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55 Best Friend Tag Questions That You Should Ask Your Best Friend

55 Best Friend Tag Questions That You Should Ask Your Best Friend

Best Friend Tag

Everyone has at least one or maybe more than one best friend in their life to which they share each and everything related to happenings and stuff in their whole life. They both exchange opinions with each other, and maybe do gossip talk

as for the girl’s case. They feel like they know each other like no other for their whole life. Everything you need to ask about a person, you can ask their best friend too. The catch here is that how well you actually know your best friend. So, for those who want to test themselves or their best friends, I am listing down the best friend tag questions by which you’ll be sure that how well do you know him/her or how well does she/he knows you? Obviously, depending on the situations and the person asking the question to, the questions might vary from the actual questions.

The intention of these best friend tag questions is not to make an environment of disgrace or insult for any of the individual. It is just a fun way to know that how well your best friend or you know each other. If the results are good, then you both should be proud of each other. But if the results are not so good, then you both should be spending more time with each other and should try to know each other to the level best.

Below stated is the list of best friend tag questions

We have phrased the questions in the way that you are asking them to your best friend to check how well he/she knows you. The most commonly asked but easy to answer

Best friend tag questions are

  1. How and when did we first meet?
  2. Who is my favorite comic role hero or common hero/heroine?
  3. If I have to travel to a place anywhere in this world, where would I travel to?
  4. My favorite color.
  5. My favorite food.
  6. Tell the name of my first crush?
  7. Highlight the thing of which I have the biggest fear?
  8. What are those three things, without which I can’t live without if left alone on a deserted island?
  9. Name those three movies that I love the most?
  10. What part of your body is my favorite?
  11. What are those two secrets no one knows about me?
  12. How would you describe my ideal wife/husband?
  13. How long does it take for me to get dressed?
  14. Which is my favorite season? Give reason.
  15. What is my dream job?
  16. If we were out together, what would I eat?
  17. What do I most admire about you?
  18. If we were to wear a shirt/blouse, tie or anything to wear. Which thing would it be?
  19. What are the three items I usually carry with me?
  20. What is my favorite TV show? (Drama, season)
  21. Which movie genre I watch the most? Horror, romantic, tragedy or comedy?
  22. What is my favorite inside joke?
  23. Which favorite memory do we both share commonly?
  24. What is that one thing about you that annoys me the most?
  25. Between us both, who takes more time to get ready?
  26. If I could meet anyone right now, who would it be?
  27. Do I possess any strange phobias?
  28. Do I usually listen to loud music that is relatively loud as compared to normal sound?
  29. Which things are most of the time roaming in my mind?
  30. The name of the book which I last read.
  31. Do I have any nicknames; if yes then what are they?
  32. What picture do I have currently on my phone’s display or on any social media website?
  33. What concerts have I been to?
  34. Have I ever voted in a general presidential election?
  35. What is that one thing I would want as a gift for my birthday?
  36. What is my greatest achievement in life?
  37. What am I really bad at?
  38. What is the unkindest thing someone has ever said to me?
  39. If I have a scar at any place on my body, from where did I get it?
  40. Am I afraid of the dark?
  41. What would I do if I won the lottery?
  42. Was I named after anyone? If yes, then who?
  43. What was my favorite cartoon as a child?
  44. Where do I want to live and spend my remaining life when I get older?
  45. Have I ever had a surgery?
  46. How many children do I wish to have after my marriage life and what will be their name?
  47. Have I ever been to a place outside the country?
  48. Do I love to spend money or am I the type of person who saves a lot?
  49. What is my favorite pet animal?
  50. Which game do I play the most?
  51. Can you describe me in just one word?
  52. Am I a bathroom singer?
  53. What is my favorite type of sandwich?
  54. Am I allergic to something? If yes then what is it?
  55. My favorite dessert for which I crave the most.

Best Friend Tag Questions

You can always alter any of the best friend tag questions according to your need and present them to your best friend. Furthermore, you can also add any question you like is relevant and valid to ask your best friend. As I said, I have listed those 55 questions that are most commonly asked in this game. Keep in mind, the questions can also vary from gender and personality as maybe a female best friend might feel awkward if asked

Question.No#10. As I said, it depends on the temperament of the person from which the questions are being asked. Best friend tag questions have now become a trend worldwide. More and more good friends are testing each other by asking the tag questions to each other.


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