Good Questions to Ask

Good Questions to Ask
By Soma Banik Updated

Sometimes, to go along with a conversation, all you need is a great list of good questions to ask. A question-answer session is not always meant to know about the other person, often things can be toned down to only maintain the vibe. The building block of a conversation is always interesting topics. So, it is quite necessary to have some stunning questions in your kitty always.

But, why do you need good questions to ask?

Right now, this question might be resonating in your mind. Well! Honestly, the importance of good questions is enormous. These type of questions do not have any sense of offensiveness, not even these are very serious questions. So, you can propel any type of conversation if you know these good questions to ask.

List of Good Questions to Ask: Create an Impression on the Other Person

Whether you are with your friends or at an office gathering, you need questions to carry forward an interesting conversation. And, a conversation is never complete with an one-sided participation. Here, we have presented a list of questions in the first place, and then the questions have been further categorized into several sections. These 500+ questions would definitely glue everyone’s eye at you. So, let’s decode some stunning good questions to ask.

Good Questions to Ask in General

The questions you will find here are totally in general. These questions can be asked to anybody considering your relationship with the person and the circumstance as well as the purpose. These questions would make them think more. These questions are thoughtfully designed to reveal a person’s personality as well as build a good reputation of yours.

  1. What is your ambition?
  2. Why do you want to be a singer?
  3. Where is your hometown?
  4. What is your birthplace?
  5. How do you celebrate your birthday?
  6. What is your signature style?
  7. Is there any particular way you pronounce a certain word?
  8. How do you distinguish between a good and a bad thought?
  9. Do you have any special ability?
  10. Have you ever felt over-confident?
  11. Who is the most lovable person in your life?
  12. How do you judge a stranger?
  13. What is the best moment in your life?
  14. How would you define the equation between you and your best friend?
  15. Is there anything awesome you have learned recently?
  16. Who do you think the philosopher friend in your life?
  17. How do you motivate yourself in distress?
  18. What is the secret of leading an amazing life?
  19. Have you ever taken a decision just because of money?
  20. Can you tell a beautiful email subject line in a mail that is still in your mailbox?
  21. How much affected are you by modern technology?
  22. Which modern amenity is redundant and may become obsolete pretty soon?
  23. Have you ever fought with anyone in public?
  24. Which music form is your favorite?
  25. Do you believe in supernatural activities?
  26. Is there any brand that you absolutely loathe?
  27. What is the most disgusting reality of today’s world?
  28. Have you ever behaved like a hypocrite?
  29. What is the thing that you can eat anytime?
  30. What is your opinion on your life?
  31. How valuable is positivity?
  32. Which thing makes you very emotional?
  33. In which sport, you are really good?
  34. Would you describe yourself as a helpful person?
  35. Do you get affected by negative ambiance?
  36. How has love changed your life?
  37. Whom do you consider as your ideal?
  38. Have you ever carried away in life?
  39. If you are given 200 Million rupees, then how would you spend the amount?
  40. Who was the best political leader of your country?
  1. Does despising someone really make you feel good?
  2. Do you love adventures?
  3. How do you react when someone says in an upfront voice, “I hate you”?
  4. Have you ever met any political statesman?
  5. If money comes in every decision, then how would it affect the decisions?
  6. Do you crave fast foods?
  7. What do your taste buds like to taste all the time?
  8. How would you describe your nature?
  9. Who is the supporting pillar in your life?
  10. What is your favorite hobby?
  11. Which is the first dish you cooked for your mom and dad?
  12. What is the favorite line of your dad?
  13. How would you describe your mom?
  14. Do you have any sibling or cousin?
  15. What is the name of your pet?
  16. If you ever find a baby python on road without its mother, then would you adopt it?
  17. What are the weirdest questions you have ever been asked by your classmate?
  18. Do people judge you often by how you look?
  19. Which is your favorite planet?
  20. If one day NASA starts selling the land of Mars, then would you like to buy?
  21. Who disturbs you the most among your cousins?
  22. What is the best reply you have ever got from a stranger?
  23. Which is your favorite book?

