Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl
By Soma Banik Updated

Forget about flirty questions to ask a girl, most guys cannot even initiate a formal conversation with their desired girls. So, are you eyeing her in an amorous way lately but totally clueless about how to approach her, then count yourself in the crowd of 90% guys who are equally confused. Honestly, this is not a rocket science and if you don’t approach, nothing magical is going to take place. She is special indeed in your eye and you feel every kind of titillating sensations in front of her, but how would you determine whether she likes you or not. Or least, you need to know her thoughts.

53 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl: Show Her Your Playful Side

Gone are the days, when girls used to feel intimidating and introvert. They have become a lot more progressive both physically and mentally. So, first, you need to throw away the coat of introverts. Come out of your shell and start feeling confident in front of her. Well! Definitely, she is not going to kill you. Be ready with a bunch of interesting and sensuous flirty questions to ask a girl. Some of the following questions are quite titillating while some are quite comical. So, give her a tickle of libido that she would not forget ever.


I cannot believe my ears; are you truly single?

Without this question, the perfect playful pitch can never be set. It is like an inaugural phrase that can win millions of hearts at ease. This question actually covers both the sides of a coin. So, you are not only showing your astonishment but also pivoting your interest in her.


What is your favorite game to play with a guy?

A playful question should always have the right amount of charm of seduction. This is one such question that is perfect to set the mood. Well! You must have understood by now, that the game here refers to something very interesting and sensuous. Always remember to begin your bonding with her with something sultry.


What are the qualities you generally look for in a guy?

Girls are always very particular about their choices and this question is enough to give you a glimpse of what they want. If her preferences match with you, then feel fortunate. Otherwise, my friend, you have to walk a long road.

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How would you react if a guy calls you ‘bomb’?

Well! The worst thing may happen that she is a feminist and she totally condemns the idea of being objectified. But otherwise, trust us that every girl loves to look attractive and sultry. Prevention is always better than cure. So, you must ask her to know her thoughts on this.


Do you enjoy subtle flirts?

A flirty remark may sound interesting only if she enjoys this thing. But, how would you ensure that? Well! This question would give you the desired answer.


One thing that always turns you on.

People react differently to different things. If you want to predict her mood and thoughts, you need to ask her this question.


What do you wish to do on your first date?

Cute Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

The memory of the first date remains fresh for a long time that one can even imagine.


How was your first makeout night?

The memory of losing virginity is always very charming and beautiful. This is such flirty questions to ask a girl that always hit the right chord. Trust us, she would love to share this with you.


Have you ever fantasized any guy?

This is something that almost every guy wants know about her favorite girl. It gives a plethora of emotions and literally intensify their sexual desires. Feel fortunate if she already has done it, because a veteran person is always a charmer in these cases.


What do you think of me?

Now, here comes the most desired question. You might like her, but it is really important to know that what she feels about you. Well! We can sense your adrenalin rush which is pretty normal in these cases.


Have you ever kissed anyone?

A kiss is a way to express love for sure. But, not every kiss stays in our hearts forever. Aren’t you excited to know how intense or beautiful her first kiss was?


Have you ever been a Sugar baby?

The concept of Sugar babies is not anything unknown. People often consider it as a social stigma and something very nasty. But, the progressive age has started accepting the term “Sugar Baby” as something quite glam and luxurious. Has she ever have been? Well! Only such flirty questions to ask a girl can reveal it.


A deep and arousing orgasm lasting for 5 minutes or a boring makeout of duration 10 minutes – What would you prefer?

We call it a question with a deep long routed meaning. This is definitely not something that you can ask any girl at the very first meet. Take your time, in fact, let her know you more. And then, it is time for a bang. Well! Don’t forget to take a note in your mind; trust us that it would help you in the future.


What are you doing this weekend?

Wow! Now, that sounds like a real question to show how interested you are about her. Actually, this is an open-end question which usually follows, “Will you go out with me (If you are not into something serious)?” Lovely, isn’t it?

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Where do you want me to kiss you?

Ahem! Now, you are absolutely ready to take the matter on the right path. Flirty questions can be anything, but the intensity generally starts with these type of questions. Pitch the perfect ground for her with this beautiful romantic question.


What is so fascinating about a man’s body?

Well! It is a human’s common instinct that they like opposite genders and fantasize. So, it is quite a natural question that has a flirtatious background. We think that this is such a beautiful question that can be asked of any girl.


If you and your partner get locked in a room, what would you do?

