Clean Would You Rather Questions

Clean Would You Rather Questions
By Soma Banik Updated

Would you rather is a fun game yet can be quite embarrassing at times, often we need to know clean would you rather questions just to know the other person in a fun filled amazing way. These questions do not offend anyone and everyone enjoys. Well! Clean doesn’t mean that the questions would be easy to answer.

101 Clean Would You Rather Questions that You Can Ask Anyone

So, are you eager to know the other person in a fun and entertaining way? Worry not! Because a trail of interesting and clean would you rather questions are just waiting for you at the doorstep. Dig more to explore the questions.

  1. Would you rather drink tea or coffee with ice cream?
  2. To make decisions, would you rather take the help of your brain or your heart?
  3. Would you rather befriend anyone or only with parents?
  4. If you are given a chance, would you rather have super power like Spiderman or like the Hulk?
  5. Would you rather be super brainy with lots of enemies or super stupid with no enemies?
  6. Would you rather like to show off your wealth or your physique?
  7. Would you rather live a luxurious life or a life like a nomadic person?
  8. Would you rather be a stoic or a supremely sensitive person?
  9. Would you rather flirt with every attractive person or be the hot guy whom everyone loves?
  10. Would you rather start living in the woods with your bestie or in a metropolitan city with your current roommate?
  11. Would you rather have a lot of kids or no kids at all?
  12. Would you rather marry the person whom you like or the person who likes you?
  13. Would you rather have a peaceful life with moderate fun or an adventurous life with lots of fun?
  14. Would you rather indulge in spending a lump sum amount of money to buy luxurious things or live a moderate lifestyle?
  15. Would you rather be a marvelous singer or a beautiful dancer?

Interesting and Clean Would You Rather Questions

  1. During the weekends, would you rather go for long drives or for mini trips?
  2. Would you rather dance in public or sing in office?
  3. A midnight, would you rather call your bestie or your parents?
  4. Would you rather ask a stranger to exchange food plate with you or better ask your sibling?
  5. Would you rather stop talking with your siblings or with your bestie?
  6. Would you rather be super lazy bones or super active even on holidays?
  7. Would you rather never ever take an autograph from your favorite celeb or never dance with the person privately?
  8. Would you rather go for a big Chicken Burger made by your mom or by KFC?
  9. Would you rather start caring more for your parents or for your partner?
  10. Would you rather live in a tent alone for a night in the woods or stay a night awake in a zoo?
  11. Would you rather shout for help or call 911 instantly if in a serious danger?
  12. Would you rather never ever be able to solve any maths or be a genius that none remembers?
  13. Would you rather have too many glamorous friends or one simple friend minus the glamour?
  14. Would you rather be a selfish forever or talk in a hatred tone with everyone?
  15. Would you rather eat a cake made of spinach or a chicken cake?
  16. Would you rather be a creative person or a good-looking person?
  17. Would you rather do your dream job without money or a not so interesting job with lots of money?
  18. Would you rather be a good listener or a good speaker?
  19. Would you rather be a great chef or a great industrialist?
  20. Would you rather watch romantic films forever or interesting thriller movie?
  21. Would you rather never take risks in life or always be on the verge of excitement?
  22. Would you rather subscribe to Netflix or to Amazon Prime?
  23. Would you rather stay awake every night to watch your favorite movie or stay awake for the whole to play your favorite PS game?
  24. Would you rather be super intelligent to solve any problem or a scientist whom none loves or cares for?
  25. Would you rather play any musical instrument or be able to read anyone’s mind at ease?
  26. Would you rather rent a beautiful apparel or a beautiful pair of shoes?
  27. Would you rather spend all your money on buying a luxurious house or a luxurious car?
  28. Would you rather like to be called a childish person or a childlike person?
  29. Would you rather lend your helping hand to a stranger or to a homeless person?
  30. Would you rather spend your weekend on an isolated beautiful beach or in a crowded locality?
  31. Would you rather want to have a short-lived life or a long-lived life?
  32. Would you rather take all the blames on yourself for something that you have never done or never accept your own mistakes even?
  33. Would you rather be a kind person or a super cruel person?
  34. Would you rather like to be loved by everyone or be admired by everyone?
  35. Would you rather be happy all the time or feel super rich most of the time?

