre which is Horror. Here, we have curated some of the most interesting Halloween Trivia Questions about movies and TV series. Surely, these are going to make your Halloween sorted this year.


What was the original title of Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Well! This 2003 American Slasher Film is one of a kind. It is pretty popular among slasher fans. Especially, on Halloween nights, this is believed to be one of the must-watch movies. Surprisingly, the film was about to be named as Head Cheese, in fact, the makers also thought to name it as The Leatherface.


Who is Freddy Krueger?

Freddy Krueger is the notorious serial child killer from the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Freddy was a child killer and used to torture his preys very badly. After the parents of those children came to know about him, they murdered him by burning him alive. Well! This whole incident made Freddy a ghost with killing spree and also one of the most horrific faces of Halloween ever.

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How many ghosts were there in the Tower of Terror (1997)?

There were 5 ghosts actually; they disappeared from an elevator in 1939. This Disney movie rotates around a journalist and his niece who arrived at the hotel named Hollywood Tower Hotel. Whether they would break the secret or meet the same fate just like the 5, this the subject line of this movie.


What is the name of the immoral cat in the movie Hocus Pocus (1993)?

Thackery Binx is the name. He was actually transformed into an immortal black cat when he confronted the witches. This Disney Original movie is amazing Halloween movie in spite of the fact that it could not perform well to the box office.


In the movie “It Follows”, the students are from which university?

It is another movie that is one of the best in the horror genre. Oakland University is the name and Jay is one of the students over there. The whole movie revolves around Jay and her friends.

Halloween Trivia Questions about Costumes

Halloween Trivia Questions about Costumes and Tradition

Costumes play a very important role in the celebration of Halloween. It is a tradition to wear interesting and funky clothes during the celebration. In different countries, the dressing style varies. Here, we have talked about how the Halloween costumes change as the boundaries and the region changes.


How do people in Bolivia dress up during Halloween?

Carnaval De Oruro is the name of the Halloween festival in Bolivia. People like to dress up in a very titillating and horrific way. They let all the devils come up on the streets with costumes that feature horns, pointed monstrous teeth, scarlet skin. Dancers during this time, wear bright colors.


In which country, people love to wear Witch like clothes including children?

In Germany, this Halloween festival is also known as Walpurgisnacht. Long skirts along with capes and pointy hats had always been a part of this festival. Wearing witches like clothes have become a tradition in Walpurgisnacht these days.

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What do people from Haiti wear during Halloween?

You would be surprised that people of Haiti dress themselves up in a not so fashionable way, in fact, their dress ups are most common and completely go with the true symbol of the festival. It is the Day of the Dead, so people wear pretty simple white dresses and blouses, purple or bright colored scarves. Usually, the makeup is also pretty simple that portrays the white face paints along with black painted eyes. Many coat their faces with white flour. Many people dress like Ghede Nibo as well, who is the king of death in the Voodoo region.


What costumes do people wear in Ireland?

Well! Ireland is the birthplace of the modern day Halloween. The festival is called Samhain here which is also the earlier name of Halloween. People, here, paint their faces black and wear white dresses to make them look like a ghost.


In which country, people wear dresses in burial Kimonos?

The perfect answer is, of course, Japan. In Japan, people wear white Kimonos with totally white makeup. The extra long Kimono is quite popular in horror movies. In fact, the appearance of the ghost in ‘The Ring’ is inspired by Japanese costume style and its design.

Halloween Trivia Questions about Monsters and Witches

Without monsters and the Witches, the Halloween stories are never complete. There are a number of interesting and mythological monsters that are the flagbearers of Halloween. Check out some of the most interesting Halloween Trivia questions about those monsters and witches.


Who is Manticore?

Manticore is one of the most popular Halloween monsters indeed. Manticore has been derived from a Persian word which itself means Man-Eater. This monster has a body of a lion, the head of a man, Porcupine Quills, and the tail or sting of a Scorpion.


What is so special about Banshee?

This Irish monster is pretty popular in Ireland and in the highlands of Scotland. Banshee means the woman of the fairies. It is actually a supernatural entity that waits under the window of the house where someone is about to die.


Who is actually the Headless Horseman?

Well! The Headless Horseman first appeared in the 1820 horror story ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ written by Washington Irving. It did not take much time to become a popular name. The name is enough to give a chilling spine to anyone who is walking along the countryside in Autumn.


What is the power of Zombies?

In popular culture, Zombies have been represented in many ways. In Western-
African culture, the reference of Zombies first came into the picture. These creatures have basically corpsed that lack of soul and have been given back life by dark witchcraft. These corpses can walk freely, they can hear and sense sound, and totally feed on human flesh.


Who is the Bride of Frankenstein?

The monster who was born out of tragedy has a beautiful bride named Elsa Lanchester. Well! It was indeed a fictional character that was introduced both in the original novel and also in the film.


How are Werewolves are connected to Halloween?

Werewolves are one of the best mythological characters ever. They are general human beings who transform into a wolf on every full moon. And, the full moon is something which is totally related to Halloween nights. Thus, werewolves are symbolized with Halloweens.


How does The Basilisk look like?

Basilisk is indeed one of the most popular mythical creature reptiles to be specific that has a lethal gaze. A gaze that can petrify anything. The creature was hatched by a serpent from the egg of a cock. hatched by a serpent from a cock’s egg. In the Greek language, it means the little king or the serpent.

Halloween Trivia Questions about Foods and Cuisines

Halloween Trivia Questions Image about Foods

Festivals are incomplete without foods and cuisines. Halloween means colorful dishes, a variety of tasty cuisines, and lots of amazing looking candies. The following Halloween Trivia questions are totally about some of the most popular cuisines and candies.


What is Boxty?

Well! It is a beautiful traditional recipe for Halloween. Boxty is basically potato pancakes. The recipe is simple. It is generally served with Maple syrup and often eaten with bacon. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Halloween recipes.

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What are soul cakes?

These cakes are specifically made for All Saints Day and All Hallows’ Eve to commemorate the dead people in the Christian tradition.


To which country, does Tanghulu belong?

It is basically a Chinese dessert where three or more fruits are threaded together and coated with a similar sugar syrup or chocolate syrup. It is yummy and one of the most famous Halloween recipes in China.


What is Champ?

Well! You would be surprised to know that Champ is another name of mashed potatoes. The basic components are mashed potatoes, sweet milk, chopped onions or sometimes chives. It looks almost like a Colcannon dish.


Do Candy Pumpkins have real pumpkins?

Actually, Candy Pumpkins are simple candies and sugar syrup is the main ingredient in them. They look like Pumpkins. The basic components are Corn Syrup, Carnauba Wax, Honey, etc.

Halloween is all about costumes and foods indeed. To make things lighter and much fun-filled, you can take the help of these Halloween Trivia Questions. Engage your guests in playing small question-answer games. Divide your guests in two or several groups. You can assign points for each correct answer even. A prize for the winning team would be a great idea too. Well! Having fun is the basic demand and that can be achieved in many possible ways.

Make your October 31st, a celebration that you are going to remember for a long time. Enjoy your time with your friends, family, and others with trivia questions, fun games, foods, and attractive costumes.