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97 Awkward questions to ask a girl!

97 Awkward questions to ask a girl!

Awkward questions to ask a girl

Are you looking for awkward questions to ask a girl? Here is a list of all the awkward questions to ask a girl which you can try on your friends? Just ensure that you make sure that they know your intention otherwise your relationship can be at stake!

We have compiled 97 awkward questions to ask a girl which girls find irritating and they might not be able to give you right answers to them. The questions are a mix of both general and related to you being in a relationship. There are also few awkward questions to ask a girl when she is expecting, working under you, and working as your boss or she might just be your friend.

Please also prepare yourself well ahead if you want to ask awkward questions to ask a girl as they can also be awkward to you.

General Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

Why don’t you talk to me? Do you like me?

Do you trust me?

Can we be just friends?

Will you marry me? Will you take care of my parents?

Can you live without me?

How old are you?

What is your weight?

Can you leave your job after marriage?

Which is the most embarrassing moment you ever had?

Why are you still single even though you are attractive, creative and intelligent?

Were you ever taken drugs?

Have you ever slept with a guy?

What is your current salary?

How much crazy are you? Have you ever done something which you could never have thought of?

Why you did not get a promotion; you work so hard?

Are you on your periods?

Would you like to have a one night stand with me?

Can we be friends? Though sex is also on my mind!

How many relationships did you have before marriage?

Did you ever have sex before?

Are you a virgin?

What is your age? You look young, though!

Can you drive a car?

How long do you think one should be in a relation before thinking of getting married?

What is the one thing which nobody knows about you?

How many guys have you dated so far?

What is your wildest fantasy?

What is something which embarrasses you?

Did you try peeing while standing?

How long have you been married?

Do you have kids?

Why are you working so hard? You are a woman!

Have you ever tried peeing while standing?

Choose one among love and money?

Why do you need financial stability? Are you earning as well?

Do you know how to Google?

Can you please keep this secret to yourself and tell nobody?

When did you start using the Internet?

Do you drink?

Do you smoke?

Do you think you are doing something unethical if you drink or smoke?

Why are you not getting married?

Why did you leave that job?

Have you ever been guilty of drinking and driving?

Why did you reject that boy?

When did you have a breakup? Who is that guy?

Why did you have an abortion?

Whose child is this?

Why is your face looking so dull?

Why are you looking so old?

Can we hang out together just for fun?

Do you see our relationship leading to marriage?

What are the 5 things you find attractive in me?

Did you kiss anyone before?

What do you think when you kiss someone?

Can I kiss you?

What is your best kind of underpants?

Are you a lesbian?

Have you been on a date before?

Does size matter to you while doing sex that much?

Did you enjoy sex with me?

Which male friends of yours have you had sex with before? And why?

Do you enjoy sex in the morning, afternoon or night? And why?

Which position do you love the most?

Can we have sex in the bathroom or while taking a shower?

Can we take a shower together?

What you like while having sex: candle light, music?

Has anybody had hit on you?

Did you have a crush on your teacher? When did that happen?

Were you asked for sex by any of your seniors or bosses?

Where do you want to have sex?

Do you scream during sex? How often?

What things can I do to make you happy while having sex?

Which is the weirdest place you would like to have sex in?

How would you react if you see your parents doing sex?

Have you ever been caught while watching porn at home?

Have you ever been naked in front of someone?

Do you press your breasts to get a feel?

Would you ever have sex in a hotel?

Can you go for anal sex with me?

What excites you during sex?

Can you masturbate in a place if I ask you to do in public?

Can you try to masturbate when I am in front of you?

Have you had sex in your workplace?

When did you lose your virginity?

Did you see blood when you had sex for the very first time?

What are your sexual fantasies?

Have you done sex with multiple people at the same place?

Have you had been involved with someone only for money?

Have you been to a club before?

Have you ever had sex with a younger man than you?

Have you ever been to a night bar?

Have you done sex before with a girl?

Have you been in a relationship before with a girl?

Have you done sex with your cousin?

What age did you start menstruating?

How did you react when you first saw your breasts?

The above list has awkward questions to ask a Girl which can put you in trouble. Be very careful to ask the above. If you don’t know the girl it has more chances to get you in trouble.

 These Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl can be asked by anyone. The only thing we need to understand here is that they can also hurt or break your friendship forever as Girls are very emotional and do not take any chances when it comes to relationships! Just be watchful and save yourself.

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