Get to Know Me Tag Questions

Get to Know Me Tag Questions
By Subhash Das Updated

Often people believe that get to know me tag questions are actually part of a game. Well! We can’t deny. These questions are hilarious to know any person. Often we want to know everything about our favorite person, and it happens mostly with celebs. These questions are can explore many aspects of a person. Well! The questions must be fun-filled and entertaining.

400+ Get to Know Me Tag Questions: Unravel the Real Face

So here, we have talked about more than 400 get to know me tag questions to fuel your curious mind. The questions have been further divided into 4 groups to make them more apposite and concentric. So, here you go.

Random Questions on Get to Know Me Tag 

Random Get to Know Me Tag Questions

Random questions can be fun and entertaining at the same time. Here we have presented a list of more than 100 ‘random get to know me tag questions’. Random questions do not have any specific order usually. So, try to know the other person in the most enjoyable way.

  1. What is your full name?
  2. Where are you staying currently?
  3. So, what is your favorite color?
  4. Which is the predominant color in your wardrobe?
  5. What is your waist size?
  6. So, Android, Windows or iOS?
  7. What is your favorite subject?
  8. What is the most memorable day in your life?
  9. So, which is your favorite fruit?
  10. Which junk food chain is your favorite?
  11. Chickenwing or chicken breast?
  12. Which is favorite YouTube channel?
  13. Is there anyone whom you love the most, in fact, more than yourself?
  14. Gmail or Yahoo Mail?
  15. So, Cappuccino or Mochaccino?
  1. What is your most favorite web series on NetFlix?
  2. Have you ever double date with anyone?
  3. So, have you ever met any criminal or psychopath in your life?
  4. Do you love your name?
  5. What is the name of your hometown?
  6. So, which is your favorite exercise style?
  7. What is the most erotic movie you have ever watched?
  8. Dogs or Cats?
  9. So, have you ever met any pet Chimpanzee?
  10. How many siblings you have?
  11. What is the best thing about your parents?
  12. So, whom do you love the most between your mom and dad?
  13. Are you allergic to any particular food?
  14. Prawns or Crabs?
  15. So, in which sector you are good at?
  16. What is your current height?
  17. Are you happy with your body statistics?
  18. So, is there any fragrance that can drive you crazy?
  19. What is the color of your eye?
  20. Do you love your hair?
  21. So, what did you do on your first date?
  22. When did you first kiss?
  23. Have you ever fantasized anyone?
  24. So, what is your favorite sitting posture?
  25. Shopaholic or Workaholic?
  26. What is your signature attire?
  27. So, would you love to wear a uniform at the office?
  28. Which countries have you visited till now?
  29. Is there any particular thing you are afraid of?
  30. So, what is the best thing have you done for your partner?
  31. What is your dream honeymoon place?
  32. When do you usually go to bed at night?
  33. So, have you ever visited a Casino?
  34. What is the one thing you do naturally, but very few can do that?
  35. Can you spell your name in Chinese?
  36. So, what is the most romantic thing a couple can do on Valentine’s day?
  37. Do you believe in God and other Supernatural things?
  38. Have you ever spent a night in a haunted house?
  39. So, what is the most adventurous thing you have done?
  40. What was the brand name of your first cell phone?
  41. At which age did you start using the internet?
  42. So, which picture of yours has got the maximum likes on Instagram?
  43. Can you remember the amount of your first salary?
  44. So, what is your favorite breakfast item?
  45. Do you love raw eggs?
  46. Is there any app, without which you cannot live?
  47. Are you interested in current socio and political affairs of your country?
  48. So, what is the best thing about your hometown?
  49. Is there anything you believed after a long time?
  50. Do you feel that you are an artistic person?
  51. So, would you love to take your hobby as a full-time job?
  52. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
  53. Do you become aggressive?
  54. So, what is the last movie you watched?
  55. Have you ever slapped any senior person?
  56. Why do your friends love you?
  57. So, have you ever seen any UFO?
  58. Have you ever fallen in love with a news channel anchor?
  59. So, which type of videos you usually watch on YouTube?
  60. What is the most controversial thing have you ever seen on social media?
  61. So, do you love luxury cars?
  62. Luxury cosmetics or cheap alternatives?
  63. So, what is the maximum amount of tip you have ever given to a pizza delivery guy?
  64. What is your favorite ice cream topping?
  65. Red or black?
  66. So, is there any superstition you believe?
  67. Who is your role-model?
  68. So, what is the one thing you have learned from your role-model?
  69. Can you enact any movie scene?
  70. So, which is your favorite movie sequel?
  71. Horror or Thriller?
  72. So, who is your favorite animation character?
  73. Do you love superhero comics?
  74. What is your usual hangout spot?
  75. So, are you confident enough to speak the truth in front of your competitors?
  76. What is most important to you, salary or job satisfaction?
  77. Selfie or Groupfie?
  78. So, which kind of books do you love to read?
  79. Do you have any favorite pen?
  80. What is the first line written in your diary?
  81. So, do you love photography?
  82. What is your favorite shopping destination?
  83. Which place, you often visit with your friends?
  84. So, do you have any serious medical issue?
  85. Which dish did you cook for the first time?
  86. So, do you use any slang while talking with your friends?
  87. Are you reading any particular book currently?

