Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Dirty Would You Rather Questions
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There are a number of ways that a couple can do to woo each other, dirty would you rather questions always take the breeze with it. These questions have the perfect tone. These are indeed the embodiment of fun, interesting, and embarrassment that can make anyone burst into laughter. Well! These are dirty and naughty at the same time.

89 Dirty Would You Rather Questions that Would Completely Blow Your Mind

Though most people prefer clean would you rather questions because this is such a game that is always played in public or in a party while surrounded by close people. But, the craze for dirty would you rather questions became noticeable when couples started playing this game. We have the right bunch of questions to make your bed-game stronger and more daring. Trust us, your partner or your spouse is going to love it. Get ready to discover a few erotic questions.

  1. Would you rather prefer a bedroom or bathroom?
  2. Would you rather go for missionary position forever or doggy style?
  3. Would you rather have a threesome or never have sex?
  4. Would you rather wear a thong forever in the bed or wear nothing at all?
  5. Would you rather go for a sex inside a Jacuzzi or inside a private pool?
  6. Would you rather make loud noises while making out or be completely silent?
  7. Would you rather wear monokini forever or never visit a beach again?
  8. Would you rather care to join three people having sex on a bed or just make a video?
  9. Would you rather have sex with a person who breathes bad or with someone who hasn’t bathed for a long time?
  10. Would you rather wear revealing clothes forever or would always wear fully covered clothes while making out?
  11. Would you rather moan noisily or would never make out?
  12. Would you rather kiss your ex or your pet’s ass?
  13. Would you rather ban pedophilia or make love with someone much older than you?
  14. Would you rather try to achieve orgasm with your own or make out without any excitement?
  15. Would you rather watch an erotic movie or a pornographic movie?
  16. Would you rather shower with your partner or make out straight?
  17. Would you rather have sex on the beach or inside a jacuzzi?
  18. Would you rather lose your virginity with a total stranger or with someone you hate the most?
  19. Would you rather let your mom hear your sound while you are having an erotic orgasm or let your mom walk inside while you are making out?
  20. Would you rather shout loudly or fart loudly while making out?

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Erotic and Dirty Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather let 40 people watching while you are making out or let 100 people watch while you are having a great orgasm?
  2. Would you rather have 5 sex partners or remain single forever?
  3. Would you rather try to make out in a cold place (temperature running at minus) or in a very very hot place?
  4. Would you rather sweat profusely and smell awful while tempting your partner or eat while watching your partner making out with your ex?
  5. Would you rather take the help of adult toys or never be satisfied after making out?
  6. Would you rather watch adult films forever or never have the perfect sex partner in your life?
  7. Would you rather feel kinky or feel romantic in your bedroom?
  8. Would you rather try hard to have the perfect moment or let your partner try hard for the same while making out?
  9. Would you rather walk naked in public or make out forever in public?
  10. Would you rather set a naked pic your partner as your mobile wallpaper or set a naked pic of yourself as your desktop wallpaper?
  11. Would you rather kiss your partner’s ex or start an erotic life with your ex?
  12. Would you rather walk in your bestie while making out or let your partner walk in while making out with someone else?
  13. Would you rather forget how to make out or would let your partner forget the same?
  14. Would you rather fart every time you start making out or would shart forever?
  15. Would you rather try a threesome with strangers or let your partner try it out?
  16. Would you rather walk in your partner having an orgasm with the ex or walk in your bestie doing so with your partner?
  17. Would you rather shower in public with your partner or inside a jacuzzi with your ex?
  18. Would you rather forever date your ex secretly or never have sex with your partner?
  19. Would you rather try new postures every night or try the same posture that you feel comfortable every night?
  20. Would you rather tease your partner with super cold ice cream or very hot chocolate?
  21. Would you rather admit in public that you are unable to have sex with anyone or be accused of infidelity with your current partner?
  22. Would you rather start a new sex trend or sell your sex video public?
  23. Would you rather cuddle in the morning or in the night?
  24. Would you rather let your partner smother on your face or pull your hair?
  25. Would you rather dress as a sexy nurse or dance like an erotic dancer?
  26. Would you rather live-in with your ex or never have sex with anyone?
  27. Would you rather bite the shoulder of your sex partner or smooch his di*k?
  28. Would you rather try a sexy outfit that your partner has bought for you or an outfit that you like the most?
  29. Would you rather like to be dominated or dominate your partner?
  30. Would you rather have a night out with your crush or one night stand with a celeb?
  31. Would you rather be always on top or always on the bottom?
  32. Would you rather like to wax your private parts or have a hairy body?
  33. Would you rather try hardcore BDSM with your ex or be spanked on your ass forever by your current partner?
  34. Would you rather act strangely in front of your sex partner or strangely in the bedroom?
  35. Would you rather lose your sensuous taste or lose the ability to taste foods?
  36. Would you rather perform sex acts openly or ask your partner to perform an erotic sexual act for you?
  37. Would you rather like to be hurt every night or do strange things to arouse your sexual desire?
  38. Would you rather watch an erotic music video or read an erotic novel with your sex partner?
  39. Would you rather take a steamy shower or a foaming bubble bath together with your partner?
  40. Would you rather prefer dim light or blue-red light in your bedroom?
  41. Would you rather put off your lingerie yourself or let your partner do that?

Naughty and Dirty Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather never wear lingerie in public or rather never have sex in your life?
  2. Would you rather continue with your boring sexual life or have an exciting sexual and romantic life where everything is public?
  3. Would you rather have a fiery and sensuous night with your partner or a beautiful night out with your ex?
  4. Would you rather swallow the thing or spit straight?
  5. Would you rather be in a relationship who remains totally silent during make out or moan all the time?
  6. Would you rather avoid strange sex postures or always would try to be kinky?
  7. Would you rather bang all the time or have an erotic and sensuous orgasm always?
  8. Would you rather attend a rave party or an orgy party?
  9. On your first night, would you rather say hilarious jokes or make erotic sounds and moan?
  10. Would you rather fantasize a celeb or your crush?
  11. Would you rather talk dirty or sext instead?
  12. Would you rather have fetishes for sweat or for armpits?
  13. Would you rather ask your partner to tie your hands or tie your partner’s hands?
  14. Would you rather show you kinky side on the first date or reveal everything after a few years?
  15. Would you rather tell about your fetishes on the second date or never reveal anything about them?
  16. Would you rather say kinky and dirty things to your crush or tell your partner that you are obsessed about him or her?
  17. Would you rather be a fu*king hot person or a genius who looks super ugly?
  18. Would you rather date a super hot person or a person who has a great sex appeal with zero brains?
  19. In place of your b**bs, would you rather have knives or only hard muscles?
  20. Would you rather lose your sexual appetite or get your brain hanged from talking about sexual fetish and acts always?
  21. Would you rather have sex with your partner’s bestie or with your ex-partner’s bestie?
  22. Would you rather dance like a diva in your bedroom or give your partner a lap dance?
  23. Would you rather ask your partner to shed some weight or change your sex posture?
  24. Would you rather have no one in your life or an excessively handsome person who doesn’t care for you?
  25. Would you rather feel fortunate to have lots of money or lots of sex?
  26. Would you rather go in high heels with your sexual partner or your romantic partner?
  27. Would you rather prefer a bedroom or a couch?
  28. Would you rather make out in a bathtub or on a beach?

Dirty Would You Rather Questions for Sexy Couples

These dirty would you rather questions would surely take you to the land of fantasy and dream. If these days, your bed-game has become dull and monotonous, then you should try this game. Are you ready to play?


  • The questions might sound perfect for couples, yet there should always be a borderline.
  • Think before you ask any weird and awkward question.