Disney Tag Questions

Disney Tag Questions
By Tessa Updated

The other name of fun is playing Disney Tag Questions. More than a century ago, Walt Disney created some amazing characters that took a permanent place in everybody’s heart. Everyone can relate to at least one Disney character. Disney has literally changed the fate of animation. Disney Tag Questions is a fun and pretty entertaining game where players test their knowledge about Disney movies, characters, and many other interesting things.

101 Disney Tag Questions: The La La Land of Happiness

Open the gateway to happiness with these bunch of questions. Play this fun game with your friends or cousins. Trust us, all these Disney tag questions are pretty entertaining and superb in every way possible.

  1. Which Disney character is your favorite?
  2. One Disney movie that you have watched at least 10 times?
  3. Which Disney princess is your absolute favorite?
  4. Have you ever worn a dress just like your favorite Disney character?
  5. One Disney villain that you find pretty adorable.
  6. One Disney character that often appears in your dream?
  7. Which Disney Prince would you like to meet in real life?
  8. If Disney land comes at your doorstep, what would you do?
  9. Which Disney gadget did you buy first?
  10. During your childhood, which Disney movie you watched for the first time?
  1. In real life, which Disney character would you like to date?
  2. If a Disney character proposes you for marriage, what would you do?
  3. Who is the most handsome character in Disney World?
  4. If you are left alone in Disney land, how would you like to spend the whole day?
  5. Is there any tragic character in Disney?
  6. Disney watch or Disney Hat?
  7. What message was printed on your Disney top?
  8. Which Disney song is your favorite?
  9. How many times have you watched the movie ‘Tangled’?

Cute Disney Tag Questions

  1. Who is cuter between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel?
  2. Which Disney pet is your favorite?
  3. Micky Mouse or Minie Mouse?
  4. If Donald Duck says to you that I will do it, would you believe him?
  5. Do you think that Merida was truly a brave girl?
  6. Tiana or Pocahontas – with whom you would like to play the Black Girl Tag Questions?
  7. If you were Rupanzel, would you have trusted Flynn Rider?
  8. Who is the hottest girl among all the Disney characters?
  9. Do you like Snow White?
  10. Do you believe in Disney’s Fairy Tales?
  11. Who is the most fortunate lady at Disney?
  12. If you were Cinderella, what could you have done on the night when she left her one show at the Prince’s castle?
  13. Which Disney track do you find pretty groovy?
  14. Who is your absolute favorite Disney singer?
  15. Who is the best dancer among all Disney characters?
  16. Whom do you find the toughest among all Disney Toons?
  17. What is your favorite scene from the movie The Jungle Book?
  18. If you ever come across Mowgli, what would you tell him?
  19. Disney 3D movies or 2D movies, what attract you the most?
  20. Ariel or Tiana – whom do you find the most attractive?
  21. Prince of Persia or Aladdin – Whom do you find eternal handsome?
  22. How adorable do you think Anna is?
  23. What is the most powerful feature of Ant-Man?
  24. If not Jasmine, whom do you find the perfect fit for Aladdin?
  25. If a contest is held between the Ant-Man and Captain America, who do you think would be the winner?
  26. Which is more adorable – Goofy or Pluto?
  27. How would you tame the Hulk – with the help of intelligence or emotions?
  28. If you are asked to choose the cutest Dalmatian, how would you do that?
  29. Have you ever visited any Disney theme park?
  30. Which Disney cuisine is your favorite?
  31. One brand that sells the most amazing Disney theme outfits?

Beautiful Disney Tag Questions

  1. Which villain woman can give you terrific nightmares?
  2. A pet like Maximus or Goofy?
  3. How responsible do you think Maximus is?
  4. Which Disney adventure game is your favorite?
  5. If Frog Prince comes in your life for real, what would you do?
  6. For which upcoming Disney movie, are you waiting?
  7. Which Disney movie had the best message?
  8. If Disney never existed, how different your life could have been?
  9. Which Disney movie you haven’t watched yet, but wish to watch pretty soon?
  10. What is your favorite spot on Disney land?
  11. At which age did you visit Disney Land for the first time?
  12. In which Disney sequel, would you like to act?
  13. Which Disney movie do you find pretty advanced in its screenplay and production?
  14. One Disney movie that has given you a lesson in
  15. Which is your favorite Disney moment?
  16. Have you ever fought with anyone to prove the innocence of a particular Disney character?
  17. Which is your favorite Disney T-Shirt?
  18. If you are asked to name yourself as a Disney character, what would you name yourself?
  19. What is the most tragic moment in a Disney movie?
  20. Cars or Planes – What is your all-time favorite movie?
  21. Which Disney female character do you find the bravest?
  22. Which is the best proposal in the history of Disney?
  23. Have you ever imagined a romantic date night with any Disney character?
  24. What is your favorite Disney tattoo?
  25. Have you ever purchased any Disney Doll?
  26. If someone plays a Disney prank with you, what would be your reaction?
  27. What is the best Disney background score to date?
  28. Which Disney surname is your absolute favorite?
  29. One basic Disney characteristic that you have adopted in yourself.
  30. If you ever get lost somewhere, what Disney tactic would you apply?
  31. If a fight between the Hulk and the Ant-Man happens, who would win?
  32. Which Disney character is always hungry?
  33. Who is the embodiment of perfection in Disney?
  34. Which Disney character is pretty romantic?

Lovely Disney Tag Questions

  1. Have you ever watched a Disney movie in any other language?
  2. Which one is your favorite Disney Super Hero movie?
  3. Between Dreamworks Pictures and Disney – why do you feel Disney is superior?
  4. Why Disney is so popular according to you?
  5. If you are asked to attend a party wearing a Disney costume, what would you choose?
  6. What is the most interesting fact about Walt Disney according to you?
  7. Which Disney separation moment do you find very disturbing?
  8. Which is your favorite brand to collect awesome Disney goodies and Tees?
  9. How many Disney movies have you watched with your family members?
  10. Have you ever found any thrilling moment in Disney movies?
  11. Which Disney show would you recommend to your parents?
  12. Which is your favorite Toy Story character?
  13. One Disney movie that you never feel bored to watch.
  14. One Disney product that you always love to keep yourself.
  15. Which is the most passionate kiss in the history of Disney movies?
  16. So, which Disney character do you find pretty pragmatic?
  17. With which Disney character, you can relate yourself?

Disney tag questions is a different type of game. It would be best if you play this game with the Disney lovers because Non-Disney fans might not love playing it. So, have you discovered the question yet that you would love to ask as a starting note?