250+ Best Friend Tag Questions

Best Friend Tag Questions
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Best friend tag questions are for all those who feel incomplete without their besties. Everyone has at least one or maybe more than one best friend in life with whom they share each and every staff related to life. They both exchange opinions and are well aware of every activity of each other. They feel like they know each other like no one else does. In order to know everything about a person, you can ask their best friends about those things. The catch here is that how well you actually know your best friend. So, for those who want to test themselves or their best friends, we are listing the tag questions here.

The intention of these best friend tag questions is not to make an environment of disgrace or insult for any individual. It is just a fun way to test your knowledge of each other. If the results are good, then you both should be proud of each other. Otherwise, you both should be spending some more time with each other to take your friendship at another level.

Best Friend Tag Questions to Test Your Equation with Your Best Friend

Below stated is the list of more than 250 best friend tag questions. We have phrased the questions in such a way as if you are asking those to your best friend to check how well the person knows you. Mind you, some of these questions are really tricky and difficult to answer. Let’s hop in slowly without any more hurly-burly.

  1. How and when did we first meet?
  2. Who is my favorite comic role hero or common hero/heroine?
  3. If I have to travel to a place anywhere in this world, then where would I travel to?
  4. My favorite color.
  5. My favorite food.
  6. Tell the name of my first crush?
  7. Highlight the thing of which I have the biggest fear?
  8. What are those three things, without which I can’t live on a deserted island?
  9. Name those three movies that I love the most?
  10. What part of your body is my favorite?
  11. What are those two secrets no one knows about me?
  12. How would you describe my ideal wife/husband?
  13. What am I really bad at?
  14. What is the unkindest thing someone has ever said to me?
  15. How long does it take for me to get dressed?
  16. Which is my favorite season? Give reason.
  17. What is my dream job?
  18. If we go out together, then what would I eat?

Best Friend Tag Questions about Food Habits

  1. What do I most admire about you?
  2. If we were to wear a shirt/blouse, tie or anything to wear. Then which thing would it be?
  3. What are the three items I usually carry with me?
  4. What is my favorite TV show? (Drama, season)
  5. Which movie genre I watch the most? Horror, romantic, tragedy or comedy?
  6. What is my favorite inside joke?
  7. Which favorite memory do we both share commonly?
  8. What is that one thing about you that annoys me the most?
  9. Between us both, who takes more time to get ready?
  10. If I could meet anyone right now, then who would it be?
  11. Do I possess any strange phobias?
  12. Do I usually listen to loud music that is relatively loud as compared to normal sound?
  13. Which things are most of the time roaming in my mind?
  14. The name of the book which I last read.
  15. Do I have any nicknames; if yes then what are they?
  16. What picture do I have currently on my phone’s display or on any social media website?
  17. What concerts have I been to?
  18. Have I ever voted in a general presidential election?
  19. What is that one thing I would want as a gift for my birthday?
  20. What is my greatest achievement in life?
  21. If I have a scar at any place on my body, then from where did I get it?
  22. Am I afraid of the dark?
  1. What would I do if I won the lottery?
  2. Was I named after anyone? If yes, then who?
  3. What was my favorite cartoon as a child?
  4. Where do I want to live and spend my remaining life when I get older?
  5. Have I ever had a surgery?
  6. How many children do I wish to have after my marriage life and what will be their name?
  7. Have I ever been to a place outside the country?
  8. Do I love to spend money or am I the type of person who saves a lot?
  9. What is my favorite pet animal?
  10. Which game do I play the most?
  11. Can you describe me in just one word?
  12. Am I a bathroom singer?
  13. What is my favorite type of sandwich?
  14. Am I allergic to something? If yes then what is it?
  15. My favorite dessert for which I crave the most.
  16. What is my weakness?
  17. Which food can literally take off all my tensions?
  18. Which restaurant do I like to visit more often?
  19. Am I serious about my skincare routine?
  20. So, is there any cosmetics that I can’t live without?
  21. Which is my favorite music track?
  22. Do I love to watch movies or daily soaps?
  23. What is the one compliment, best describes me?
  24. What is my favorite would you rather questions?
  25. Which situation can make me sad?
  26. So, which is the one insect that I am afraid of the most?
  27. Am I a dog person?