Interesting Get to Know Me Tag Questions

Interesting Get to Know Me Tag Questions

The questions presented here are all very interesting and informative. It would reveal some of the most interesting things about the person. We have kept one thing in mind that the questions should not sound boring or dark. All these interesting get to know me tag questions are really very simple yet intriguing. So, have fun.

  1. What is the one thing you like to do all the time?
  2. So, what is the meaning of your name?
  3. Is there anything, you want to tell your best friend?
  4. Who is the one person that inspires you the most?
  5. So, if not in this country, then where could you have been taken birth?
  6. Which motivational quote always makes you happy?
  7. Are you a Tea or a Coffee person?
  8. So, Flight or Train, which attracts you the most?
  9. Where would you like to get married?
  10. Have you ever gotten lost on a deserted island?
  11. So, what is the one name you usually address people by?
  12. Have you ever thought of joining politics?
  13. What is the one song that always compels you to dance?
  14. So, how long does it take you to forgive someone?
  15. At which age you first felt love at first sight?
  16. So, which food can always make you happy?
  17. Have you ever taken a decision only driven by emotion?
  18. Extrovert, introvert or ambivert?
  19. So, if you are asked to name one dish that you can eat everyday happily, what would be that?
  20. Which color makes you happy instantly?
  21. What is the first thing you notice in a stranger?
  22. So, have you ever made any racist comment?
  23. Which book is your eternal best friend?
  24. How do you treat your haters?
  25. So, what is your Holy Grail perfume fragrance?
  26. Is there any brand, you are loyal to and will remain loyal forever?
  27. Have you ever done any weird job?
  28. So, what is the one thing you keep telling your siblings/cousins?
  29. How many cousins do you have?
  30. So, will you ever endanger your life to save a stranger?
  31. How long do you take to believe a person?
  32. Which is your favorite movie?
  33. So, is there any dialogue you keep telling others?
  34. Which outfit is your absolute favorite and you think that you will wear that forever?
  35. Who among your friend is the most irritating one?
  36. So, have you ever gender discriminated against anyone?
  37. Do you believe in fortune?
  38. So, do you have any weird hobby?
  39. What is your dream job?
  40. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  1. So, where do you spend time when you feel demotivated?
  2. What is your favorite birthday gift?
  3. How many ratings would you give to your fashion sense?
  4. So, what is the funniest pickup line you have ever heard of?
  5. Do you love to ink tattoos?
  6. What is the message written on your desktop wallpaper?
  7. So, what is your favorite corner at home?
  8. Which ice cream flavor makes you crazy?
  9. What is the name of the first poem you wrote?
  10. So, is there any DIY creative work kept at your home?
  11. What is your Zodiac Sign?
  12. Do you have any pets?
  13. So, what is the name of your current pet?
  14. Can you describe yourself in three words?
  15. Is there anything you want to achieve in the upcoming years?
  16. So, have you worshipped any celeb literally?
  17. Which actor can make you cry with acting talent?
  18. Do you know any famous mathematician?
  19. So, have you ever splurged your money on buying gaming equipment?
  20. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
  21. Dancing or singing, which one is your favorite?
  22. So, what is your favorite cocktail on parties?
  23. Do you love your complexion?
  24. House party or beach party?
  25. So, what is the one thing you always keep with you?
  26. What is your current wishlist?
  27. Do you believe in making a bucket list?
  28. What are the things you want to do before you die?
  29. Do you watch adult movies occasionally?
  30. Do you do anything that makes people laugh?
  31. What is the one thing that can wake you up early in the morning?
  32. Have you ever felt sad for your career?
  33. Would you ever go for a cosmetic surgery?
  34. Who is your favorite YouTube?
  35. What are the languages you can speak and conversate well?
  36. Have you experienced anything paranormal?
  37. Which genre of movie is your absolute favorite?
  38. Do you write blogs?
  39. Is there anything you want to do for the society and its people?
  40. Which dish can you cook the best in your locality?
  41. Have you ever take participation in a painting competition?
  42. How much cordial are you with older people?
  43. Which social media platform is your bestie?
  44. Is there any pic that is your absolute favorite?
  45. Which is your favorite cuisine?
  46. Can you describe your hobby in one sentence?
  47. Do you speak the truth all the time?
  48. Do you love to go shopping?
  49. Are you a regular gym goer?
  50. Do you love to be fit?
  51. Do you ever have a cheat day?
  52. What is the most attractive facial feature of yours?
  53. Which talent of yours you believe can make you really famous?
  54. Is there any bad habit of yours that you want to take care as soon as possible?
  55. Are you dependent on any app?
  56. Do you love kids?
  57. If someone passes hateful remarks about you, what do you usually say?
  58. Have you ever been criticized for your outlook?
  59. How friendly are your colleagues?
  60. What is your favorite evening time snacks?
  61. Where did you first meet your best friend?
  62. What is your current weight?

