Girlfriend Tag Questions

Girlfriend Tag Questions
By Soma Banik Updated

The internet is breaking with loads of cute videos on girlfriend tag questions, where the boyfriend asks some cute, interesting, intelligent, and random meaningful questions to his girlfriend in a fun way. Our partners are the most amazing and beautiful parts of our life for sure. We share literally every emotion with them, be it happiness, sadness, fightings, arguments, fun, or even entertainment. So, want to spend some fun time with your partner? Why not! Give these questions a try,

200+ Cute Girlfriend Tag Questions: Unleash the Romance

Bring about some streamy, hot, and cute moments with your girlfriend. Cherish those lovely moments with some spicey and beautiful girlfriend tag questions. A number of questions have been presented for both of you. Let’s unlock the pandora’s box for you, here goes the list of all the fun questions.

  1. Where is my hometown?
  2. What’s my favorite color?
  3. What’s the color of my eyeballs?
  4. Which is my favorite breakfast food?
  5. Who usually takes the decision between us?
  6. When did I lose my virginity?
  7. Who is the best kisser?
  8. What can make me super proud?
  9. Am I a gamer or an internet freak?
  10. Have you ever gifted me with any book?
  11. What was the date when I first proposed to you?
  12. Who is a lover of Kamasutra books?
  13. What do I do in my spare time?
  14. Do I have a music band or a dance troupe?
  15. Which is my all time favorite movie?
  16. Which song boosts up my confidence?
  17. Am I a good listener or a great observer?
  18. In which subject, I have always excelled except once?
  19. Am I a possessive or a jealous person?
  20. What is the time of my birth?

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  1. I have 5 nicknames, what are those?
  2. When did I get my first salary?
  3. On which birthday, you gave me an expensive luxury watch?
  4. What do I watch the most on YouTube?
  5. Which is my favorite food of all time?
  6. What do I wear usually at night?
  7. When did I first told you, ‘I love you”?
  8. Which is my favorite travel place?
  9. Which cartoon is my favorite?
  10. Is there anything that I have learned recently, but I am an expert already?
  11. How many times have we attended a party together?
  12. Do I have a strange hobby?
  13. Who is the most strange member in my family?
  14. What’s the name of my grandmother?
  15. When my parents allowed me to go to a party for the first time?
  16. What was the time when we first met?
  17. Which flower do I often gift you?
  18. Which remark I often pass about you?
  19. If there is one player whom I respect, then who is that?
  20. Which kind of attire looks the best on me?
  21. Am I a shy or a bold person?
  22. How would you describe my face?
  23. Am I the one you were looking for or you are still upset about your ex-partners?
  24. Have you ever fantasized me?
  25. Have you ever said me anything that was top secret?
  26. One thing that I never do alone myself, what’s that?
  27. If I go to a junk food store, then what do I usually order?
  28. Whom do I respect the most in my family?
  29. How are my parents as a whole?
  30. Which type of clothes makes me attractive?
  31. Do I love clean shaved or a bearded look?
  32. In which sport, I was always great?
  33. Am I straight or a bi-sexual person?
  34. Which type of books always fascinate me?
  35. If I ever go bald, then will you still love me?
  36. How old or young do I look?
  37. Have you ever fascinated me?
  38. How romantic am I?

Romantic Girlfriend Tag Questions

  1. How many scores would you give me based on my cooking skill?
  2. In which sports, none can defeat me?
  3. Which video game we often play together?
  4. Am I boastful about anything?
  5. Which thing can distract mind?
  6. How easy or difficult is it to influence me?
  7. Hey honey! I have prepared a dish for you, can you guess the name?
  8. Which is my favorite topping on ice cream?
  9. Butterscotch or Black Current, what’s more, mouth-watering to me?
  10. If I ever lose to you in a game, then how do I react?
  11. How amazing am I as a driver?
  12. What do I usually say when I am in the perfect mood?
  13. Am I a nagging person?
  14. Which genre of movies is my all-time favorite?
  15. Which festival I never miss?
  16. Have I ever rebuked you?
  17. Do I ever get tampered with petty issues?
  18. What keeps me engaged?
  19. What do I tell you whenever I feel bored or pissed off?
  20. Who is my favorite author?
  21. What have I decided to name my first book?
  22. Which person has motivated me the most in life?
  23. If I ever get trapped in a bad situation, then how will I able to take myself out of that?
  24. Which gaming console I am planning to buy soon?
  25. What is the first dish I made for you?
  26. If I have not fallen in love with you, then whom would you have been chosen by now?
  27. Am I a talented person or just an average person with no talent at all?
  28. Which quality makes me totally different from others?
  29. In which country or place, I want to get married?
  30. How determined am I?
  31. Who said,”I love you” first?
  32. What’s my biggest fanboy moment?

