155 Lovely and Cute 123 Tag Questions

123 Tag Questions
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If fun is in your mind, then 123 tag questions are irreplaceable. This question-answer game is absolutely hilarious and very popular among couples. It is the best way to know each other. The origin of the name is very interesting though. 123 represents a simple counter. So, couples need to answer every question just within three seconds.

Curation of 123 Tag Questions to Know Each Other

The questions are generally associated with everyday life; though sometimes may have a connection with the past. But honestly, if you know your partner, then there is hardly anything that you can’t answer. Well! In case you are in a new relationship, you can give this game a try to know your partner in depth. Let’s talk about 155 123 tag questions which are absolutely awesome in every sense. Say, 1..2..3 and let’s begin.

123 Tag Questions for Couples

  1. Which high school your partner did attend?
  2. What is the dish that your partner loves to eat?
  3. What was the name of your partner’s ex?
  4. Who is more prone to accidents and mishaps?
  5. Who loves to eat vegetable foods 24×7?
  6. So, who is amazing in the bed?
  7. Who starts fighting at first?
  8. Name one product that your partner applies every morning.
  9. Is your partner a religious person?
  10. Who does love to sleep?
  11. Who is very afraid of insects?
  12. So, who is the most fun loving person between you two?
  13. Who loves to make DIY projects?
  14. Who is a very creative person?
  15. Usually, who prepares the dinner?

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  1. Who is very jolly and enthusiastic at the same time?
  2. Who has very energetic?
  3. So, who loves to crack silly jokes every now and then?
  4. Who loves to manage all the household works?
  5. This year, what was your partner’s resolution?
  6. Who likes to drink alcohol every now and then?
  7. Who is a sleepwalker?
  8. So, who has a bad habit of snoring at night?
  9. Who loves to be pampered?
  10. Who is very fond of cooking?
  11. So, who prepares breakfast every morning?
  12. Who is a complete makeup freak?
  13. Where are you heading towards within the next 5 years?
  14. How long do you know each other?
  15. Who does change plan very frequently?
  16. Who maintains a great diet?
  17. Do you fight often?
  18. What makes your partner very attractive?
  19. Would you prefer beauty over the brain or just the opposite?
  20. Who wants to maintain a very healthy weight?
  21. Who is very lazy?
  22. How many scores would you give to your partner for intelligence?
  23. Who has a vivacious smile?
  24. Who is full of life and rarely feels sad?
  25. So, who does read Quora on a regular basis?
  1. Who is a big-time foodie?
  2. Whose wallpaper is of food pics?
  3. Who is the one pays all the bills?
  4. Which slang does your partner use often?
  5. How many languages does your partner can speak?
  6. The name of the first dish that your partner made for you?

Romantic 123 Tag Questions

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  1. Who is very unconventional?
  2. Who can act pretty well?
  3. So, who is very shy and timid?
  4. Who has the maximum number of followers on social media?
  5. What makes you both happy in the morning?
  6. Who does not love to attend social and family gatherings?
  7. Who loves electronic gadgets?
  8. So, who is a big-time techie?
  9. What makes your partner very unconventional yet awesome?
  10. Do you use any cuss word particularly?
  11. Who has a habit of creating nuisance and drama?
  12. Who is very forgetful?
  13. At which time during a day, usually you two chat the most?
  14. Who is a wedding freak?
  15. Who wants to marry early?
  16. So, who is your partner’s idol?
  17. What’s the most interesting thing about your partner?
  18. Is there any book that you two have finished together?
  19. Will you ever try to change your partner?
  20. What makes you amazing as a couple?
  21. Who has a habit of calling you in midnight?
  22. What’s the nickname that your partner has given you?
  23. Do you split bills at a restaurant?
  24. Who is very hot?
  25. So, who is more fashionable?
  26. Who loves to wear trendy clothes?
  27. Who starts fighting even over the silliest cause?
  28. Is there any common fruit that both of you like to eat?
  29. What do you commonly eat during breakfast?
  30. Who has the best dressing sense?
  31. Who is always determined to quit smoking but fails to do that miserably every time?
  32. So, who loves a long drive?
  33. Who always forgets where to keep things and misplace them?
  34. So, who is a junk food lover?
  35. What’s your partner’s hometown?
  36. Who is a leftie?
  37. The day when you proposed to your partner?
  38. What makes you strong?
  39. Have you ever witnesses anything unusual about your partner?
  40. Which flavor of cake does your partner like to eat?
  41. What is the name of your partner’s bestie?
  42. Who is an extreme selfie-lover?
  43. Who is an adventurous person?
  44. So, who is a risk-taker?
  45. On an average day, what do you eat?
  46. What’s the name of your favorite restaurant?