Personal Get to Know Me Tag Questions

Personal Get to Know Me Tag Questions

So, are you eager to discover some personal and never-discovered before aspects of a person, then you need this bunch of ‘personal get to know me tag questions’. These questions are prepared in such a way that the other person would not feel embarrassed or weird. Just go ahead and unravel the mask.

  1. Beautiful or ugly, if the attributes are same for two personas, then with whom would you like to be friend with?
  2. Do you believe in the institution of marriage?
  3. What is the one quality that makes you different and unique from others?
  4. Straight, homo or bi, what is your sexual orientation?
  5. Do you believe that exam system should be eradicated from schools and colleges?
  6. Is there anything that can prevent you from doing wrong things?
  7. Whom do you admire the most among your friends?
  8. Have you ever faced any social stigma?
  9. Which societal issues would you like to discuss with your siblings once then grow up?
  10. If you are given the power, which subject would you like to omit from the syllabus and why?
  11. Is there anything you want to share with the whole world?
  12. Money or fame, which is the most important for you?
  13. Which country has the most terrific cultural values?
  14. What is the importance of moral values according to you?
  15. How well do you think you can handle pressure and predicaments?
  16. Who is the most supportive person in your life?
  17. Has anyone ever abused you?
  18. During which time period, you felt that your freedom is being snatched?
  19. What is feminism according to you?
  20. Do you feel that men and women are equal?
  21. What is the one thing that puzzles you all the time?
  22. Is there any discrimination you feel that is happening with each one us daily?
  23. What is the one thing that surprises you the most?
  24. Would you ever take a job of a babysitter?
  25. What is the most unusual thing you have faced in your life that shook you from the core?
  26. Do you believe that good looks is important in life?
  27. Have you ever come across a famous politician?
  28. Do you believe in magic numbers?
  29. Has anyone ever questioned your humanity?
  30. Have you ever been engaged in an argument with your senior?
  1. What is the first thing you do in a usual morning?
  2. Do you say any white lie to your parents?
  3. Would you ever sleep with a stranger?
  4. What was the name of your crush?
  5. How many numbers of best friends you have?
  6. How strong your IQ is?
  7. Do you eat anything different and unique to remain strong, fit and healthy?
  8. On which social media page, you have the maximum number of followers?
  9. Facebook or Twitter, which one is your favorite?
  10. What is the best quality in you?
  11. Is there anything you want to do for your country?
  12. Have you ever fallen in love with a masseuse?
  13. Who inspired you to design your home-interior?
  14. Is there anything you want to achieve particularly this year?
  15. Do you analyze yourself at the end of a day?
  16. Are you a meticulous or just a casual happy-go-around person?
  17. Do you like it when people judge your character without knowing you much?
  18. How do you differentiate between good and bad?
  19. Is there anything particular that you hate the most?
  20. Can feel positive or negative energies?
  21. How important is it to have a positive vibe around you?
  22. So, who can make you laugh?
  23. Is there anyone particular whom you trust the most?
  24. Would you ever believe a stranger?
  25. What is the most beautiful dream you have ever seen?
  26. So, do you believe that dreams come true too?
  27. Whom do you blame if something bad happens to you?
  28. What is the most astonishing thing about your life?
  29. So, have you ever struggled with your career?
  30. Are you currently doing your dream job?
  31. Can you fight against the system to save a life?
  32. Do you love plantation?
  33. So, what are the things you want to do before you die?
  34. In which way, you want to be remembered forever?
  35. Are you a romantic person?
  36. Have you ever broken up with anyone?
  37. So, do you often cry?
  38. How do you cope with pains and traumas?
  39. Who is the most memorable person in your life?
  40. So, have you ever cheated on a relationship?
  41. Is there anything that you have learned from a movie?
  42. How do you judge a book?
  43. Do you have any regrets in your life?
  44. Is there anything you long for?
  45. So, how would you define success?
  46. What is weird about you?
  47. Name your 3 wishes.
  48. Are you afraid of playing any game?
  49. So, would you rather or Naver have I ever, which one do you love the most?
  50. Do you know how to swim?
  51. Do you have any phobia?
  52. So, can you share any unforgettable moment?
  53. If your partner cheats on you, what would you do?
  54. Have you ever met any shameless person?
  55. So, do you feel that taking care of skin is as important as healthcare?
  56. Have you ever been accused of a crime that you never actually did?
  57. Do you feel compassionate about your neighbors?
  58. Do you have any ugly nickname?
  59. So, have you ever met with an accident?
  60. What is the biggest lie of this millennium?
  61. Do you think that media hype about celebs and they should not be celebrated that much?
  62. So, do you consider yourself wise?
  63. What should be the punishment for rapists?
  64. How liberal are you?
  65. So, do you feel that it is a responsibility of every citizen to keep their city clean?
  66. Do you love to hoard any particular thing?
  67. Is there anyone who thinks that you are the smartest?
  68. So, have you ever taken any illegal sentence?
  69. Have you ever been to jail just for a silly reason?
  70. On days, when you feel completely bored and demotivated, which food helps you to feel energized?
  71. So, do you often dream about losing your job?
  72. Are you currently on a medication?

