How to Start First Date Conversation? Grab the Ideas to Rock Your Date

First Date Conversation with Your Lover
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Are you excited to go on your first date? Why not? It’s a great feeling that raises goosebumps in our body, our heart starts beating faster and our eyes get relaxed with a small glimpse when we are meeting our dream person the first time. Don’t worry, this is not only with you and me, but this generally happens with each and every person who is going to start a first date conversation with a blend of excitement and nervousness both.

14 Ideas to Begin First Date Conversation

Come on, guys and girls! This is not a job interview; this is the most delightful moment that you are going to include in your life and cherish its memory forever. So, no need to be nervous and feel uncomfortable. Just relax!

The idea is to start a new friendship or woo the heart of a special person in a romantic way, not to make the beautiful moments awkward because of shyness. Don’t worry! we are here to help you with 14 first date conversation tips that are applicable for both the expert or a newbie.

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Bring a Pleasant Smile and Warmly Greet Your Date Partner

First date Conversation with a Warm Smile

Do you know, a smile is the best way to show your inner gladness, and cut the awkwardness while meeting someone for the first time. It eases the nervousness of the situation and makes your partner comfortable. Remember, a serious look and formal personality will really make the joyful moment boring, and your partner will feel awkward, so be jovial.

Another important thing to greet your partner with is by saying ‘hi/hello’ or by shaking hand with the person in a friendly manner. This startup will really add sweetness at the beginning of your first date conversation, and take both of you in the long run because people always remember the first words and behavior forever.


Ask about the Origin of Your Special One

The first date conversation is especially done to know more and more about each other. So, asking familiar questions is a great idea at the beginning of the interaction for knowing your partner in a better way.

In such a case, you can share childhood experiences and know about each other. Childhood nostalgia really connects a person with an emotional touch because most of the guys and girls are connected to their root of the origin and the background. Moreover, it will help you know the insights about your partner and their family members.


Share about the Hobbies of Each Other

Sharing your favorite pastimes and passions with each other is a great source to connect both of you to the choices of each other. Hobbies are the reflection of personality, so if you acquire ideas about the pastimes of your partner in the first date conversation then it will really help you know his or her character.

Knowing the interests of your special person will help you in growing connection and understanding whether your mentality matches with each other or not. Suppose you like writing poetry and your partner finds it boring then it will really help you understand whether the relationship will gel-up longer or not. So, exchange your ideas clearly as much as possible to open up your mind and bring clarity. Also, make your special friend comfortable, so that he or she can easily share the likes and dislikes with you. Sometimes your hobbies and interests can also attract your partner.


Interact about Your Favorite Books, Songs, TV Shows and Movies

Ask the reading choice in first date conversation

Choice of books, movies, TV shows, songs, etc. also shows someone’s persona, culture, and values about love. Yes, you cannot be judgmental with the choices of your partner but the likes and dislikes will give you little idea about his or her character.

For example, if your partner likes visiting creative exhibitions then it shows his or her interest in painting. Visiting musical events will show your interest in songs and dance. So, discussing the interest and disinterest will help you find your matches between each other.


Discuss about Travelling and Hangouts

Ask the lady or the man about her or his favorite place and also know about your partner’s dream destination. Talking about the favorite traveling and hangout place will help you know about his or her nature.

Suppose your love interest likes to visit the Maldives, then you should understand that he or she loves sea beaches. If your special person likes to go to Switzerland, it means the individual loves visiting hill stations. So, these types of discussions will give you a few ideas about the interests of your partner’s destination and lifestyle.


Ask the Favorite Foods

There is a phrase that you can reach someone’s heart through his or her stomach. Nothing confusing with the line! You just simply ask your special person about his or her favorite foods and restaurants. Also, discuss the best restaurants near you, so that you can arrange a surprise lunch or dinner for your partner. This can really impress the person and show your special care towards the individual. This initiative will also help you arrange a second date in the favorite restaurant of your special one.


Begin Friendly Conversation by Sharing Humor and Jokes

Humorous first date conversation

Remember, friendly attitude is the best way that will help you begin the first date conversation smoothly. Try to behave more like a friend rather than drawing any line between each other in a serious way. Friendship is the beginning of every relationship and cracking jokes can make the moments livelier and lighter.

Yes, courtesy is great to maintain but it will be much better if you share your humor by cracking jokes and making your partner laugh or enjoy the fullest with due respect. Don’t have to share awkward jokes but some casual humor will really create a great bond between each other.


Give Compliments to Each Other

Don’t wait for any impressive words from your date partner, instead of that take an initiative to start the first date conversation with some impressive lines by saying some positive comments about your partner. For example, you can say, ‘Hey! You have a nice hairstyle’, ‘I like the color of your dress’, ‘This attire suits your personality’, ‘Nice smile!’.