Lovely 123 Tag Questions

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  1. What’s the name of your partner’s favorite singer?
  2. Who is a freaking music lover?
  3. So, who is very fond of own mother?
  4. Who loves to dance on any number?
  5. Which hack do you people occasionally use?
  6. What is the compliment you often get from your partner?
  7. Who does approach for peace after a big fight?
  8. What is the origin of your partner’s family?
  9. Do your partner have any sibling?
  10. What is the name of the oldest sibling in your partner’s family?
  11. Cousin or sibling – who does your partner love the most?
  12. Who is addicted to social media?
  13. Who always orders one thing in any restaurant?
  14. One thing that your partner never leaves the house without?
  15. Who is a hardcore gamer?
  16. Which game is your partner addicted to right now?
  17. Name one app that your partner is obsessed with and simply can’t live without that?
  18. What’s your partner’s dream?
  19. Who is planning to own a new apartment soon?
  20. Do you play any sports together?
  21. Who is very philosophical and usually finishes everything in a deep tone?
  22. Who has a sarcastic tone of talking?
  23. Has your partner ever lied to you?
  24. What’s the first thing does your partner say you every morning?
  25. Name the place where you two first met?
  26. Does your partner has any nasty habit?
  27. What’s the gift your partner gave you on your first date?
  28. Which attire suits the best on your partner?
  29. Will you ever change your partner’s hairstyle?
  30. Is your partner happy with own current job?
  31. What’s the dream job of your partner?
  32. How long have you been together?
  33. By which name your partner has saved your mobile number?
  34. On which issue, did you fight recently?
  35. When did you kiss your partner for the first time?
  36. What’s your favorite honeymoon destination?
  37. How many times do you say “I Love You” to each other?
  38. Who is an amazing driver?

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Interesting 123 Tag Questions

  1. Have you two ever caught by cops?
  2. Share one incident that compelled you to dial 911?
  3. Has your partner ever abused you?
  4. Which cuss word your partner often uses?
  5. Have you two ever met any deadly bad guy?
  6. Which genre of movie does your partner love to watch?
  7. Is there any common genre of movie that you enjoy together?
  8. How do you bid each other “good night” before you sleep?
  9. Who behaves like a nagging child often?
  10. Who is very demanding like kids?
  11. How many kids does your partner want?
  12. Who writes really well?
  13. Have you given your partner any secret nickname?
  14. Name one thing that compelled you to fall for your love?
  15. Does your partner has any middle name?
  16. What is the name of your partner’s mom?
  17. To whom between mom and dad, is your partner close?
  18. Whose sense of humor is very strong?
  19. Who is fond of memes and often shares them on social media?
  20. Who has a maximum number of followers on Instagram?
  21. Cat or dog – what does your partner love?
  22. Which type of coffee do you love to drink in the morning?
  23. Is your partner fond of cold coffee or hot coffee?
  24. Which weird looking food have you ever made for your partner?
  25. Maximum what amount of tip, your partner has ever given to a hotel boy?

This compilation on 123 tag questions is ultimate in every sense. These questions are a blend of fun, entertainment, wisdom, and presence of mind. Have a great time with your partner. Give some space and try to know each other in a unique way.

Beautiful 123 Tag Questions


  • Shower your love and respect while asking the questions.
  • Don’t ask the questions in a serious tone.
  • Maintain a positive tone and vibe while discussing the answers.