Best Friend Tag Questions about Pets

  1. Do I love to party?
  2. Do I have any other friend except you?
  3. What is my favorite beverage in parties?
  4. What was my reaction when I tasted a bad food?
  5. Do I hate anything?
  6. Where did I meet my crush for the first time?
  7. What is the surname of my first ever dance partner?
  8. Which is my favorite dance track that makes me completely crazy?
  9. What is the best thing about me?
  10. Which is my favorite cuisine?
  11. Have I ever left a food court without paying the bill?
  12. What is my hobby?
  13. What is the one thing I do with utmost passion?
  14. Who is the author I admire the most?
  15. Is there any book, that I have read more than 10 times?
  16. Which movie makes me sad every time I watch it?
  17. What is my favorite subject?
  18. Except you, is there any person who makes me happy almost instantly?
  19. What are the last two digits of my mobile number?
  20. What is the last meme we have read together?
  21. Am I a morning or a night person?
  22. What is the one thing I can do always even if I don’t have my eyes?
  23. Whether Coffee or Tea, which is my favorite?
  24. KFC or McDonald’s?
  25. Am I a Starbucks person?
  26. How many dishes have I ever cooked for you altogether?
  27. What is my favorite outfit on daily basis?
  28. What is my dream wedding outfit?
  29. So, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – where do I have the maximum number of friends?
  30. What is the best reply I have ever said to my haters?
  31. Have I ever compromised with truth?
  32. What is the thing I usually do on my birthday?
  33. What is my favorite gift that I got on one of my birthdays and still has kept that intact?
  34. Do I have any career plan?
  35. What is my biggest nightmare?
  36. What are the things I want to do before I die?
  37. Can you tell me that whether I am an optimistic person or just the opposite?
  38. What is the one thing I have never been able to express properly?
  39. What is the most badass habit I have?
  40. Hot chocolate or a smoldering delicious burger?
  41. What is the nickname my mother has given me?
  42. Is there any brand I follow and buy particularly?
  43. When was the first time I bargained like a pro?
  44. Am I insecure about anything?
  45. What is the thing motivates me?
  46. Which motivational quote have I written on my study table?
  47. Which musician is my favorite?
  48. Whether Lyrics or composition – which mesmerizes me the most in a song?
  49. Which shampoo brand suits me the best?
  50. What is the one thing I do, when I become angry?
  51. So, have I ever become aggressive in a social gathering?
  52. What is my favorite website is all about?
  53. Am I a fitness freak?
  54. Is there any exercise that I never could do?
  55. What is my current weight?
  56. Which teacher has motivated me the most?
  57. How much I scored on my last exam?
  58. Which color literally rules my cupboard?
  59. So, at which age I first kissed?
  60. What is the first slang I learned?
  61. What are my religious views?
  62. Have I ever been in a relationship with someone of the same sex?
  63. So, what is the dish that none can cook like me?

Best Friend Tag Questions about Cuisines

  1. What do I love to do on a rainy day?
  2. Which is the one ice cream flavor that I am almost inseparable?
  3. Who is my celebrity crush?
  4. Do I want to get married to any sportsperson?
  5. Which is my favorite autograph till date?
  6. Do I love to do charity work?
  7. What was the middle name of the person with whom I had sex for the first time?
  8. Is there any movie that I have watched with my parents for the past two months?
  9. Tell me whether I have any unusual piercing on my body or not?
  10. What is my dream car?
  1. Is there any luxury car that I want to buy within the next few years?
  2. What is my usual expression after seeing a beautiful rainbow?
  3. Tell me whether I am a believer in God or not?
  4. Have I ever experienced any supernatural things ever?
  5. Has anyone ever cheated on me?
  6. Which song I often sing when no one is in the room?
  7. What is the brand of my sunglass that I am currently wearing?
  8. What is the one thing I often see in my dreams?
  9. Is there any language that I want to learn very soon?
  10. Which movie dialogue is always on my lips?
  11. Have I ever done anything romantic for my partner?
  12. How many scores did I get on my driving test?
  13. What is the common thing between us?
  14. So, have I ever dated anyone online?
  15. What is the one food I am almost addicted to?
  16. Is there any liquor brand that I love the most?
  17. What is my favorite evening snack?
  18. What is my shoe size?
  19. How many scores did I get on my last maths exam?
  20. What is the usual thing I do when someone tries to flirt with me?
  21. What is my current relationship status on Facebook?
  22. Am I a goal oriented person?
  23. What is the brand of my mobile?
  24. Which gift of yours have I still kept with me?
  25. How long does it take for me to forgive a wrong-doer?
  26. With whom did I fight for you?
  27. Which emoji I mostly use?