Isn’t it a sultry question to ask your girl? This question takes you to a fascinating world where she gives you fragments of sensuous visions. We believe that such flirty questions to ask a girl are always work like a magic especially when the girl enjoys this playfulness.


Is there any book that you find very romantic?

Sultry questions need not be sensuous all the time. This question is definitely more on the romantic side and girls love it. Trust us, this question would evoke your lover boy that is buried inside. And, girls find it very romantic.


Cuddling or Kissing – What do you love more?

It doesn’t matter how well you know each other, some questions are perfect for all time. This is such romantic yet flirty questions to ask a girl that she would love you to know about it.


Do you want your guy to be super fit or you totally adore any kind of body?

Lately, fitness has become the parameter of a healthy lifestyle. And eventually, it has occupied every relationship. Be it a girl or a guy, everyone loves to take it seriously. Though, exceptions can be found. This matters more when you are prone to gain weight even by drinking a glass of water and has a low metabolism. One single answer can upturn your world if you are a big time foodie. But nothing should come in between you two especially when you love each other.


Would you rate intelligence more over a hot and handsome body?

Sexy and Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

This is quite a tricky way to win her heart. Without intelligence, it is difficult to survive. And, it definitely does not come naturally. Whereas, a great body is easy to achieve especially when you are freaking serious about your exercise and health care regime. Wheat does she want? This type of flirty questions to ask a girl is always the perfect trap to read her mind.

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On your birthday, if a guy writes a poetry describing every part of your body, what would be your reaction?

Stunning, right? This is a question that can put even the most intelligent girl in a dilemma. Trust us, this is just the perfect flirty question to ask her. No matter how serious you are about her, you would definitely draw a curve inside her heart with this question.


One quality that makes me different from the rest.

It feels amazing to know what the other person thinks of you, right? If you are pretty confused whether she likes you or not, then this question would give you the cue.


A one night stand or a steady relationship – What’s on your mind?

If you like her seriously, then you can try such flirty questions. Well! We are not here to judge anyone, so there is no such right or wrong answer. But, for you dear friend, this is an important question to know for sure.


What is your wildest imagination to date?

Are you eager to take a ride into the world of her imagination? Then, this question adds the perfect spice. Well! It always needs the right question at the right time to be asked in order to stimulate a person. And, these type of flirty questions to ask a girl are just the perfect one.


How many scores would you give your kinky side?

This is a stunning kinky question for sure that she would love to be asked. Believe it or not, every girl has a kinky side. The truth is brutal though because very few girls admit that. But, if a high level of comfort is what plays in between you two, then this is an amazing question to ask her.


How do you rejuvenate and make your mind feel relaxed?

Every person has its own way to rejuvenate body and mind. Girls do it in a very sensuous way though. And, the vision is enough to blur any guy’s mind for some time. Are you already mesmerized? Don’t be! Because the real fun begins when she starts answering.


Which massage point in your body gives you the ultimate sensation?

A massage is a beautiful way to relax the mind and calm our bodies. Everyone has a sensitive massage point that gives the person ultimate happiness. It feels like all the negative energies have been drained out and the happy hormones are releasing all over within the blood vesicles. Sounds dizzy, isn’t it? Such flirty questions to ask a girl never fail to impress a girl.


Wow! You look totally impeccable. What is the secret?

Often, a simple compliment can do wonders. For girls, a compliment opens a gateway for a number of beautiful emotions. When you praise the beauty of a girl, it literally takes her to the seventh heaven. And, this is one such question.


How dominating or submissive are you on the bed?

Are you eager to trigger her kinky side? Then this BDSM related question is what you need. This type of flirty question is always amazing to visualize the bed-game with your desired partner. And, if she likes you, then this is something she would like to know as well.


Can you name three of your attractive features?

Isn’t it beautiful to ask a girl about her own bodily features? These types of flirty questions to ask a girl always amaze the girl. Know her from her own perspectives.


If a guy kisses you right now, how would you react?

It is a flirty question for sure and is enough to make your girl blush. She might be quite progressive yet this is a question that makes any girl crazy.


How would you show your love for a guy?

The portrayal of love is quite subjective and mostly depends on the respective person. Two different people have their own way of showcasing love for each other. These type of flirty questions pull out an enormous amount of emotions that can bridge the gap between two minds.


Have you ever proposed anyone?

A proposal is a beautiful story of connecting two people. It can turn out to be successful or awkward at the same time. What’s her story? Well! Only she can tell you the answer.