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  1. How did I react when you first kissed me?
  2. How deep and passionate our first kiss was?
  3. What’s my biggest dream?
  4. Which is my favorite car model?
  5. Am I a person with luxury lifestyle or just another next-door person?
  6. How long do I take to prepare myself?
  7. When do I usually go to sleep at night?
  8. Am I a morning person or a night person?
  9. How fascinated am I about foreign countries?
  10. Do I ever budge from my promise?
  11. Do I love your love handles?
  12. What do I do usually to woo you?
  13. Which shape of women body attract me the most?
  14. Am I a person with a positive or negative outlook?
  15. Which is my favorite clothing brand?
  16. Which grooming products I usually use?
  17. Where do I love to travel the most?
  18. Beach or mountain, what’s my favorite?
  19. How good am I as a kisser? Rate me between 0-10.
  20. Which is my favorite picnic spot?
  21. Where we celebrated our first anniversary together?
  22. Which flavor of chocolate is my love of life?
  23. Besides you, who is very close to my heart?
  24. What do I usually do on a holiday?
  25. Which is my favorite evening snack?
  26. Which music is always on my playlist?
  27. What was my first ever job?
  28. What did I gift you with my first salary?
  29. What’re my wildest dreams?
  30. How much I earned in the first month of my job?
  31. Which junk food chain is my all-time favorite?
  32. Which cuisine is both of our love?
  33. Am I a Starbucks person or a Peet’s person?
  34. Which book have I read at least 20 times?
  35. If I win a huge amount of lottery today, then what would I buy with that?
  36. Who is my favorite celeb?
  37. Do I follow the fashion statement of any famous celeb?
  38. Last time, what was the issue of our fall out?
  39. Cute or handsome, how would you depict me?
  40. One thing about me makes you super proud?
  41. What pisses you off about me?
  42. Where did we go to on our first date?
  43. What did I wear on our second date?
  44. One thing that I always praise you for?
  45. Which cuisine do I despise the most?
  46. Do I have any seep scar?
  47. How do I eat my breakfast egg?
  48. One thing that I want to do before I die.
  49. Game of Thrones or Grey’s Anatomy?
  50. Which pack have I subscribed for on Netflix?
  51. iPhone or Blackberry?
  52. Which is typically my type of fragrance?
  53. One thing that has to be luxurious in my cupboard?
  54. Sexist or Feminist?
  55. Have I ever passed any racist remark about other women in front of you?
  56. Romantic movie or suspense movie?
  57. How do I vent out my anger and disappointment?
  58. When did we start living together?
  59. How do I motivate you?
  60. Am I a cat person or a dog person?
  61. What is my usual pose while someone takes my photograph?
  62. How do I celebrate my weekends?
  63. How do I treat your friends?
  64. Have I ever become jealous with your success?
  65. What’s my favorite dinner recipe?
  66. How important money is for me?
  67. Google Pixel or iPhone?
  68. What’s my favorite t-shirt?
  69. Which type of haircut suits me the best?
  70. How often I tell you that I love you?

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  1. Where did I first met you?
  2. Which sports always make me happy?
  3. What was the time when I born?
  4. What’s the name of my BFF?
  5. If I were you, then how would I have proposed to you?
  6. Which brand of shoe do I wear often?
  7. What’s the usual party attire?
  8. Which social gathering, we appeared together for the first time?
  9. In which song, we often dance together?
  10. Am I extravagant or saver?
  11. How is my lifestyle?
  12. Is there anything awesome that you learned from me?
  13. Who can make me cry?
  14. Which movie always makes me sad and I end up crying?
  15. I hate this food, what’s that?
  16. How do I sound when I kiss you?
  17. Guess what! I bought a pair of shoes for you yesterday. What’s the brand?
  18. Which brand of watch is my absolute favorite? And, I wore it consecutively for 60 months?
  19. What awkward thing has happened to me today?
  20. Which fairy tale story is our favorite?
  21. What’s my hidden talent?
  22. What breaks my morning hangover?
  23. Which type of coffee I usually take on the morning?

Cute Girlfriend Tag Questions

  1. Tea or Coffee?
  2. Which country do I want to visit on honeymoon?
  3. Which is my favorite animal?
  4. What would be the title of my autobiography?
  5. In which situation I start feeling very nervous?
  6. Am I an anxious person?
  7. What helped in meeting us?
  8. What’s my dream job?
  9. How do I cope with a problematic situation?
  10. How would be I am as a father?
  11. A doting husband or a doting partner, how would you describe me after marriage?
  12. How especially would I treat you on our wedding day?
  13. One person can wake me up in the morning, who is that?
  14. Do I look like an intelligent or a geek?
  15. Do I have a similarity with any big persona?
  16. What’s my IQ level?
  17. Do I like citrusy fruits?
  18. Have I composed any song for you? Sing two lines, please.
  19. How much effort do I give to make you happy?

These are the most popular girlfriend tag questions of all time. Well! Some questions are old style while most of the question is fresh, new, and unique. Your girlfriend would love to give streamy answers to those. And, did we tell you that our favorite one is number 182? Fingers crossed, we hope you find your favorite too.


  • Make the ambiance fun and light.
  • Don’t ask her intense questions, make her comfortable. Remember, it’s a beautiful game to play with your girlfriend.
  • And, yeah! Lastly, for extra fun, don’t forget to make a cute video on it.