200+ First Date Questions

First Date Questions
By Soma Banik Updated

A very fresh morning in November and Jean is busy in revising the list of first date questions. After all, she is dating for the first time in her life. A first date has a subtle charm of freshness. It is a day in your life when all the notes of piano start playing in mind and suddenly you feel like dancing. On this particular day, scattered incoherent things would appear in your mind. The memory of the first date never fades away. So, it is extremely important to make your first date special.

Not only Jean, there are many people who find difficulties in initiating a conversation. This is actually normal. You may know your date for a long time, but still, the thoughts would give you goosebumps in your stomach.

But, do not worry anymore. Because as always we have found a solution for you. In this article, we will list down some amazing first date questions. The questions are meant for all. So, people irrespective of any gender can ask these questions to their love interests.

Are you ready to explore the list of top first date questions? Here you go.

200+ Interesting First Date Questions

1. So, how are you?

2. What is the origin country of your family?

3. You have a beautiful name, does it have any special meaning?

4. So, which type of food attracts you all the time?

5. Is there anything special you want to do in this year on your birthday?

6. Do you have any siblings?

7. So, what is your favorite color?

8. Who does inspire you the most in your life?

9. Apart from your mother tongue, do you know any other languages?

10. So, which is your favorite fast food chain?

11. What do you think of an ideal relationship?

12. Do you believe in any particular idea?

13. What is the first thing you want to do after your retirement?

14. To whom you are close? your mom or dad?

15. So, which movie have you fallen in love in recent time?

16. What is your source of happiness?

17. So, is there any comedy show you enjoy to the fullest?

18. What is your favorite beverage?

19. So, what do you usually do after reaching home?

20. Which is the food you love to eat when you are extremely pissed off at someone?

21. So, is there anything frustrating in your life?

22. Whom do you admire the most in your life?

23. If you are asked to choose between cat and dog, then whom would you choose?

24. What is the habit you have since your childhood days?

25. If anyone rebukes you without any reason, then how do you react?

26. So, have you done anything remarkable in your life that makes you proud of yourself?

27. What is the best thing about you?

28. If I tell you that you have a beautiful smile, then what would be your reaction?

29. If you suddenly discover that you are gifted with special abilities, then how would you react?

30. So, is there anything, you feel impossible to do for you?

31. What is the first thing you learned in your school?

32. So, do you have a peculiar habit?

33. What is your best childhood memory?

34. So, who makes you super happy always?

35. Where do you want to get married?

36. So, what would be your honeymoon destination?

37. Is there any place, you often dream of, but you do not know the exact location of the place?

38. Have you faced any bad-ass incident ever?

39. What is your favorite burger stuffing?

40. Do you love Starbucks?

41. Which food you want to try, but never have gotten a chance?

42. How was your first kiss?

43. If given a chance, then what idea would you like to share with the world?

44. Who is your favorite comedian?

45. So, which TV show are you enjoying recently?

46. If a biographical movie is made on your life, then what would you name it?

47. What is your favorite meme of recent times?

48. Last time, when did you laugh really hard?

49. So, what is the one thing often makes you sad?

50. What is the piece of advice would you like to share with the upcoming generation?

51. Who is your real life hero?

52. So, which superhero movie has influenced you the most?

53. What is the one thing, you can not live without?

54. So, where do you want to see yourself as a person in the next 5 years?

55. How much would you rate your romantic side?

56. So, have you ever been pranked by anyone?

57. How would you describe your best friend?

58. So, is there any nickname that you hate the most?

59. What is your feel-good moment after a long tiring day?

60. So, how do you celebrate your moments of success?

61. Have you ever experienced anything scary or ghostly?

62. So, which app is so important in your life that you feel incomplete without it?

63. You never leave your house without it.

64. Which is the one dish, no one can cook like you?

65. So, have you ever felt dumbest in your life?

66. What do you do on weekends?

67. So, is there any special place you visit on holidays?

68. Whenever you feel gloomy, is there any special place you visit to feel good?

69. So, have you ever tasted any food that looked ugly, but surprisingly had an amazing taste?

70. Do you love shopping?

71. So, indoor games or outdoor games, which one would you choose?

72. What is your favorite mobile game right now?

73. Which sport do you play really well?

74. So, do you love farming at home?

75. Which is the thing you are currently obsessed with?

76. Which places have you visited till date?

77. So, what would be your dream job?

78. Are you in a happy phase of your life?

79. If you have enough money, then would you still look for a job?

80. So, who is your current favorite author?

81. Which book are you reading currently?

82. What is the nickname your friends has given you?

83. So, who is your favorite musician of all time?

84. Is there any particular fashion trend you follow or it does change with time?

85. So, what is the best compliment you have ever received in your life?

86. Do you love tattoo or body art?

87. So, what is your favorite place in your home?

88. What is the limited edition you own?

89. Have you ever met any creepy person ever?

90. So, are you phobic to anything in your life?

91. Are you a tech-savvy person?

92. Do you prefer working alone or with a team?

93. So, are you a morning person or a night bird?

94. Are you trying to learn anything special in recent times?

95. So, can you play any musical instrument?

96. Where did you find your best friend?

97. Are you grateful to anyone in your life?

98. So, what is the most unforgettable incident in your life?

99. What is the basis of true friendship?