Good Questions to Ask about Books

  1. Have you ever written any motivational line on the first page of your textbook? If yes, what’s that?
  2. Are you revengeful?
  3. Do you blame yourself or others for a petty mistake?
  4. Which is your favorite beverage?
  5. Which is your favorite breakfast food?
  6. If someone asks you to do something illegal in return for a huge amount of reward, then would you do that?
  7. Who is your favorite rock singer?
  8. Whom do you adore a fashion icon?
  9. What is the worst trend of this generation?
  10. Are you proud of yourself?
  11. What else do you want to do for your country?
  12. Are you good at guessing?
  13. Which movie makes you happy whenever you watch it?
  14. What is the tagline of your life?
  15. If no one stands beside you on a particular event, then what would you do?
  16. What is your passion?
  17. Have you ever tried anything passionately, yet you became unsuccessful?
  18. One thing that is missing in your life?
  19. An aroma which almost everyone despises, but you absolutely enjoy that?
  20. What is the change you want to bring about in the next 5 years?
  21. Are you a great planner?
  22. What do you do on your weekends usually?
  23. What is the definition of success in life?
  24. Have you ever met any weird passenger in public commutation?
  25. If you are given 36 years instead of 24 hours, then what else would you do?
  26. The most goosebump moment in your life while watching a movie?
  27. What is the silliest innovation ever according to you?
  28. Are you a health-frick?
  29. Do you love doing exercise?
  30. To which extent you can go to maintain a healthy diet?
  31. Are you a non-alcoholic person or just the opposite?
  32. What if one day, everyone loses interest in you?
  33. Who has the best house in your locality?
  34. Do you love your culture?
  35. Which art form is your favorite?
  36. If you are given an award, then for which thing it would be?
  37. Do you believe in fortune?
  38. Which is your favorite attire?
  39. Do you love to wear comfy clothes?

Good Questions to Ask on the First Date

Good Questions to Ask on First Date

The charm and freshness of the first date is an eternal young feeling. If you are not well prepared, then it can ruin everything. The original fun begins when you have a bunch of romantic good questions to ask. Are you eager to take your romantic quotient to a euphoria land? Then, engross your mind within these questions.

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. Which is your pick-up line?
  3. Do you like my attire today?
  4. What is the meaning of your name?
  5. You have got a beautiful smile, what is the secret?
  6. Who can make you smile?
  7. What is your favorite cuisine?
  8. How would you describe love?
  9. What is the most beautiful feeling in the world?
  10. What are your expectations for your life partner?
  11. How would you describe yourself?
  12. One thing that you cannot leave without.
  13. Can you name one person who has a strong influence in your life?
  14. Are you enjoying the day?
  15. Is there anything else you had planned?
  16. If I ask you, let’s confess something to each other, then what would be the answer from you?
  17. Are you happy with your life?
  18. Which kind of surprise do you love the most?
  19. What is the best gift you have gotten till date?
  20. If life gives you another chance, then how would you utilize that?
  21. Have you ever stalked anyone in your life?
  22. What is your favorite online shopping store?
  23. Which vehicle is your favorite?
  24. What do you when you feel bored with your life?
  25. Would you like to dance with me?
  26. Which song do you want me to sing for you?
  27. What is the first thought came to your mind when you first saw me?
  28. Hey! You have some beautiful facial features, who do you think you look like?
  29. Between mind and brain, who wins always?
  30. Which is your favorite season?
  31. Do you love fruits?
  32. Nuts or dry fruits, which one is your absolute favorite?
  33. Which song blows your mind?
  34. What are you doing this weekend?
  35. Which is your favorite game to play with friends?
  36. With whom do you share all your secrets?
  37. Which gift are you expecting from your parents this year?
  38. What do you do in your leisure times?
  39. Which period was the best time of your life?
  40. How long do you take to trust anyone?
  41. Do you judge a person by the outlook or the insights?
  42. What makes you super daring?
  43. Do you trust your subconscious mind?
  44. Do you believe in committed relationships or casual datings?
  45. How is important trust in a budding relationship?
  46. Who is your favorite on-screen couple?
  47. Which romantic line are your all time favorite?
  48. What do you want to gift your future partner as a wedding gift?
  49. Do you believe in planning?
  50. What is the most spontaneous reply you have ever been given to a stranger?
  51. Have you experienced anything spooky?
  52. Do you love being pampered?
  53. Would you describe yourself as a caring person?
  54. What is your desire?
  55. If you are given a bag full of money and a bag full of chocolates, pastries etc, then which one would you pick up?
  56. Would you ever risk your life to save someone?
  57. If your parents do not accept your partner, then what would you do?
  58. Which drastic step you can take to save your love?
  59. Which junk food chain is your all-time favorite?
  60. A chicken sandwich or a sandwich ice cream?
  61. Would you ever smile at a stranger?
  62. Who else thinks that you are beautiful?
  63. Do you have any regret?
  64. Would you consider yourself lucky enough?
  65. How do you tackle failure?
  66. Who is the wisest author of this generation?
  67. Which song in your library is being played non stop?
  68. What is the anthem of success in your life?
  69. Do you get demotivated easily?
  70. Are you in love with yourself?
  71. Is it your dream date?
  72. The day is not over yet, would you like to try something exciting now?
  73. Can you sacrifice anything for the love of your life?
  74. Have you ever fallen in love with your class teacher?
  75. Which white lie you often tell people?
  76. Which is your favorite romantic gesture?
  77. Who is the most romantic couple you have ever seen?
  78. How important is physical look over character?
  79. How long do you take to get attached to anyone?
  80. Would you miss me if we don’t meet ever?
  81. What are your nicknames?
  82. I love scrambled eggs, how do you like to eat eggs?
  83. By which name should I call you?
  84. Do you feel confident in front of a huge number of strangers?
  85. What is the most romantic text message you have ever been forwarded?
  86. Which is your current favorite television show?
  87. Netflix or YouTube, which one do you watch the most?
  88. Which is your favorite game on mobile?
  89. Do you have any PlayStation, or do you want any?
  90. Which mobile brand is absolutely your most favorite?
  91. What is the item you lastly added to your wish list?
  92. What is your favorite stuffing in a chicken burger?
  93. Have you ever measure calories before eating something?
  94. Are you happy with your physic?
  95. Who proposed to you in school?
  96. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  97. If I propose you right now, then what would be your reaction?
  98. Are you vocal or a mostly silent?
  99. Have you ever faced predicaments in tackling complex issues?
  100. Do you have any body piercing or tattoo?