Best Friend Tag Questions about Mobile

  1. When was I last time I told you to take care of your health?
  2. Which number is not on my contact list, but I still have memorized it?
  3. By which name, have I saved your name on my mobile?
  4. Which is the music that we often dance together?
  5. So, what is the nickname I have given to you?
  6. Which music I often play in my car?
  7. What did my dad gift me on my last birthday?
  8. What are the names of my siblings?
  9. Which place did we visit together on the last Christmas?
  10. Which costume did I wear on this Haloween’s Day?
  11. Have I ever been in a depressive situation?
  12. Which is the last movie I watched on Netflix?
  13. How do I celebrate my success?
  1. Which comic book is my favorite?
  2. So, Spiderman or Superman – on whom do I have a crush?
  3. Which Web series I love so much that I haven’t missed a single episode?
  4. Which channels have I subscribed on YouTube?
  5. What is the outfit I wear usually at night?
  6. So, what is my favorite texting game?
  7. Which mobile app do I use on a daily basis?
  8. What is my favorite breakfast?
  9. So, name the one channel that I watch the most on TV?
  10. Which was the first movie we watched together?
  11. Have I ever wept like insane?
  12. So, what are the pictures I have on my bedroom walls?
  13. Which festivals usually I love to visit?
  14. Name a carnival, where we went together?
  15. What is the one thing that we have hidden from our parents?
  16. So, what is the dish your mom prepares for me often?
  17. Where did we click our best picture?
  18. Money or fame – what is more important to me?
  19. If I ever win a lot amount of money, then what will I do with that?
  20. Have I ever offended anyone with my actions?
  21. Which cuss word I often use?
  22. Is there anything, that we bought exactly of the same color and same size?
  23. Have I ever abused anyone?
  24. So, Beach or mountains – what is my favorite place?

Best Friend Tag Questions about Trip

  1. Is there any program, of which I have watched over 1000 episodes?
  2. Have I ever bought any attire that is totally inspired by a movie?
  3. What is my favorite romantic quote?
  4. Is there anything I often share with you?
  5. So, have I ever spoken with a criminal?
  6. Is there anything illegal substance that we have ever tried together?
  7. What is the outfit I gifted you on our first meet?
  8. If I tell you to share few things from my secret diary, then what would you say?
  9. So, where do I want to go after retirement?
  10. What is the surname of my current partner?
  11. What is the unique thing about our friendship?
  12. So, name the one thing that I love to eat in my favorite season?
  13. What is the seasonal fruit that is an absolute favorite?
  14. What is the food that I hate to eat?
  15. Do I have any insecurity?
  16. What is the most liked picture on my Instagram profile?
  17. Tell me that whether I am a Twiteratti or an Instagrammer?
  18. What is that one thing I used to do the most as a child?
  19. How did we celebrate our first ever Christmas?
  20. Has any animal ever bitten me?
  21. What is a perfect holiday plan for us?
  22. How do I love to eat an egg?
  23. Which thing we often do together?
  24. What is the name of the poetry I wrote for the first time?
  25. So, can you name my favorite topping on ice cream?
  26. Do I love to smoke?
  27. Whom do I love the most between my mom and dad?
  28. So, Is there any person who often tries to scare me?
  29. What is the one thing I always keep in my handbag?
  30. What did I eat on my first date?
  31. So, have I ever done anything courageous?
  32. Which accessory is my all-time favorite?
  33. Is there anything that I possess the most in number?
  34. What are the things I have learned from you?
  35. What is that gift my grandparents gave me when I went to visit them?
  36. Which is my favorite fragrance brand ever?
  37. Woody, fruity or citrusy – what is my kind of fragrance?
  38. So, at which age, I want to get married?
  39. In which company, I want to work in near future?
  40. What is the middle name of my mother?
  41. So, is there anyone who looks exactly like me?
  42. If I wake up in the middle of the night, then which food I usually take?
  43. What is the food item, you always find in my bag?
  44. In which subject, I always scored well during my school days?
  45. What is the nickname of my pet, that I adopted last?
  46. How many pairs of shoes I have right now?
  47. So, do I like to buy clothes on discount or buy them usually at the exact price?

So, you can always alter any of the best friend tag questions according to your need and present them to your best friend. Furthermore, you can also add any other relevant question to this list. We have listed some commonly asked questions along with some really tricky ones. Best friend tag questions have now become a trend worldwide. More and more good friends are taking tests of each other by asking this kind of tag questions to each other.


  • So, keep in mind that the questions can vary from a gender perspective.
  • Some of the questions even depend on the temperament of the intended person.
  • Do not try to offend your best friend as these questions are made only for fun purpose.
  • Do not ask something which is utterly irrelevant and something that you have never done.
  • You can definitely ask questions which are deep but do not make them sound ridiculous.

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