100. So, who understands you the way you are?

101. What were you doing in the previous year on today’s date?

102. So, what is the most adventurous thing you have ever done in your life?

103. Which is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

104. So, which emoticon do you use often?

105. Have you ever met your doppelganger?

106. So, is there any particular restaurant you want to visit once again?

107. Which is your favorite cuisine?

108. So, what is your favorite fragrance?

109. Which type of attire do you love to wear all the time?

110. Which place you often used to visit as a kid?

111. So, is there anyone you miss often?

112. If someone verbally abuses your role model, how would you react?

113. Have you ever tried acting?

114. So, who is your celebrity crush?

115. Which game do you play often with your cousins?

116. If you ever start entrepreneurship, then what would you sell?

117. So, have you ever watched any flop movie in the theatre?

118. Do you repent for anything in your life?

119. Is there any particular brand you are very loyal to?

120. So, what are the top 2 things, you can seamlessly talk about?

121. Have you ever met a person in the most bizarre way possible, and later on became true friends?

122. What is the first thing you do to motivate yourself?

123. So, do you feel that life is beautiful?

124. If you are left alone on an island, then what would you do?

125. What do you do whenever you feel alone?

126. So, what is the one thing you often do, but most people find that child-like?

127. On which song, you can dance anytime?

128. Do you love to interact with people apart from your common circle?

129. So, which is your favorite party song?

130. Do you party often?

131. What is your favorite shop to buy clothes?

132. So, which brand of watch do you love to wear irrespective of any occasion?

133. Is there anything particular you are eyeing for in the next year?

134. If you want to know someone thoroughly, then what do you consider the best way?

135. So, which things turn you on?

136. What are the biggest turnoffs in your life?

137. What is the funny story you often tell people?

138. So, what was favorite subject in school?

139. What is one thing, your teachers loved you for?

140. If you suddenly lose your phone and laptop, then would you become panicky?

141. So, what is the essential thing for you?

142. Which quote does motivate you always?

143. If you suddenly win a lot of money through a lottery, then what would you do?

144. So, what is the best job in the whole world according to you?

145. Money can’t buy you happiness – what do you think of that?

146. Your thoughts in a boring meeting.

147. So, do people judge you on the basis of your appearance?

148. What is the taboo topic in your society?

149. If you were the President of your country, then what are the things you could do for your country?

150. So, what are the thoughts come to your mind, whenever you find someone beautiful in front of you?

151. What is the most exotic piece of furniture you have in your room?

152. So, what is the habit you wish to build up as soon as possible?

153. If life gives you second chance, then is there anything special you want to do?

154. So, what is the best one-liner you have ever heard?

155. If you had a slogan in your life, then what could it be?

156. Which sport you feel is very amusing?

157. So, what makes you happy as soon as you open your eyes in the morning?

158. On which day of a month, you feel the happiest person?

159. Which movie does inspire you always?

160. So, is there any animated movie you have watched numerous times?

161. What is the most expensive thing you buy every month, which is essential to you?

162. So, is there any country you are afraid to visit?

163. Are you happy with your appearance or you want a makeover asap?

164. So, do you believe in the lucky numbers?

165. What is your Sun sign?

166. What is the most terrific horror movie you have watched that still give you goosebumps?

167. If not in your hometown, then where would you like to stay?

168. So, what is your hometown famous for?

169. Which animal is the cutest according to you?

170. So, do you have a creative mind? What is the last thing you have created?

171. So, have you ever given up on a situation?

172. What are the best accolades you ever received to date?

173. So, are you an alcoholic person or you just hate that thing?

174. Which movie would you like to watch with your partner? In fact, you would not feel bored ever?

175. So, what do you do in your leisure times?

176. How would you describe yourself, introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?

177. So, have you ever fantasized anyone?

178. What is the weirdest dare you have ever faced in a Truth n Dare game?

179. So, what is the best recipe you have tasted in this month?

180. Who is the best cook? Mom or dad?

181. Which recipe do you feel none can cook like your mom?

182. So, what is the best piece of advice you have ever given to anyone?

183. Do you think you do anything which is obsolete but has some value?

184. So, have you ever met any bad-ass person in your life?

185. Which white lie you often tell people?

186. People often say that this generation has no morality, do you think the same way?

187. So, how do you handle people who take undue advantage of yours?

188. If you find a dope of something luxurious, then would you still go for the luxurious one or would simply buy the cheap version?

189. Is there anything you never understand?

190. So, apart from your parents, who else has been with you in every thick and thin?

191. Have you ever dreamt of your first date?

192. So, what elements are needed to maintain a healthy relationship?

193. So, what is the wildest dream you have ever seen/

194. If you visit a new country, then what would you visit at first?

195. Beach or mountain, what is your favorite spot?

196. So, would you ever change yourself for anyone?

197. What is the thing you want to do with your partner?

198. So, which country would you like to visit again and again with your partner?

199. What would you do today after returning home?

200. So, how was your date today?

The memory of the first date always plays in our mind. So, it is extremely important to prepare for this day. These top 200 questions would help you greatly to initiate and elongate the conversation with your beloved person. Conversation and discussion always make way for bonding and help to bloom a relationship between two people.