Good Questions to Ask a Girl

Good Questions to Ask a Girl

Who said that it is tough to make a girl happy? Our experience conveys an absolutely opposite message. It is truly easy if you know which type of questions do they like. Girls are intelligent. And honestly, they have a subtle yet sheer sense of humor that is enough to pierce your mind. So, be ready to know the key to win her attention with these interesting good questions to ask a girl.

  1. Wow! You have a beautiful name. What’s the meaning?
  2. Are you new here?
  3. What is your favorite thing to do during weekends?
  4. What does your tattoo say?
  5. Where are you from?
  6. What are you doing these days?
  7. What is the specialty of your hometown?
  8. Are you happy in your new school?
  9. What’re your expectations for life?
  10. What are you going to wear on prom day?
  11. Who are your best friends?
  12. Have you befriended anyone new?
  13. What is the most adventurous thing have you done in college life?
  14. Who makes you feel special?
  15. Are you happy the way you look?
  16. Would you ever go for plastic surgery if you have enough money to do so?
  17. What is your dream job?
  18. What is the most beautiful thing in your cupboard?
  19. Do you love online or offline shopping?
  20. Which movie can make you feel motivated?
  21. If you win a lot of amount of money, then what would you do?
  22. Which is your favorite hairdo?
  23. Do you love chocolates?
  24. Junk food or homemade food?
  25. Have you ever read other’s mail or text messages?
  26. Which is the pillar of friendship?
  27. If ever your best friend opposes you to get married to a particular person, then what would you tell?
  28. Which thing or things, make you unique?
  29. If you ever fall in love with someone much older than you, then would you get married?
  30. Is there any social stigma, against which you want to be vocal?
  31. You have a beautiful skin, what’s the secret?
  32. Which animal do you want to pet and take care?
  33. Are you in love with someone?
  34. Do you consider yourself smart?
  35. Are you in favor of woman empowerment?
  36. Which app gives you quite a hard time?
  37. Which country would you like to visit soon?
  38. Have you ever went to Disney Land?
  39. Are you fond of soft toys?
  40. Teddy Bear or Winnie the Pooh, who is your favorite?
  41. If revenge is on your mind, then how cunningly would you do so?
  42. How many ratings would you give to your IQ on a scale of 10?
  43. Which is your favorite color?
  44. What is the theme of your life?
  45. Happy ending or tweaked ending, which one do you love in a movie?
  46. How different are you from rest of the girls?
  47. If you ever want to flee to a different country, then where would you love to go?
  48. Which food looks ugly, but you loved it?
  49. How long do you spend every day on social media?
  50. One single makeup item that can make you beautiful.
  51. Do you love drawing?
  52. Which TV actress has won your heart?
  53. Do you have a girl crush on anyone?
  54. Who the funniest person at your house?
  55. Would you ever buy a new house?
  56. Who is the coolest person between your mom and your dada?
  57. Does brand value matter in life?
  58. You look amazing in this outfit, where from have you bought it?
  59. Are you biased towards any particular brand?
  60. What is common between you and your best friend?
  61. What do you feel when someone detests you without any reason?
  62. Do good Samaritans exist in this world?
  63. Do you have any complaint about your life?
  64. Are you courageous?
  65. Do you like it when someone asks your age?
  66. Does hiding age make you younger or smarter?
  67. What is the best valentine day gift in your life?
  68. What is a dream date for you?
  69. How do you want to celebrate your wedding?
  70. Who is your kind of man?
  71. Which song clearly depicts your character?
  72. What is the best marriage proposal story you have ever heard of?
  73. Do you love to do manly things?
  74. Do you love citrusy or woodsy fragrances?
  75. What is your favorite dinner dish?
  76. What would you like to eat on your first date?
  77. Lunch or brunch date idea, which one is your favorite?
  78. Selfie or Groupfie, which one is your absolute favorite?
  79. If you were Superwoman, then what would you have been doing?
  80. Do you feel paranoid about anything?

