Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions

Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions
By Vishakha Goyal Updated

Well! Ex boyfriend tag questions are not something to revisit your pain. A breakup is definitely one of the hardest feelings in this whole world. When a person bids goodbye, he takes away all the charms and dreams with him, only a few memories are what left behind. But, some decisions might sound hard to take but provide us a wide ambit of scopes to learn something. Ex boyfriend tag questions would let you know what love meant to the other person. You would come to know how well he knows you, whether he still loves you or not. There are so many unanswered questions that you always wanted to know; well! Here is your chance.

140+ Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions: The Hardest Test of Love

Send your ex boyfriend all these questions and let him answer one by one. Of course! Nobody is going to force him to answer these. Know whether your love was deep enough or not by asking all these interesting ex boyfriend tag questions.

  1. What was I wearing at the time we broke up?
  2. Who was the first to break up?
  3. What is my favorite Starbucks drink?
  4. What was the nickname that I gave you?
  5. Without __, my mornings are incomplete?
  6. Who proposed first?
  7. What did I eat on our first date?
  8. What is my biggest nightmare ever?
  9. Laptop or mobile – what do I love to use the most?
  10. One thing that I hate the most.
  11. What is my favorite meal?
  12. What do I usually eat on my breakfast?
  13. So, what is the one thing I want to do before I die?
  14. Have I colored my hair?
  15. What is the color of my eyeball?
  16. Which one is my most favorite color?
  17. One color that you found the most inside my wardrobe?
  18. Which sports is my favorite?
  19. Is there any food that I hate the most?
  20. Am I the one who loves to visit parlor frequently?

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Unique Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions

  1. What is the nickname of my bestie?
  2. Over which reason, we broke up?
  3. During this time of the earlier year, where we were?
  4. Which slang do I usually use whenever I am angry?
  5. Am I a person who is usually triggered over a petty matter?
  6. Which is my favorite outfit?
  7. What do I usually hide the spare key of my room?
  8. Chocolate or Vanilla – which one do I find pretty irresistible?
  9. What is my favorite vacation spot?
  10. What was the time when we broke up?
  11. How did I use to greet you morning every day?
  12. One thing that I find pretty interesting about you.
  13. Which TV show I love to binge watch?
  14. What is the name of my forever favorite movie?
  15. What is the one thing I hate the most about you?
  16. Can you remember what did I gift you on our second date?
  17. What is the name of the favorite cuisine?
  18. Do you remember our anniversary date?
  19. What was the thing that I gifted you on the day we embarked our romantic journey?
  20. What do I love to do during my off time?
  21. Which is my favorite party wear?
  22. What shade of lipstick do I love to wear usually?
  23. Which app do I love to use usually?
  24. One thing that I never leave my house without?
  25. What is the mantra of my life?
  26. Which is my favorite soundtrack?
  27. Do I love to dance?
  28. What is my favorite video on YouTube?
  29. What is my favorite pizza topping?
  30. Am I a girl who loves to wear heavy makeup?

Lovely Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions

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  1. Where is my hometown?
  2. What is the coolest gadget I have?
  3. What is the size of my shoe?
  4. Honestly, how many scores would you give me as a girlfriend?
  5. What is my Sun sign?
  6. The first time when did I blame you without any reason?
  7. Which celeb do I want to date?
  8. What is the name of my crush?
  9. Do I believe any particular superstition?
  10. What is my lucky number?
  11. Can you name my favorite restaurant?
  12. KFC, McDonald’s, or Subway Fresh – What is my favorite one?
  13. Approximate how many movies have we watched together?
  14. What is one such dish that I can eat anytime no matter what time of day it is?
  15. Name three places that I wanted to visit with you.
  16. How many cousins do I have?
  17. One decoration that I made for your home?
  18. Do I have any tattoo of your name?
  19. One song that I always used to sing for you.
  20. What is the code word we used to use at restaurants?
  21. The first time, where did we go for brunch?
  22. Do I have any middle name?
  23. What is the exact time of my birth?
  24. What is the nickname my friends use to address me?
  25. One reason that I liked and loved you the most.
  26. How to pacify me when I am extremely angry?
  27. What is the name of my elementary school?
  28. Who was my childhood celeb crush?
  29. What do I say whenever I feel emotional?
  30. How many times have you met my mother?
  31. Do I have any peculiar hobby?
  32. What is the brand of mobile am I using lately?
  33. Which lipstick brand is my favorite?
  34. What type of cosmetics do I love to load in my house?
  35. How do I usually greet strangers?
  36. Have I ever shared any dark secret with you?

Cute Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions

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  1. Do I have any weird habit?
  2. What is the biggest difference between you and me?
  3. Which emoji do I use the most?
  4. Am I an overly emotional girl?
  5. What went wrong in our relationship?
  6. What is the measurement of my clothes?
  7. Have I ever lied to you?
  8. Do I have a regret in my life?
  9. How does my handwriting look like?
  10. One thing that I never shared with you ever.
  11. What scenic beauty is my eternal favorite?
  12. Which salon do I visit the most?
  13. How often do we fight?
  14. Which dish did I cook for you on the first day?
  15. Which childhood memory have I shared with you?
  16. One incident that you would remember forever.
  17. How many times I used to say you ‘I love you’ every day?
  18. Am I phobic to anything?
  19. Which thing attracts me the most in life?
  20. Which movie has made me cry everytime I tried watching that?
  21. What is my failure story?
  22. One word that I can never pronounce?
  23. Have I kept any pictures of you on my mobile?
  24. Which picture of yours is my favorite?
  25. What is there in my purse?
  26. What is the duration of our relationship?
  27. Especially, what is my favorite vacation spot?
  28. With whom I am currently staying?
  29. What is my weakness?
  30. Have I ever done any act of bravery in front of you?
  31. What is the best facial feature have I got?
  32. Which party in politics do I support?
  33. What do you think was the probable reason behind our breakup?
  34. When did we share our first kiss?

Interesting Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions

  1. Who in my family knew about our relationship?
  2. Honestly, do you think of me even now?
  3. Do you have any regret about falling in love with me?
  4. How would you describe me?
  5. How elevating was our sensuous life?
  6. During which moments, you think of me?
  7. On which social media platform, I stay active mostly?
  8. Facebook or Instagram, where do I have the maximum number of followers?
  9. Who has the best sense of humor between us?
  10. What did you feel that night when we officially broke up?
  11. Whom did you like the most among my friends?
  12. What did your best buddy think of our relationship?
  13. Are you dating someone these days?
  14. Have I ever shared anything with you?
  15. Who is my favorite Hollywood actor?
  16. Have I ever compared you with anyone else?
  17. Did you tell anyone about our breakup?
  18. Am I a vegetarian or an egalitarian?
  19. Which genre of movie is my favorite?
  20. Horror, Comedy, or Adventure – what is my comfort zone of watching movies?
  21. Which animated movie character has taught me a lot of lessons?
  22. Which song have I dedicated you?
  23. Is there anything you want to share with me?
  24. What is the lesson have you learned from our relationship?

All these ex boyfriend tag questions would tell you how well he used to know you or how deep your relationship was. Well! Sometimes miracles happen; so, things take U-turns and you two can again start from scratch. But, it is just a matter of time, as of now, ex boyfriend tag questions is an interesting and fun game that you can definitely ask him to join.


  • If it was a relationship that was abusive and you never wanted to be with him, it is better to not even think of this game.
  • Do not show your emotions unless he takes the first initiative.
  • If a certain question bothers you, it is better to not include that one in the list.