Cousin Tag Questions

Cousin Tag Questions
By Soma Banik Updated

Well! Cousin is actually another synonym of fun and playing cousin tag questions game with them is absolutely delightful. It is a game that is not only interesting but would also prove that how well do you know one another. In one way or another, these amazing people are extremely fun to hang out with.

How to Play?

Gather all your cousins at some place and play this interesting game. You can form two groups. One particular group of people would ask questions at first, the other group would answer. In round two, the whole thing would be reversed.

92 Cousin Tag Questions: Explore the Pandora’s Box of Fun

It is a game that let you know your cousin in a much better way. Here, we have curated an ultimate fun list of more than 90 questions. Get ready to play the most demanding game ever named cousin tag questions.

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  1. Who is the tallest among you?
  2. Well! Who is a hardcore coffee lover?
  3. Who loves to wear trousers throughout any season?
  4. Do you guys often hang out together?
  5. When was the last time you guys had a house party?
  6. Who has the weirdest habit among all the cousins?
  7. Which game do you play often together?
  8. How many times do you meet one another in a month?
  9. Who is very particular about time?
  10. Who has a bad habit of excessive cleanliness?
  11. What do you do at weekend?
  12. Recently, which holiday did you spend together?
  13. What is your common vacation spot?
  14. Which movie do you love to watch together?
  15. One person who is always late everywhere.
  16. Which genre of game is your favorite?
  17. Who is married among you?
  18. Who loves to eat noodles no matter what the season is?
  19. Have you ever fought with one another?
  20. What kind of memes do you share with one another?
  21. Do you love playing games with one another?

Fun Cousin Tag Questions

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  1. Netflix or YouTube – what do you people prefer the most?
  2. Who has the highest number of followers on Instagram?
  3. Who among you is a total nerd guy?
  4. So, who frequently changes the status on the Facebook?
  5. Which restaurant do you people visit often?
  6. Who is a big-time foodie?
  7. Who is a freaking chocolate lover?
  8. Long drive with your cousins or with your friends?
  9. Friends or cousins – who are cooler people to hang out?
  10. Who is an adventure lover?
  11. Which phrase do you use the most?
  12. Who is pretty romantic among you?
  13. Whose favorite color is Royal Blue?
  14. Who loves to do daring work?
  15. Who is a hardcore party lover?
  16. How did you comfort your cousin when he/she had a hard breakup?
  17. What is your favorite outfit?
  18. Who never leaves the house without lip balm in the purse?
  19. Which cousin is pretty particular about skincare or makeup?
  20. Do you share any childhood memory together?
  21. Who is very naughty among you?
  22. Have you ever done anything mischievous together?
  23. Is there anything you want to tell your cousin?
  24. Who is forgetful about everything?
  25. What is the nickname you have given to one another?
  26. Who loves photography among you people?
  27. Which music track is all of your favorites?
  28. What is the funniest memory do you share altogether?
  29. Who generally do not appear in family gatherings?
  30. What secret did you share for the first time with your cousins?
  31. What is your cousin’s favorite brand of apparel?
  32. Which cuisine do you love to enjoy together?
  33. Who is going to be married soon?
  34. How many times have you planned a perfect night out together?
  35. Who has experienced haunted things?
  36. So, who does not believe in romance and relationships?
  37. Who is afraid of ghosts?
  38. What is the name of your gang?
  39. Has there been any trust issue ever among one another?

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Cute Cousin Tag Questions

  1. Who has the weirdest habit?
  2. Does anyone have a passion for driving sports cars?
  3. Who is a great chef and often prepares tasty food for you people?
  4. In which year, did you first hang out with one another?
  5. Who is fond of reading online articles?
  6. Who is the most tech-savvy person among you?
  7. How well do you know each other?
  8. Who is a television freak and always hooked on to the device?
  9. Who has always binge-watching Netflix and Amazon Prime?
  10. What is the name of your cousin’s crush?
  11. Who is pretty cool to hang out with?
  12. So, who is pretty crazy in private but very few people know that?
  13. Who loves Starbucks?
  14. KFC or McDonald’s – which one is your favorite?
  15. Who is a freaking junk food lover?
  16. So, who loves to watch online web series?
  17. Who is an animal lover?
  18. Complete the following sentence: My cousin loves ___
  19. What is the brand of the mobile your cousin using?
  20. Who has a cordial relationship with everyone?
  21. The one who loves controversial statements?
  22. Who among you can be a pretty great entrepreneur?
  23. Who is an amazing bathroom singer?
  24. Which music track compels you people to groove together?
  25. Which book has your cousin has read at least more than 10 times?
  26. Is there any movie that makes your cousin cry whenever he/she watches it?
  27. Beckham or Sausage – what does your cousin like the most?
  28. What is the name of your cousin’s bestie?
  29. Who is a prankster in real life?
  30. Well! Bestie or your cousin – whom do you love the most?
  31. Who is a big lover of console games?
  32. Which game your cousin is playing these days on the mobile?

All these cousin tag questions are just the perfect dose of fun you need for your next family gathering. Honestly, we loved each and every question. Which one did you like the most?

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  • Be careful. Do not spill out any secret that your cousin told only you.
  • Do not push them hard to know a particular question; it’s a fun game so you should maintain the vibe.