Good Questions to Ask a Guy

Good Questions to Ask a Guy

Guys love it when someone wants to know their personal preferences and funny questions. The cool term goes well with guys because they are exactly what the meaning suggests. A bunch of apparently wise looking questions is enough to win their minds. So, get set ready to know a bunch of brilliant good questions to ask a guy.

  1. Do you love sports car?
  2. Where is your ancestral house?
  3. Who is your favorite musician?
  4. Which dance form is your favorite?
  5. How do you spend your weekend?
  6. Which type of sunglass is your favorite?
  7. Which pick up line do you use often?
  8. How do you make yourself smart?
  9. Have you ever proposed the most beautiful girl in your school?
  10. Whom you had a crush on?
  11. What is your definition of beauty?
  12. Which game are you playing currently?
  13. Which electronic gadget have you bought recently?
  14. Do you love to wear subtle makeup?
  15. Which feminine thing do you like to use?
  16. Which dish, none can cook like you?
  17. What did you say on your first date?
  18. Whom can you call in the middle of the night?
  19. Which country do you want to visit with your life partner?
  20. Which ice cream flavor makes you super happy?
  21. If you are asked to talk incessantly on your best friend, then how would you start?
  22. Have you ever participated in car racing competition?
  23. Which shirt is your favorite?
  24. If you ever fall in love with your best friend, then how would you propose to her?
  25. Have you ever boasted?
  26. Is show off good or bad things?
  27. Do you judge people just randomly?
  28. How important is it to have patience in our life?
  29. Do you often judge people on the first meet?
  30. If you suddenly disappear and get disconnected from your family and besties, then what would they tell you when you return finally?
  31. Which superhero costume you still have with you?
  32. Do you love to store placards?
  33. What is your ideal time for studying?
  34. How do you usually address your friends?
  35. How difficult or easy your life is?
  36. Do you love to read journals or newspapers?
  37. If you are allowed to play games all day long, then would you take that opportunity?
  38. When did you first realize that you can sing well?
  39. How are you going to shape your career?
  40. How different do you want to do in your life?
  41. Do you have an emotional connection with soft toys?
  42. How do you relax usually?
  43. What do you do to calm your distressed mind?
  44. One thing that can set your mood to the right chord anytime and anywhere.
  45. Have you ever cried?
  46. Do you believe that boys should be tough?
  47. What is your definition of feminism?
  48. Is there anything impossible?
  49. Is there truly any word like masculine or manly?
  50. If ever you are asked to write a song on your life, then what would be the first line of it?
  51. How many languages do you know?
  52. Do you love shopping?
  53. Which non-alcoholic beverage is your all-time favorite?
  54. Have you ever witnessed any crime?
  55. Would you ever go for a makeover?
  56. If nobody loves you, then what would you do?
  57. Are you a patriotic person?
  58. Do you feel that love is blind?
  59. Have you ever taken any drastic or controversial step?
  60. Whom would you blame for your miseries? Yourself or someone else?
  61. Fortune teller or foreseer, which one superpower do you want in your life?
  62. Which song would you dedicate to your mother?
  63. What was your childhood dream?
  64. Have you ever aspired to become a great astronaut?
  65. What is the one thing you want constant in your life?
  66. What are the things you want to do before you die?
  67. How do you want to be remembered?
  68. In which event are you going to the next month?
  69. Has anyone ever left a remark on how you look?
  70. Are you in love?
  71. One advice that you want to give to your siblings and cousins.
  72. How would you motivate your bestie?
  73. If someone backstabs you, then how would you tackle the scenario?
  74. Do you feel sad without any reason?
  75. Sports car or luxury car?
  76. Which is your favorite evening snack?
  77. Do you love yourself?
  78. If your parents do not approve of your desire to do your dream job, then what would you do?
  79. How proud your parents feel about you?
  80. What do you usually say to your haters?

