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Difference Between Dwarf and Midget

Difference Between Dwarf and Midget

Difference Between Dwarf and Midget

Dwarfs and midgets refer to people who are short or small. Some may have used these words to refer to a short person but there is a vast difference between the two words. It may also be offensive to call someone a midget, so instead, you can use the term “little person” for them. Both a midget and a dwarf are just little people with a body like a human.

Below are listed some of the differences between a dwarf and a midget:


The word midget is derived from the word “midge” that means small fly and the word “et” meaning very small fly. The first mentioning of the word was done in Canada in 1848 that referred to a sand fly.  The word dwarf was derived from the German word “dhwergwhos” meaning tiny. In the Olden English, it was noted as “dwerg” which was then used to refer to a person with a very small stature.

Difference between dwarf and midget

1. As mentioned earlier  there is a vast difference between the words a dwarf and a midget. A dwarf results in disproportional limbs. A midget is someone who is short in size but have proportional limbs.

2. A dwarf is a medical condition so it is not really offensive to call someone that, whereas a midget means a short person so it is pretty offensive. It gets even more offensive when someone tries to describe what a dwarf is. Dwarfism could occur to anyone and not only humans; the plants and animals are also a part of dwarfism. Midget is referred to human only.

3. Dwarfs can be identified by disoriented growth of some organs, nerve compression, joint disease, and malformed bones. However, the term dwarf and midget evolve from the outcome of genetic mutation; they both have the height of less than 4 ft. 10 inches.

4. The difference between  dwarf and  midget are that a midget is not a medical term. It is simply used to identify a small person – which is offensive and dwarf on the other hand, as mentioned earlier, is a medical word so that is not as offensive.

5. During the growth of a midget, there is no disability that comes along with it but when a dwarf is growing, they grow up with disabilities.

6. Being a midget is inherited through the parents and can also be caused by malnutrition while the dwarf is a medical condition called “dwarfism”.

7. Dwarfs go through a lot of health problems and disproportionate limbs while midgets are perfectly fine with their health.

The difference between  dwarf and  midget are that a dwarf can deal with the condition by a surgery called limb lengthening that can be performed on them. A midget can add a few inches by consuming hormonal supplement and proper nutrition.

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