If I give you a proposal, where would you like to go with me?

This is a question that is a thousand times louder than an action. If you seriously want to know her thoughts about you, nothing can be better than these type of flirty questions to ask a girl.


If I propose you right now, what would you say?

Honestly, this question has the right amount of love and care. She would definitely love you to answer it. In fact, if the love game is strong between you two, then she is going to be affirmative in her tone.


All night party or a romantic date night with a handsome guy – what would you prefer more?

Often, it becomes quite important to know what your girl thinks in real. How romantic or impulsive she is. This is such a perfect question that can reveal millions of things about her mind.


Which song makes you crazy and romantic?

A song can say many things about a certain person. Her favorite song would help you to know her in-depth. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flirty questions to ask a girl because of its cuteness.


What is your favorite night-wear?

Ahem! This is such a question that leaves a clear imprint of sexual arousal. Well! It is possible that she might not answer you but if she does, feel fortunate.


The day when you first saw me, what was your thought?

A feeling cannot be generated, it is a spontaneous thing that eventually becomes the embodiment of pure love. You might like her, but that does not assure you of her thoughts. This is a perfect flirty question to know your girl.


Have you ever used any adult toys?

A perfect flirty question it is indeed. It is enough to enter straight into her bedroom. She might open her heart to you or might not. Whatever her answer is, it is a fun question to ask her for sure.


What should be the equation of you with an ideal guy?

It is more of an interesting question to ask a girl, but flirty at the same time as it gives cues about your interest in her. We are sure that her answer would blow your mind.


Which type of dance do you find very sultry?

There are indeed a variety of dance forms available in this whole world. Every dance is an art and has an appeal. Which one does she find more appealing? Well! Only she knows that. If both of you love dancing, then this question can give you a chance to share some space with her.


One experience that literally made you an adult girl instantly.

Admit it or not, we all have our own shares of such moments. While aging is just a number, being an adult generally occurs abruptly. It is like bursting a few myths with one blow. Push her to know her share of stories. It is fun, of course.

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Can you recall a movie that you felt quite sultry during your childhood, but now you find that quite normal?

A child’s mind is pure and unpolluted. It tries to find answers in everything. Things that look sad and gloomy, might not look the same way in adolescence. It is one such stunning flirty questions to ask a girl that can portray many things about the desired person.


What makes you go crazy whenever you think of it?

Romantic Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

There would always be one thing that makes us stunned and insane. It can be an image, a particular song, a discrete sound, or even a dream. What is hers? Try to know the answer to this flirty question.


If your partner becomes the apple of other girls’ eyes too, what would you do?

It is not easy to digest jealousy especially when a person has a jealous instinct. And, probably every other girl or guy is like that. What is her natural instinct? These types of flirty questions would help you to determine that.


Do you believe in love at first sight?

There are several myths and this is one of them. Not many people believe this. What is her thought on this? A single question would reveal everything about her thoughts clearly.


Have you ever sexted anyone?

Now, that’s what we call a sensuous and flirty question. The concept of sex chat is totally modern and is quite popular too. It sounds lovely and exciting. Ask her to know about sex chats and get ready to hear some interesting stuff.


Have you ever been in an awkward situation?

Admit it or not, we all have gone through awkward situations. Sometimes, things become really funny at the end. This is such flirty questions to ask a girl that might end with a happy note.


Who was your first crush?

Well! Sometimes, we feel a really strong connection with the certain person. The person literally occupies our every dream and fantasy. She might have someone in her life. And, before you start taking her seriously, you should know about it. In fact, you can be her crush too. Interesting, right?


People mostly say that I am cute; what do you think?

Believe it or not, it is a beautiful flirty question that always works. Don’t worry, calling yourself cute would not do any harm at all. Just make sure to not giving her any smirky look. This flirty question would not only make you smarter but would also pivot the fact whether she likes you or not.


 What is a perfect definition of a beautiful date night?

Every girl dreams of it; some admit while some do not. A date night is not only beautiful but very mesmerizing at the same time. What’s her dream? Well! Only she can tell you about it in detail. Get ready because this flirty question is going to spill a lot of beans.

All these flirty questions to ask a girl, add just the right amount of punch, fun, and sensations to your conversation. Every question presented here is unique and quite fascinating. And honestly, girls love it. We are pretty sure that you have already found your treasured one.


  • Don’t ask her offensive questions.
  • Always ask in an interesting tone, because you are definitely not interviewing her.
  • Make her feel comfortable with your gesture and body language.