No, if you are thinking that these are flirty or cheesy lines then you are wrong. Praising or appreciating your partner is the way to show your appreciation towards the person from the beginning. Moreover, it shows how happy you are to meet the person and how special you are feeling to be with the person.

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Discuss Your Ambitions and Career Goals

Yes, it is not a job interview but there is nothing wrong if you take an interest in the career plans and future goals of your date partner.

However, just use casual style to ask such questions, and don’t talk too long about work because it is better to keep work life and personal life separate. You can informally ask him or her about their wish or targets in life. This will not only encourage your partner in setting career targets but also give you an idea about his or her goals and sportiveness towards life.


Tell Something about Your Family

To know about the background, culture, and family of your date partner, you can discuss your background and your family members. This will help both of you know each other’s culture, traditions, and values.

You don’t need to give the details about your life history but if you want then you can definitely give short descriptions of your family and also ask the same from your partner for a while.


Ask about the Dreams, Passions, and Fantasies

Hopes and dreams are the only interesting aspirations in human life that keep people alive. So, why don’t you share about your passion, dreams, and fantasies and ask the same from your partner while having the first date conversation?

There is nothing awkward in doing that if you are comfortable with your dating mate. Just share your craziest passions, dreams, and also know the same about your partner. Try to make him or her comfortable, so that the person doesn’t feel awkward to reveal any secret wish of his or her life in front of you. Remember, your friendly behavior, romantic nature, like-minded attitude, and polite behavior can help your dating interest share things with you, and enjoy every moment with you with laughter and delightfulness.


Ask about His or Her Friends

Talk about friends in first date conversation

Network of friends and bonding with them sometimes shows the character and choice of an individual. So, you can ask your partner about his or her friends’ group and favorite activities that they do together while hanging out or doing parties.

You can also show your interest and plan to hook up with the friends of your partner while discussing them on the first date. This will show your respect towards your partner’s friends and help you know about his or her group and environment.


Discuss Each Other’s School and College Life

School and colleges are the second home of every individual. Several emotions, sentiments and moments of nostalgia are connected with the education life or teenage of every person. So, if you ask about such things to your partner then he or she might get a scope to live the moments again.

Moreover, you will also get an idea about his or her educational background and other things related to his or her school and college.


Share Your Values and Thoughts Between Each Other

If you think that sharing thoughts, principles, and values is a bad idea at the beginning of first date conversation then no need to start that type of conversation from the beginning. You can commence such interaction after getting comfortable and friendly to each other.

Sharing such things will help your partner know about your lifestyle and mentality. But never show any boasting attitude while sharing your principles and thoughts because it may give a wrong impression to your partner. You are there to enjoy the presence of your favorite person, not to make him or her feel bored and annoyed.

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Things to Avoid During the First Date Conversation

If you have arranged a date night or a lovely evening then there might be any special reason for that, so try to avoid telling and doing any unrealistic and awkward things during the first date conversation. Take a short look at a few things you need to avoid while meeting a special person for the first time:

  • Don’t be very loud while starting a date conversation. Be slow, softer and polite while talking to your partner.
  • Avoid running with long sentences, let your partner also speak.
  • If you don’t agree to some points then oppose in a polite manner and don’t be rude towards your dating mate.
  • No need to be nervous and silent because the more you talk to the person, the more you will know about the individual.
  • Never give any wrong comment or negative compliment which can hurt anyone.
  • Try not to be too personal to someone or start talking about intimacy.
  • It will be better if you don’t discuss much of your ex-partner.
  • If you have a dark past then you can share it but don’t talk too much negatively about yourself at the beginning of first date conversation.
  • Flirting or groveling is necessary but too much flirtatious behavior can spoil your first impression.
  • Ask about the career but not about the salary of the individual.
  • Avoid rushing to the conclusion or ask about the next date too soon because space and time should be given to an individual.
  • Never start using intimacy-related lines on the first date conversation, wait for some time before taking such initiative.

Every conversation of your first date will always be special, so why don’t you make the date more romantic and splendid by using the smart ideas? A romantic date is not always natural; you need to put some efforts to make a lovely evening beautiful. So, what are you thinking? Start planning a pleasant date with the help of above-noted tips and woo the heart of your special one.

Bonus Tips

  • Maintain eye contact with your partner, which will show your romanticism and excitement while talking to the special person.
  • Manage your body language because it is the reflection of your nature while having any conversation.
  • Be honest and clear but not in a harsh manner.
  • Show positive and adorable gestures to attract your partner through your charm.
  • Wear casual while going for the first date.
  • Don’t keep mum because of shyness and nervousness because that may show your introvert nature.

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