Good Questions to Ask Best Friend or BFF

Good Questions to Ask Best Friends

We all boast when somebody asks us about our besties. We should feel blessed to have them in our life. But, do we know everything about these amazing people? Our best friends who stick to us no matter what happens in our life. Don’t you think that you should try to know more about your bestie? These beautiful good questions to ask your best friend are all you need.

  1. When did you first kiss?
  2. What is the name of your first crush?
  3. When did you lose your virginity?
  4. When are you going to get married?
  5. Whom would you like to date on this valentines day?
  6. With whom are you going to the prom night?
  7. In these days, you are hiding something from me, what is that?
  8. When did we first dance together?
  9. Have you ever seen ghosts or apparitions?
  10. What are you going to cook tonight?
  11. One time, when I talked to you very badly?
  12. Last time, when did you laugh really hard?
  13. One meme that you have forgotten to share with me?
  14. What if life gives you a second chance, would you still be my best friend?
  15. When did you preserve an item in the freeze for the longest time?
  16. How much do you love me?
  17. Are you happy with me?
  18. Who are you going to vote in this election?
  19. What if you overnight find 100 infants at your house?
  20. Which dish is my favorite?
  21. When have we planned our vacation trip?
  22. To date, have you ever met anyone who is exactly my copy?
  23. When did we have the ultimate fun?
  24. Pizza or burger, which is our food for depression?
  25. Have you ever become sad only because of my behavior?
  26. Do you feel alone?
  27. How long would you take to trust someone else rather than me?
  28. What do you do when you feel upset with me?
  29. Who is the funniest between us?
  30. What is our signature song?
  31. Which dance move is our signature style?
  32. Who always takes the right decision for us?
  33. Which is the best memory we share together?
  34. How old am I at the present time?
  35. On which birthday you mom baked a chocolate cake for you?
  36. Which is your favorite romantic movie as of now?
  37. Who has a great influence in your life?
  38. How well do you know yourself?
  39. What interesting we did this year on your birthday?
  40. Who can make you giggle really hard?
  41. What do you want to do once you reach age 50?
  42. For how long have we been knowing each other?
  43. What does your new tattoo mean?
  44. Which dress you bought yesterday but haven’t shown me yet?
  45. What is the secret of our friendship?
  46. Last year, on whom did we made a hilarious prank?
  47. Would you rather go to a romantic movie or a thriller movie?
  48. After watching which horror movie, I literally screamed like hell?
  49. When did your mom make a beautiful dress for you?
  50. How would you convince your parents about your wedding?
  51. When did you win a beautiful gold medal?
  52. What is your contribution in our common notebook?
  53. Are you eager to know your fortune?
  54. What is your favorite vacation trip?
  55. How long do you take usually to reach my home from your office?
  56. With which famous celeb you share your birthday?
  57. Which is your favorite color when you feel sad?
  58. Which dress do you wear mostly when you are happy?
  59. What could you have worn if you were present at a royal wedding?
  60. What would you do if you win a huge amount of lottery right now?
  61. Whom can you trust without any question at all?
  62. What’s your most embarrassing moment in life?
  63. What went wrong on your second date?
  64. What’s the weirdest thing you faced on your first date?
  65. How our friendship has changed you?
  66. What do you do when you are very sad?
  67. How do you celebrate your success?
  68. What would you prepare the day when you will get your dream job?
  69. How will you tell me about your wedding?
  70. What would you buy first when you will have a lot of money?
  71. Who can never stay without you?
  72. What makes you such an amazing person?
  73. Your hair always looks so perfect, what’s the secret?
  74. What’s your current favorite web browser?
  75. Do you believe in religion?
  76. Are you an orthodox person?
  77. What if someone says bad things about me?
  78. How would you define our friendship?
  79. You always had been very kind to me, what’s the reason?
  80. Why our friendship deserves the friendship goals hashtag?