Funny Get to Know Me Tag Questions

Funny Get to Know Me Tag Questions

Sometimes, it becomes extremely important to know the funny sides of a person. Humor is something that can enlighten everyone. So, discover this aspect of the other person with these funny tag questions. The questions are light-hearted, amusing, fun-filled, and close to one’s daily life. So, have a look.

  1. What is the funniest meme you have read recently?
  2. Do you love to clean up your earwax?
  3. So, how many ratings would you give to your humorous side?
  4. Do you have a relationship with someone that sounds same like that of Tom and Jerry?
  5. If you are lost in a dark woods, what would you do?
  6. So, what is your favorite Halloween costume?
  7. Jewelry or makeup?
  8. Which type of gifts makes you super-happy?
  9. So, are you envious of your best friend?
  10. How long do you take to finish a big pastry?
  11. Do you buy designer made clothes?
  12. So, what is the most enchanting thing about your personality?
  13. Do you love to read detective books?
  14. Do you love to watch funny movies or romantic thrillers?
  15. So, who is your favorite comedian?
  16. Have you ever thought of stand-up comedy?
  17. Whose support means the most to you?
  18. So, have you ever spoiled a candlelight dinner with your stupidity?
  19. Can you guess the name of the celebrity who has done at least 20 comedy movies?
  20. So, have you ever stolen chocolates from your friends?
  21. Candy or Chocolates?
  22. Do you love to eat dark chocolates?
  23. Coffee with your crush or coffee with your favorite celeb?
  24. What is your worst fart experience?
  25. So, have you ever been caught while watching porn videos?
  26. What is the funniest anime movie you have watched till date?
  27. What are the things that can turn you on?
  28. So, do you easily get provoked?
  29. Has anyone ever gifted you an adult thing like a sex toy on your birthday?
  30. Do you love yourself more or your partner?
  31. So, which food can compensate your mood in no time?
  32. If you suddenly become the President of a country, what would you do?
  33. What is the most amusing thing you want to do on your honeymoon?
  34. So, have you ever proposed anyone by simply writing a placard?
  35. Did you ever speak with your ex after break up?
  36. Have you kept all the gifts from your previous relationship?
  37. Which animated villain has a similarity with you?
  38. So, what is the funniest incident happened in your childhood?
  39. Share the name of one celeb who is as funny as you.
  40. What is the most terrific preaching you have ever heard?
  41. What is the cutest part of your face?
  42. So, does your smile make others smile?
  43. Laughter is life, what do you think?
  44. Would you love to be a part of the local theatre group?
  45. Are you scared of any insects?
  46. So, what is the most amusing part of your character?
  47. One who breathes bad or the one who stinks badly, whom would you avoid talking to?
  48. Have you ever pranked on anyone?
  49. So, Memes or GIFs, which one attracts you the most?
  50. Would you ever marry the daughter of a mafia donna?
  51. When did you stop believing about Santa?
  52. Can you invent one slang every day?
  53. So, name the one slang that only you use?
  54. When did you lose your virginity?
  55. Which flavor of pastry can you eat all day long?
  56. Are you conscious about your weight?
  57. Have you ever fallen in love on a casual dating?
