101 Cute nicknames for girls

cute nicknames for girls
By Subhash Das Updated

Girls are just cute! Whether they sneeze or snort while laughing! You always make a point to name her after what she does or just the way she presents herself. Therefore, here are a few cute nicknames for girls you would definitely like to pick to call your girl!

List of  Cute Nicknames for girls

1. Gorgeous – A name used to describe the extreme beauty of your girl.

2. Cutie Pie – She is as cute as a small pie.

3. Darling – She is the dearest person to you.

4. Cuddle Bug – She is a small bug when you cuddle her.

5. Honey Bunch – She is a bunch of sweetness.

6. Bubble Butt – Her butt is probably like a bubble.

7. Sweet Little Dumpling – Because dumpling suits her personality and she is sweet.

8. Fruit Loop – For she has filled your life with colors.

9. Kitten – Her “meow” is so adorable that you call her a kitten.

10. Doll Face – The name used for a naturally perfect beauty.

11. Angel Eyes – When you look inside her eyes; you see heaven!

12. Babe – The name used to make her melt when she is mad.

13. Dreamboat – For she is very attractive.

14. Pancakes – She makes the best pancakes in the world.

15. Pet – For she is the cutest and the cuddliest thing that is closest to a pet.

16. Love of my Life – Because you are certain she will always be the one.

17. Lover Girl – She is the most loving lover ever.

18. Honey Bunny – Could be used when she is looking so adorable that you couldn’t find a better name than this.

19. Sweetheart – She has the sweetest heart; you almost get diabetes when you look at her.

20. Pumpkin – As she simply reminds you of one.

21. Queen – For she is the queen of your heart.

22. Juliet – Her love is unconditional like Juliet.

23. Daisy – Because she blooms like a daisy when she is happy.

24. Happiness – Nothing could have made you happier than her.

25. Boo – Just a cute name shared between couples.

26. Button – She is as cute as a button.

27. Angel – Because it makes her smile every time she is called an angel.

28. Magic – She immediately turned your life around as soon as she stepped in it. That’s magic!

29. Doughnut – Because she is as cute and sweet as a doughnut.

30. Summer – Her hugs are like the summer breeze that will keep you warm and cozy during winters.

31. Bub – A neutral name.

32. Diamond – Because she is one of a kind.

33. Cinnamon – the cinnamony taste she has sprinkled over her sweetness.

34. Wifey – As y’all are as comfortable as a married couple.

35. Cinderella – As princess is just too mainstream.

36. Hot-stuff – You can’t help but spank her ass.

37. Sunshine – She is the first thing you see in the morning so she is your sunshine.

38. Doodle Bug – If she loves to doodle around.

39. Cutie Patootie – Just a plain cute name.

40. Flower Child – For she is non-violent.

41. Precious – She is the most valuable possession!

42. Hot Mama – As damn! You just can’t stop yourself from whistling every time you see her.

43. Bright Eyes – Her eyes shine brighter than the sunlight.

44. Cookie – You just want to eat her up.

45. My All – When you have no words to describe what she is to you.

46. Lucky Charm – She has been the luckiest for you ever since she stepped in your life.

47. Dream Girl – She has always been the girl of your dreams.

48. Butterfly – For she is independent and beautiful.

49. Charming – She melts your heart with her charm.

50. Lamb – As she is as innocent as a lamb.

51. Cupcake – Because she is always presentable and pretty.

52. Spring – For she spreads her colors of happiness all around herself.

53. Lemon – When life gave you her; you embraced her and loved her!

54. Adorable – She is a tiny little adorable creature.

55. Pooh – Because she can live on honey.

56. Baby Girl – Because just a plain baby wasn’t enough!

57. Rose – Her thorns (flaws) don’t bother you!

58. Hop – She hops around like a bunny.

59. Joy – She brings happiness to all.

60. Melody – Her voice is as good as a song.

61. Baby Bear – She is cute and chubby like a bear and also, she is short!

62. Sprinkles – She sprinkles her love and affection over you.

63. Cherry – Because she is small but bold and sweet.

64. Better Half – It actually means someone’s wife or husband! So, you know exactly why to call her that!

65. Snuggly – She snuggles up to you all the time.

66. Dove – She loves peace.

67. Peach – The color of her cheeks remind you of peach.

68. Fairy – Her last Halloween costume was so adorable that you named her a fairy.

69. Lil Dove – Her fair skin reminds you of a dove.

70. Blossom – Because she loves the Power puff girls “blossom”.

71. Bitsy – She is the tiny love of your life.

72. Gum Drop – As that name could make any girl giggle.

73. Heart Throb – Your heart throbs every time she is closer to you.

74. Giggles – For she giggles on the silliest of your jokes.

75. Smiley – Always smiling and spreading smiles.

76. Gummy Bear – Because it’s her favorite candy.

77. Dimples – Her dimples are as adorable as her.

78. Cowgirl – For she calls you her cowboy.

79. Little Mama – Because she is tiny and cares for you like a mother.

80. Baby Angel – She is definitely angelic and you can hold her like a baby in your arms.

81. Princess – The princess of your heart.

82. Chickadee – Just a fun random name.

83. Sugar Plum – She is juicy like a plum and tastes like sugar.

84. Main Squeeze – The only and main woman.

85. Precious Angel – Because she precious and an angel.

86. Sweetness – She is like a caramel.

87. Babylicious – She is your baby and sinfully delicious.

88. Sugar – You can mix her in your tea and have it.

89. Sweet Thang – She is sexy and you know it!

90. Babette – Babe simply wasn’t enough for you!

91. Toots – The name is used only if you have been in a long-term relationship.

92. Butthead – She can sometimes be a pain in the butt.

93. Monkey Butt – When she is angry, her face looks like a baboon butt.

94. Blue Eyes – Her eyes are as blue as the ocean.

95. Cupid – You think that maybe she hit you with an arrow to make you so whipped for her.

96. Pebbles – That’s what she calls her favorite teddy and she is your favorite human teddy.

97. Valentine – To give her hints about the most beautiful day for couples.

98. Smoochy – Her kisses leave you asking for more.

99. Lovebird – Because that’s what you both are.

100. Hottie – You know she can turn heads on the road.

101. Sweetie – A cute way to call her sweet.

Which one of these cute nicknames for girls do you think suits your baby girl perfectly?