Brother Tag Questions

Brother Tag Questions
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Playing brother tag questions with your near and dear siblings is probably one of the coolest things to do in spare time. This question-answer game is a part of the famous sibling tag questions and is beautiful to know your siblings. Our siblings are that part of our life who knows every single detail about us. The irony is, still there will always some mysterious things about them.

133 Brother Tag Questions to Ask Your Cute Brother Right Now

If you want to know your brother and other siblings in the trendiest way, then you need to mug up a bunch of awesome and interesting brother tag questions. All of these questions presented are crazy in one word. Ask him these questions, and try to know about him more in the coolest way ever. Surely, he is going to love these. So, let’s begin the journey.

  1. What is the name of the eldest?
  2. What’s your sibling’s favorite sport?
  3. Who is the most enthusiastic among your siblings?
  4. What drives your younger sibling crazy?
  5. What is the gift your sibling gifted you on your last birthday?
  6. How often do you fight?
  7. Who is the best gamer among you?
  8. Who can defeat you any time in wrestling?
  9. Whom do you love the most among your siblings?
  10. Who has an insane cleaning habit?

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  1. So, who is very cool minded?
  2. Who is a motor-mouth and can talk all day long?
  3. So, who loves any types of chocolates and can have them forever?
  4. Which sibling loves only expensive gifts?
  5. Who is very compassionate?
  6. Who is very cordial and loves to make new friends?
  7. How many friends your younger sibling have?
  8. Who is pretty amazing and curious about everything?
  9. Which emoji does your sibling use frequently?
  10. Who is a complete pizza lover?

Lovely Brother Tag Questions

  1. Who wants to hang out with celebs?
  2. So, who is a makeup-hoarder?
  3. Who loves to collect all types of electronic gadgets?
  4. One thing that none of your siblings can do?
  5. What is the name of the dish that your younger sibling loves to eat at any time?
  6. Which fast food chain did you last visit together?
  7. Who is the most talented among your siblings?
  8. So, who is a complete heartthrob in the entire family?
  9. Who is fond of sweets?
  10. Who can make you smile?
  11. So, who has a bad habit of arguing?
  12. Who is known to be the cutest of you all?
  13. Who can manipulate every situation?
  14. So, who is a fan of comic books and animated characters?
  15. Who wears trendy and modern clothes only?
  16. Who loves to spend more time with you?
  17. What do you all do on a beautiful weekend?
  18. Who can make you laugh like insane?
  19. Does your sibling have any secret wish?
  20. Two reasons that make your siblings super cool.
  21. Who is very shy and timid in nature?
  22. Who can make you super happy at any time?
  23. Whom will you support whenever you get any chance?
  24. Who is totally self-obsessed?
  25. Who loved makeup and cosmetics?
  26. What is the advice do you give to your siblings?
  27. What do you admire the most about your younger siblings?
  28. Which beverage is your sibling’s favorite?
  29. Which sport is our favorite?
  30. How do you handle your siblings when they start fighting with you?

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Cute Brother Tag Questions

  1. Who is a complete bathroom singer?
  2. Who dances pretty well?
  3. So, who wants to be a chef within a few years?
  4. Who loves to pamper animals?
  5. Cat or dog – which one you wouldn’t allow at your home?
  6. What is the nickname your siblings have given you?
  7. How does your elder sibling look like?
  8. Who loves to entertain everyone?
  9. Which movie do you usually enjoy together?
  10. Which genre of movie does your younger siblings love to watch?
  11. What do you want to do after 10 years?
  12. Who is very close to parents?
  13. Which book does your sibling love to read?
  14. Who is very introvert?
  15. Are you an extrovert or just the opposite?
  16. How well do you know each other; can you cite an example?
  17. What is the first thought comes to your mind whenever you think of your siblings?
  18. How do you celebrate upon hearing any great news?
  19. Who is the most intelligent among you?
  20. Who is nice to even strangers?
  21. The one who never feels jealous of
  22. Who is a television addict?
  23. Who has a habit of excessive cleaning?
  24. So, who sleeps for longer hours?
  25. One thing that binds all of you together?
  26. The one who never picks faults in others?
  27. Do you have any phobia?
  28. Who is extremely afraid of insects?
  29. Who wants to open own YouTube channel in the future?
  30. So, who loves to ride bikes?
  31. Who is a total adventure lover?
  32. Have you ever felt jealous of any of your sibling?
  33. Who is the most beautiful of all your siblings?
  34. Does any of your siblings have any weird habit?
  35. What is the most favorite activity of you as a group?
  36. How will you defend your siblings if they commit any blunder?
  37. Have you ever saved your brother or sister from an epic danger?
  38. Do you rebuke your siblings?
  39. One word that can define your love for them.
  40. Which dish have you recently cooked for them?
  41. What makes you happy whenever you are around them?
  42. Who loves to go shopping?

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Beautiful Brother Tag Questions

  1. Have you ever opposed any idea of any of your siblings?
  2. How special are they in your life?
  3. Who has a beautiful creative mind?
  4. Who is the most mature person among you?
  5. What is your favorite place for vacation?
  6. How many countries have you visited together?
  7. Who is an exercise freak?
  8. Is there any Yoga lover among you?
  9. Has Karma ever affected your life?
  10. Who has an athletic body shape?
  11. So, who tries to maintain a healthy weight?
  12. Who rarely makes any mistake?
  13. Which type of music does your sibling love to listen?
  14. What is the shoe size of your younger sibling?
  15. Who has a weird eating habit?
  16. Can you remember any funny incident that happened to you?
  17. How many ratings would you give yourself as a brother?
  18. Who has a very calculative approach to life?
  1. Have you ever taken any dumb decision on behalf of your siblings?
  2. Generally, who waves the flag of peace after a big fight?
  3. Who always wants to eat burgers?
  4. Who has a passion of becoming an actor?
  5. So, who is very demanding and always complaining?
  6. One secret that you haven’t even told your siblings?
  7. Who mostly takes very smart and intelligent decisions?
  8. Who wants to grow up as soon as possible?
  9. So, who has a habit of chewing nails?
  10. Who is rebellious in nature?
  11. Who loves to do philanthropy and humanitarian jobs?
  12. So, who is a fast learner?
  13. Is there any sibling whom you haven’t rebuked ever?
  14. Who is very particular about education?
  15. Who has never skipped school or college?
  16. How do you know whether your siblings are telling you a lie or not?
  17. Will you ever support your siblings in spite of knowing that they have done something wrong?
  18. What amazes you about your younger sibling?
  19. What is the name of your sibling’s first crush?
  20. Which sibling is a terrific singer?
  21. Who dances so bad that you have literally requested the person not to dance again?
  22. Is there anything that pisses you off about your eldest sibling?
  23. Which type of bonding do you share with your siblings?

Well! This is one of our best compilations ever. All of these awesome and cool brother tag questions are enough to remind him that how much you love him. Make him realize his importance in your life in the most beautiful way.


  • Maintain a fun ambiance.
  • He is amazing; show your love and care for your dearest brother.
  • Probably, he has raised you single-handedly; show him the respect.
  • Remember, this is just a game, so don’t feel sad if he can’t answer anything properly.