  58. So, who proposed to you recently?
  59. One night, if God appears in front of you, how would you react?
  60. Have you ever mocked a person?
  61. So, have you ever been called a fool?
  62. Would you ever pet a lizard?
  63. Have you ever lied to your partner?
  64. So, have you ever been called a party pooper?
  65. In which standard, did you come to know about the real meaning of love?
  66. Which PlayStation game you can play all day long?
  67. So, have you ever eavesdropped?
  68. Would you accept the proposal of an ugly person?
  69. So, do you often share great jokes with your peers?
  70. Have you ever come across any group where everyone is memelords?
  71. Who can defeat you in a game anytime?
  72. What is the best thing to do in order to seek an off-day from your horrible boss?
  73. Have you ever pretended to be sick to skip a boring meeting?
  74. What is the most childish thing you often do at the office?
  75. School life or work life, which one is much enjoyable?
  76. Did you often fall out during your school days?
  77. How would you survive in a strategic game?
  78. What is the most hypocritic thing you see every day?
  79. Do you think that people must burp after looking at left and right?
  80. What is the best joke you have heard recently?
  81. Are you a gender-biased person?
  82. So, have you ever watched anyone eat their own boogers?
  83. Have you ever dated any astrologer?
  84. What is the sweetest revenge you have ever taken from anyone?
  85. Have you ever eaten onion with ice cream?
  86. What is the ugliest thing you have ever eaten that actually tasted awesome?
  87. What thoughts came to your mind while you grew up?
  88. Do you feel that perverts are often extra talented?
  89. Did you believe that Harry Potter was real?
  90. Chicken or egg, which one comes first?
  91. Vanilla or Strawberry?
  92. Do you want to be genius or wealthy?
  93. So, have you ever taken a full meal in a restaurant and left without paying the bill?
  94. Cardio, Yoga or weightlifting?
  95. Have you ever wore the same outfit for 0 days at a stretch?
  96. Which song can compel you to dance?
  97. Who is more proud of you among your parents?
  98. So, if suddenly you discover that for one week straight, you have to live without any internet. What would be your reaction?
  99. Hard work or sit idly?
  100. Soda water or lime juice?
  101. So, do you have a habit of collecting pebbles and stones from seashore?
  102. Would you ever go bald only to win a random competition?

These 400+ ‘get to know me tag’ questions are prepared, keeping in mind a wide variety of circumstances and ambiances. We strongly believe that these would not bother or irritate anyone.

Get to Know Me Tag

In fact, get to know me tag questions are ideal to ask YouTubers or bloggers as well. These questions are safe and can be asked to any persona. Try to know the intended person in the easiest way ever. So, what are you waiting for? Just have a look and take the charge.


  • Try to show your uniqueness with each question.
  • Give ample amount of space in between to have a conversation filled with laughter and giggle.
  • Do not force the opposite person to answer.
  • Always take special care of the facial expression of the other person, to presume the ambiance.
  • To make you an expert, you can practice in front of a camera.
  • Always sport your zeal and interest by maintaining a firm eye-contact.