Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend
By Tessa Updated

Is it too difficult for you to think about dirty things to say to your boyfriend? Well! This is one of the easiest things to do in this whole world. Talking dirty things while making out passionately on the bed, always makes the experience the best for both the girl and the guy.

Often, we restrict our thoughts to a certain point and set some never-talked about protocols on the bed that can bruise a beautiful relationship. Well! Stop doing that because it makes no sense. You can always say or do whatever you want to in your life.

Why Do You Need to Know Some Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend?

Well! You might question yourself whether your boyfriend has ever asked for this or not. The answer is a possibility that mostly tends to a negative answer. So, it is not something that you should do only when your partner asks for. The reality is a bit different. It is an undeclared truth that guys love it when their girls talk about dirty or abusive things on the bed. It makes them aroused and feel hotter. In fact, there are many women who love it too. To make your equation and bed-game stronger, you need to know real dirty things to say to your boyfriend.

69 Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Take Your Bed-Game to a Different Level

There are many things that you can tell him while having a ride or just simply to turn him on. But here, we have kept the list simple yet attractive. This list of dirty things to say boyfriend is going to give both of you a sultry equation. Are you ready to take the ride? Hop inside.

  1. You always make me feel horny. Let’s do it.
  2. Come home early honey, I feel hot.
  3. Why do you always make me hot and naughty?
  4. Bang me hard, honey, I want to scream loudly.
  5. Seeing you naked always makes me feel horny.
  6. I am crazily in love with your di*k, bang me hard.
  7. Abuse me by calling me a bitch. Arouse the animal inside me, playboy.
  8. Cum inside my mouth, you playboy.
  9. Spank me harder. I want to be your bitch tonight.
  10. Punish me with your whips, I am all yours.
  11. Bite my back and press my b**bs, naughty boy.
  12. My pus*y is filled with hot cum, come on playboy. I am all ready for a hard bang.
  13. I know how fantasized you feel about my b**bs. Press harder and bite those.
  14. Please lick my a**, spill your hot semen all over my body.
  15. Hold my neck hard, I wanna feel like a crazy animal.
  16. Whip me on my bu*t, make me feel kinkier.
  17. Tonight, let’s make out in our kitchen, my naughty boy.
  18. Tear my clothes as roughly as you can and ride on me.
  19. Come on! Ride on me and lick my b**bs.
  20. Yeah! Tie my hands and spank me harder.
  21. I love it when you lean on me with your big body; f**k me harder.
  22. Let’s have a shower so that you can undress me.
  23. Keep whispering in my ears, it makes my b**bs harder.
  24. Which role do you want me to play tonight, kinky boy?
  25. Hey honey! Remember the push-up bra that I bought yesterday, tonight you have to unlock it.
  1. Fold my hands and li*k my body, I want to bang harder.
  2. I am all wet down there, please go deeper and bang it loudly.
  3. Bite my neck as hard as you can.
  4. Let me give you a bl*w job and make that hard.
  5. Whenever I fantasize about your body, it makes me wet.
  6. Kiss me on my neck and give me a bang from behind.
  7. Make me your s*x slave for tonight.
  8. I haven’t touched me for two days, punish me and spank me for that.
  9. Every time, I look at your eyes, I feel wet down here.
  10. Your voice, your hair, your muscles everything makes me very weak.
  11. Every time you pull my hair, I feel turned on.
  12. Let’s ditch inner wears tonight and make it memorable forever.
  13. You look ravishing in those tight jeans.
  14. Don’t look at me like that way, it always makes me horny.
  15. Let’s have a sultry video chat tonight. What do you say?
  16. Your juicy lips always distract me. I wanna give you a hot sm**ch.
  17. Tonight’s menu is indeed exciting. It is a yummy pizza and me.

Naughty and Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

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  1. I want to see you in that newly bought boxer, right now.
  2. It was such a horrible day for me; please give me a sultry and relaxing neck massage.
  3. In which outfit, I look se*y and irresistible?
  4. I feel so weak whenever you moan.
  5. Your every gesture is kind of irresistible for me.
  6. None can make a woman this much hot as you do.
  7. You are amazing in the bed. Let’s create the magic once again tonight.
  8. Let me give you a sultry back massage, do you want me to ride on your back?
  9. I feel so thirsty and excited. Come to me.
  10. Your voice has a such a charming tone that it makes me feel horny.
  11. Arouse me with some dirty words. Tonight, I want to lean on you.
  12. Which is your favorite position in the bed?
  13. I want you to hold my b**ty tightly.
  14. Hey, I feel so lonely. Come and join me in the bed.
  15. Will you mind if I invite you to my room tonight? It has been so long since I last touched you.
  16. Hey dear! Close your eyes and just jump on my bed.
  17. Tonight, which sexual pose would you like to try?
  18. In which attire would you like to see me tonight?
  19. I want to turn you on tonight like never before; are you ready, honey?
  20. Since the morning, my body has been craving for something. Now when you are at home, I know what my body wants.
  21. I feel aroused whenever you sweat.
  22. Tonight, we will read an adult story together. Whenever I read it, it turns me on.
  23. Come back home early tonight; I just cannot wait anymore.
  24. Are you ready for a rocky and adventurous night?
  25. Hey honey! I want you to come early; I have been waiting with your favorite lingerie since afternoon.
  26. My s*x appeal is almost nothing in front of yours. You are a fu*king horny guy.
  27. I have met a number of handsome and hot guys, but you make me feel weak on my knees on the bed.

Cute and Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Turn him on with your sex appeal and some dirty talks tonight. He is going to fall flat for you. All these dirty things to say to your boyfriend are enough to arouse him on the bed. Make yourself ready for a steamy, sensuous, and sultry night.


  • Make sure to change your voice tone while saying sensuous things.
  • Don’t forget to impress him with some se*y acts.
  • Make sure he feels comfortable in your body language; it should sound natural.