100+ Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Funny Questions to ask a Girl
By Soma Banik Updated

Funny Questions to ask a girl – After seeing the title, I can see your tensed face. Because this is not an easy task to make someone laugh unless you are a born humorous person. Humor and fun always keep a relationship alive. A healthy relationship would always have life and laughter. Usually, girls enjoy the company of those persons who can make them feel special and also can give them a good laugh. There are a bunch of things that you can do, but nothing can match a humorous discussion.

So, is it very difficult to make your girl laugh out loud? Or, is there anything secret? Well! We want to assure you by saying that we have decoded the secret.

List of Funny Questions to Ask a Girl: Drive Her Crazy

So, are you in love with someone or having a crush on the most beautiful lady at your workplace? But, these days you are having sleepless nights and you are clueless about how to approach her. Not to worry anymore. We are going to talk about some awesome funny questions to ask a girl. And, we can vouch for these.

So, are you ready to take the fun ride now? Let us fly high to know the top 100+ funny questions to ask a girl.

  1. If you are home alone, would you love to have a big fat ice-cream or a basket full of popcorn?
  2. Suppose, you have given the power to be the teacher of your ex for a day, what would you teach him?
  3. If on a sunny morning, you discover that there is 100% discount on every cosmetic, then what would you buy in maximum quantity?
  4. What is the funniest thing about me?
  5. If I ever go bald, then how would you react?
  6. Last time when you laughed out so loud and hard, that you almost smudged your eyeliner?
  7. If you are given 50 shades of lipsticks, would you prefer the bold or the nude ones?
  8. If you are given $5, then what would you buy first?
  9. Say cheese or say mayonnaise?
  10. If you suddenly discover that I am a ghost, then how would you react?
  1. Do you think, someone like Kung Fu Panda Po can ever be your boyfriend?
  2. Can you remember, the last time when you drank coffee like Tom?
  3. How would you celebrate your 50th birthday?
  4. How do you reciprocate, when someone praises you?
  5. Can you detect whether someone is lying to you or not?
  6. What is the hilarious dare you have ever faced in a game?
  7. Hot chocolate or cold coffee with ice-cream?
  8. In which movie scene, you cried like a baby?
  9. So, which one would you choose, wine or vine?
  10. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
  11. If you ever find a frog with a crown, then what would be your first reaction?
  12. How long you usually take to draw a cat felt eyeliner?
  13. Money or lot of cosmetics and jewelry, what would you choose?
  14. Which song do you feel has the funniest lyrics ever possible?
  15. On a humid day when you face both the problems like Freezy hair and patchy skin, which one do you feel is the most problematic one?
  16. How would I look in a bunny’s outfit?
  17. What is your type of pizza toppings?
  18. Have you ever tasted ice cream with onions?
  19. On a stormy night, if you suddenly discover that you have claws like Wolverine, what would be your first reaction?
  20. So, whom do you love the most between Superman and Superwoman?
  21. Which is your favorite cartoon character?
  22. Whom would you prefer, a boyfriend like Popeye the Sailor Man or someone like Johnny Bravo?
  23. In which standard, you for the first time had a crush on someone?
  24. If someone wants to know your age, then how would you avoid the question?
  25. Have you ever blushed in front of your crush?
  1. Imagine a dinner date with your favorite Hollywood actor, how would you control your emotions?
  2. A weird moment in front of your crush, how would you manage without looking silly?
  3. Would you consider yourself naughty or sophisticated?
  4. If you are ever lost, then between Sephora and Mac, then where should I look for you?
  5. If someone throws a pie at your face, then which flavor would you prefer?
  6. Life without makeup, what do you think of that?
  7. A long walk, would you prefer your boyfriend or your crush as a partner?
  8. What is the best reply you have ever given to your haters?
  9. A sudden cozy ride with a handsome guy, what would be your wildest imagination?
  10. It is often shown in perfume and deodorant advertisements that girls become crazy for those guys with heavily perfumed, have you ever had any similar experience?
  11. A broad smile or a subtle one, which one attracts you the most?
