Disney Movie Trivia Questions

Disney Trivia Questions
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It is about to be a century, Disney movies have not lost their charms and same is with the Disney Movie Trivia Questions. Playing these trivia questions is always full of fun and entertainment. These are enough to storm your brain with full swing. Play this game with your family or with your friends, this is always super fun.

42 Disney Movie Trivia Questions: A Complete Package of Fun

There can be an unlimited number of trivia questions. Here, we have showcased only those questions that are pretty unique and fun to ask. All these questions would compel you to relish your childhood memories and would also make sure how well do you know your favorite Disney characters. So, get set ready to cherish those old beautiful Disney days.


Who said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”?

You would be surprised to know the answer. It was Mickey Mouse. This is the most popular Disney character ever and this fun character has contributed many words of wisdom. This is one of them.


Which character did Walt Disney create at first?

It was Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. Mickey Mouse after a long time. This character was born when Walt Disney was working at Universal.


What is the name of the Tiger in the Jungle Book?

The Jungle Book is an extraordinary story of adventures and the wild story. The tiger in the movie is named as Shere Khan.


Who is Jafar in Aladdin?

Jafar is a high-rank political advisor whom Sultan trusts a lot. He has a magical power with which he wants to control the world at large.


What is the superpower of Ant Man?

Ant-Man is a Superhero who can make himself and the other people to a size of an ant. He can do it on his own willpower.


What did Flynn Ride steal in the movie Tangled?

Flynn Rider was declared a wanted thief as he stole the crown from the palace. He is charming and initially has been portrayed as an evil character. But, of course! We all know that who the hero is.


What are the superpowers of Venom?

Venom is super powerful as a villain and it has around 15 awesome powers. It can clone powers. Surprisingly, it can treat cancer temporarily.


What was the name of the baby that was delivered by Storks?

The baby elephant that was delivered by Storks had large ears. So, everyone mocked him and eventually, he became ‘Dumbo’.


Which species of spider bit Peter Parker?

The spider was a radioactive spider that was subjected to a lab experiment. It bit Peter and of course! The Spider Man was born.


What does Buzz Lightyear do?

Cute Disney Trivia Questions

It is an action figure based in the Toy Story that is enabled with Laser Beam, Karate-Chop action, and wings. Yes! He can fly. Buzz is one of the most adorable characters in Toy Story.


In the movie Peter Pan, in which hand, Captain Hook had the hook?

The hook was attached to his left hand. Captain Hook was mysterious, he never looked like an evil person. But, we all know that how evil his character was.


Who is Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland?

Mad Hatter is a strange character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. He is representing a person suffering from Dementia. In the 19th century, the manufacturing units used Mercury in felt hats; the excessive use of mercury can damage the nervous system and people can lose their memories.

Mad Hatter is a character that has been built to portray the environmental threats that many had faced.


How has Ariel been portrayed?

The beautiful Mermaid Ariel is a free-spirited girl who loves singing. Daydreaming is kind of her passion. She has got two cuties besides her all the time namely Sebastian and Flounder. She does adventurous things with them every day.


First of all, which Disney movie had a soundtrack album?

So, a soundtrack album was not a part of Walt Disney films until 1937. In 1937, Walt Disney came up with a movie named Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In that film, he officially released Soundtrack.


Whom did Tiana marry in the Princess and the Frog?

Tiana married Naveen who was about to marry Charlotte, a rich girl. But, yes! Then, the zing happened. And eventually, the kiss happened that brought Naveen back to his life from a frog. This is a movie par excellence and a must watch for sure.


In the final sequence of Aladdin, in which animal Jafar turns himself into?

Jafar is a mischievously wicked person, in the final sequence, he turns himself into a venomous Cobra. But, Aladdin finally defeats him and wins over the evil.


Who is the evil character in the Mickey Mouse?

Well! Evil can be cute too and Pete the bear has proven that. This is such an evil character in Mickey Mouse that was introduced three years prior to Mickey Mouse.


Who chose Moana to save her own people?

Moana is one of the greatest adventure films ever made by Disney. Moana, the little girl from the Polynesian village was chosen by the Ocean Goddess herself. It is her journey to find the Demigod Maui and return the heart of Te Fiti.


Who said, “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting”?

And, who can it be? It was the famous Maui, the shapeshifter, the Demigod from the movie Moana. Maui is full of machoism and fun. He is the hero of men, who loves to save people, but moreover, he loves his silky hair.


Who is Tinker Bell in Peter Pan?

She is Peter Pan’s common fairy who is actually his best friend too. She is overly protective about him and has saved his life many times. Once, she even drank the poison that Captain Hook gave to Peter Pan to kill him.