Clean Would You Rather Questions for Everyone

  1. Would you rather marry someone only for money or someone who looks super attractive and glamorous?
  2. Would you rather watch TV shows or online series?
  3. Would you rather play indoor games or outdoor games?
  4. Would you rather make breakfast for everyone or would wait until one person gets ready to prepare the breakfast?
  5. Would you rather read romance novels or adventurous stories?
  6. Would you rather take public commutation forever or use your old car forever?
  7. Would you rather listen to metal music throughout your life or use music for your meditation?
  8. Would you rather propose your long-time partner or a beautiful person who is the crush of your life?
  9. Would you rather be praised for everything you do or be loved by everyone for anything you do?
  10. Would you rather be disturbed by your bestie or by your parents?
  11. Would you rather have the support of your friends or your parents in your life?
  12. Would you rather live like a rich person minus any friend or live like a poor with lots of friends?
  13. Would you rather live on junk foods only or eat veggies forever?
  14. Would you rather always read spooky stories at night or experience thrilling nights always?
  15. Would you rather talk rubbish or spill secrets whenever you open your mouth?
  16. Would you rather be a relationship expert or a reptile catcher?
  17. Would you rather be in a romantic relationship with your bestie or with someone you have just met?
  18. Would you rather inspire everyone to do something amazing or give innovative and brilliant ideas to all?
  19. Would you rather preach on feminism or on religion?
  20. Would you rather play the same song for 24×7 or watch the same movie again and again?
  21. Would you rather visit a haunted house or live in a spooky house?
  22. Would you rather be a magician or a ventriloquist?
  23. Would you rather be impeccable in every action forever or have flawless beauty?
  24. Would you rather argue with strangers or always admit your faults and blunders without giving a second thought?
  25. Would you rather visit a cold country or a hot country?
  26. Would you rather love the same person forever or be in relationships with many other people?
  27. Would you rather buy new clothes every day or branded clothes every week?
  28. Would you rather learn new things every day or live a stagnant life?
  29. Would you rather let others praise you for everything you do or let everyone praise your qualities and characters?
  30. Would you rather ask your boss to hike your salary while you are literally not doing anything or continue doing what you are best into?
  31. Would you rather find your true love or your dream job?

Clean Would You Rather Questions about Relationship

  1. Would you rather play FIFA games all day long or watch your favorite web series on Netflix all day long?
  2. Would you rather help a stranger or your bestie while both are in a dying need?
  3. Would you rather learn how to make new dishes every day or how to drive?
  4. Would you rather tell creepy stories to everyone or charming stories to everyone?
  5. Would you rather never open your heart to anyone or never talk to anyone?
  6. Would you rather have trust issues with your bestie or with your parents?
  7. Would you rather scold anyone or mock everyone?
  8. Would you rather learn dancing or learn painting?
  9. Would you rather never make anyone feel sad or never bully anyone?
  10. Would you rather praise your bestie or a random person whom you have just met?
  11. Would you rather never ever misbehave with anyone or never fight with anyone?
  12. Would you rather be punctual or achiever?
  13. Would you rather never give up on anything or never say abusive words to anyone?
  14. Would you rather go for a lunch date or for a date night?
  15. Would you rather always listen to your bestie or to your parents?
  16. Would you rather ask deep questions or fun questions?
  17. Would you rather make infinite patience or infinite happiness in life?
  18. Would you rather go to a beach or to a beautiful resort to spend the holidays?
  19. Would you rather live alone forever or with too many annoying friends forever?
  20. Would you rather never compromise with anything or never listen to anyone?

These clean would you rather questions are capable to know the other person in a much better way than you could have ever imagined. We have kept the questions tweaked and made them sound interesting at the same time. The questions are indeed difficult but nothing that the other person can’t answer.