111 Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend
By Subhash Das Updated

Nicknames are a beautiful and cute way to call your friend or girlfriend as these evolve affection and love in a relationship and often. These memories and beautiful moments remain fresh even after a number of years. And somehow, these beautiful moments are related in one way or another with the nickname you put together.

Here, we will give you a pick of cute names to call your girlfriend that you can call your girl with. These are quite nice, very easy to pronounce and some that are rare but are pretty popular. These cute names somehow depict the attributes of the intended person. Even sometimes, these are coined just from your absent mind.  So get ready and choose carefully which one of these cute names to call your girlfriend you liked the most.

Adorable 111 Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend: Tempt Her to Fall in Love Again and Again

1. Doll: For the girl who looks like a porcelain, delicate doll.

2. Barbie: Because she is as delicate as a Barbie and pretty at the same time.

3. My heart: She makes your heart throb every time you see her.

4. Chocolaty: Her chocolaty skin color probably intimidates you and makes you fall in love with her all over again.

5. Sweetness: Not even chocolate can beat her sweetness.

6. My life: When she changes your life in a good way.

7. My Love: Because you want her to know that nobody can take her place.

8. Caramel: She is sweet and salty at the same time.

9. Sweetheart: The just sounds plain cute on her.

10. Angel: Only the name is enough to define her beauty.

11. Bunny: For the rabbit tooth she has that makes her look adorable.

12. Honey: Brings out the husband-wife vibe.

13. My Queen: Assure her that all the girls shall bow down before her.

14. My sky: When you look above and the clouds take the shape of her face.

15. My Light: For when she was there in the darkest of hours.

16. Princess: To let the mates know you are whipped.

17. My treasure: She is the best thing you’ve ever found in your life.

18. Candy: You are like a kid and she is your candy. She makes you happy.

19. Darling: The vintage classy name will still make her blush.

20. Sweetie pie: Because it suits her sweet personality.

21. Sweetie: To call her when you hug her from behind.

22. Cutie pie: Because it suits her cute personality.

23. Honeybunch: She is the sweetest nectar there is.

24. Sweet Cheeks: Because her cheeks taste as sweet as a chocolate.

25. Baby: Because it is commonly used and the favorite by far for an endearment.

26. Lovely: Because you cannot get enough of her beauty.

27. My sun, moon, and stars: She is the only glittering lights you have and want to have.

28. Freckles: She is like a freckle in your heart.

29. Angel face: Her face lights up every time she sees you staring at her.

30. Angel Heart: Nothing could be purer than her heart.

31. Pumpkin: As you love the meat she owns; she kills it.

32. Cherry pie: She is small, round, and cute as a cherry.

33. Dimples: The word simply suits her personality.

34. Diamond: The rarest person you are lucky to have in your life.

35. Baby Doll: She is tiny and pretty as a doll.

36. Muffin: You just wanna eat her up!

37. Love muffin: You want to eat her up with sprinkles.

38. Lover pie: Her cheeks resemble a pie so you just attack it.

39. Lover: She just cannot hate anything.

40. Lover girl: ‘Cos her love isn’t a fake.

41. Dewdrop: She is as gleaming as a dewdrop.

42. Angel Eyes: You reach heaven when you stare into her eyes.

43. Amazing: She amuses you with everything she does.

44. Sweetie muffin: To make her smile after a fight.

45. Lucky charm: Because of her, you win all the matches and fights.

46. Precious: She is as precious as a heritage ring.

47. Sunny: She lightens up the saddest of days.

48. Sunshine: She is the only sunshine you ever want to see.

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49. Wifey: ‘Cos boy she is the one.