  12. What is the similarity between these two, coffee and makeup?
  13. If I say that you have an infectious and beautiful smile, then would you take that as just a compliment or as a hint of flirtation?
  14. Do you still think that Santa is real?
  15. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?
  16. If you ever discover that your boyfriend has supernatural powers, how would you confront him?
  17. Do you believe in fairytales?
  18. Prince charming, does he really exist?
  19. One morning, if you suddenly discover that someone had stolen two of your favorite lipstick and two of your favorite pair of shoes, for which one would you grief more?
  20. What do you prefer the most, comfy wear or tight fit clothes?
  21. So, between a lipstick and a mascara which one can give you a dramatic look?
  22. Noodles or pasta, which one has your heart forever?
  23. Suppose, on a Sunday afternoon, you have applied a white face mask and suddenly someone bangs on the door to make you terrified. But when you open the door, the person almost faints to find you in that condition. What would be your first reaction?
  24. Your reaction when you find out that an owl can dance better than you.
  25. A casual dating or a committed relationship, which one would you prefer?
  1. Have you ever felt that a song has hypnotized you and you have been singing that song continuously?
  2. What is your wildest dream ever?
  3. What is your best childhood memory?
  4. So, if you find that I have a habit of sleeping with soft toys, how would you react?
  5. What is your kind of date?
  6. Which thing turns you on?
  7. A romantic night with someone clever and handsome or a night with someone silly yet cute, whom would you prefer?
  8. Stiletto or comfy shoe, which one would you prefer on a date night?
  9. So, if Harry Potter becomes real and comes in your life, which magical formula would you learn from him?
  10. Have you ever had any funny experience at parents-teachers meetings?
  11. What makes you cute?
  12. Do you love to watch Tom and Jerry show?
  13. French Fries or Potato Chips?
  14. Which food tastes weird but is equally satisfying?
  15. If you are asked to do makeup without a mirror, do you think you can do that?
  16. Whenever you think of me, what is the first thing comes to your mind?
  17. Which comedian you think is the most handsome?
  18. Do you think that life is unpredictable?
  19. Would you love to dine with your crush wearing a pajama?
  20. Which makeup item is still on your wish list?
  21. Which movie sequel you hate the most?
  22. If you suddenly find that everyone in the office actually has heard your monologue, how would you react?
  23. So, what is your opinion about the movie ‘Friends with benefits’?
  24. Spider or Cockroach, which one do you fear the most?
  25. Do you love popsicle or ice-cream?
  26. Which Disney character is just like you?
  27. So, what is the funniest prank you have ever played?
  28. Would you ever fall in love with a villain like Megamind?
  29. If you were given a chance, would you go back to your childhood days?
  30. If a lady buys you a drink, what would be your reaction?
  31. What is the weirdest ice-cream you have ever tasted?
  32. So, if a battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort takes place once again, whom would you support?
  33. If you find that I love to play with soft toys and Barbie dolls, what would be your first reaction?
  34. Which game you believe is the best to solve disagreements apart from rock, paper, and scissors?
  35. Can you defeat me in a wrestling game?
  36. So, which fragrance can turn you on?
  37. Which color described your nature?
  38. Which beverage can you drink in one breathe?
  39. If you are given a whole month to roam in a country, where would you like to go for a trip?
  40. Which movie scene would you like to recreate with me?
  41. If someone wants to gift you a luxury product, then what would you ask for?

Honestly, there are many more funny questions that you can ask your girl. You can also modify the questions according to her tastes and preferences. But otherwise, these are the top 100 funny questions to ask a girl. Some of the questions are humorous, some are filled with fantasy, and some are inspired by our daily lives. We are pretty sure that your lady bee would enjoy these and would give you enormous giggling moments.


  • Do not ask her any uncomfortable question.
  • Respect her values and opinions.
  • Never ever try to judge her unnecessarily.
  • And lastly, have enormous fun with your sweetheart. There is a high chance that she would end up in your arms.