Good Questions to Ask in Interviews

Good Questions to Ask in Interviews

An interview is not always about asking some mathematical equations, sometimes an interview can also be made interesting by asking some questions full of wisdom. Interview questions should be asked in such a way that it can check out the presence of mind of candidates. The good questions to ask in an interview which are presented here can easily do that.

  1. How would you maintain a balance between your working life and personal life?
  2. Do you like it when some women are being called as feminists?
  3. Polarized opinion is bad for your cognitive growth, what’s your take on it?
  4. Tell us something about you apart from what has already been written on your resume.
  5. How would you face your fear?
  6. What are the skills you have?
  7. What was your favorite subject in school?
  8. One event that has changed your life forever.
  9. What is your strength?
  10. Can you define your weakness?
  11. One thing that you would like to change in you as soon as possible.
  12. Do you consider yourself a successful person?
  13. Which type of books do you love to read usually?
  14. Which motivational story has propelled your career?
  15. Have you ever met any controversial person ever?
  16. Tell me one good reason to hire you?
  17. How do you plan your responsibilities?
  18. How fit are you for this designation?
  19. Why did you leave your former organization?
  20. What is your X-factor?
  21. You are really good at this subject, but suddenly why your marks dropped?
  22. What are your extra-curricular activities?
  23. If today I do not hire you, then what lesson would you learn?
  24. Describe me in one simple and brief line.
  25. Can you tell us one policy of this government that failed miserably?
  26. Are you interested in joining politics? Justify your statement.
  27. Have you ever volunteered in something noble job?
  28. What is your ideology in life?
  29. Who is your role model? And, why do you love your role model that much?
  30. If someone insults you without any reason, then how would you protect yourself from the humiliation?
  31. If someone points a gun at your best friend, then how would you save your bestie just by using your presence of mind?
  32. Which social taboo do you want to get rid of as soon as possible?
  33. What is the most disgusting thing about yourself?
  34. Would you ever cheat your best friend to get a job?
  35. What can you do to prove the credibility of every word you are speaking today?
  36. There is always some light behind the darkness, what’s your take on it?
  37. You don’t have the experience we are looking for this designation, but still, why do you want us to hire you?
  38. You have worked for very few months in your previous organization, what is the reason?
  39. What is the strongest thing in your personality?
  40. What is the first reaction you get usually when you meet new people?
  41. Do you love parties?
  42. What is the fun of living an isolated life?
  43. Whom do you love the most in this whole world?
  44. Men make their own fortune, what’s your take on that?
  45. If you were the CEO of this organization, then what unique thing could you have done for the sake of this brand?
  46. Quality or quantity, which matters the most?
  47. Where do you want to find yourself in the upcoming years?
  48. Are you an optimist or pessimist person?
  49. What is the image you usually carry?
  50. How are you as a person in your personal life?
  51. In one of your testimonials on your LinkedIn profile, one person said that you overthink often. What’s the reason?
  52. What are you expecting from this organization?
  53. Have you ever missed any deadline?
  54. If we call you on weekends too, then would you come?
  55. What if I call you while you are busy with your date?
  56. What if another organization offers you a hefty amount while you are working with us? Give me an honest opinion.
  57. What did you notice when you first entered our office?
  58. Tell us that as an outsider, what’s your opinion about this brand?
  59. To increase a brand value, what are the measurements a brand can take?
  60. After joining here, how are you planning to boost your skills?

Interesting Good Questions to Ask

All of these questions are made keeping in mind every situation possible. We have tried to divulge from the usual path while pivoting the categories. These questions would definitely give you an idea of the good questions to ask. And, you can also modify, tweak, or twist some of these. So, are you feeling confident enough to carry forward a conversation?