50. Juliet: Your love describes the old play.

51. Beautiful: Her breathtaking beauty kills you.

52. Gorgeous: Even without makeup, she makes your heart stop.

53. Sugar: That’s just plain sweet.

54. Dollface: Her beauty matches the beauty of a doll.

55. Butterfly: She is independent and beautiful.

56. Fruit loop: She is cheery and her lips are your morning breakfast.

57. Donut: Her curves don’t bother you.

58. Lollipop: For the bittersweet quality within her.

59. KitKat: She can break bones but still be sweet.

60. Tootsie: Her cuteness makes you wanna pop her in your mouth and chew on her.

61. My Tigress: She is brave and strong.

62. Pretty lady: For the elegance in her.

63. Bright eyes: Her eyes shine brighter than the sun.

64. Autumn: She is as colorful as autumn.

65. Cupcake: The name suits her adorable, colorful and happy personality.

66. Cookie: Her flaws (raisins) don’t matter.

67. Daisy: She dances and smiles like a daisy.

68. Tulip: She shuts herself out from the world and blooms for you.

69. Rose: You are the Jack in her life.

70. Boo: Because she will be one adorable ghost.

71. Melody: Her voice puts you in a trance.

72. Fluffy: You can always cuddle up next to her and fall asleep happily.

73. Softie: For her sensitive nature.

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74. Kitty: As she always mimics a cat.

75. Kitten: Small and timid as a kitten but wild when annoyed.

76. Little dove: Her fairness is something that leaves you in awe.

77. Peaches: For her face resembles a butt looking fruit. Haha!

78. Sprinkles: She has added color to your life.

79. Summer: ‘Cos she is that hot!

80. Supergirl: She can literally do anything.

81. Monsoon: She sprinkles happiness over you.

82. June: Because that’s her name.

83. Teddy Bear: She is soft, cuddly and cute.

84. Twinkle: She twinkles even in the darkest nights.

85. Baby Boo: She is tiny and cute.

86. Teacup: When you pick her up, her hotness burns you.

87. Panda: For her laziness.

88. Hop: She is always ready to be your kangaroo.

89. Boo-boo: Because one boo wasn’t enough.

90. Boo Bear: For when she surprises you with a back hug.

91. Cuddle bug: She is tiny and fits in your arms perfectly while cuddling.

92. Bubble butt: “Wiggle wiggle”

93. Dumpling: For she is Japanese and cute.

94. Sweet little dumpling: For she is sweet, Japanese and cute.

95.Honeybun: She looks like a bun dipped in honey.

96. Babe: Yeah! it’s common and everyone’s favorite.

97. Deary: She is dear and adorable.

98. Amorcito (for a little flavor of Italian): she is half Italian and you love to hear her speak Italian.

99. Sparkle: Because she is witty.

100. Baby bird: She is scared and shy from the world and only you can protect her.

101. Baby lips: For her lips are tiny and your humongous ones eat them up.

102. Softy: For the one who is soft inside and outside.

103. Hopkins: A perfect name for a fun-loving girl.

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104. Snuggly Buggly: Sounds cute, right? Well! It is perfect for the one who loves to snuggle most of the times.

105. Lemonie: For the one who is always excited.

106. Melania: A perfect name for the one who is melodious and pretty picky about her choices.

107. Lovey: A perfect name for the romantic person.

108. My Mystery Girl: Well! If she is someone who always surprises you, then you have just got the perfect name for her.

109. Smiley: Does she make you smile without any reason? Then this is the name.

110. Sweety Pie: Of course! She is a sweet girl who deserves a pie.

111. Berry Berry: Does she remind you of a juicy freshness always? Then make it final.

Use some of these cute names to call your girlfriend and though a few of these might seem strange to you, choose the perfect one according to the characteristics of your girlfriend and trust us when we say this that she’ll fall in love with you all over again and will love you forever and always!

Tips to Select the Right Name for Her:

  • Well! The tone should be soft while you call her.
  • Make sure that she likes her name.
  • Do not call her publicly if she doesn’t permit.
  • You can always abbreviate her own name.
  • Cute names are mostly very adorable and girly; but if your girl is on the tough side, it is better to not pick unnecessary names for her.
  • Do not go easy with these names. Always make sure that the name you choose has a touch of personalization and is quite uncommon. It would make her feel special.