How to define Mulan in The Matchmaker?

Mulan, this Disney girl is lesser feminine. She is independent, strong, and has her own set of values. She is the hero in her own eyes and she is open about her life.


Who is the most beloved villain among Disney characters?

Gaston from The Beauty and The Beast is undoubtedly the best villain in the whole Disney movie series. Gaston is supremely manly and is a bit weird. He is the grotesque version of prince charming indeed.


Who is the first love or crush of Donald Duck?

We all think that Daisy Duck is the first love of Donald Duck. But, in reality, Donna is his lady crush. He had tried really hard to woo Donna but his every attempt seemed failed.


Which actress provided the voice of Moana?

Beautiful Disney Trivia Questions

Auliʻi Cravalho is an American singer, actress, and musician who provided the voice of Moana in the super duper hit Disney movie with the same name.


In the movie Lion King, where do all the lions live?

The pride of Lions actually lives in the animal kingdom from the Pride Rock. The makers of the Lion King took a lot of inspirations from real life locations. Samburu District is one such place where the rocks are lifted from the ground. So, Pride Rock is a lot of symbolic.


When did the Royal Ball start in the movie Cinderella?

According to the Bell Tower, it started at 8 pm. The Royal Ball was an event full of colors and entertainment.


What are the two Disney movies where the cat is named Lucifer?

There are two movies namely Cinderella and Pluto’s Kid Brother. In the movie Cinderella, the house cat is named as Lucifer. In 1946, the cartoon Pluto’s Kid Brother had a tough and strong cat named Lucifer.


How many mice turned into horses to support Cinderella’s carriage?

Well! There were 4 mice that turned into horses to support Cinderella’s carriage. It was a beautiful magical moment indeed.


How many horses pull the wedding carriage of Cinderella?

Cinderella’s wedding was undoubtedly one of the beautiful weddings of all time. There were 2 horses that pulled her wedding carriage.


How Rupanzel used to heal others?

Rapunzel’s magical hair has healing power. She can heal anyone with her beautiful mane. Her hair glows when it turns magical.


Which character was the first Disney princess?

Snow White is the first ever Disney princess. She was an epitome of beauty who had the power to mold anyone’s heart.


The only cartoon created by the Walt Disney that had an Easter backdrop.

And, the name is Funny Little Bunnies. Well! It was a cute and Silly Symphony. The plot is based on the backdrop of Easter bunnies. It is all about how do they make all the Easter goodies and make the festive look beautiful.


Who is the sidekick in Pocahontas?

Meeko the Raccoon is a fun loving sidekick. He has a severe sweet tooth, he is full of cuteness. Oh well! He is a sword fighter too. He is someone that we would love every Raccoon to be.


Name two Disney princesses who have red hair.

Amazing Disney Trivia Questions

The beautiful mermaid Ariel and the ‘Brave’ girl Merida both have always flaunted red hair. Both are amazing and as beautiful as their natures.


Which Disney princess is not Royal?

The right answer is Pocahontas. She is a princess with no real ties with a royal family. This Disney movie is inspired by the real story of the princess with the same name.


Who said, “I don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad”?

This is such a beautiful philosophical statement. A world which is full of beautiful things, how it can be bad. It is a statement made by Ariel, a beautiful mermaid.


Which Disney princess had her mother alive but father died?

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog movie. She had her mother alive but her father died a long ago.


What is the most iconic song in the High School Musical?

We’re all in this together – this is undoubtedly one of the most popular and iconic songs of all. It has the right amount of melody and pitch.


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Who said that?

This iconic quote has been made by Walt Disney. He has said a number of amazing things and this is undoubtedly one of those. It is one such quote that would remain immortal forever.


Who is the sidekick of Marlin in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’?

Yeah! Right answer. Of course, it is the beautiful Tang named Dory. Dory suffers from short-term memory loss. She feels safe and mighty around Marlin. Throughout the movie, Dory keeps calling his son Nemo with some other names. Dory is undoubtedly a breeze of fresh air and filled with comic punches.


What is the name of the Dean in Monsters University?

Dean Abigail Hardscrabble is her name. She is indeed hard to scrabble. She is the most strict person in the whole campus of Monsters University.


What is the name of the rat in the movie Ratatouille?

Ratatouille is undoubtedly one of the best movies by Pixar. The rat was named Remy, voiced by Patton Oswalt. He is one of the best standup comedians. Patton made a food-related comic video that compelled the director to choose him for this character.

Disney Movie Trivia Questions are always full of fun. For the longest times, Disney had a monopoly in the animation world. We have compiled some amazing trivia questions that you can easily play with your friends or with your family at the next gathering. So, which Disney movie you liked the most?